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  1. I dont think that this game needs any other game modes. I d more prefer enriching and improvements of current game mode. Id say that listening to the comunity means acomplishing the long time requested things. Things that the comunity - as a whole (not individuals) - rly want. Whats that? Obviously EU, bringing back tracers, and i dont know what else cuz i stopped keeping track of things. Ppl wanted ntec compact so u got some bonus points for that +++ RIOT is fine.. as an event... Sry Honestly, I expected something else when I first saw this name. U know.. something that has more in common with an actual riot. But thats just me.
  2. @Soundwave2142 u r mad over details, and over word "complaining". Its called summary, or tl:dr. Cuz ur post brings nothing new and is unnecessarily long.
  3. Not worth of reading. 3/4 of actual content is complaining about threat system, and matchmaking. EU > RIOT opinion again. A few suggestions at the end. Tutorial district. RAF. Give away of rare STAR LCR by making it a regular contact weapon and on top of it its permanent. Goin to sleep. Gn
  4. JBoxed does not cross the EU legislative as long as legendary weapons stays tradeable for ingame money. If you are againts JBs dont buy them. The weapons that JBs drops are not essential for you. But some peope want the weapons that it may offer. They are not stupid cuz of it. Actually its non of ur business what they do with they money as long as it does not break the game, lol. I never won anything from JBs (bought like 10-20 in total) so iam not part of your imaginary problem.
  5. Even tho it might feel like pedestrians are taking a bit of competetive aspect of the game away, they are a big part of the game that makes the game/city feel alive. Just like the cars. Sometimes they are everywhere, sometimes roads are empty, sometimes they drive away when you shoot them. Its all dynamic situations that players have to deal with, and I think its great.
  6. Are you trying to find the justificarion behind actions of your lesser being, becouse in reality you lack of selfconfidence?
  7. Maybe dont fight in its comfortable zone. This game is all about positioning.
  8. Yes. Riot will be fun. The question is, for how long? Becouse its more like an event that will keep us busy for 1-2 weeks. So is it rly worth it? LO will get some experience for the future thx to this. Dont worry, they are working on engine. The developement will not go magicaly faster if they stop working on Riot. And Iam all for a new content that may bring us something in the future. Little O, go go!
  9. AxeTurboAgresor


    I am actually for it. If we have a frekin rocket launcher and nade lancher already, why the hell not to have a minigun, and flamethrower? If its balanced and made just as situational as osmaw is, it could be a cool additional to the game, while it will be rarely used. The only problem I may think of are lags that flamethrower effects, and rain of bullets may cause. Id even love to see a molotov cocktail, and smoke nades... both may be used in tactical situations, offensively and defensively. Anyway, Id like to see much more added features What if flamethrower, and minigun had no ammo belt / fuel tank in store, so the only way to reload would be thro ammo boxes/modes/machines?
  10. If I got it correctly, they have multiple teams doing multiple things. Working both on engine upgrade and RIOT + engine upgrade to UE4. Also I think they were saying that the districts will be reworked as we know it, and we would be able to play missions with a guys from different districts. Its not entirelly impossible to do as it seems. I saw this in different game, where ppl could change the channels on the same map (to reduce lag), and it took only a few seconds. I think the similar way they will connect players from the different districts.
  11. @Glaciers its only flaws for you. As much as you d like to see this as imbalance, its not. Ammo box, and shields are more popular, but it does not make them superior to other consumable items. Just like Clotting agent is not superior to Fragile. Even less popular items such as boombox, and satchel charge holds its value for many players. Flak Jacket, Kevlar, Fragile, boombox, satchel charge, mobile supply - all this modes are perfectly balanced even tho they are not used so much. Its not making this items inferior, it makes them situational, and you should learn this new word. Situational
  12. @Glaciers There is nothing wrong with having a shiled + ammo at the same time as well as any other mode combinations. Its not even remotely OP. Is Kev + healin spray OP? No, u just have to counter it. Dont ban if you r too bad to deal with a random situations. I never seen ANYBODY to complain about modes like you. I get it, sometimes are players frustrated becouse they cant counter Kevlar, but thats it. Never seen anybody to complain about a freakin comsumable items, that adds a tactical depth, and makes your life easier? We even discussed here on this forum and on old forum to make em permament, becouse why the hell not? Its a cool addition to the game, and its frustrating when you consume all your favourite, while there are hundrets of boomboxes in the mail. I do not take sentences out of context. I am not the one who wants comsumable items to have a negative effects, that literally makes no freakin sence, so that was my reaction to you to ridicule your bad pointless idea, about adding negative effects to comsumables.. We both know that APB has certain RPG elements, but its not an RPG game. What I meant by saing a word game is that I noticed that you like to decompose sentences, and pick words to twist it to your favour. And its blatant AF, but at the end it makes no sence for those who follow the discussion. ahah
  13. What a word game. Ahah. Its ballanced. Sometimes you need yellow ammo, sometimes orange ammo, sometimes both. Its perfectly ok how it is. If you dont see the reason behind using orange ammo Well dont freakin use it, but stop complaining about build, becousebuilds are not the reason why you lose the game. The problem is you. Lemme enlighten you. Yellow modes do not have tradeoffs becouse they dont even need one. Just pick the damn mode u prefer, but u can have only 1. Totally game breaking. I would be sad for u that u did not get kills bcs somebody else usedshiled but u r getting killed in open cuz of no plan B, if I cared about you. Cloaking agent + healing spray is the worst combination plz buff logic.
  14. I dont rly understand u guys. In the name of ballance, u want to nerf or remove everything to the point that sh*t happens boring, useless, and frustrating. Go ruin some other game, thanks
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