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  1. Certain mouses did not supported binding fire on mouse wheel. I dunno why. I remember having the same problem. Anyway, mouse wheel shooting does not give any advantage. Maybe if you are rly new and cant time your tap fire correctly. For more advanced players its rly just a disadvantage that messes up whole aiming, and sustain fire, and its harder to controll. Iam not a nerf-type guy, but its ttk (0.7s) seems a lil bit too low for a fairly reliable pistol.
  2. I cant think of any funny comment atm so I ll just leave it there
  3. The game looked better, but played worse. I hated weapon stats and its "gunplay" of RTW version. The game looked somewhat worse with every new update. I say just wait for engine upgrade. It will look better again.
  4. Very short range, no overdamage, unforgiving magazine, feels very unreliable in combat compared to FBW. FBW, .45 AP, Showstopper are much better choices. FR0G is a waste of money. But it looks nice.
  5. Corner popping was never the issue to begin with. Not with shotguns. Shotguns are weapons that supposed to be used defensively, and tactically using covers. This should be "enhanced" with higher TTK so it rly highlights its role. 3STK would ruin shotguns as we know them. Rly the only reason why nobody is olaying strife is becouse JG and CSG perform better in its roles. Shotgun players would play strife it it was the only pump shotgun option, becouse it do what shotguns do. All its damage is worthless if it has 1s ttk and its unreliable AF. All pump shotguns need to be balanced somehow while keeping its 2stk
  6. And I just want that platinum skin for sniper rifles for completing role that I will never gonna get cuz I dont like playing sniper rifles. Also my friend just wants that permanent ATAC for JTs but he doesnt want to grind for that. Also my aiming skill sucks after not playing for a long time. Do you think I can get some aiming assistance option just like in Borderlands, or GTA 5, becouse this game is totaly like GTA? Thx daddy!
  7. PMG with a cj and rs RNG goes mostly in your favour with this weapon. CSG is inferior to JG atm. I wouldnt invest into any shotgun becouse its future might be cruel if LOs gonna ruin it with 3stk
  8. Is it so? Hmm I had no interests in following my role progresses so you may be right. Fair enough.
  9. @Solamente 1-16lvl = 47417 kills 3 roles 1-16lvl = 47417*3 = 142251 kills 1 day = 24 hours 1 week = 7 days = 24*7 = 168 hours 3 weeks = 168*3 = 504 hours 142251 / 504 = 282 kills / 1 hour I dont need to be no veteran to complete weekly challenges for 1st place
  10. You are full of You would literally had to kill 300 people every hour for 3 weeks 24/7 no sleep. I wouldnt be surprised if you havent got a single role completed yet, becouse of how extremely unpatient you are. 2 months of farming for PERMANENT weapon is a god damn gift and its a dream that came true for many f2p players that have no interests of investing any money into this game, AND God knows I would clap my buttcheecks off if it happened when I was a student that did not make any money yet. You dont need Armas weapons. F2p weapons are the best, and the most versile weapons in its types.
  11. Tryharding has nothing to do with toxic behavior. U guys are just showing how mad u are, and so u r namecalling everyone. Btw nfas is for noobplay, and trolling... not for tryharding. Impossible to tryhard with nfas unless the opps are completely braindead downs
  12. I think its perfectly fair considering that there was no way to get armas weapons b4. Play, and after a while u will realize that u have enough JT to buy your dream weapon. Take is as a reward for playing 2 months or so. I had to farm for 4 slot JT Vegas without current JT reward system. Its not like I needed that, but I wanted that. You dont need armas weapons. Once again - its permament guns in the game where almost everyhing has a timer!! Its worth of grinding. LO was kind enough to introduce the JT reward for missions. In APB. In the game that is literally a black hole for companys money, where 2 companies already failed. Its a god damn brave and risky move. So take it as it is. Its already very generous.
  13. Its not allowed, but its not ban worthy. The game should kick you whenever macro is detected, which will not happen bcs anticheat wont detect this kind of cheating yet.
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