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  1. Hello, i had a bad day and i want to play APB, so please bring the server up again. thank you i think someone is confused, sorry about this.
  2. Stop lying! First of all: -I don't see anyone using meta weapons -i dont get any freezes. -i always get the best respawn point. -i don't saw any glitched mission. -i don't saw any cheaters, only good players with skill. -Hitbox is awesome. Atleaset better than Apex! -Engine update is no needed, because old Game Engine are the best. -People still playing and have a lot of fun. ....ok.... [pic] happy [/pic]
  3. Rec


    LO doesn't care anymore. APB is finally a dead game.
  4. Rec

    bring beacon back

    @MattScott can we get it back?
  5. ok cool, does it looks like the xbox version?...
  6. It's that time of the week to make this thread, ask the question and keep the dislikes coming. When can we get any news about 3.5 progress?
  7. Hey you...don't tell anyone...., Chat-Filter is the only solution, but shhhhhhh...
  8. best game community ever, thanks god
  9. If you belive it or not. The true answer is: never. Just have fun until they shutdown the game. ~thanks.
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