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  1. Meanwhile everyone above complaining + 95+% of the players using Clotting agent 2 or 3 cuz its the most versatile meta, and cant get over an idea that they cant just simply rush kevlar or flak jacket user head first.
  2. Criminal activity is historically at its lowest, therefore enforcers are not needed. Waterfront is finally free of dangerous "gold" criminals. The city is at peace. We did it guys. Law and order has been finally enforced. Where is our reward? Soon, the end game credits are gonna roll out. Dont wanna miss it.
  3. AxeTurboAgresor

    Med spray.

    Med spray is the only thing that make anything but CA somewhat viable. Funny thing that CA is top meta sh!t everybody uses but they dare to sh!ttalk about med spray+other mods. If it was so good, everybody would use that. Logicaly. Most people play META sets. So laughable.
  4. They can never fix the shit they ve done. Everything needs to be balanced back to RP state, and start from there again. Focus on balancing everything around Ntec, oca/pmg, and HVR guns. There WERE some weapons that needed the nerf, and I would 100% agree with nerfing that. But LO overdo everything to the point its unplayable. For example RFP-9 "Fang". RFP in general. All that needed to be done is nerfing all RFPs effective range to RFP "talon" effective range. But no, they nerfed the shit out of this gun,to the point its trash now. Its just one of many unnecessary overdone nerfs. I cant play my favorite counter-META weapons now. ATAC, FAR, S1-NA 'Manic' is shit now, and I have no reason to play my CSG, and uniqueness of silenced OCA is GONE NOW. My fucking PDW Kris is nothing like it was before, and I want my fucking money back cuz this shit wasnt cheap at all. God bless they didnt touced the ACES rifle yet, but I swear they will find the way, they will find the reason to nerf the shit out of it, or just nerf some of its crappy mechanic to make it trash, and I can just go and delete my fucking account then. I am used to be a great fan of LO, but balancing is what broke the game for me, and its no longer enjoyable to play.
  5. People doesnt care about the game itself. They want to see your personality. You must be an entertaining person. And then when they will start to like you, they will care about the game you enjoy (apb) thus trying it out, and trying to meet you in the game. Thats how you bring new people to the game. Only people that know APB will directly search for APB on streams. You need to build your name.
  6. Cuz a lot of personal favorite weapons that could counter meta weapons SUCK patootie NOW AFTER A SERIES OF FUCKING NERF UPDATES. FFS!
  7. While I dont like removing the masks cuz they r funny, I do understand the point of removing them. Glad I have a Trump mask.
  8. Any person who is overly focused on playing, and overly focused on not getting beaten. Thus majority of the players in general. Some are just better than the others.
  9. Look at the numbers. There used ti be a pop jump every major update, and every weapon update used to be delicate. Look now what people think about your update "downgrade". Whoever is at the bottom for these stupid changes should stop what he is doing.
  10. Never seen nobody complaining about pmg before untill they nerfed shit out of oca so all pmg and oca users began to use pmg only which resulted in a false impression that pmg is op cuz there were so many. Just like they moaned about ntec
  11. Nobody is happy with the change. Why cant you just focus on buffing/nerfing the weapons we can all agree with? Cap40, Norsean series, fr0g, harbringer, frenzy, "tommy gun", death&taxes, aces smg, cobra, strife, rabbit,... Just notice how much shitty weapons I named now and thats not even a full list. Some people are entitled to ntec, oca, pmg, hvr, and that ok. Its controversal for a reason. These are the most used ones. Cuz they are not shitty and not op. Most used - most discussed. Everybody has his weakness. I dont like VBR/JG personally but thats my problem. I know they are not op. Revert this bullshoot Focus on the really shitty ones that we can all agree with.. So they can compete with meta
  12. Temress is fine, dont know about Obeya also.. but otherwise I can see this is a suggestion of a mentaly sane person, and I can sign under it.
  13. @Noob_Guardian I do use ftp weapons. And I am not pmg nor ntec player. See thats the problem with you. Stop guessing shit about me just for sake of drama. Grow up
  14. @Noob_Guardian thx for details about what happened next. Did not said that first armas weapons werent broken. You prooven nothing. Its just you like to argue There is a lotta useless weapons now. Every ftp weapon had its own place
  15. they tend to nerf shit to the ground if they do so. Some things do rly need a little.. A LITTLE NERF/TWEAKS .. not a total destruction. I am happy they did some buffs but the nerfs were unnecessary, HUUUGE NERFS, A lot of nerfs. Why the fuck Remember there were free to play weapons only yet? They were all perfectly balanced. Everybody used to put their hands on ntec first, and then changed. Cuz it was better skill based variant of STAR. Nobody complained it was op back then. Then they "nerfed ntec" cuz other weapons they added were SHIT. It bacame even more skill based, and it was fine. Please revert all the changes exept for ntec v2.0 and focus on the most shitty guns and belive me... there is a fuck-loads of them.
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