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  1. Pretty sure youve always been able to shoot through player cars that arent in your mission
  2. what happens when you go MIA for a year mr dibbz, better start playing more
  3. Dezire

    please fix this

    I too want vapensortering
  4. but then i wont be able to hit my shots
  5. Oh it was a joke, my windows is legit and i got it fixed kinda quickly. Was just one of the .dlls that were corrupted.
  6. I will let you know that my 2 dollar windows key from ebay is very real sir
  7. the fond memories of a problem-free battlEye game are back
  8. This seems like a good step in the right direction. I am however wondering how detecting mouse-specific program macros will work. As far as i know most major mouse brands these days have a program which usually contains a macro feature. Will it be detecting inputs or will we have to make sure that such programs (e.g. Logitech G HUB) are closed before we open the game to not get falsely flagged
  9. Pretty sure you wouldve killed him faster by just using your secondary.
  10. While your points are flawed i do agree that the showstopper is borderline useless atm. Sure it CAN 3 shot, but you have to be inside the person you’re aiming at, as well as land all the pellets. And if youre more than melee length away, expect to use a whole mag or more. The thumper is suffering from the same problem, while yes it was slighty OP before the nerf, its also reached a state of being useless.
  11. They said on Twitter that they would be doing some backend hardware changes, which is why this maintenance is longer than usual.
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