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  1. re: Hitboxes This could probably do with something in the tutorial screen perhaps, as the system used in APB is a little different to most shooters... the hitboxes should definitely should not be changed though, APB combat tends to take place at longer ranges than a lot of shooters and with relatively inaccurate guns, so the larger hitboxes make it simpler to hit things. re: Talk of the tutorial system being revamped... I don't think people have a clue just how much work that would be for a team like LO. They're already focusing all their effort on unreal 3.5 (as shown by the rather below par event they've released) re: loading screen hints These are usually pretty useful, except the fact that they are clearly outdated - I still see advertisements for the STAR 556 'LCR', which is no longer available from ARMAS. It would be nice to have them listed somewhere but that is extra work that could be put into more impactful things.
  2. Got any examples? footage? scoreboards even? I've seen like one person who was suspicious since I started playing again a couple of weeks ago. The cheater problem is handled a lot better than it used to be from my point of view.
  3. It would be nice if the event wasn't locked to only one district that filled almost instantly so now I have no way to actually play it.
  4. I want to agree with ntec balance changes. It's the weapon I most consistently have trouble dealing with, and I feel it does remove some variety and fun from the game by being so overbearingly popular. I feel that the extremely good marksmanship modifier (especially with HS3, just 0.2!) coupled with very good bloom recovery and dropoff range make it too consistent at further ranges. You may argue that removing this would be removing 'skill ceiling' by introducing more RNG to the game. I feel that the bloom/weapon inaccuracy is a big balancing factor in this game and should be respected. I feel there are three ways that the gun could be changed to reduce some of the feelings that have been shown to be relatively common in this thread: Increase the marksmanship modifier, making the gun less accurate at longer ranges (and thus reducing the effectiveness of HS3). Decrease the effective range (Or introduce a harsher dropoff once the range has been met) to make the gun able to still do dmaage at longer ranges but require more shots to kill. Increase the bloom recovery delay, making users take more time to ensure their shots are accurate. All three of these would be overkill - I feel the second or third option would be best. Apologies if I just need to 'get gud', I'm just speaking from recent experience and observations of others opinions.
  5. It's perfectly usable. I find it best to view it as a mixture between the N-Tec and the STAR 556 - compared to N-Tec it has okay marksman accuracy, good RoF and tapfire but poor hipfire, but has the really low recoil of the STAR and a bit lower damage-per-shot. It also doesn't have the accuracy curve of the ntec so the tapfire can be a bit more reliable for new players who haven't got the timing down. It's more beginner friendly than the Ntec but is less powerful as a result. I got mine from the christmas event a few years ago though, I don't know if I'd want to buy it from ARMAS.
  6. It would be good to have some kind of feedback when your messages gets filtered out, rather than not knowing at all. A simple "Your message was not sent to prevent spam. Please try again in a moment" would make a lot of difference to understanding.
  7. Yeah they did that, and as I said, I'm not talking specifically about the LCR, I'm talking about the mod in whole. I used the LCR as an example because it's a weapon I was familiar with pre-patch and was concerned the most about, knowing that they have adjusted it puts me more at ease but I still think it could be handled better.
  8. Again, I don't just mean the LCR, I mean the mod as a whole, on all weapons. And I don't get where you're getting 1.27s from, I just said that the 18% firerate nerf would bring a 1.2s to 1.416s.
  9. a .7s increase in ttk for like 14m extra range doesn’t seem like that bad of a trade off to me .7s increase is pretty big, ntek kills in ~0.7 seconds iirc. STAR LCR originally killed in 1.2s, if they had not changed it it would be 1.416s. That's a pretty big increase to me. And the one I see adds 7.5m range. My main point is that I think the penalty could be handles better than just a straight firerate nerf.
  10. Was it? I wasn't aware of this, thanks. I guess I just haven't played enough of the game. I wonder how the 'old glory' is now then, with its CJ3 mod. Wish I had got my hands on that one. I feel my point about IR3 still stands, the firerate is a big hit to weapons and it could be handled differently.
  11. I'm also pretty disappointed with the change made to improved rifling. I love the STAR 556 'LCR', however both the PR1 and PR2 variants have improved rifling 3, and the change basically just killed their already pretty poor TTK. I would really like to see something about them done, I feel like IR3 will completely fall out of use if this change goes through. the fire rate change is just far too punishing for the gain you get. I would suggest perhaps one of the following: Perhaps renaming the mod to "lightweight bullets" or something similar, extend the effective range but then making the damage drop off a lot sharper so that outside of their effective range guns will do a lot less damage. (alternative wording: Extend the gun's effective range but make dropoff a lot more harsh once it does start) Perhaps instead of reducing fire rate, increase the recoil of guns making them harder to control at longer ranges if firing rapidly? Perhaps increase the recoil recovery delay, so that once a shot is fired it takes longer to regain full accuracy? This would allow auto guns to fire at full rate but would keep the weapon focused on slower shots when you want to gain the benefits of IR3. I hope you can find an alternative solution to just a straight firereate nerf, the current numbers seem like a lot to me.
  12. Hello again, I remembered that I made this video a long time ago to show the effect f CJ3 on Anubis. It als shows the old recoil pattern pretty well I think. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wkw-TyFr-uw I can't get into the game t make one of the current mechanics unfortunately.
  13. I am aware there is another topic for buffing the anubis, however I thought I would create my own as the other does not seem to offer an actual solution or explain what is wrong The NCR-762 'Anubis' Adeen is a 3-shot-to-kill sniper rifle type weapon. It features a unique sight as part of its legendary gimmick. The original version of the anubis was, in my opinion, quite good. It has a good rate of fire, and the bloom was very manageable as you vould easily time your shots a little slower to maintain accuracy or try to fire at max rate for shorter ranges. This, coupled with the anubis's good mobility and great 'aiming time' (a term I will use to describe the time it takes for the retivule to reach macimum accuracy after entering marksmanship mode) meant that it could provide quick, mobile, precision damage without being overbearing like an N-HVR. It was a fun weapon to both use and play against. It could be compared to a DMR, with the movement penalty removed, but with reduced damage and lacking the reverse damage dropoff that the DMR features. Some players had an issue with the gun's legendary sight, saying that it was too intrusive and made the gun too hard to use. To fix this, Gamersfirst issued a change to it in the large amounts of weapon rebalances a few years ago. They made the sight slightly translucent to allow players to see better. This was fine. However, they also made major changes to how the gun performed: The 'aim time' was increased significantly, meaning that you have to wait a significant amount of time before being able to shoot accurately. The bloom was increased massively, meaning the shot fired after the first will almost always miss unless you wait the even longer time for the reticule to shrink back to sensible levels. The bloom decreases with each shot fired, meaning you have to fire 3-4 shots before you can fire at a similar rate to the old accurate firerate. These changes made the anubis an extremely cumbersome and unintuitive weapon. It now has a long setup time, slow effective rate of fire and makes the user waste ammo if you want both accuracy and a decent time-to-kill. I suggest the reversion of the bloom mechanic to something like what it had before. This would allow the anubis to be a quick responsive sniper again and not feel punishing to the user. Thank you for your time and I hope you consider my suggestion. edit: I revisted the other thread and saw the user Kewlin brought up the issues I have discussed here. Apparently the excessive delay of bloom recovery is a bug, as it was only supposed to be applied to the N-HVR 762 (Where it makes a lot of sense!). I believe that reverting the mechanics would be the best and simplest fix, if this is possible for LO. I do not know if the old mechanics would have been stored.
  14. I think that the cooldown difference should be removed. When using nitro to get to a point, if you die the nitro counter is not reset. This means next time you use your car to get back to the action (quite often necessary due to the spawning system) you will not have nitro available if you do not have premium. Ammo case I don't have an issue with because I don't see it as a very good ability anyway. If the armoured ammo case was introduced I may have an issue with it then. Things like blowtorch, spotter, radar jammer and possibly meteor are all fairly strong abilities that I think are unfair if allowed to be used more often by premium players.
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