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  1. trying to start apb blue screens my pc now, thanks matt scott
  2. You can see how long is left just above the nano icon
  3. The daily will stay until the timer runs out, and yes you can change district
  4. You do know that if you make a piece of clothing it also has to work with all the 100 other clothing items in the game, making a gun is a lot more simple and even if you don't care about its still nice to see fresh stuff added to the game.
  5. with a cpu at 3.9GHz you are probably looking at getting 70-80 fps
  6. The only problem with the 1922 is the curve mechanics, it's not inharently a bad gun but you will lose to overtuned meta smgs like oca and pmg in most fights
  7. There is no incentive to fight other players early in the game making it extremly boring for the first 5-10 minutes of the game. You don't want to die as one of the first teams due to not being able to "re-queue" into another game which leads players into camping and playing passvie to win the long game. Also if you are playing with friends and you die in early minutes of the game you have no way of being revived, making you have to spend 20-30 minutes looking at a buggy spectator camera.
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