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  1. 1st off: Why are there shipping containers and cranes in the middle of the park, and how does that make any sence? I mean yeah its a game, but even games need to make sence, and this is something that would bug me out. 2nd: So there will be 3rd faction that will fight both enforcers and crims? I mean, enforcers are mix of cops, special forces, and random dudes that may abuse their badge or just fight for justice. While there are also types of crims that just hate crooked kind of enfos. I just want this all that has to come to make sence. So my question is: (in tthis new game mode) Will the 3rd faction be selectable option for both crims and enfos that will basically stand up againts crooked enfos and real crims to establish the order in the city, or will it just randomly redistribute all the players? Or is it like straight up 3rd faction while creating a character? Cuz I want to be able to pick my side. If I am this crooked enfo or if I am just that morally low person that wants this war to continue, or if I am this pure evil crim, I want to stay that way. I hope my question is readable, and actually makes sence. 3rd: https://www.redhillinstitute.com
  2. OCA, NTec, NHVR is all that f2p player needs. OCA is ez to use, so this might be what you r looking for. NTEC, and NHVR are the most skill rewarding weapons. Just challange yourself to master it. Dont use Joker Carbine, Agrotech sniper rifle, STAR, and PMG. Its really not worth of trying to master. Not so skill rewarding, its too situational, unreliable, and gets outclassed/outplayed ez.
  3. I love the colors. Hate it when the devs are trying to archieve super realistic graphics so they make is so everything looks greyish or brownish so you feel like u r playing colorblind simulator.
  4. P2W? No. F2P players fight for as many free stuff as possible. Companies want more income tho so they offer benefits for premium. I think this game is fairly balanced in this aspect, and there are certain things just like this one, that you need to embrace as a f2p player. Having this cd reduction will not make you win. It just makes your life easier. I am used to play without premium most of my time, and there was never a reason for me to go total banana about this as you guys do right now. This is stupid...
  5. Stop trying to change ABP. Fukin silver patootie ideologists. APB is a great TPS game with RPG elements. It just turns a bit boring and repetetive after a while. Thats why people are leaving (and I will return after engine upgrade is up. I guess many other people will do the same). Not bcs of APB not being a TPS Battlefield. G1 did one good thing - a big weapons rework after they bought the game. Changing TTK, rate of fire, gunplay. They found this middle ground that makes everybody confortable to play, and mainly they made gunplay fun. I am sorry u extremists dont like it. This game is just not for you.
  6. Premium is not that expensive. Just ocasional use of armas may give you premium for almost game lifetime duration. Tho, in some games is feature called "vacation" status that might be used limited amounts of time per year. Lets say it would be possible to pause the premium for 2-3x per year in APB.
  7. I knew that my comment will be very unpopular, but in ALL-this-HONESTY you cant establish a perfect ballance. If u lose as a gold, it does not mean that the game is unballanced. It means u, and ur teammates know how to play, but need to get better. DUH, u will have a bigger chance to win in premade group of players with the same skill level. You can only really determine either the player plays bad or good, and in ALL-this-HONESTY silvers and threats below do not play good, and in most cases they do not represent almost any real threat to a gold player. The ones who really needs help and those who suffers from the flaws of current threat system are those who frequently jump from silver to gold - those are the real victims.
  8. Trigger warning for yo weak pieces. Dont read if u r easily triggered. If you are gold, then you are familiar with shooter games, you know how to do mission, you know the basics and probably more advanced things about APB, and therefore you are ready to play amongs normal (gold) players. Yes, there are people that are like rly good, and they will make ur arse bleed, but it is not an excuse to cry. Sry, but being marked silver or bronze these days is like being a special kid in a special schools (bronze dist.) that are too slow to compete with normal students (players). This is my opinion on this matter, and I think its fine as it is. Not perfect nor flawless, but its fine. But i am also ok if it will be changed in better dirrection.
  9. Is this rly where the gaming society came to? Restricting QQ? I did not even know this is a thing. Is it real? Like for real. Is it? And there are actual real people supporting it? U bunch of NPCs
  10. 1. I dunno. People hate my playstyle. Everything I do makes them rage. The way I play, the way I act, my selection of weapons, the way of not giving a crap. Some people who caught me in right mood could hear... crazy stuff coming thro VOIP. I think this above makes me unforgetable in a good and a bad way. 2. I prefer menly non-edgy look. Many ppl overdo their character to the point that it has no personality, and it looks very generic to me. My character has strong facial features, and wears mostly dirty top with flannel shirt. 3. Shoutout to Mikarity - my real and only rival in APB. He knows whats up. He knows what sh*t expect from me. Had a lot of fun playing againts this dude.
  11. @Sayori U cant say its bs if it worked. U dont even know what strategy I used to use instead of IP or perma bans or bans of general yet u call it bs. It might be fun also. SO back off a lil bit. But indeed it was the different game. I dont say the same approach needs to be applied here. There are whole different circumstances.
  12. I used to use similar strategy on my server to let the cheaters know that I can see them. Its fairly effective if u dont want to lose the players I can imagine that it was some high level guy with armas weapons. I wouldnt ban him permamently too cuz he would either: 1.never return again 2. reroll and ruin the game for everyone else
  13. Ppl that are rekting u with an ntec, they will probably kill you with any other AR or any other weapon. Its not the weapon, its the skill and u r lack of it. Trust me, u dont want ppl massively use obir, obeya, oca. Daaamn can u imagine all ntec users switch to FAR Spearhead? Ur arse would be literylly annihilated. Its not like ntec is OP, Ntec is versale that is the point of ARs while not being good at close/long range. Its like the definition of most ARs hmm.
  14. Equality of Opportunity vs Equality of Outcome Right VS Left I havent participated in event, and even if I did and lost, I wouldnt want that cuz I wouldnt deserved it. Even Minecraft community that I used to build events, and luck based events for was acting more mature when they lost than this god damn babies.
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