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  1. AxeTurboAgresor

    Dear Matt, make QQ social again.

    Is this rly where the gaming society came to? Restricting QQ? I did not even know this is a thing. Is it real? Like for real. Is it? And there are actual real people supporting it? U bunch of NPCs
  2. AxeTurboAgresor

    How special are you to this game?

    1. I dunno. People hate my playstyle. Everything I do makes them rage. The way I play, the way I act, my selection of weapons, the way of not giving a crap. Some people who caught me in right mood could hear... crazy stuff coming thro VOIP. I think this above makes me unforgetable in a good and a bad way. 2. I prefer menly non-edgy look. Many ppl overdo their character to the point that it has no personality, and it looks very generic to me. My character has strong facial features, and wears mostly dirty top with flannel shirt. 3. Shoutout to Mikarity - my real and only rival in APB. He knows whats up. He knows what sh*t expect from me. Had a lot of fun playing againts this dude.
  3. AxeTurboAgresor

    3 Day Bans

    @Sayori U cant say its bs if it worked. U dont even know what strategy I used to use instead of IP or perma bans or bans of general yet u call it bs. It might be fun also. SO back off a lil bit. But indeed it was the different game. I dont say the same approach needs to be applied here. There are whole different circumstances.
  4. AxeTurboAgresor

    3 Day Bans

    I used to use similar strategy on my server to let the cheaters know that I can see them. Its fairly effective if u dont want to lose the players I can imagine that it was some high level guy with armas weapons. I wouldnt ban him permamently too cuz he would either: 1.never return again 2. reroll and ruin the game for everyone else
  5. AxeTurboAgresor

    N-tec Anarchy

    Ppl that are rekting u with an ntec, they will probably kill you with any other AR or any other weapon. Its not the weapon, its the skill and u r lack of it. Trust me, u dont want ppl massively use obir, obeya, oca. Daaamn can u imagine all ntec users switch to FAR Spearhead? Ur arse would be literylly annihilated. Its not like ntec is OP, Ntec is versale that is the point of ARs while not being good at close/long range. Its like the definition of most ARs hmm.
  6. Equality of Opportunity vs Equality of Outcome Right VS Left I havent participated in event, and even if I did and lost, I wouldnt want that cuz I wouldnt deserved it. Even Minecraft community that I used to build events, and luck based events for was acting more mature when they lost than this god damn babies.
  7. "the event was flawed so we demand this exclusive skin to be given to everybody for free now" lol Lol Lol Lol There is no ez fair solution, so I suggest just get over it cuz its just a god damn skin and its not worth of all this drama. The only fair solution would be givin it to the ones who rly tried hard, but as been said, its not worth it. Get over it. End this drama. Put it on Armas as for the rest of the year.
  8. AxeTurboAgresor

    Did they ever Nerf the NTEC?

    Other ARs? FAR Spearhead is better in full auto. But ppl stupidly tend to use the same mods on this weap as for ntec. COBR-A? Most ppl dont even know to use it correctly and wonders why I use the mods that I use on this weapon. STAR needs a little boom recovery buff. ATAC? Atac is still one of the best ARs. I dunno about Ursus, I dont use it. Frenzy kicks too much. Condor is fukin beast! Ntec is the most used cuz its f2p. CQC weapons are better in close range. Long range weapons are better in longer ranges. What a surprise, lol. Mindblowing fact. How did u know? I think u are full of sh!t m8, and u should stop being hysteric and stop pushing over edge. Ntec is absolutely fine, and u should l2p. Literally. This is not trolling or mocking. Literally just go and l2p.
  9. AxeTurboAgresor

    Did they ever Nerf the NTEC?

    WTF is these people problem with ntec?! I dont get it. I srsly dont get it! And I am not enemy ntec user. Maybe fuking l2 use ur weapon the way its meant to be used, and dont try to beat ntec in its comfortable killing zone
  10. Try harder next time. The only thing we miss here is bunch of ppl spamming LO IS NOT MY COMPANY! LO IS NOT MY COMPANY! LO IS NOT MY COMPANY. Cmon everybody. Please.
  11. AxeTurboAgresor

    This whisper I got from a GM

    It might look funny, but I see no problem here. GM kindly asked so others could win too, but nothing changes the fact that only the best, and the luckiest ones can win this. I dont even play this event as I am not interested in this event, and its rewards. Just deal with it. U wont go to SC2 championship and ask old winners for letting u win so u can get the reward too, lol.
  12. AxeTurboAgresor

    the community nowadays

    I tell u one thing. U lost the game.
  13. AxeTurboAgresor

    Kewlin's Big Shotgun Thread

    Exactly my thought on you. Your belief that that JG/SCG needs better TTK only flows from you being bad with shotguns and missiong the point of shotguns. The only reason I dislike Strifes TTK is bcs it cant compete vs other shotguns. Otherwise it would be pretty fine weapon. Even if JG/CSG had TTK of 1s, they would be a great weapons, but 1s is too extreme. Thats why we need to find this sweet middle spot, and I say this spot defenitely does not lays under its current TTK.
  14. AxeTurboAgresor

    Kewlin's Big Shotgun Thread

    This is the last thing I will reply to u, cuz u r acting hilarious. U keep ignoring things u said urself and trying to talk ur way around. Pushing the sh*t to the edge just to prove ur point. Guess what, u fell off that edge bruh, and now u act all awkward with yo broken legs. So now we are calling every shitty weapon "support" weapon. Ok. JG/CSGs current TTK is ok for me, but its reliability sucks patootie. Git gut