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  1. Words, words... How you can see no one SHOWED how to play now. We ourselves know the theory. This means that those who develop and maintain the game DO NOT play it (Can you show me how you stand up to golds?). But why then do you dare to make such changes? By the way I'm tired of playing 1v1, 2v2 against golds ofc (CANNOT CALL FOR BACKUP (sic!)) as if the game is all gone mad. Previously, there were constantly 4v4, 6v6 missions, which is much better. How we figured out this innovation is dishonest, so I not being a developer have to stand AFK against these esportsmen. I urge others to do the same. Awful answer to a terrible question. Little Orbit, I played this game long before you bought it out. You are doing very badly. If you turn off threat levels for districts, you need to ensure BALANCE in missions So that at least the players with a high level of threat don't play against low-threat players. By your actions Little Orbit, we can say that you want all players with a threat level of silver and below to leave the game. Then tell uw about it directly.
  2. Hey everyone (especially those people who develop and maintain the game), As you know, there are already threads where people say that canceling neighborhood threats is a bad idea. I would add that this is a terrible idea. Golds are the only ones to whom it played into the hands. The craziest thing is that this innovation was added to the Citadel because of Gerijo. The majority suffered because of the minority... The game has now become incredibly difficult and I want to ask those who are responsible for introducing this innovation to show us how to play in these conditions. Youtube, Twitch, Tiktok anything of your choice. Thank you all for your understanding, Truehin (unfortunately, I can not stop playing this game yet).
  3. Hello. After reading the first Matt's post about migration (it said APB$ are removing) I decided to spend APB$ (2kk) on cars and modificators. But in the light of recent event can I return this $?
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