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  1. For me its No1 thing now. I dont care about engine upgrade when weapons feel shitty. I stopped playing becouse of that. Its like 1y or so. Just lurking forum sections hoping that something has changed.
  2. -It is true that P,N5 was not perfect, but it was good. -shouldnt just give the game to bronzes for free.
  3. It looks like that P5 and N5 had a whole different purpose other than just being there exposed for bounty. All districts used to be open to all threads. Looks like P5 and N5 used to be feature for balancing reasons. For whole district to eliminate clearly superior player in the mission. I also remember times when 1g=2s=4b. Lower threads used to be zerging golds down. Golds had a lot of kills, but they had hard times winning the mission also. Also B was more freely awaiable if teams werent balanced enough. Resulting in massive ridicilously fun 10v10 fights. I liked old matchmaking. Districts should be open for all threads while matchmaking should be fixed. Current matchmaking aint bad. But its necessary for B to be more avaiable for balancing reasons..
  4. Finally my OCA SD will be playable again. But why tf so much hate for nades? People are so desperate, they even started to play frag nades, and now they got nerfed even more lol wtf.
  5. Your sacrifice is greatly appreciated. There are a few loud toxic assholes, but I can assure you, that many people see you effort, and are waiting patiently for the outcome. I am not playing APB for a few months now, but its ok. I am watching the progress silently, and cant wait to come back. Many people are. Even tho I strongly disagree with a few things (mainly some weapon changes), I just want to say.. Thanks.
  6. Coding or developing something is about overcoming never ending small problems. I bet LO would start from the scratch if they knew its the easiest path.
  7. Fights in this game are all about positioning, and knowing your weapons comfort zone. This pays for any weapon including OSMAW and OPGL. Just like you wont fight with OCA vs HVR in HVRs comfortable zone while its user is good positioned, you gotta play vs OPGL outside its comfortable zone. Crying about explosives just exposes how uneffectively you played so far, cuz 90% of the success in the fights comes from positioning and working within your weapons comfortable zone, or outside opps weapons comfortable zone. Enough of crying on this forum already. Who tf even dislikes rocket launchers?! Its dope af to have something like this in APB! Go play CS. "Bunny hopping". Yo poor patootie dont even know what real bunny hopping means ffs.
  8. Meanwhile everyone above complaining + 95+% of the players using Clotting agent 2 or 3 cuz its the most versatile meta, and cant get over an idea that they cant just simply rush kevlar or flak jacket user head first.
  9. Criminal activity is historically at its lowest, therefore enforcers are not needed. Waterfront is finally free of dangerous "gold" criminals. The city is at peace. We did it guys. Law and order has been finally enforced. Where is our reward? Soon, the end game credits are gonna roll out. Dont wanna miss it.
  10. AxeTurboAgresor

    Med spray.

    Med spray is the only thing that make anything but CA somewhat viable. Funny thing that CA is top meta sh!t everybody uses but they dare to sh!ttalk about med spray+other mods. If it was so good, everybody would use that. Logicaly. Most people play META sets. So laughable.
  11. They can never fix the shit they ve done. Everything needs to be balanced back to RP state, and start from there again. Focus on balancing everything around Ntec, oca/pmg, and HVR guns. There WERE some weapons that needed the nerf, and I would 100% agree with nerfing that. But LO overdo everything to the point its unplayable. For example RFP-9 "Fang". RFP in general. All that needed to be done is nerfing all RFPs effective range to RFP "talon" effective range. But no, they nerfed the shit out of this gun,to the point its trash now. Its just one of many unnecessary overdone nerfs. I cant play my favorite counter-META weapons now. ATAC, FAR, S1-NA 'Manic' is shit now, and I have no reason to play my CSG, and uniqueness of silenced OCA is GONE NOW. My fucking PDW Kris is nothing like it was before, and I want my fucking money back cuz this shit wasnt cheap at all. God bless they didnt touced the ACES rifle yet, but I swear they will find the way, they will find the reason to nerf the shit out of it, or just nerf some of its crappy mechanic to make it trash, and I can just go and delete my fucking account then. I am used to be a great fan of LO, but balancing is what broke the game for me, and its no longer enjoyable to play.
  12. People doesnt care about the game itself. They want to see your personality. You must be an entertaining person. And then when they will start to like you, they will care about the game you enjoy (apb) thus trying it out, and trying to meet you in the game. Thats how you bring new people to the game. Only people that know APB will directly search for APB on streams. You need to build your name.
  13. Cuz a lot of personal favorite weapons that could counter meta weapons SUCK patootie NOW AFTER A SERIES OF FUCKING NERF UPDATES. FFS!
  14. While I dont like removing the masks cuz they r funny, I do understand the point of removing them. Glad I have a Trump mask.
  15. Any person who is overly focused on playing, and overly focused on not getting beaten. Thus majority of the players in general. Some are just better than the others.
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