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  1. First off im not sure why you're putting competitive in quotes. Second you most definitely can play competitively solo q. Hence why games have that as an option. League of Legends has a Solo Q option. Didn't say you were a bad player because you're casual. I'm saying you haven't mastered any guns based on your mentality of APB. Which is why guns like the ntec and others seem op when in reality its the players who are putting in the hours to truly master them not just be efficient with them.
  2. There is a high skill ceiling. If they had the old threat system you'd see it more clearly. There is quite a defined line between a casual player, an average player, and a high skill player. Like you said in this post just now no guns are hard to use. But you have to realize there is a difference between using a gun and mastering it. Its like League of legends. Anyone can play a character but not everyone can play it at a pro level. Yes borus you spent 2-3k hours on the game. But have stated you play casually, don't care about winning, and are playing runescape on your phone while doing missions. Therefore you aren't mastering these guns you're just using them efficiently. There is a difference.
  3. Not even sometimes. It was pretty balanced for a majority of APB's lifespan up until now. Honestly i'd say that the two (OCA and PMG) could be interchanged as the trinity weapon. Because good oca players are very annoying to deal with as well. Its really user preference. From personal experience i can definitely say i've struggled way more against the OCA. Just because its Holy Trinity doesn't make it op broken. Just means its the strongest in its class.
  4. My point more so was that car surfer kinda makes the idea rather irrelevant. Due to 1. I'm sure the hitbox collision with players dismounting a moving vehicle would be awful. Would probably also lead to alot of teamkilling due to it. 2. Car surfer is faster in mounting and dismounting. You can reload weapons and resupply with ammo boxes. I'm not saying the idea is trash. I'm just saying that car surfer makes it a pretty meh concept. Plus what car are you going to put it on? The vegas and pio are the fastest and most durable. I can't see people sacrificing that for a mounted alig when they can just car surf with one.
  5. And again the ntec was fine where it was after the hb2 change. The star was tweaked making it better. There were no issues there for them being f2p. But now look at it. You have 2 f2p guns the ntec being a absolute dumpster fire and the star being the star. Ya sure you can get other guns from armas from the joker store but you really think new players or players in general have the tickets for that? You can also say that the ntec is easy to use. What gun in apb isn't easy to use? They're all easy but there is a huge difference between someone who plays casually such as you (as you've admitted in other posts) and someone who plays in very coordinated teams and use guns they excel at and have mastered to win. Which one is it? Equal or more PMGs? Regardless as i stated its not an issue people just complain about it to complain.
  6. But why make a gun identical to the star? That takes the whole argument of weapon diversity and throws it away. As i've stated before. The ntec isn't as easy as you say it is on paper. Yes you can number crunch all you want but that doesn't mean the performance matches. So sure it had a well designed kit if people used it well. A large amount of people could use it but not to the extend of the top end players. Also if you don't care about the cqc nerfs you don't need to keep bringing it up. I've stated already that i don't have a real issue with that change. Granted i think it wasn't need because its one of those things where if you're dying to it you're at fault. The pmg was NEVER forgotten. It has always had its place in apb. Its just more prominent now that the ntec is dead in the water after its constant nerfs. Its not as over buffed as you think it is. Its strong sure but its not OP. It sure didn't stop people from playing with the OCA either. It makes sense that the PMG has higher damage than the oca considering its RPM. Sure the OCA doesn't have as much range but thats the difference they hold. Again you dont see far more PMGs. Maybe now a days but definitely not before.
  7. By "jump" you mean state my opinion. Sorry if you feel attacked by my opinion. Keep calling you delusional? I've said it once. No i don't think you're the only problem with apb. I also stated that its people like you and the op constant threads like these. Honestly i don't think cheaters were even close to the biggest issue with apb. The top issues are by far people dethreating, hit registry, and the weapon balancing. I understand nerfing the ntec was to make other AR's more viable. But how they went about doing it was wrong and unjustified. Just because its still being used doesn't justify the changes to it. I know you play on jericho and i know the player count on there is extremely low. Chances of you going against the same people is more likely than not. You keep bringing up the cqc. When the issue is the recovery of bloom and the increased bloom. Because it hinders that weapon from what it is suppose to be. The pmg was forgotten in what sense? The sense that YOU and others want it nerfed? Ya see thats the problem. No one wants to continue playing a game where its nerf this nerf that. The pmg has never been an issue. It was just annoying. Struggling against the pmg is a player skill issue if anything. Plenty of people still used the oca over it along with the whisper and other smg varients. Never said the ntec keeps the pmg in check. Funny you love to assume these things. Not just some people moved to it. A LOT of people did. I've been playing the past few weeks and the amount of pmgs and percs is pretty unimaginable. Not that i particularly care that people are using it nor does it change my feeling about how "op" it is. Yes i do think it was balanced borus. Yes i did play the same game as you. You were that honey dipped gold who abused quick switching to level up your sniper role. You're the guy who wants more sportsmanship yet will ride the quickswitching train because you felt it was necessary. Nothing wrong with using something in the meta by the way. I can easily admit the ntec was meta. Doesn't make it broken or unbalanced. I've already said i didn't care if they nerfed its cqc capability a bit. I didn't have an issue with that. Also i mained obeya for the longest time before ever touching the ntec and i can tell you i never ONCE felt like i was being outmatched by the ntec. Funny you think i'm "complaining" about other people having other options. I've literally stated they should have been buffing other AR's for quite sometime. My eyes are wide open borus. You yourself stated that you haven't cared about winning for a long time and you'd rather help teach the new players how to play. There is no issue with that but what you don't get is that if you don't care about winning your view on weapon balancing isn't at the level where competitive players are. Thats the issue. APB isn't GTA a game about buying all this materialistic stuff. Its about winning pvp matches. The reward is beating the other team. You realize PvP games are balanced around the pro scene. Not that APB is a E-Sport but you get my point. The people who stick with the game the longest, who dish out money for in-game things, suggest are the vets and the people who play to win. Not little johnny or timmy who log in, play 3 misisons, get stepped on by people playing their heart out, and rage quitting. So yeah. Believe it or not my eyes are open buddy.
  8. Atleast 50% where do you come up with these numbers? So lets say you're playing on Jericho. So 50% of 40 people since the max district on NA is 1 action district. I highly doubt there are 20 people solely playing ntec.
  9. If you think its heavily used you're beyond delusional. Its amazing how you can lie to yourself so blatantly. You're really so biased against the ntec its crazy to me. You're hurting this community more than anything. You need to really come to terms with that. Why do you see more obeyas, obirs, etc. now? Hmm what could it be? Oh right the ntec has been gutted. Shocker how that works. You think thats healthy for the game? No. The ntec is not the cancer of this game as people such as you and the op like to make it out to be. Its the clown car of balance changes to weapons. On top of that if you truly think there are more obeyas and obirs now compared to pmgs and shotguns you must be playing another game or something. The amount of people who used obir prior to any ntec change was very small. Just because of an ntec change isn't going to increase it by this margin you seem to be proposing.
  10. Posting on a guest account about a gun thats already been beaten into the ground? Seems like a troll post to me. On the off chance this isn't a troll thread the ntec should be reverted pre-Rp weapon balancing.
  11. To bad the biggest downside of the ACEs variants is the stk is extremely high.
  12. You really are dense aren't you? If you've ever truly read anything i've said you'd understand that changing how a gun functions mechanically so far into its life span is a horrible idea. Why is that? Because the gun has already been given an identity. Ntec designed to be a tap fire mid/longish range AR. Now has an extreme amount of bloom when playing the gun how it should be played? Hvr doing less damage when the crosshairs are further apart? Why? Just lower the damage and not change the core mechanics of the gun. Also in regards to the pmg its been fine. Everyone just complains about it now because all the other "op" weapons have been "justifiably" nerfed. When in reality the pmg isn't really that op. Annoying? Yes. Op? Far from it.
  13. As i have said many times before. They should just revert a handful of the weapons back to pre RP last breath nerfs and work from there. Adding stupid mechanics to guns hurts this game more than anything. And the lack of any sort of weapon trinity/jenga tower hurts this game even more. The "fun" mechanic of the hvr now with you doing more damage when your cross hair closes is just stupid. No one wants that. Why change how a gun functions 9 years into its life span? Same with the ntec. Both RP and LO are rather lost it would seem when it comes to making things "balanced", "adjusted", or "fun".
  14. Imagine making multiple threads (not specifically this op) about nerfing this and that. Nerfing everything doesn't solve anything. As i said in another thread when you break the weapon balance of the game things are going to be all over the place. Thats the ONLY reason the pmg seems like its broken is because everything is in such disarray from what it use to be.
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