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  1. Hello, i had a bad day and i want to play APB, so please bring the server up again. thank you i think someone is confused, sorry about this.
  2. Stop lying! First of all: -I don't see anyone using meta weapons -i dont get any freezes. -i always get the best respawn point. -i don't saw any glitched mission. -i don't saw any cheaters, only good players with skill. -Hitbox is awesome. Atleaset better than Apex! -Engine update is no needed, because old Game Engine are the best. -People still playing and have a lot of fun. ....ok.... [pic] happy [/pic]
  3. Rec


    LO doesn't care anymore. APB is finally a dead game.
  4. Rec

    bring beacon back

    @MattScott can we get it back?
  5. ok cool, does it looks like the xbox version?...
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