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  1. I fail to see how this would help hold us over.
  2. damn2112

    District Pictures

    Ayo can I take one with you. Also I have not seen you in a while.
  3. This is all midtown was
  4. Hey atleast we aren't exploiting game mechanics just to make money. You actually have to put effort into LTL to get arrests. While with ram raiding all you have to do is go into an empty district to make money. It is unfair that criminals can make money without actually having to do opposed missions.
  5. Flamethrowers were supposed to be a criminals equivalent of LTL. It just never made it past concept art for some reason.
  6. You missed your classes just to play this game? And I thought I made bad life choices.
  7. damn2112

    Rate The Music Above You

    8/10 I liked that song very much but the picture in there makes me uncomfortable.
  8. oh yeah I forgot to say I did wrestling and boxing too.
  9. I played basketball during my middle school years. and football during highschool.
  10. So you want this community to turn into another toxic pile of shit like it was before? We already have enough toxic people running around in this game fucking with people.
  11. Its a good thing I have hands big enough to cover my whole face. Because the OP made me facepalm.
  12. damn2112

    Post 'Battleye' Update statistics

    Hell no only LO should be able to see them. Shit like this promotes toxicity. This community already has enough toxic people.
  13. damn2112

    New vehicle

    I want a new nulander SUV. Something simillar to a chevy tahoe.
  14. damn2112

    Kids who run with objectives

    The second I read "kid" I just assumed this was just a rage thread.
  15. /report was a feature that came with fairfight, so when fairfight was removed so was the /report thing.