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  1. Will we be able to trade our legendary guns for Joker Tickets/Legendary Tokens in order to buy other Legendaries? That would be nice as well!
  2. Hello GamersFirst I am still waiting for an answer about one of my tickets and its been over 10 months now and I was patient but now it is annoying... My tickets keep being marked as Solved when no GM ever replied to it...Follow up after follow up and I still haven't got any answer. What do I do?
  3. Alias: Money THESE SCREENSHOT ARE NOT THE FINAL RESULTS. I JUST NEED SOME TIME TO UNLOCK EVERY CLOTHING I LOST AGAIN. *{OLD STORY posted years ago for the same reason, just trying my luck again to get chosen}* ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mia Leblanc was the most adorable and genius girl in high school. No one knew what was really hidden behind her mind. When she was five she lost her dad in war. She began to read stories and watch movies about war some years later. At school, Mia was really fascinated about world war II in her history class. At the age of sixteen she began to draw plans of weapon mechanism. Charming but at the same time armed from the inside. When she finally touched nineteen she left her mom's house. A new life was beginning for Mia. she was working as a machinist and had decent skills for inventions. Her precision was faultless. She started to remake her weapon plans. Everything worked. Mia was visiting the junkyard everyday to find scrap metals with which it could help her to make the things she wanted. The owner of the junkyard were used to see Mia. She was spending almost all of her pay, at this place. ''Here come the money!'' says the old man of the junkyard every time he was meeting Mia. He started to call Mia: Money. After some month spent, Money had already made over hundreds of plans about weapon mechanism. One day while drawing, something stopped her. The media were talking about the big trouble going on in San Paro. She wanted to know more about it, she wanted to know how it started. After doing some research on the internet she finally fell on a interesting article. Joker Distribution were looking for more people to join their company. She called the industry and tell them what she was able to make. Money was favored by her charm and her level of IQ. She got accepted to work at Joker industries. Mia was filled with joy. Nothing could be better. She went to San Paro to be part of Joker. She started to be scared about this city but after some months, she realize that it wasn't that of a big deal. Everything was working fine for her and she began to be well known. ''We can build something with so little, we only need the money, and that's me!''
  4. Fake key maybe. Also maybe try updating your windows 10 with all the other essenstials, directX, microsoft C++, etc.
  5. Get a real version of Windows 10 and it will work.
  6. Hahaha I got carried away by the in-game pictures and thought it was gonna be easier to get weapons from armas...Never hope too much from that game ;w;
  7. Time to ram raid in empty servers and gather all the guns for free thanks
  8. So Matt, does that mean we will have a other unban wave, to let people who got banned, a other chance?
  9. Nice no more waiting, here we go I will be the best GM guys. Wish me luck
  10. Is there a way to get old accounts unbanned again?
  11. Like every other game company, nerf the fun
  12. You can no longer get Heat 5 while in missions. WHAT?! When else do you even get it without being a crim and mugging civilians!? WHAT ABOUT ARRESTING A HEAT 5 PLAYER AS A COP?! No more big cash rewards?! First you make it so crims cannot shoot other criminals for bounty rewards and now you remove heat 5 from the game?! Dafuk is wrong with the game?! Less and less rewards.... more premium and pay 4 unlocks.
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