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  1. Excuse you what? You are in my thread and you come talk shit? nice streamer
  2. lmao, look at you flaws. nice forum pic, fits you well
  3. Hello, I do not like your games anymore and it is always been full of bug and you guys are late on everything. Just give up the damn game... you already sold it to a chineese compagny and you don't even care about hiding it. Give up the soap please it would be much better for players who dedicated and wasted time playing this rubbish game thank you. Just asking politely *edit: by give up the soap, I meant turn off the servers. thanks
  4. And they reply with non sense as always unable to help... Freaking love the waiting time... I just want the compagny to shutdown at this point... Unprofessional and always late on everything.... Now they rely on China to help them... pathetic
  5. Hello Little Orbit, I have made a ticket 23 days ago about unlinking my steam account to my APB and I still have no reply. Is that normal, it already been more than 2 weeks of waiting! Ticket Id#99595
  6. DOES IT BREAK EASILY JUST LIKE THE GAME? Sorry had to make the joke
  7. Hahahaha yeah the sounds in this game always been so horrible
  8. Hello Little Orbit, why do we get sales of 40% on G1 Credits in playstation store while PC almost never get any?! What is the reason behind it? Thank you. https://store.playstation.com/en-us/grid/search-game/1?query=G1C
  9. Do canadian paysafe cards automaticly transfer to US when I buy G1C with them or the system doesn't allow canadian paysafe card? I wanna know before buying one thank you!
  10. someone in g1 office really is smoking cr4ck dafuk...big buff for both guns... whisper is gonna be so accurate o.o
  11. I recently replied to an old ticket of so it reopened it but I am not sure if the response time is slower like that or if it even count as nothing. Do I have to redo a new ticket in order to get a faster response? I already waited like 4 days and still got no replies, is it normal?
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