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  1. Tout ce que tu dis n'a absolument aucun sens ..
  2. Nop kid, no warning for a lot of people, just a temp ban with a short message that you griefing with no proof so you totally don't what what kind of griefing you did, what category, when, or whatever, some people just reported for fun and you got ban
  3. Fact and logic : I got ban in fight club for playing OPGL, accidentaly killed allies I'm sure because i only play FC and only OPGL with this account
  4. ----- You can get permanently banned just for killing allies in FC with OPGL by accident -----
  5. Damn sis, there is a huge difference betweem a rank 25 with star 556 that don't know anything about car spawn and a 255 with car detonator , Dog-Ear who know the map more then his city
  6. Ruin others fun ? You are ruinning his fun by getting him banned It's not a game to play with others but playing alone with at least 8 character and selling kamas to IGvault .. Do you think the time is free ?
  7. Wait what ? It's the name of a game , like FOrTnITe .. Are you a joke ?
  8. Just right now, 4-5 people are blocking me at gas station and i'm in a mission, and my 2 team mates are dethreating lol, should i report them all ? Will they all get perma banned ?
  9. Are we talking about APB ? In bronze district there is at least one player who dethreat every mission This game is just pu55y , you play for years, put a lot of money in it and time, get perma banned for griefing with garbage truck 2 times, GG
  10. At least they don't perma ban for toxicity in the chat #LoL #Pussyassgame 40 Players in APB, 150m $ Game, Perma ban people for Griefing There is a Griefer almost every mission .. Why reporting them , you want to be alone, 20 players left ?
  11. There is the same amount of try hard in every district, a lot of gold 255 with every legendary in bronze district ... Just get good
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