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  1. What about NEKROVA MIGRATION already? Can you please give us anything about it
  2. Can we get any news about migration , already please?
  3. Can you guys migrate the nekrova server to citadel already ? So we guys can enjoy the RIOT huh?
  4. So, when the nekrova migration? How long will we wait?
  5. abyssals

    :smh: UPDATE

    Same, i get 120 fps when i change the priority to high , but now im stuck on the 60-70 but now i get error when i try to change the priority on the task manager Merged. yeah i get error code 13 first time when i try to join but the second time nope , something weird
  6. abyssals

    :smh: UPDATE

    Cant change the priority of the game after the new patch , and getting ERROR CODE 13
  7. So when this nekrova merge will happen? :smh:
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