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  1. I didn't say make the game pay to win, im saying a Trainee who has put no time into the game or effort shouldn't be able to buy a gun that is better than my 4 MILLION $apb Yukon that in marksmanship mode is a FOUR burst kill at SHORT - MAYBE MID range where the RFP is short/mid 3 burst kill guarantee and a 4 burst at long range most of the time..... THAT is BROKEN.
  2. OCSP Diamonds - 1.5 mil Nano - 2.5 mil
  3. I am a strong believer that the nerfing of guns needs to stop. But the strongest pistol in the game(rfp) should not be purchasable for a few thousand apb$ and be able to absolutely shred anyone at almost any range. My nano, yukon, colby 45... all dont stand a chance.
  4. does any of this actually make sense to anyone?
  5. that would BLOW, someone give this man the reward lol @MattScott
  6. So i see people with this and its bigger than the 300x113 guideline i think. Maybe im wrong but is there a work around to use the bigger version in your signature.
  7. how do you get those pictures in your signature of ur characters.
  8. guess ill try and hope for the best all for nothing, name i wanted is taken.
  9. Wait but what if it does work, if i just delete the character the name will be available again? i dont want to end up literally stealing the name i dont want to be taken lol
  10. Is there any way of finding out if a specific name is available before going and buying a name change just to find out its not lol.
  11. already have atac 3 slot whats necro'd, and got the colby account, love it.
  12. i like the yellow, looks nice. I also disagree with all the nerfing done to legendaries, yukon for example... the gun was 12,000,000 in game dollars... thats an ABSURD amount of money. If you can save up 12 million in game then you DESERVE to have an insanely good sidearm, then they nerf it and now no one wants it.
  13. I ran with the colby i have 3 legendary pistols but i cant just trade them, got my a ton of loyalty rewards and i love the gun and have wanted it for a while. Thanks to everyone for the opinions!
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