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Found 24 results

  1. Hi there! I am a long time player and i just wanna ask a simple question. Is there anything to look forward?! Cuz the recent years i didn't experienced anything new regarding the new engine (note: i was at the beta test)
  2. Introduction: Hey fellow Enforcers and Criminals, It's been a wild ride in San Paro, hasn't it? Countless turf wars, daring heists, and enough bullets fired to rival a fireworks convention. But one thing that's remained relatively unchanged over the years: the user interface. While the core gameplay remains addictive, the UI... well, let's just say it could benefit from a refresh. As a veteran player who's seen it all, from the glory days of the launch to the current iteration, I felt compelled to take matters into my own hands. So, I present to you: UI Reborn! Scope of the Project: The project aims to redesign every aspect of the UI, from the main menu to in-game overlays, ensuring a consistent and visually appealing experience. Motivation Behind the Overhaul: Many of us have been longing for a revamped UI that aligns with the technological advancements and the changing gaming landscape. The current UI, while functional, lacks the flair and intuitiveness that modern gamers expect. My goal is to create a UI that not only looks aesthetically pleasing but also streamlines the navigation and enhances overall gameplay. A Fresh Look: Gone are the dated boxes and menus. This new UI boasts a sleek, modern design that prioritizes both aesthetics and functionality. I've implemented: Streamlined menus: Navigation is now a breeze with intuitive layouts and clear labeling. Find what you need quickly and get back to the action faster. Improved information display: Essential stats and information are now presented clearly and concisely, making it easier to track your progress, performance, and objectives. A Call to Arms: This project is a passion project, a love letter to the game and its dedicated community. However, I understand the importance of player involvement. I invite you to share your thoughts and suggestions! This is your chance to help shape the future of APB Reloaded's user experience. Let the discussion begin! Share your thoughts, ideas, and feedback in the comments below. Let's work together to make APB Reloaded even better! Remember, this is just a starting point. The future of APB Reloaded's UI is in your hands! Take a look at new UI here: https://imgur.com/a/bRjNtE9
  3. I am aware there is another topic for buffing the anubis, however I thought I would create my own as the other does not seem to offer an actual solution or explain what is wrong The NCR-762 'Anubis' Adeen is a 3-shot-to-kill sniper rifle type weapon. It features a unique sight as part of its legendary gimmick. The original version of the anubis was, in my opinion, quite good. It has a good rate of fire, and the bloom was very manageable as you vould easily time your shots a little slower to maintain accuracy or try to fire at max rate for shorter ranges. This, coupled with the anubis's good mobility and great 'aiming time' (a term I will use to describe the time it takes for the retivule to reach macimum accuracy after entering marksmanship mode) meant that it could provide quick, mobile, precision damage without being overbearing like an N-HVR. It was a fun weapon to both use and play against. It could be compared to a DMR, with the movement penalty removed, but with reduced damage and lacking the reverse damage dropoff that the DMR features. Some players had an issue with the gun's legendary sight, saying that it was too intrusive and made the gun too hard to use. To fix this, Gamersfirst issued a change to it in the large amounts of weapon rebalances a few years ago. They made the sight slightly translucent to allow players to see better. This was fine. However, they also made major changes to how the gun performed: The 'aim time' was increased significantly, meaning that you have to wait a significant amount of time before being able to shoot accurately. The bloom was increased massively, meaning the shot fired after the first will almost always miss unless you wait the even longer time for the reticule to shrink back to sensible levels. The bloom decreases with each shot fired, meaning you have to fire 3-4 shots before you can fire at a similar rate to the old accurate firerate. These changes made the anubis an extremely cumbersome and unintuitive weapon. It now has a long setup time, slow effective rate of fire and makes the user waste ammo if you want both accuracy and a decent time-to-kill. I suggest the reversion of the bloom mechanic to something like what it had before. This would allow the anubis to be a quick responsive sniper again and not feel punishing to the user. Thank you for your time and I hope you consider my suggestion. edit: I revisted the other thread and saw the user Kewlin brought up the issues I have discussed here. Apparently the excessive delay of bloom recovery is a bug, as it was only supposed to be applied to the N-HVR 762 (Where it makes a lot of sense!). I believe that reverting the mechanics would be the best and simplest fix, if this is possible for LO. I do not know if the old mechanics would have been stored.
  4. This is just a simple suggestion for a new weapon. I'm not the biggest fan of how all the ATACs currently look. Most notably the vertical fore grip that most of the ATACs have. The only ATAC currently that doesn't have the fore grip is the Watchman, and to be honest the Watchman isn't as good as the others. Since the ATACs are based on the M16, why not have the standard M16 as a variant and properly titled, ATAC 424 "Classic"
  5. When APB launched under RTW, the gun models were very artsy, and only roughly based on their real life counterparts. Then G1 took over, and all the new weapons were modeled after real guns, which was a huge improvement as they actually looked good. I've made a quick comparison between some of APB's ugly weapon models, to what they were based on. As you can see, the game models are absolutely disgusting. The CR5 looks like the deformed brother of the M4A1: The SR15 is a disproportionate SIG 552: The CR762 is an ugly SIG 550: The OBIR might be an HK93? It's so ugly, who knows. The OSCAR looks pretty similar to the OBIR, so I guess it's a tacti-cool HK93: Any chance you could update the original game's weapons to look more inline with the new ones?
  6. launch game when typing PW not showing GUI for keyboard layer ENG or other caps shown
  7. HEY BUDDIES. New forum comes, so I hit you with our second (old as well) apb funny moments compilation. I find it a little bit better than #1 but it's subjective opinion. As stunt masters we tried here to show you every available apb place, that you thought as unobtainable . Let the nostalgia hit you even harder by backing into gold age of stunting in APB ( I hope LO will give it back tho). Please, don't hate so much :D. Say what you think and rate. PEACE. ( AND YEEEES I KNOW MY INTRO IS SOOOO LONG. It's too late to change it. skip it- 0:30)
  8. do you happen to know what the tuning of weapons is called? like coloring, body kit, etc... I tried to find it, but I couldn't. there are all sorts of fan coloring pages for showing, with and without a body kit, windings, accessories, and like that.. I would like to find something like that. this kind of creativity, so to speak. maybe something similar to the phrases "custom weapons" "weapons with street style", etc. I just thought that people playing APB should know something about it, because in this game I like the customization of all things. in general, the more information you give, the better. I beg you very much... (it is possible not only with weapons, but also with tattoos, car coloring and other things) why do I need this? to search for content and enjoy it (I don't play APB myself. previously, I only had a chance to play a little). thank you in advance.
  9. PoopDragon

    Musaq Thread

    I could write a huge blog post about why we should add to the ingame music album but I won't, I'll, just post some stuff. Please contribute, would love to see what you listen to. Yes I understand how licensing and CC works, plz don't bother explaining, just post music you like. Display your music as a link instead plz, to save admins bandwidth. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pev0dINRaok https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OJhliubtbA0 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4rq8PjgNI3c
  10. Big, bulky, finger-covering gloves would be a nice and hopefully simple addition to accompany the Fingerless Tactical Gloves we currently have in-game. Current normal gloves look so slim and barely touch the character's wrists, making them look like skin-tight latex gloves. Like this, but complete gloves, not fingerless.
  11. Is there a way to replace the way add people, because sometimes people who aren't friends keep adding you without you knowing a thing plus they keep following/griefing you in whatever district you join.
  12. Hello. I was offering myself to the old G1 as community adviser to help them understand what we players really want, becouse they never acted like a players tbh. The old G1 team was ignoring me for years when I was offering my 'volunteer' help in making the new district map (if they only give me the programs like map maker or whatever they used). I could finish the midtown district like 2 years ago but... Nvm. The new age begun. I see that, L.O. is more eager to listen the players. So I will give some pretty useful tips. As a APB player since RTW i think i have something to say in that direction. And also i will speak as voice of the people, becouse my opinion is shared by pretty huge group of people. Already it's like whole nation which is pretty big % of whole apb comunity. Don't dont forget some of these ideas are just my and private so not eveyone can find them cool :P. Some of the ideas are just concepts that could never work good in game- but are worth saying it. So let's go to the point. These ideas must these ideas must come into force. Few of them will be possible to implement instantly, and few will be concepts to work for : Return of stunting- Everyone knows that, a lot of people was chilling in the game and stunting. Getting to hard to reach places was attracting people to do that. And made you want to get it. It gave a lot of fun to everyone that stunts.Then G1 introduced anti-glitching system that stopped people from bugging cases etc. behind the walls. I dont think this system is bad. Its pretty necessary. B U T. As the system came into the game, tobi (if i remember correctly it was him) instantly suggested 1 simply change in the system code, that could make system just perfect. CHANGING 1 LINE - made a system working when you are on the mission, BUT system was inactive when you wasn't on mission. That change could protect people on missions from bugging, and allow the "free-time" chillin' players to stunt (that change probablly would bring a lot of people from beyond the grave)- not every glitch or a bug is bad for a game- stunting spots wasnt, and it made apb kinda unique. Less than LTL weapons - Old apb concept like stuning sticks etc. to stun as melee. Arresting for crims- concept kinda related with upper one. But it can work already if enforcer stun himself accidentally (and that happens). In my idea crims could use 'cable tie' or just a rope to "arrest" enforcers. Road around the social district where people could drive they cars (blocked road like highway what wouldn't allow them to drive into social center). Make clan logos finally visible for others in a 'TAB preview' section. Clans are allowed to challange other clans for a match. Bigger groups than just 4 of people. (5/6 is kinda better- we dont need group of 20). Clan title for everyone- not just for a premium members. heavy NHVR is really hard to balance weapon. from one way it should hit u strong, in second way, its kinda too op. I think adding bullet drop only to this weapon would make it more balanced and less op on distances like 80+ meters. Kevlar 3 is a character mode that is found by community as really tryharding and give huge advantage in 1vs1 situations. I think if someone have 130% hp rather than 100%, so he should provide more points for a kill. If killing traditional person provide 100 points for a kill- killing guy in a kevlar provides 130. it kinda balances the his advantage in 1vs1, or at least rewards you for wining it. 2x bigger custiomization bar in the car customization. Everyone who at least once tried to make a great car: experienced the fact he still haven't use all 50/50 symbols BUT his bar is full and he can't finish his work as he wanted. Clan ranking based on W/L ratio (it's conected with challanges system i suggested above). Everyone knows there was idea about CRIM and ENF social districts. But what you think about clan district? I have few options in my head. There would be "clan bank" and clan members would collect money to buy/unlock a clan's house. First idea is that: there is a district for clans ( working on rules of the old crim/enf social district idea ). So every clan is allowed to have a clan house('district') imposed in advance . they have no choice in this. One for enf clans and other for crims. Like the old 'asylum concept for crims' and unfinished concept for enforcers. Whole clan district could be unlocked after getting right ammount of cash or you can just buy main room, and then you have to buy and unlock next and next rooms and zones. Second idea is that: there are few smaller and bigger clan houses available to buy by a clan. Depends how big clan is and how much money they own to buy and unlock a clan house district. This option is cooler but of course requires much more work and projecting. To finish both ideas we could use mission reward system. As we get yellow character mods/ emoticons/ symbols and rarely clothes after finishing the mission, that we could get furnitures and fixtures to finish our clan house make it unique, and more desired by others. More open buildings in apb- not just corridor through the building. more like few open flats per district ( not many, just few ). and make fire stairs usable- to make a second enter to these flats. that would protect these spots from being too op. If fastest apb car (vegas) max speed is 23 meters per second, AND IF YOU EVER PLANNED adding motorbikes into the game- they should be with a speed like 40 m/s BUT every collision ends with your death or making u '-85' and also u are still hitable on the motorbike, so for example sniper still can take you off. abandoned racing idea. Long time ago there was an idea about races. even old fightclub (bacon) had racing startup lines around. In my idea there should be simple and 'fast-made' racing district. With system of choosing a race type, cars allowed, entry fee etc. Also there could be added some simple (not that awesome as armas ones) car kits, so we could win parts of it in the 'official ranked races', not in the custom ones. Crash Derby arena (minimod like fightclub where group of 4 with a car could join to take part in the car crash derby with weapons. Last team standing would win). There are bronze statues in the city with a plate "higest honor", after placing ourselves on them, the plating should change from the "higest honor" to Chararacter name and our clan. Extend existing districts by existing textures around. Like docks and Lighthouse in Asylum. Or some textures in Financial or Docks in Waterfront. Cars Patriot T-25 and Dolton Montane could have a grip for a weapon on the semi-trailer, that allows you to instal weapon and decrease recoil. Daily login rewards. (with a minimal play-time of 30 minutes to achive). At this moment, HAZARDOUS is the only one legendary weapon in APB that isn't unique becouse of any variation. In the game is placed unavaiable weapon moditication named "Muzzle brake VERTICAL". And this modification would make this weapon much better. I think replacing one of the Hazardous modifications with this variation of muzzle brake would finally make it better than common colby version and worth naming it "legendary weapon". Get back with the old district system, where golds playing on bronze had -90% standing and cash and -25% on silver, so gold disctricts will be full again. Thats pretty MUST HAVE to fill gold districts again and let silvers play vs people on their level. As usual, I was became dreamly and wrote about conteption ideas and i forgot about most of the real ones but I will add them soon. Anyway you can say what you think about these. PEACE.
  13. Please give us the abillity to choose how many G1 we want instead of how much €/$ we want to spend
  14. Back before the separate threads for the game and forum suggestions, I posted an idea for another ATAC variant I called the ATAC 424 "Classic". The original thread got a little carried away with what the gun was based on. I thought the ATACs looked like M16s but was informed that they are actually based on HK416s which I still don't see. The ATACs, at least the base gun and the Watchman, look like M16s. Anyway, the ATAC 424 "Classic" is basically the standard ATAC with the watchman barrel guard and without the fore-grip. This is what it would look like if added to the game. An alternate version of the Classic but with the CR-5's iron sights
  15. So anyone here remember the whole "Midtown" thing that is supposed to be in between Financial and Waterfront? Hopefully that could be added in the Last Update or so. It'd be pretty awesome.
  16. visual forum rep seems to be gone, even tho posts can still be reacted to not sure how to validate my sad existence now, please bring it back
  17. Xandra94


    the game will bring us back the spanish language?
  18. Right now you have to go to a car spawner in order to get your custom car, while also having to pay while doing so. The better your car, the more you have to pay (rougly). Having to pay in order to express your character by driving your customized car is weird. I suggest we instead have something like a 10 minute spawn cool down on your vehicles, perhaps you can even have one primary and one secondary vehicle with separate cool downs to promote variety? This could also make a team have to strategies on which person's car you use in order to always have a car spawn available, instead of just everyone driving their own car Thoughts?
  19. Hello, Little Orbit! Very proud of your activity and responsibility, thanks for keeping in touch with the community, this means a lot. Recently you've talked about if nudity should be allowed in APB, and I came up with a solution of this problem. Don't have any ideas about symbols, though, but anyway : Nudity should be optional. Just as it is in Conan : Exiles. If it's impossible to do at this moment, then we might wait until APB will be updated to UE 3.5 or UE 4. Nudity should be turned off by default, but players will be able to change this option anytime. Players with nudity option ON will be available to take off the brassieres. Players with nudity option OFF will still see characters dressed in their bras. Bras painted as t0ts should be bannable, since it's the only way to show nudity to everyone and some players will abuse this feature. Don't know why, though, but there's always people like this. That's it. Still can't come up with any ideas about graffiti. Would love to hear both community's and developers' opinions about this. Thanks! P.S. : Sorry for my mad inglis skeelz.
  20. I’ve had this idea floating around my head recently. Many of us have created and sold items we have made within the game. I thought it would be interesting idea to have player owned shops within the marketplace for those players who make and sell unique items. Here’s the basic idea on how the shop would work: When you are putting an item in your shop, you get more option for how long the item can stay active then just the standard 2 hours, 8 hours or 24 hours. For the shop, you can set the sell timer for a week, month, or permanent stock. There will also be a new option for duplication when an item is sold. Basically, when the item is sold, it will duplicate the item that was sold and give the player whatever cash is left from the transaction. Items you buy from other players will not have the duplication option as well as all joker box weapons. Only items you have unlocked will be eligible for the duplication option. For example: Let’s say you are selling a modified Vegas for 75K and someone buys it, the game will duplicate the item from the base price, which is 40k in this case, give said item to the buyer, takes away 20% of the 75k of the cash from the in game tax prior to the duplication and give you whatever is left from the sale, which would be 20k in this case. So in short: $75,000 from the sale -$15,000 due to 20% sales tax -$40,000 from duplicating item $20,000 profit from resulting sale
  21. Cars in a physical garage: Imagine walking into a vast and visually stunning garage, where your entire car collection is showcased in all its glory. Each vehicle meticulously parked, ready for your admiration. You can take your time, stroll around, and appreciate the fine details of each car you've customized to perfection. The great feeling as you admire your carefully curated collection would be unparalleled. You could even invite friends over to showcase your automotive masterpieces, fostering a sense of community and friendly competition. Personalized NPC assistant: Your personalized NPC assistant would become more than just a helpful in-game character. With the ability to name and customize them, players would feel a genuine connection. Your assistant would be your trusted ally, expediting services, offering valuable tips, and guiding you through the game world. You'd have the freedom to choose their appearance and personality traits (by intergrating custom voice lines, behavior, even stance), creating a truly unique and memorable companion. Players would be eager to interact with their loyal assistant, further deepening their immersion in the game. In-game laptop for online market purchases: Picture having your very own virtual laptop, accessible from your in-game flat, garage, or office. With just a few clicks, you can navigate through the online market, buying and selling items with ease. This convenient feature would eliminate the need to visit specific locations for transactions, saving valuable time and enhancing the overall gameplay experience. The laptop could even be customizable to match your personal style, adding another layer of personalization. Apartments in an ultra-customizable game: An apartment in this ultra-customizable game would be more than just a living space. It would serve as a personal sanctuary, reflecting your tastes and achievements throughout the game. Decorate it with trophies from your epic missions (imagine actual trophies/medals hanging on the wall instead of just having them on a post-game screen), hang artwork depicting your favorite moments (screenshots), and host social gatherings with other players. The apartment could become a focal point for players to unwind, plan strategies, and proudly display their progress, fostering a sense of community and camaraderie. Mission variety and lore: The game's world would come alive with diverse and engaging missions that go beyond mundane fetch quests. Picture embarking on a thrilling heist that requires intricate planning and coordination, or participating in epic battles that have real consequences for the game world. Coupled with a rich lore that delves deep into the game's history, culture, and factions, players would be completely immersed in a narrative-driven experience. These unique and compelling quests would keep players invested and eager to uncover the next chapter of the game's captivating storyline. What about criminal dens? Criminals need to manufacture the stuff they do, steal the gasoline that they pour from somewhere. What about a fake money factory? High stakes bank, bank truck robbery to take it to your safehouse to dismantle and sell/progress tech, etc. Balance and realism in missions: The missions would be meticulously crafted to ensure logical coherence and authenticity. No longer would players find themselves using excessive force for minor objectives. Instead, they would face challenges that demand strategic thinking and appropriate actions. The consequences of intense firefights and critical decisions made during missions would carry weight, influencing future interactions and shaping the game world. This approach would create a truly immersive and believable experience. Faction relationships and conflict: Faction dynamics would be consistent and meaningful throughout the game. Enemies would remain enemies, and alliances would require genuine effort and negotiation (mostly between criminals). Players would feel a deeper connection to their chosen factions, knowing that their actions impact the larger conflict. Immersion-breaking scenarios would be eliminated, allowing players to fully immerse themselves in the dynamic and evolving game world. Three factions. Actual Police, Bounty hunters, and Criminals. Each with their own faction unique custom 3D cosmetics. Police would have eg. radios, bodycams, bounty hunters custom chains, etc. Immersive gameplay elements: Imagine engaging in intense missions where the use of jail cells becomes a strategic element. Arresting criminals and successfully transporting them to jail (instead of leaving the criminal in the spot they got arrested and not being able to move them) would be a high-stakes endeavor, requiring teamwork and quick thinking. That would be exciting as they execute armored transports to jail, or, as criminals, attempt to stage intense jailbreaks. These immersive gameplay elements would create memorable and adrenaline-pumping experiences. Mission design and rewards: Revamping missions to be more diverse, rewarding, and meaningful would keep players motivated and engaged. Each mission completed would contribute to a larger sense of accomplishment, and rewards would be meaningful, reflecting the effort and skill invested. Players would feel a sense of progress and satisfaction, incentivizing them to keep exploring the game's world and uncovering its many hidden treasures. Actual car navigation. It's 2023. Every car and phone has a comprehensive navigation system. By incorporating these enhancements, APB: Reloaded could evolve into an exceptional and captivating gaming experience. Listening to player feedback and continuously improving the game would undoubtedly attract a more dedicated player base, ensuring that the world of APB: Reloaded becomes a virtual playground where players can create, compete, and thrive together.
  22. Hey guys. Could we please get a easier overview for our Weapons menu? I created a prototype. Tell me what you think and what i should change. I hope Little Orbit likes it. https://imgur.com/gallery/FbY7NqD Didnt know how to post Images so i posted a link
  23. Greetings everyone, I'd like to suggest to rename "APB:Reloaded". Not just because we have a new publisher and to get rid of the bad memories with GamersFirst, but also because the actual name isn't "mouth propaganda" friendly. An example from my everyday life: People: Hey, do you play video games? Me: Yes, I do. People: Cool, which games do you play? Me: APB: Reloaded. People: What? ABP..what? Me (louder): APB: RELOADED. People: Never heard of that... An observation I made is that almost all players use to say "Let's play APB" instead of "Let's play APB:Reloaded", which was originally the name of this game. The "Reloaded" is just an unnecessary adjunct and makes the name harder to pronounce. So one suggestion would be to rename the game back to "APB", also to make it more marketable. Another alternative would be to make a survey where everyone can submit suggestions. At the end, we'll vote for the best name. Best regards PLAYLUXE
  24. Today I would like to demonstrate how incompetent Little Orbit has been and how poorly they have managed this game since their takeover. 1. Wasting time over bad decisions What does LO first thinks of doing when taking over the game? Oh that’s right! Nerfing mods and weapons! The last thing that needed to be done yet they thought it was a good idea to make more weapons/mods weak and useless. Except….when they decided to “nerf” IR3 by increasing its range and reducing the weapon’s firing speed, it made every gun jump a category in terms of range, shotguns became assault rifles (especially the shredder), AR’s became Marksman weapons, and marksman turned into sniper rifles in terms of range. And after a couple weeks they decide to revert the changes as the mod was completely fine before they decide to touch on it anyway. Bear in mind that the decision to try and “tweak” weapons and mods in the game was probably just a way to keep the community busy by adding any changes to the game until they actually figure out how the game works and how to be able to add something meaningful in the future. 2. Buggy events/game modes + lack of testing Every single single event that was created by LO was either not fun at all or it was buggy as hell, making it almost completely unplayable. Events that actually worked properly and were fun were the old G1’s events either recycled completely or added a new “twist” such as the halloween event where LO just added a newly designed “red pumpkin”, one potent example of this is the “RIOT” game mode that was a complete failure and then they decided to stop the development since it was halting the development of the new server, another idea scraped over an ingenious decision. 3. Lazy and stupid weapon design Over the time that LO has taken over, the only thing they’ve done that actually “counts” as a new addition to the game is the two new weapons (technically three) added to the game which are: a. The Showstopper b. The Showstopper “Thunder” c. Ntec 7 “New Glory” Now you may ask, why are the newly released weapons stupidly designed? First of all, the only new weapon is the showtopper, the “Thunder” is just a JMB version of that, the new glory is also an NTEC 7 with a different legendary mod and corsshair. The only gun designed right is the showstopper as it is reffered to as a secondary “pocket shotgun” having a short range of 10m and 3 shots to kill with a decent rate of fire, this gun servers its purpose. The “Thunder” and “New Glory” however are stupidly designed because AGAIN, the legendary mod reduces your rate of fire in a game MAINLY ABOUT TTK (killing your opponent before he can kill you, seems like LO are obsessed with the reduced rate of fire mode aren’t they?), the legendary mod on the showstopper increases its effective range, on a gun that was designed to be a close range pocket shotgun, which makes the Thunder pointless as it is compeltely against the original design of the gun AND make it harder AND slower to kill your opponent. Same thing for the New Glory as the NTEC 7 is mainly used since it is a 5 STK ntec instead of 6, making the New Glory completely worthless unless you’re a bronze player who does not know how to manage recoil and bloom. 4. Terrible game management The game has been down this month alone more than Gamersfirst would put it down in a year, which is not the worst thing that actually happened as this has been the case since LO took over the game anyways, how do they try to fix this? Free premium, every damn time. As if they were giving something back to the players who already had premium and lost some of its time due to maintance or were using trial weapons and had experied due to it. Funniest thing that the game this time went down for multiple days in a row for all their platforms, then me and other citadel players wake up to find out the game “partially back online” on a NEW YORK SERVER FOR EU PLAYERS, so not only as a frustrated player you have lost multiple days on your premium + trial weapon(s) which have expired, the game is not even playable for you anymore since you now have MUCH HIGHER PING (400+ in my case). How does LO decide to compensate for their lack of competence? You guessed it, free premium for a week! As if you could even benefit from that while playing with 400 ping LOL. Honestly this has been the worst decision they have ever done thus far and probably one of the worst I have ever seen from a company yet. *NOW, please note than I am aware that gamersfirst was not that much better, they did not add new content to the game for years, they were just keeping the game alive by leaving the servers up. Which is something that LO is not even able to do yet. For me as a long time veteran who keeps coming back to this game, I am deeply disappointed by how poorly this game has been managed, I am also pretty sure that the new engine launch will be next year judging by their pace and experience as developers. Thank you for coming to my ted talk.
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