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  1. Wheelies weren't even an intended feature. That was a bug.
  2. Might aswell make the dumptruck an enforcer and criminal starter car. But seriously when are we gonna get the armored truck as a vehicle for enforcers much more health and carrying capacity than a pioneer but not as fast.
  3. Easier said than done. Why don't you volunteer for them since you know what to do?
  4. No one in this thread knows jackshit about cars. You have to tint the windows dark to the point where its illegal and put a spiked bumper on the front and rob a local gun store.
  5. When did I ever say anything about prenerf troublemaker? Don't ask me stuff like this again.
  6. Fuck those players and their beef they have towards you or the gun you use. The fact that they will go as far as to harass someone for using a gun they don't like is sad. People that think its ok obviously have mental issues.
  7. I forgot to set the title to shadowstrike inspired outfits lmao. Also thats a nice armored look.
  8. You gonna activate windows or what?
  9. damn2112

    New heavy truck

    It would be pretty cool if we had a vehicle or a kit similar to this for the patriot T-25 or nulander pioneer.
  10. Maybe if half the idiots in this community stopped spamming them with tickets demanding to be answered support would be a bit quicker.
  11. I loaded $100 onto a card today and found out that the option to purchase G1C with karma koin is no longer there. The only prepaid card option I see is paysafe. Any reason why LO got rid of the ability to buy G1C with karma koin?
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