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  1. Oh my god. This cancer year 2020 just keeps on giving. Edit: I am not even going to bother to explain shit.
  2. This happens every year in the summer, and there is always a guy like this turning it just so he can add a point to his cynic shittalk We get it. U r not happy with the state of the game.
  3. How much bored you must be, to wait 2+ hours trying to log in BUGGED Beta test, and then rage on the forum about it? You been warned its going to be shitty. I wouldnt be surprised if LO stopped being so transparent from now on. I wanted to test it too but the hell with it.
  4. It wouldnt be a good idea with this low population. Either way, I would rather prefer Financial and Waterfront rework. Not just rebalancing a certain places, but reworking them.. changing some parts of the maps over time with small updates adding or changing something.. closing roads, or adding temporary holes, constructions, destruction, access to some places etc.
  5. 1st place. Strife is the most badass looking and sounding weapon. No discussion. 2nd place ACES SMG. Just lookin good and sounds great 3rd place for the best sound goes to IRS for me. Doesnt look bad also Sadly.. all of these weapons above are shit, and unplayable amongst current meta
  6. I would LOVE to test it in OTW. I mean, every single person that has more than just one brain cell expects bugs, and crashes while testing beta version.
  7. Not getting offended is not the right, and it never ever god damn EVER NEVER EVER should be, and it most defenitely should not be a reason to censonr or even god damn ban someone. If the is a person who has full ignore list.. maybe.. just maybe.. that person is the problem. I have 0 ppl in my ignore list. And if it happens that I ignore someoe for harrasing me, I ll clear them next day or 1h later, and if I see them (if I even happen to remember him), they behave just fine, and they dont even remember me most of the time.
  8. "cmon its 2020" arguments, and high moral ground is my favorite tactic to demand enforcing a censoring. I get it for league of legends that is made for kids and adults in mind, but not for APB. This game is unique more and more every year since world society go nuts over bad language, and correctness, and guess what? There will be so much people tired of this sh1t, they will come to APB just to rest their nutsacks, and scream their lungs off into the mic when/if VOIP get fixed. And its fine. Iam againts censoring words. Yes, censoring profanity should be an option tho. There is /ignore, and option to hide chat. Case closed. Only heavy discriminatory behavior should be punishable.
  9. There is a lot of bad weapons that need some kind of buff os simply miss something that makes it hard to play with, but people rather moan over weapons that plays good, while these werent even OP. ACES, and Colby M1922, and CAP40 compete at whats the worst SMG of these 3 Norseman series - this one is not the worst SMG but it can compete for the 2nd worst place All LMGs miss somethig (exept for N-SSW) COBR-A -its bloom and bloom recovery feels very wrong. EOL Oblivion S1-TIC "Rabbit" -jumps left and right like a rabbit on the run SBSR Sniper - give me some more damage for overkill SBSR Rifle - "my big brother is better at everything so whats the point of my life?" Strife is still shit and outperfomed by any close range gun no matter what difficulty you like to play this game at, or how much you guys love being spanked, or hardcore camp corners. Shredder VAS C2 - is too inacurate
  10. Grinding to get max role for cop, nades, and pistols is fine, but grinding to unlock 3 slotted weapon specificaly which is necessary to have is almost inhumane torture. Imo 3 slotted lethal weapon unlocks should be set to rank 10
  11. I like ACES Rifle. Using it with Hunting sight, and extended mag. Works great with Kevlar II and III. ACES SMG is garbage that is outperformed by any other SMG tho. It has big max bloom, its hard to control due to its recoil (which is not any extreme, but it fucks thing up easily specifically for this gun). So I cant effectivelly tap fire, nor full out. If Recoil was removed, and if bloom per shot was less extreme, this weapon would be a nice skill rewarding tap firing unique SMG with a possibility to full out when needed. That would be the best solution IMO
  12. If you find the most effective range 10m for OCA then you should use OCA for that range. Same pays for other weapons. This game is all about positioning, and taking an advantage of surroundings and strenghts of your weapons. If the player is peeking out of the corned, and you are running in open, then he is in advantage DUH. Thats what grenades are for. Its not hard to hit peeking players anyway. Hitboxes in this game are so big and forgiving it shouldnt be such a problem as you make it look like. And I would never ever say that this game is stale. You can break thro any defences.
  13. Well yes, that would make a sence, wouldnt it? I named OSCAR and COBR-A specifically.
  14. Havent read the whole thread. There are ppl who are able to land almost every shot, and there are people complaining about too much RNG. U just gotta find that sweet spot where to aim. If you spray and pray - thats when RNG comes to play mostly. SMGs are very RNG based. But they are close range weapons. And they have low TTK also. If you rly try to land your shot, and not spray and pray, you are mostly rewarded. What I can say from years of playing.. mostly the most accurate weapons suffer from RNG the most. OSCAR, COBR-A. I love COBR-A.. maybe Iam doing soemthing wrong? Some weapons are indeed inaccurate AF. CAP40 comes to my mind. This one SMG supposed to be bridge between OCA, and PMG, but it happened to be the worst of these 2 with the worst TTK, the worst accuracy, the worst bloom recovery.. total RNG fest. TL:DR: I would like to say that RNG is nothing gamebreaking, and its not a problem in APB. But there are few weapons that rly suffer from it.
  15. People may leave for a various reasons, but I doub that explosives are one of them, so dont use this stupid argument, becouse APB is not dying becouse of this. For me, its fun to play with, and fun to play againts. I love to play with explosives when I know I cant win anyway, so I just troll around with enemies. And I dont use any high end vehicles. My favorite is 4 slotted Macchina Calabria, and Coywolf, and its always such a satisfactory to dodge the missile. I dont remember last time I got hit by a rocket. You must be doing something wrong, buddy. Yes, it has a high entry level so its almost 0 skill to use, but people must have almost 0 skill if they die to this repeatedly.
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