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  1. APB finally coming out alpha and into beta.... its taken this long but gee golly its worth it... now beta for the next 2 decades before we get EU4 xD /s
  2. dam straight also LO. LO never changed anything related to the description on the steam page. so you really expect G1 to know more about the games genre ? guess we gotta start calling some BR games MMO's just cause they allow 100 players to play together and interact.
  3. one friend yes. but keep in mind that it varies alot from day to day. i had been on for 2 days playing for about 4 hours each asked in district multiple times while playing solo grouping if anyone wants to trade santa boxes. never got a response and this is with 30 odd each side for financial, and then the 3rd day for 2 and a half with a friend. i seen 1 request for a santa box be answered out of the 4 others that followed. i dunno if they got fulfilled. but i continued anyways to progress the achievement. others might have a worse time. as in barely might get any kills which further adds to time investment needed. which is fine as its a learning curve. yeah and its not a large number of people in the game or district hence why APB is not classified as a MMO. just a multiplayer game. so the point still stands! also i all somewhat answered your question indirectly above this.
  4. are you seriously right now first and foremost. 1. this isnt a MMO. not even close to one. its a simple open world TPS multiplayer game. nothing more. i dunno where you are pulling MMO from. 2. why do you say "sorry you don't have any friends" as if thats a somewhat attempt to belittle someone or push aside the core fact that maybe people are forced to play solo. or the fact that maybe everyones friends have stopped playing same with clan members etc. server population will just keep getting worse and worse till the time that testing for the new engine update comes along and is nearing release. so remind me again why team based achievements should be a driving focus to get people to work together when most if not a good majority are just solo queuing for opposition.
  5. neither do i but then barely anyone wanting to do it can do it because of population issues. you have to keep in mind the population has dipped back down to roughly what it used to be before the LO take over. meaning team based achievements for events such as this which requires santa boxes to be dropped from team mates or friendlies etc is getting all to rare to see if not ever. even if you ask nicely
  6. awhh man now i feel like a pure pleb. dont you worry man you relax. and get some time to enjoy yourself. you are doing great i pwomise. you are hubby bubby! PS. where is slim ?
  7. that sad feeling when youve been on TS for the past 2 days......
  8. 6/10 thought it was nice and relaxing but semi on the flip side of trying to enjoy the guys voice
  9. so right now in game for the xmas event the "Ho Ho Ho achievement 2018" to put it simply is extremely difficulty if not impossible to do. not in the sense that santa boxes are not dropping or what have you. but the fact the game is just soo starved of population that most couldn't really give 2 F's about either partaking in the achievement or helping others progress the achievement. @MattScott this isnt me taking digs at bad design. i completely understand why its meant to be like this as it has been like ever other year with the santa boxes. but with such a low pop and barely any interest either because they have done it themselves or people are in the same situation i am which i feel is a very very small minority. they cant 100% complete the event. wouldn't it be more fitting to allow santa boxes to be opened by their owner ? because as it has standard played for 2 days and found 0 interest in people dropping santa boxes. its just food for thought for future events. regards -DiBBz
  10. man i completely forgot about the retail boxes. dug through my closet and lo and behold i found 2 of my old cases xD
  11. this is a good refresher for what we have had after all these years. but even tho the problems with constant district DC's there are 2 major problems with this 1. the games heavily toxic and grief inspired community. no denying it. there are a crap ton of griefers in all teams. they set out to destroy barrels. and while im glad friendly fire is off. why is friendly fire on vehicles still on. people just running around with volcano's and osmaws blowing friendly vehicles to the max. 2. even if the above problem was taken care of. there is no dedicated team based voice chat. because who the fuck uses vivox these days with the 6 district DC's ive had thus far and about 11 games played its as quite as ever. only means of talking is in chat and even then no one cares. it might just be food for thought but team based objectives like this doesnt work out all that well with considering what APB has become. its either pure deathmatch to advance a teams score or its more death-match to get event prices. i still applaud you LO tho for trying and being creative and trying to utilise the district space and player size
  12. sound like the 80-90's music and i cant make out a word they are saying but il keep neutral 5/10 not to recently came to knowing a new band that im quite liking.
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