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  1. Christmas day most likely. With a new Christmas map with snow falling and 200 days of free premium.
  2. New engine upgrade would be nice for halloween
  3. My guess its never coming and its all a lie. Funny how there's no pictures or videos or any recent activity. Also, where's all the staff members avoiding this topic not saying anything. Think about it, its funny.
  4. And give us 2 weeks of free premium. Mkay. Just release the engine upgrade in its current state, who cares if its buggy lol. Game is boring to death. come on.
  5. No offense, but a GM event with a low playerbase isn't going to work out. I think a better event would be to do a Kill event, to win prizes, money, premium. Just kill players to win prizes, would make more sense. That way everyone would get a chance to win prizes. Please do it before the weekend starts.
  6. They can't even show us photos or videos, its never coming. Game is dead, and they are milking with a stupid riot mode.
  7. Where's the engine upgrade with new video and photos? what is wrong with this company, do they not listen to the playerbase/community anymore?
  8. Thread is dead, Matt won't answer. Closed thread please. Thanks.
  9. Game was ruined by lack of good content , not to mention playing in the same two districts for the past 8 years is tiresome. Honestly, the game is heading nowhere. Sad. Wish someone can take over this game and create new maps, new areas, new graphics, a better threat system or one similar to when real time worlds had this game, etc.
  10. If you look at the comment section on that page, the first comment makes sense.
  11. Well, I'm just waiting for the engine upgrade and so are my friends. New visuals, makes the game more interested and a bit more fun. I also notice some new environment changes from the console version and photos. Are they under some sort of NDA or something, because i figure they would post "more" videos and pictures by now for the public.
  12. Anti-cheats are fine, but in game, GameMasters are the only real solution to slowing down and keeping the cheaters in checked. Years years ago, gamerfirst had them, but got rid of them. my Baby G1Blackbeard , sad.
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