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  1. This is some sht for new coming God of War. APB isnt that type of game that needs super realism of UE5. It needs its own polished timeless graphic that endures the test of time, with only small improvements over time maybe. UE4 is already too good, but still something that needs to be done in the future.
  2. If you are having a problem to determine the line, I think that admin just defined what is too sexual already by removing some of your symbols. I think that says it all.
  3. Is there a way to block all the threads from this troll? I feel like I am loosing my IQ just from reading his posts.
  4. Its called air, mate. You should try to poke your head out of yo weed smoke filled room for a second or two.
  5. Just remember that PGM turned to be a problem for YOU after nerfs of guns you previously asked for so loudly. PMG was never a problem. I am just so fucking tired of your bullshoot Just seeing you play like a bunch of ruaways from a mental health facility makes me want to never come back to this game ever again, becouse LO is actually listening to this silver IDIOTS cuz they cry so god damn loud. You never have enough. If PMG is nerfed, Joker Carbine will turn you next big patootie whooping nightmare right after. Mark my words.
  6. OCA had lower TTK for a reason. Thats all what needed to ba said. PMG does not deserve any nerf.
  7. You guys dont know when to stop, dont you?
  8. If you make a plan and make it look more official, I bet they wont have a problem. They are nice people after all, and bringing more light and life to APB would be welcomed. There MUST be something more than just reaching max lvl, and getting all the items. Thats why starcraft, counter strike, league of legends and games like this live to these days. Starting tournaments and championships would open a new doors for LO to make it more popular and make money out of it. We all know that APB has what it takes to be a competetive game like this. I d LOVE to see some clan/team bracket tournamets. Its better for a long run.
  9. Id love to see some APB tournamets. It will never get seriouse/official untill somebody does that. I disagree with many points regarding the rules and weapon bans but at this point - fuck that. I just wish there was an option to spectate just like in other games. It has to happen in some empty tournament district. I belive that officials would open one for you for a tournament duration if you asked nicely, and presented your previous work.
  10. Well that sucks. I am usualy drivng around with osmaw or hvr positioning myself, knowing I wont win, but I can certainly make that mission their nightmare. Not dying while killing them is so trolly.
  11. This is so damn absurd. I am so cringed our by this warriors fighting againts symbols, and Hitler character (I dont know if its more funny or sad) to protect us all. Investigating every symbol to clear somebodys intentions or whatever. Seeing a Hitler character with a full group of uniformed nazis roleplaying would be freakin HILARIOUS to me. I doub any of them are promoting any ideologies. You need to calm your feminine features! 1st world problems indeed.
  12. I love this new way of marketing. Limited editions of cosmetics. Guys, dont complain. This is what we all were begging for. Great symbols for a great price. 2$ is literally nothing unless you live somewhere in Kenya.
  13. I just want to share a video that kinda mirrors APB developement history. Its a short honest, and very informative interview with a CEO of a great game that failed, and I think it will help you understand the past and the current situation we are in. This video might help you understand some G1, and LO decitions. I think that both players, and the developers might find this video useful. Just sayin. The devs are not bad guys. G1 was not evil company either. They are trying hard to make this game succeed, so lets learn something from the mistakes of others: The Growth, Mistakes Made, Lessons Learned
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