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  1. Character name: updog Server: Citadel had a few outfits lying around Male Hatsune Miku Reddit warrior Daddy Epicgoat
  2. wouldn't be a 6 shot if you could aim, my Ursus 5 shots pretty much all the time
  3. The Ursus is a laser rifle at any range and it will out tapfire ntec at any range, even full auto you will outshoot ntecs all day due to it have less bloom overall
  4. Atleast you have a skin, I'm from Brunei and our skin is not even in the game yet
  5. This is what Matt said a while back, but it does not say if they are done or how they will be delivered
  6. Has the RIOT arg reward been sent out and if it has how do you know if you received it? I was contacted by ShyLO who was logging the name of the participants after the event but have not heard anything from them ever ever since. I saw that kempington had received the skin but has anyone else received it too?
  7. N-ISSR-B 'Wisp' JT2 is a pretty good pickup if you don't have one
  8. digging through the archive and found this
  9. OBT Open Beta (24th May - 6th December 2011) CBT Anything before - (23rd May 2011) But if you read the info on the title itself "Awarded from logging in during the Reloaded Day celebrations with an account created prior to Open Beta (23rd May 2011)" You had to login during Reloaded day which was in 2013
  10. Pretty sure you had to login during a specific time frame to get the title, from what I can find this was some time around 2013
  11. The dragon weapon skin changes the model of the gun when applied, same goes for the Yakuza skin. Ntec Stock uses the none stock model STAC 10 gets the STAC 10 Tactical model
  12. When you say contact tier 3, does that mean max rank players will automatically max the new contacts when you login? or does max rank players need to level them? can we get an f in chat for the rfp
  13. A big problem with the current riot system is that the skin reward is only character bound, doubt many people want to spend 50+ hours per character to farm the skin
  14. That 5$ price probably has tax included in the price leading to the amount of g1c you receive being less. The base g1c amount is 5$=500 g1c but that is without tax
  15. a quick comparison of 3.5 to live 3.5 Live with bloom Live without bloom
  16. Maybe the NA players can finally try the gamemode
  17. trying to start apb blue screens my pc now, thanks matt scott
  18. You can see how long is left just above the nano icon
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