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  1. That's why i put the ... that means there is more to it in case you weren't aware. Its called an ellipsis. You said specifically yourself that its dedicated to YOU and others. You made a point it was about you (for some reason). When it wasn't I don't even know you lol. I don't know your positions or likes and dislikes about APB. You're taking it upon yourself to be offended by my post that clearly wasn't directed at you in anyway, shape, or form.
  2. You obviously took it personally if you said "the entire pharagraph is dedicated to sniping me...". Because you're under the impression I was attacking you. Let me remind you again you're commenting on a public forum. I'm allowed to comment on a post you know. I enjoyed jumpshotting with the scout. Clearly cookie did as well. That's enough for me to quote him and reply to him. There was no butting in at all. If you want to have a private convo with him take it to PM's? Just because I happened to say something that conflicted with your idea's doesn't mean I'm calling you out by name or anything along though lines. You're taking it upon yourself to make yourself fall under that category. Thats on you dude.
  3. I didn't even read a lick of what you said prior to that post (Cookie's post). I saw cookie was reminiscing about jumpshot scouts so I replied to him with a sarcastic comment because I really enjoyed jumpshots with the scout. I didn't mention your name or quote you. You shouldn't take comments on the forums as attacks when there is no reason for you to. You seem to think you're a victim like abduct said. When in actuality I was just saying what a good amount of people think over all about the game and the forums. There are alot of people who are unhappy with the direction of the game because things that are fun and not game breaking are being changed. There was no shot at you at all. There is only one person on this forum that is going to get my pharagraph's undivided attention. They know who they are .
  4. As you said, they do it for the passion. Hence why I used it as an example. What makes you think people don't play PvP games to win because they're passionate about them? The reward is being a good player and winning matches. There doesn't have to be a cash intensive. There is plenty of recognition of players within the community. Maybe you just don't notice it. Ya humans aim to profit. You think playing a game and winning isn't a reward? That is the reward. You put in the effort and come out with a victory against another group of players. Just because there are prestigious rewards won't change people's incentive. People who are intentionally dethreating now aren't going to have a change of heart just because they add some rewards. They will continue to dethreat and play in bronze districts and slowly obtain the rewards while avoiding players who are better.
  5. Then why do people compete in the Olympics? Its a show case of the best in the world. Just how in your other thread you said how you were grinding to diamond. For what reward? To show that you as a player are good enough to climb to that rank. Just because there is no MMR system doesn't mean players aren't know for being good. The community is pretty vocal about it when there are players that are really good. Also why aren't they good rewards? A skin doesn't change any sort of gameplay in league. Atleast in APB weapons you can buy with ingame money and joker tickets change your gameplay. If that was the reason why doesn't everyone dethreat? You're blind if you actually think people dethreat because of rewards. People don't intentionally dethreat due to "lack of rewards".
  6. I'm aware not everyone only plays ranked. There are actual rewards you can work towards in APB as well. Like i stated the joker ticket store has and is still being revamped. Also saving up money to buy that legendary weapon you really want. Normals and Arams are competitive by the way. PvP games are competitive by nature. Hence why people play to win. You can have fun and still be competitive. Using "for fun" as your reasoning to not be competitive is already an issue. Not even going to go into that non-sense. Its not a matter of being high gold or not its being good at the game. People don't dethreat because the game isn't rewarding. Its because they DON'T want to go against people who play well or people they think cheat. Then they can go to the bronze district and spam rockets and other tactics they can't use against ACTUAL gold players. When they beat up new players/low level players they get that rush of feeling good. I literally stated both sides...
  7. Yes because everyone in the world who plays league of legends only plays ranked in league of legends for a skin they know nothing about until the season gets close to ending. What about Draft, Normals, whatever the party mode is, and Arams? People are playing to win? No one is playing for orbs, skins, and w.e else that pops up ever month or so? A orb that generally has a skin shard which isn't actually a skin which you have to grind out more for a "fistful" of orange essence. A majority of people are playing to win in any game mode. If people generally want skins they'll just buy it. Also you do realize the Joker tickets have been reworked and allows you to buy a wide variety of armas weapons? Also they aren't just going to give you a million joker tickets. Its suppose to be a grind. They aren't just handing out skins or orbs in league of legends. I said it would be Good AND Bad. Go back and read it. I even highlighted it for you. I quoted cookie with that comment then specifically said "In regards to the op". So no it wasn't to "any of us" it was specifically Cookie for the sarcastic comment and the OP for the second part.
  8. Gee, you really think I made that post to scold dethreaters? No... I was making a point to the OP as to the reason the gold servers are dead. Because people dethreat and go to bronze districts. Therefore golds HAVE to go to silver districts to actually get any sort of opposition at all. Also winning is the satisfaction in every pvp game like apb? League of Legends what do you get out of winning the game? There is no trophy or prize pool. Its the satisfaction of winning. So not sure what you think people who play pvp games are playing for. Never said removing threat would solve anything. Ya no one likes going 0-12. You know what else people don't like? Joining a game and getting curb stopped by people who dethreat to avoid vets in gold district by fleeing to bronze districts. Oh sorry didn't realize this was a private forum my mistake lol... I wasn't ranting either bud. I was stating that dethreaters is one of the issues/reasons we have empty districts and low population. I don't care if you care or not I was just making a observational statement based off my extensive apb experience. It was removed because it was "bugged" as they claimed. That's the reason. As I said, I really dont think its as bad as you're making out to be.
  9. I was being sarcastic towards Cookie. Since he can actually handle it and seems to have a pretty good understanding of where people stand in terms of likes and dislikes (actual dislikes not just baby rage). Because people on the forums and in game just whine whine whine about Ntec, Low Yields, Frag explosive range, etc etc. Sorry that jumpshots with the scout was such an issue for you? But I think you're exaggerating how annoying it actually was. You have zero control once your feet leave the ground. All you as a player has to do is capitalize on that. Its not that difficult to do. You do "fancy yourself as a fairly strong player". If you don't understand what I'm "blathering about" i'll simplify it for you. Dethreating reduces gold district pop. Golds go to silver district to find opposition. Gold districts are empty. The Gold servers serve no purpose because of dethreaters and lack of population in general.
  10. Whoa cookie wanting something fun in APB? You're in the wrong neighborhood my friend. Here on the APB forums we're about anti fun everythng. We only like our PMGs and Percs. No jumpshots of any kind (ntec or scouts). Weapon diversity? Nope. Shame on you for even having such an idea. In regards to the OP, because there was a time when the game was populated enough that it made sense to have them. Now the game is so dead it requires you to go to the lower level districts. Along with other factors such as: -Dethreaters -How the game recommends servers in district select (if you have recommended selected. On by default.) -What servers are full when people log on Removing threat would get rid of the threat aspect of the game which is good and bad. Good because people wouldn't freak out when they saw gold players. Bad because people actually like having their rank displayed in games to show what they've achieved. Sure its not huge in APB but its still bragging rights to a degree. Adding penalties to districts wouldn't change a thing. People don't care about the reward reduction if they can actually play the game. Also shouldn't penalize people for wanting to play the game? As I've said before and I know I'm already going to get bashed for it but, people need to man up actually fight people of their threat level. Dethreating ONLY hurts the game. People lose to people and instantly refuse to show up to mission or will sandbag to go down to districts to harass (not play against) newer players so they feel better about themselves. Its a pvp game and that alone makes it competitive whether you want to believe it or not. Once people stop dethreating maybe you'll see an increase in the gold servers and an increase in the game over all imo.
  11. With the current state of the community can't see this one going over well. Way to many people think the removal of said things was "balancing". Jumpshots being the main contender. People seem to forget this is an arcade shooter.
  12. Fragile falls under the same catagory as Hard Landings imo. They're both oddball mods. Sure they don't give you the benefit of CA3 but thats the idea of them. Fragile is for more speed and Hard Landings is for no fall recovery. They're both mods that the user has to be aware of at all times along with using situations to their advantage. I wouldn't really say low yields as much anymore considering the nerf they got. Even with medspray its on a 45 sec cooldown? 45secs is a very long time in APB. I wouldn't say that Fragile is a "combat mod" as in something you would pick for cqc engagements. Its more of a flanking mod and repositioning one. You're faster than normal and allows you to catch your opposition by surprise at a quicker rate. Where as Flak Jacket is clearly designed around being able to take more grenade damage than normal. No, Metas in games are not a problem. There are plenty of games with metas that don't cause the games to be bad at all. APB's issue is the balancing of weapons is terrible as it is currently. 85% of the game revolves around cqc weapons now. Where as back in 2011-2017 you had a much wider variety of guns you could play with ease. What makes weapons "OP" in this game are the players who use them. If you as a player can excel at a weapon better than your opponent then you will always win. No, there shouldn't be bonuses and weaknesses to players. The team tactics come into play from you as a player. If YOU can't preform as a team with your teammates then thats on you. You also need to stop with these over exaggerated claims like "ursus 7 dealing super damage on every distance". It has the same range as the ntec. If you're dying to an ursus at 70m that is your fault and your fault alone. Maybe try not sitting in the middle of the street and sniping? If you're sniping someone you should be using cover (which you clearly aren't if you're dying at 70m). The ursus isn't and never has been unbalanced. Stop trying to have guns nerfed and learn to play against them correctly. This is why the game is in the state it is now. People crying about x gun being broken and then it gets nerfed. Then the next one and the next one. Also the fact that you think the nano is broken is pretty insane. A majority of people use the FBW or the Colby 45.
  13. Try not to confuse something being harder to use with being underpowered. It is harder because you are lowering your own health therefore making it easier to kill you. Being able to take one less bullet makes all the difference in APB. That's why you have to adapt around that. Its like using Flak Jacket. Sure you can take more nade damage but it also means you have slower recovery time so you're more vulnerable to being killed due to your decreased recover time compared to CA2/3. Ya larger matches will make it much harder due to the number of people who can hit you at a time. Not even close to immortal. Its the most used because its strong against longer ranged engagements/chip damage. Also because people don't want to damper their movement speed or decrease their overall health pool. You do realize that CA actually does have a downside. CA3 your health regen starts very quickly but the amount you heal is very minimal. Its not very good against extremely hard hitting weapons. Just because its picked more doesn't make it overpowered in the slightest.
  14. I still think it is a competitive mod. As I said mods don't need to drastically stand out. Its a playstyle choice. Nothing about fragile has changed. Its the shift in weapon usage and nerfs/buffs that would be effecting it more. With the meta right now being more pmgs and shotguns its harder to live with fragile due to sacrificing a percent of your health pool. Where as before it was more mid range combat so you weren't always facing predominantly cqc weapons. Which is probably why it seems worse now than it may have been in the past. But ya, I don't think its in need of any buff. You're gambling your health for the extra movement speed. For flanking objectives faster or being quicker in combat. Just the risk of lowering your own health pool.
  15. Well the problem with this idea is that APB has never been a class based shooter. Which is why changes to things like accuracy for things like fragile would be a terrible idea. The core game mechanics for APB are in place already. Its an arcade shooter. Which is why I will never understand the dislike for so many of the retro like aspects of it that people keep wanting removed. Jumpshots for example. Anyway mods in APB are there to slightly tweak character stats or weapon functionality. Hence the one pro and one con that all mods present you with. When you start to turn it into a class based shooter you start to create a larger divide between whats good and bad. As it stands now every mod in APB is player preference because they are all pretty evened out and allow for players to pick them based on their preference. The moment you start adding increased accuracy or bonus damage onto mods you start creating very meta mods. Which doing so will only hurt APB's freedom of mod choice.
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