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  1. Is there a way to get old accounts unbanned again?
  2. Like every other game company, nerf the fun
  3. You can no longer get Heat 5 while in missions. WHAT?! When else do you even get it without being a crim and mugging civilians!? WHAT ABOUT ARRESTING A HEAT 5 PLAYER AS A COP?! No more big cash rewards?! First you make it so crims cannot shoot other criminals for bounty rewards and now you remove heat 5 from the game?! Dafuk is wrong with the game?! Less and less rewards.... more premium and pay 4 unlocks.
  4. Meanwhile Shotguns are still being reworked on after months of failures... wake me up please when this is all over.
  5. Why buy something for a dead video game?
  6. Can we get better performance for the game on Christmas? It would be an awesome gift
  7. lol going back to shotguns? someone know they fucked up?.. lol this game a fucking joke
  8. Some kind of bloodrose logo would be nice with roses and blood
  9. I like the game but no one plays anymore I wish I could store the premium instead of using it right away if I win
  10. yeah I hope they close the game as well it would really make me feel better knowing many people would save time instead of playing this atrocious game only meant to grab your money and make you experience lag like no other game
  11. A shotgun that kills in 3 shot or less? Seems like a normal thing to me... idk what this post is about tbh lmfao... NFAS is the most consistant gun and at least it got some good reg.
  12. you cannot exceed the weapon ttk so it is basicly just a graphic bug and you suck
  13. not... even...surpsied. welcome aboard the apb boat...
  14. Can I unlock all these rewards otherwise than playing... I don't like the event and I don't like forcing myself to play but I could force myself to pay for all of them... how?! HOW?
  15. wow you guys actually hired a new artist team or what. That stuff is better than usual... goat stockings and pentagram bra? omg lol nice
  16. To be honest you are right, this is against new players... overpowered things against low level players. They should put it down to Rank 50 restriction at least because this way they could sell it on marketplace to lower levels...
  17. Here we go... I told you, they release the shittiest stuff just so we can fill this place with more weebs ;_;
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