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  1. been gold since 2013 with the occasional dethreats to silver due to inadequate randoms and me. but thats partly due to my fault for not finding a clan or community to play the game with for the longest time. but ive never been in a bronze district ever since CBT or the launch of the open beta testing. the problem youl find with the game is that gold districts offer no variety for competitive players. infact gold is stupidly easy to obtain while at the same time in 90% of situations youl be fighting the same 4-8 people ALWAYS. no matter if you wait 10 mins before readying up or if you ready up straight after a loss or win. you will start noticing strict patterns in the opposition youre playing with. and ofc youl get those competitive players that have the resolution stupidly low while the graphics looking like old 90's game. so ofc it makes sense that they would get sick and tired of fighting the same op. hence why de-threating is such a huge problem with the game. also because cheaters instantly get gold threat and thus fill silver districts thus they become majority of the opposition for alot of people. ive been playing the game on and off for a very long long time but after the whole no anti cheat for months after OBT launch. this problem has existed for years. it wasn't until maybe 4-5 years ago that the daily player pop dropped so low that it really cemented the issues that we see today.
  2. forgot to come back and edit this topic. sorry for the long response. found out about 20 mins after posting this thread that its related to hardware changes or a protective system to stop account theft from stealing your in game items. i hadn't played since august of last year and logged on today and have a 4 day trade ban. asked in the discord and they clarified it to me! also i haven't made any adjustments regarding email or password / 2FA.. all still the same and 2FA is still in place
  3. just wanting to confirm if anyone has the inability to purchase from the marketplace or is this issue only occurring with just me ???
  4. i've played the game for 4k+ hours and have played since closed beta for months at a time on and off through out the years since the game went open. im very well aware whats wrong with the game.. don't sit there and say i don't know.. you're absolutely daft if you assume anything other than the engine upgrade is the real reason why the game is in your definition "shit" if you find it shit why you here. the engine upgrade needs to come ASAP otherwise coding for the game is going to get more hectic. scaling opportunity for the game wont improve. and more importantly easier debugging and engine tools will be available to use. you act like you've been waiting over a decade.. content isn't going to streamline or improve your performance on the PS4. or the xbox. did you play when APB came out of closed beta testing.. and it had absolutely 0 anti cheat software running for a good 6 months... your priorities are so wrong is baffling!
  5. What you're saying doesn't make any sense, the engine update is the most critical stepping stone for the game to stay alive in the long run! no matter how much people suggest, Not only are you developing for a game thats over 8+ years old at this point. but the game is physically at its limit in what it can push for. bigger districts, more this or that etc etc and player numbers needs a better engine and server infrastructure improvements. its been left for so long that the games issues has spiraled into a plethora of critical issues. its a stepping stone process. and sadly with a small team. a dedicated community it will take time. hell most of us have waited years anyways whats it worth waiting another couple more!
  6. APB finally coming out alpha and into beta.... its taken this long but gee golly its worth it... now beta for the next 2 decades before we get EU4 xD /s
  7. dam straight also LO. LO never changed anything related to the description on the steam page. so you really expect G1 to know more about the games genre ? guess we gotta start calling some BR games MMO's just cause they allow 100 players to play together and interact.
  8. one friend yes. but keep in mind that it varies alot from day to day. i had been on for 2 days playing for about 4 hours each asked in district multiple times while playing solo grouping if anyone wants to trade santa boxes. never got a response and this is with 30 odd each side for financial, and then the 3rd day for 2 and a half with a friend. i seen 1 request for a santa box be answered out of the 4 others that followed. i dunno if they got fulfilled. but i continued anyways to progress the achievement. others might have a worse time. as in barely might get any kills which further adds to time investment needed. which is fine as its a learning curve. yeah and its not a large number of people in the game or district hence why APB is not classified as a MMO. just a multiplayer game. so the point still stands! also i all somewhat answered your question indirectly above this.
  9. are you seriously right now first and foremost. 1. this isnt a MMO. not even close to one. its a simple open world TPS multiplayer game. nothing more. i dunno where you are pulling MMO from. 2. why do you say "sorry you don't have any friends" as if thats a somewhat attempt to belittle someone or push aside the core fact that maybe people are forced to play solo. or the fact that maybe everyones friends have stopped playing same with clan members etc. server population will just keep getting worse and worse till the time that testing for the new engine update comes along and is nearing release. so remind me again why team based achievements should be a driving focus to get people to work together when most if not a good majority are just solo queuing for opposition.
  10. neither do i but then barely anyone wanting to do it can do it because of population issues. you have to keep in mind the population has dipped back down to roughly what it used to be before the LO take over. meaning team based achievements for events such as this which requires santa boxes to be dropped from team mates or friendlies etc is getting all to rare to see if not ever. even if you ask nicely
  11. awhh man now i feel like a pure pleb. dont you worry man you relax. and get some time to enjoy yourself. you are doing great i pwomise. you are hubby bubby! PS. where is slim ?
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