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  1. APB 2 graphic look indeed better. All what I complain about are pure black shadows that make it difficult to watch. If I increased the brightness, the walls, sky, benches, and the back of the neck of the character would burn my eyes out. It looks like some people like to disagree just for the sake of disagreeing, while the point is same as mine.
  2. sprintjump - pick item - drop item - repeat
  3. @Mitne Thats some great points! Lets make APB pitch black and blinding white so it gets very popular! Btw its Duke Nukem forever, not Seriouse Sam. I stand for current APB graphic being easier for the eyes even tho the graphic is outdated.. its much easier to watch rather than oversaturated gloomy colors in order to archive real-like graphic. I dont know if I have superpowers, but Id swear I can see all the ugly details and colors of my carpet under my bed even when the lights are off. But on the picture of the new engine, I would have a hard time to tell if the characters pants are blue or black, if I seen only pants and had only these 2 options to choose from. I dont think this is what make games succesful. That would be some very bad assumption. I tell u what.
  4. So I ve been watching new engine pictures, and I am kinda worried about its future graphic design. What have you noticed from this picture? Many game developers, even the most famous studious do the same mistake: In order to archieve realistic-like or wannable "better graphics", they make everything look so dark, and gloomy. Just look at the shadows - its pure black! Its so confusing. There are another examples of bad shaders that make everything confusing. I can barely recognize the characters, and items, and details from the background, and no I am 100% sure I am not colorblind. I dont want to shoot black figures running on shiny and black backgrounds. I cant stress enough how I dont want APB to look like this. My eyes hurt from watching this. Honestly. Even Limbo is more comfortable to watch and play than modern games. Id rather the game to look like this, becouse everything is clear and clearly recognizeable even in the distance I dont even know what game this is, but I want you to take an example from this. Look how clear everything looks while keeping good graphics. I can recognize all the details, characters, weapons, items, EVERYTHING. I do have respect for what you do for us @MattScott I dont know what it takes to make the game look more clear. But I know it would make everything better for gameplay, which is such important in competitive game like this.
  5. This is the only forum I see people literally begging for taking away their right to swear. Just holy shit. You guys are psychos. Cuz this is the tool for you to ban people you dont like. I see this in other games. It even gets better when you dont even need a proof in such a games, cuz enough reports will do the thing. Go play LoL u psychos. Use your /ignore and gtfo. No, u dont want to. Cuz u want them banned. Cuz u r jerks.
  6. Is it ok? No. But it shouldnt be punishable. You have no right to not to be offended. Use your /ignore function, and if its full, maybe the problem is you. I have 0 people in my ignore list.
  7. Thats some big words that just got abused. yeah its not fun to die or loose
  8. @HawtGirl who are you to tell? Ammo box is designed to explode. Shield is designed to block. I d rather see my ammo box get back its infinite explosives supply, and satchel charge to open doors so I can smoke off those annoying campers from unreachable places. I love consumables. Its annoying its not infinite.
  9. I hate just how some of you people think that there is only one correct way the item is supposed to be used, so other options should be eliminated. The way u think is removing all the fun from the game. Just saying. They know who I am talking about.
  10. I disagree and hate the most of nerf suggestion presented in the doc. Some suggestions are just way too crazy stupid. I mean WhyTF would u even think of nerfing STAR. Your suggestion about Ursus shows just how bad you understand the weapon. There is no overkill damage on this gun so it needs more range to compensite that at lease somehow. Nerfing STRIFE is just LOLable. Also nice HVR nerfs. Like nobody is playing this crap anymore so why not just nerf this trash out of existence? Sniper rifle hits hard. Wow what a surprise. I simply dont understand why would u nerft RPFs magazine capacity if its ballanced. "just needed a range rework and a mag capacity rework to be less forgiving." - no it does NOT. 4 STK Nfas is absurd just like 3STK pump shotguns presented by some dev big brain.
  11. Certain mouses did not supported binding fire on mouse wheel. I dunno why. I remember having the same problem. Anyway, mouse wheel shooting does not give any advantage. Maybe if you are rly new and cant time your tap fire correctly. For more advanced players its rly just a disadvantage that messes up whole aiming, and sustain fire, and its harder to controll. Iam not a nerf-type guy, but its ttk (0.7s) seems a lil bit too low for a fairly reliable pistol.
  12. I cant think of any funny comment atm so I ll just leave it there
  13. The game looked better, but played worse. I hated weapon stats and its "gunplay" of RTW version. The game looked somewhat worse with every new update. I say just wait for engine upgrade. It will look better again.
  14. Very short range, no overdamage, unforgiving magazine, feels very unreliable in combat compared to FBW. FBW, .45 AP, Showstopper are much better choices. FR0G is a waste of money. But it looks nice.
  15. Corner popping was never the issue to begin with. Not with shotguns. Shotguns are weapons that supposed to be used defensively, and tactically using covers. This should be "enhanced" with higher TTK so it rly highlights its role. 3STK would ruin shotguns as we know them. Rly the only reason why nobody is olaying strife is becouse JG and CSG perform better in its roles. Shotgun players would play strife it it was the only pump shotgun option, becouse it do what shotguns do. All its damage is worthless if it has 1s ttk and its unreliable AF. All pump shotguns need to be balanced somehow while keeping its 2stk
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