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  1. RespectThis

    How special are you to this game?

    Q1. What are some of the craziest things done by you, so that a player who experienced it for a while wont forget you no matter what. My gameplay with CJ3 ntec. Granted its been a while since i've played so people have probably forgotten about me for the most part. Would get a lot of hackusations from it. Q2. Whats your identity in the game? Let it be somethn unique. -Leader of Army In White. -That guy who has the glasses that are a copied from Ghost Recon Future Soldier. -Always wearing some sort of mask. -Always using a Flare Gun Q3. Define a player who is best with a particular gameplay style/ is crazy about somethn in game. I have always enjoyed people who take the time to create unique outfits. I'm not talking about lingerie... actual clothing. Its always fun to see what people can create with the customization apb has to offer.
  2. RespectThis

    Is it okay refusing to play?

    I'm never said it was impossible to get points. Also you made a very specific example. You realize dethreating is done with the intent of dethreating. Just because x player happened to get assist points doesn't change that they aren't showing up because said cheater is their opposition. You can't say they are dethreating because of an unintention gain of points. Dethreating is something done INTENTIONALLY. So once again no they don't go hand in hand. They are of two different mindsets. One of not showing up to verse cheaters. The other to intentionally drop your threat level for x reason (easier op, playing with lower level friends, stomp new players, etc.).
  3. RespectThis

    Is it okay refusing to play?

    Clearly you haven't figured out how the dethreat system works. No, showing up to missions doesn't result in you dethreating. You actually have to get 100 points at minimum to have your rank go up or down. So they have no "side by side" relevance. As Cookie mentioned, he's talking about showing up to a mission NOT dethreating. There is also a difference between showing up to a mission against LEGIT players and showing up to a mission with people who are suspicious/cheating.
  4. RespectThis

    Population crisis.....

    To be fair a lot of the stuff such as balancing, content, and events do play a role in population. In terms of your original post of removing the threat system i do think that is a gray area. One side of it you have everyone thrown into the same pool where you will get more consistent op with a mixed bag of players. The other side being because everyone is together you'll have people ranging from new players to dethreaters to veterans. I'm not going to turn this into a bashing on people thread but if you were in the position where you are constantly being beaten over and over again by these veterans and you're only at a low silver level would you continue playing? I'm not saying everyone would quit but you have to keep in mind that losing on a consistent basis wouldn't keep anyone playing in my opinion. Fixing the population at this point in the game is going to be a very big challenge for Little Orbit. Some of the choices they've made already have either angered the community or caused them to quit. Such as unbanning people who were banned prior to them buying the game or these most recent changes to weapons and mods. If they want to bring back population of the game they should be looking back at where the game was populated back in 2011-2012. I know i'm not the only one who feels that way. If population wants to rise I really think LO needs to look at the game from when it was strong in numbers and see what it is people really enjoyed about it. I've been around for years and would gladly give them my two cents. TL:DR - Population reflects on many things (events, progression, content, balancing).
  5. RespectThis

    Buff S1-FA 'Frenzy'

    Honestly the only thing that killed the frenzy was them adding that 1 extra bullet to its stk. It use to be a good gun. Then they nerfed it :)
  6. RespectThis

    radical idea

    Really should try looking back at 2012 and try and work on stuff from there. Adding all these tweaks to mods seems a bit extreme. A lot of the additions to them just seem unneeded. While i agree car spawner is annoying the spawn system in general is awful. Really find it concerning seeing all these people coming up with ideas for mods.
  7. RespectThis

    Question for N-TEC mains

    -One of the Two Free2Play assault rifles -Its versatile -Enjoyable gameplay -Like using assault rifles People aren't skipping the other guns. Everyone has used every gun at some point im sure. People tend to have favorites though. Also in regards to the "plethora" amount of guns. There aren't alot... They're just pre modded versions of the guns. They've only added ONE new primary (the oscar). Not a whole lot.
  8. RespectThis

    Question for N-TEC mains

    Beating a gun with a gun doesn't make it broken....
  9. RespectThis

    Question for N-TEC mains

    Ntec is fine currently. Would still like to see it reverted to its previous state (minus the hb2 change). Its a strong mid range weapon. Yes it can kill in cqc as well. Should it not be able to? Just because someone body stuffs you or jump shots you doesn't make it broken or op. I've been using the gun since 2010. Its pick rate really isnt that absurd. Guns such as the HVR, OCA, and Carbine are picked just a frequently. Don't try to argue it with the stats they used for the weapon balancing because you shouldn't balance weapons based off 5% of the entire game (baylan fight club). The ntec in no way needs to be nerfed anymore than it has been already. I myself will never agree with the tap fire change to it and wish to see it reverted. Apart from that they shouldn't be nerfing it. ESPECIALLY if they're going to be buffing armas assault rifles. The last thing this game needs to do is create a pay2win atmosphere. The ntec needs to stay strong and other Assault Rifles need to be buffed up to where it is in different ways like the ATAC series. Edit: Yes its a balanced gun. Assault Rifles should be versatile. The ntec has a good range for Semi Rifles and snipers within 60m and enough fire rate to fight smgs in cqc. Even with those it still lacks the damage it can deal per bullet compared to snipers. It also lacks the corner popping and hipfire movement smgs/shotguns have. But inside its range of 30-50m its extremely strong and it preforms at its peak. Edit 2: I noticed you mentioned compared to other AR's. So im a firm believer in buffing the other assault rifles up to where the ntec is. Apart from the Star and the Far because i think those two are actually in a good place currently. Guns like the Cobra and the Misery need to have their own play style. Such as the ATAC. Yes if you compare the Ntec to other AR's then ya you can see where the scale might be leaning more towards the ntec but it doesn't make it broken or OP. Its because these guns they add have mechanics on them that just hurt them. Both the Cobra and the Misery have terrible bloom recovery. At the same time though the Cobra has a strong CQC hip fire capability and the Misery is a very accurate ranged Assault Rifle. I understand why you'd complain about the ntec being "broken" comparing it to other Assault rifles but its suppose to be strong because compared to the Star its less forgiving. These were the two assault rifles that were compared to one another long before the new ones. Its more the fault of the company for releasing guns that fall very short to the base weapons. You have to keep in mind that you should be comparing the Ntec and the Star when talking about AR's. I think you need to look at Armas Assault Rifles rather than changing the Baseline for Assault Rifles (Ntec and Star).
  10. RespectThis

    Upcoming Weapon Balance changes

    Ya i know we do. I'm just very tired currently so i miss read what you said. Other Ar's do need to be buffed. Hopefully the Misery and the Cobra changes will make for having some new AR options.
  11. RespectThis

    Upcoming Weapon Balance changes

    Ah yes i see. I'm just a wee bit tired currently. My mistake
  12. RespectThis

    Upcoming Weapon Balance changes

    Other ar's do need to be buffed up to the ntec. Granted i think the ntec should be reverted back to its original state (minus heavy barrel). No other AR's really are that unique. If others stood out more like the ATAC where it fit a specific role the ntec wouldnt seem so op.
  13. RespectThis

    Upcoming Weapon Balance changes

    By accurate you mean requires you to be up in their face. That doesn't need to be nerfed. Its fine as it is. Guns should be accurate up close because its easier to hit the hitbox?
  14. RespectThis

    Upcoming Weapon Balance changes

    The scoped Ntec actually has a 5m higher minimal effective range 75m compared to the base ntec which is 70m (neither of these including Improved Rifling). So you're sacrificing the ads mobility for less damage drop off at extreme ranges.
  15. RespectThis

    N-TEC : Should it be NERFED?

    As i said before the heavy barrel change is fine. I do think there should be a penalty for less bloom. As for the tap firing of the ntec i do think it should be reverted. I'm not sure why you'd penalize the tap firing of the gun. You're intentionally tap firing for increased accuracy. I've never thought that it was a good idea to add what i refer to as gimmick mechanics to guns that were in the base game. While other guns such as the oden and killer bee have these gimmick playstyles on it. Gimmick things should be with guns on armas imo. Just my take on it. In short I really do feel the ntec bloom should be reverted back.