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  1. Could it be that devil dog finally has given up on crouching on rooftops and decided to start a hotdog business? But back to the point. This definitely has something to do with devil dog.
  2. The way you play needs fixing. Car spawners are alright.
  3. You know patience is a pretty good thing. You act like they are able to finish the upgrade in 5 days. I much rather have an engine upgrade with minimal bugs and glitches as possible. You should know what rushing does to games.
  4. Did you really just come to the forums just to type all this BS up? You knew you could go to support about this but you decided to come here instead knowing no ones going to help you.
  5. Developers made a habit of moving devil dog around in the past this is nothing new
  6. LO should just drop console and focus on the PC version in my opinion.
  7. Matt clearly mentioned that this is not going to be a battle royale mode . You guys say its a battle royale mode like you even played it before which you clearly haven't. Don't be like news sources that misinform people like MMObomb. You guys are just confusing people at this point.
  8. Yes, of course they do. They are practically the same car but the 4x4 has heightened suspension and is a lot more bouncy.
  9. Can't make assumptions like that when you have not even played the mode yet.
  10. How are you people going to assume its a BR mode when did not even play it yet? You should wait before you go misinforming people like most news sources these days.
  11. The models for enforcer riot gear existed in the RTW version I think. But were lost
  12. Oh boy is that lucas and lynette I see?
  13. I spent atleast $71.54 in total and have been playing this game since 2012
  14. I was about to post a pic on this but you beat me to it
  15. This is evidenced by the fact that theirs a decoy on this rooftop and 2 dead bloodroses across from the scaffolding where devil dog used to be.
  16. The decoy is probably used to fool criminals into thinking its actually him so when they move close the real devil dog is somewhere on a rooftop waiting to take them out.
  17. I think I know why devil dog keeps changing locations. Criminals probably trying to track him down so he has to switch his location every once in a while.
  18. Ayo can I take one with you. Also I have not seen you in a while.
  19. Hey atleast we aren't exploiting game mechanics just to make money. You actually have to put effort into LTL to get arrests. While with ram raiding all you have to do is go into an empty district to make money. It is unfair that criminals can make money without actually having to do opposed missions.
  20. Flamethrowers were supposed to be a criminals equivalent of LTL. It just never made it past concept art for some reason.
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