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  1. Tosei

    Theme Creators

    anyone make anime themes?
  2. When Tigg's GM Power Boxes go on sale again ?? i want to get ffa rnd 3 so bad but no money in game, every one sells 15m-20m lul
  3. Tosei

    FFA 5,56 R&D 3

    its 9m+ in jericho but i dont yhink it worth tbh
  4. if merged, social should be 300, not 150
  5. Tosei

    1GB Update????

    they added new districts for the event, maybe that is the reason?
  6. Tosei

    Racing at Double B

    why not gold district or silver, i want to join but im gold, and what time
  7. Tosei

    Cyber Monday Sale

    matt used PST, he said "9am" in a response but the post is "9pm" so it was a typo. Sales start at 9pm pst sunday
  8. Tosei

    Cyber Monday Sale

    you mean 9pm right ? not 9am XD
  9. Tosei

    Cyber Monday Sale

    i thought it was announced Sunday 25th ? it's moved to monday 26th now ?
  10. T_T i did purchase a 4 slot pioneer, 2 account bound guns, took me 5k g1c
  11. he go on with different characters to keep harassing, are you defending him ?
  12. lmao, what a personality has to do with gaming? if u bully someone on the internet, you are a bully in real life, whatever you write on that keyboard is your thoughts, no excuses. thank, glad to hear, i reported them (same person but different characters)
  13. would people get permanent ban for harassing someone ? or just some days ban ? also do LO takes harassment seriously ?