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  1. i think we only have premium codes when the events included a designing contest.
  2. agree, while some packs i really appreciate the price dropped so much, such as "Dress to kill" however theres still many ridiculous prices all over the place, doesnt make sense.
  3. i feel the same thing. Really confused with "early February"
  4. it wasnt necessary, it was mandatory.
  5. no no, i asked this because new armas store will be "early february" as Matt have stated in newsletter. it must be 2019 =_="
  6. before 14th? ah i guess that is very close then
  7. @Adawon im pretty neutral so here is what i think after reading this post and others' replies. I appreciate your effort of suggesting for a better APB (which all of us do), however; it still doesnt convince me enough that your suggestion is at top #1 priority to change in APB game. Based on your arguments, i've seen a lack of higher vision in current APB situation right now. You also seem to lack of self control and self judgement while others give better explanations of your flaws. Instead of improving your "current suggestion" by listening to its flaws, you keep criticizing people opinions and came back uneducated. That is not convinced me at all to listen to you, while others do convinced me that engine upgrade, armas stuff etc. are far far more important. Again, just my thought on the effective of your post. After all we all want a better APB, you are welcomed to share your thoughts, please don't be discouraged by other opinions. Cheers!
  8. i just bought a new phone, how do i transfer my current 2FA to a new phone, do i have to contact support for this?
  9. if you had a past of scamming wake up you greedy people do not get unbanned.
  10. so 10mil is considered rich i guess, time for saving then lol
  11. yo is 100 mil a lot in APB or not really ? im talking about apb cash only, not including weapons and stuff. i have 2mil in 4 years playing btw im just curious, and if someone managed to have that much, how much time it took them ?
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