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  1. pikckyy

    Gold JB

    If i got premium then I didnt get 4 joker boxes, Got 25 JB 2 Gold JB, recieved 21 JB items in my mail and never got anyhting from gold JB the 30 days I assumed are from the 4 JB Idk... missing something,
  2. pikckyy

    Gold JB

    I have checked over and over and I opened a gold joker box and I got nothing from it, it gave me an error, then i tried again to redeem it and it said already redeemed and nothing was in game and I recieved nothing from it.
  3. I keep getting an error trying to login -- Jericho NA
  4. pikckyy

    Error code 9

    Perfect thanks man, just started playing again after a long break like less than a week ago lol, then poof game down.
  5. pikckyy

    Error code 9

    Thanks man, been trying last 2 days and can't get on and havent seen anyone say anything on here lol
  6. pikckyy

    Error code 9

    Is the game working for anyone else? Has not worked for 2 days I keep getting error code 9.
  7. I didn't say make the game pay to win, im saying a Trainee who has put no time into the game or effort shouldn't be able to buy a gun that is better than my 4 MILLION $apb Yukon that in marksmanship mode is a FOUR burst kill at SHORT - MAYBE MID range where the RFP is short/mid 3 burst kill guarantee and a 4 burst at long range most of the time..... THAT is BROKEN.
  8. OCSP Diamonds - 1.5 mil Nano - 2.5 mil
  9. I am a strong believer that the nerfing of guns needs to stop. But the strongest pistol in the game(rfp) should not be purchasable for a few thousand apb$ and be able to absolutely shred anyone at almost any range. My nano, yukon, colby 45... all dont stand a chance.
  10. does any of this actually make sense to anyone?
  11. that would BLOW, someone give this man the reward lol @MattScott
  12. So i see people with this and its bigger than the 300x113 guideline i think. Maybe im wrong but is there a work around to use the bigger version in your signature.
  13. how do you get those pictures in your signature of ur characters.
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