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  1. AxeTurboAgresor

    Is faction segregation overrated in FC?

    @BrandonBranderson Dude u went like far off, like u almost fell off the edge and broke yo legs just to prove ur point. Its a war between anarchists and the ones who make living out of killing them. They both hate themselves to the death for a reason. Just go to social if FC is unballanced and call for help. God fukin damn it, just do not allow this game to fall into this red vs blue team shit.
  2. AxeTurboAgresor

    Is faction segregation overrated in FC?

    There is no greater evil, my dude. RIP roleplaying. Just fix the damn game instead of embrancing its fall. Runining the immersion, and roleplay will defenitely not support flow of new active players. I dont mind playing 9 vs 20. Just go call for help if u do. FFS!
  3. AxeTurboAgresor

    Is faction segregation overrated in FC?

    No.This is the worst thing that can happen to any faction based game. Destroying factions and dividing on "red and blue" team. This sh*t happened to my favourite mmorpg game. I dont wanna play with a freakin elves, and cute little fluffy barking ball with a sword. I wanna play with my fellow orcs and undead. And I dont wanna play with criminals on my team in APB. It ruins whole immersion. Hatret towards opp faction is like an engine that drives us!
  4. Exactly. AND N-TEC is middle. It means it can still kill in short, and long, but its not as effective as obeya rifle. And its not as effective as JG or OCA in short, and its not as mobile as Carbine and Oscar. In yo logic HVR is short, cuz it is able to kill in close range. Dont push me to repeat myself on this. Dont push me to repeat myself. LMGs of SHAW type are bad in what its supposed to do.
  5. Still cant think of a single f2p middle ranged weapon u mentioned there.
  6. 1. N-Tec is F2P mobile middle-range weapon. No sh*t its the first thing everybody puts their hands on. I dont even use it, as i prefer FAR or COBR-A, but hey its from Armas. STAR needs a lil bit better bloom recovery. Juuuust a little. 6. LMGs. I personaly dont use LMG not cuz of its immobility, but mostly cuz most of them suck at middle range+. Its horizontal recoil is simply terrible and tap firing does not help at all. AND "Rabbit" is hella unaccurate even with HS3 on it, and its range sucks for some reason. I would say that sitting LMG (SHAW type, not N-SSW or Rabbit) should be the biggest threat.
  7. I dunno about profit. APB is a black hole on money (for owners). I am shocked LO is so crazy they jumped into it. Hopefully they know what they re doing. Anyway, I am glad they did it, cuz they work like a life support for this game.
  8. Bcs nobody is using it. I stopped using it cuz I couldnt kill a damn with this thing in longer ranges. Now I know why it always took 5 mags to kill. DAAAAAMN This needs to be fixed. Never though there could be a range difference.
  9. AxeTurboAgresor

    Let's talk Shotguns

    Shotties needs a buff again. And i would like to see shotties less accurate as it was b4 g1 change to fully accurate, so ppl start to use RS on it, and aim to rly land those hits. Also I would like to keep its TTK of 0,72s if i am correct, so shotties dont outttk most weapons, and u need to use them tactically. I like TTK change LO did. So I am not for full reverse, I d like to find some middle ground.
  10. AxeTurboAgresor

    Shotguns are great.

    Oh u so smart. Ty Senpai, now iam 300% better.
  11. AxeTurboAgresor

    Shotguns are great.

    1st they made shotguns more reliable, 2nd then nered it Now its so fukin unreliable AF as it never was b4 and its range sucks patootie now. Its time to revert shotguns change LO. Plz?
  12. AxeTurboAgresor

    3 items mission bugged

    Whenever we get 3 medium items mission, it does not advances into last mission stage.
  13. AxeTurboAgresor

    This event to you

    Its not perfectly ballanced, but event is OK. +credit for a new content in such a short time.
  14. I just get on advantage possition outside of enemy area and spam the barrels with an OPGL. But sometimes the barrels are on such a stupid spot, its impossible for opp team to get there. ...and its possible to repair barrels also.