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  1. Oh we're doing meme tier lists now? I too believe the osmaw (or any explosive) is S-tier. Lol.... Also situational weapons? So every explosive weapon in the game? Also the odin in C-tier what? That gun is a train wreak of a weapon.
  2. More like re-evaluate this list. Seems to be quite off. Definitely a who lot of disagreeing
  3. If you truly think my intent is to troll then clearly you're the one actually trying to troll. If you really think what i stated about gold rush isn't true then clearly you haven't been "reading" for nine years. Golds shouldn't be locked to districts that can be filled by other players its just silly. Dethreating into bronze districts and picking on actual new players is ACTUALLY the major issue. But hey believe me if you want. I couldn't care less.
  4. Maybe because there is zero intensive to go there. A majority of players go to districts that have population. Most people don't know you can display ALL districts from the district select menu so they only see silver districts so thats what they choose. Golds being in silver districts doesn't change anything. We all saw what happened when golds were locked in gold districts (gold rush event). It was awful because they couldn't join districts because other threats, even trainees, would join the districts forcing golds to have to wait in social or the district select menu.
  5. By "gold cheaters" i mean players are under the impression that people cheat. I've been called a cheater time and time again in whispers. Its not an uncommon thing for high threat gold players to have happen. Internet connection and rig aren't a good excuse for not wanting to face better players. Yeah it sucks but thats more on the player not the devs/game. Ya generally soloing will get you silver teammates or op since it only has to match you.
  6. A variety of reasons. Because of "gold cheaters" is one of them. Dethreating to go to bronze district is no excuse for not wanting to verse better and more coordinated players. Only way to get better is to verse better players anyway. Even with a reworked system i guarantee you people will still dethreat. Going against low gold and silver groups only really happens often when the games population is low like it currently is. Even in a group of 2-3 its hard to find opposition for me and my buddies. There still seems to be a hidden threat system behind the bronze, silver, gold. At the end of the day you have to take the training wheels off at some point. Can't just hide in bronze forever.
  7. Cookie, I've already tried to explain it my man and its like yelling at a wall. Borus for some reason refuses to accept that its different than the star. Even though it very much is.
  8. Im talking about APB as a whole. Even "right now" i don't think its the reason for a majority of people quitting. Bugs will always be an issue even with 3.5. Matchmaking is pretty low on the priorities imo. Biggest issues with matchmaking is all the dethreaters going down to the bronze district. What new do you want added? New weapons, vehicles, and clothes are the best things they can add. Apart from that its just events really. But realistically how long will people play modes like snowball fight or the BR mode (blanking on the name). Probably not very long considering how fast those districts emptied out in the past. Anyway, i honestly don't find the engine upgrade to be the biggest of issues. I doubt a majority of people are quitting over the engine upgrade. There is a laundry list of things before that. Such as weapon balancing and how stale the weapon choices are meta wise currently. The switching of anti cheats and cheaters in general. Alot of dethreaters. Or people have lost interest in the game. To name a few.
  9. I'd suggest the obeya if the Far is out of reach (like it is for most people). The obeya has always been a strong gun. Even out classes the old ntec at mid range. Even in cqc a shot or two before switching to your pistol gives huge advantages. The red mod is up to you between cj3 and ir3. Apart from that i personally like mob-sling on it. Makes cornering a little easier and leaves you less susceptible to being shot while peaking due to the extra movement. If not that then 3 point sling. I personally recommend HS3, CJ3, and mob-sling. There is the shaw as well. I'm not the best at it but my friend put alot of hours into it. Its definitely good. Don't use muzzle break though. Alot of people run it when its really not needed. Its more for if you're lazy. Cooling jacket is strong for bursting. You can also not run a red mod and go with mag pull. The shaw is pretty versitile when it comes to mods like the ntec. So you may find that enjoyable. If you wanted something more ntec then the FAR would be your go to. Its pretty much a pre G1/RP nerfed ntec. But as you stated no JTs so obviously not an option. Hope this helps.
  10. The engine update has very little to do with the decrease in player population imo. Its how the game has aged in terms of weapon balancing, added content, and terrible interaction with the community from the moderators. Its poor and lack luster. Irawn also makes a great point about how the console version was released before any sort of forward motion on PC. Pretty crazy to focus on console when your ENTIRE player base is on PC.
  11. Um what? He's not wrong to call you out. You were testing the guns with different mods. For testing purposes it DOES make a difference. The amount of movement you get with mob sling is quite alot. For an accurate test you should have matching mods. Its that simple. Thats the reason he called out your test. Any well informed ABP player can tell you how good the benefits of mob sling are. To NOT be using it on both invalidates your data. With my 9 years of experience and way more hours than i want to admit i can assure you that the difference between mob sling and 3ps is VERY noticeable.
  12. Again Borus i have already stated why competitive skilled players voices should be louder. Not saying casuals shouldn't have a voice. But do you understand who is going to stay playing this game. Who is going to keep the game afloat. Who actually play to win and compete. I don't care if you want to voice your opinion. At the same time though you have stated how you feel about APB as a whole and your motivation towards it. Which doesn't really make your arguments seem very wholehearted when you're only halfheartedly playing. What if a game you really enjoyed, played for years, and invested alot of time into was trashed by casual players. Its not enjoyable to see. Especially when these casual players cry about things. Like the ntec for example being to strong. When in reality it isn't. People are better and know how to play the gun. Same with the Atac. It ONLY seems op now because everything in terms of balancing is in the trash. Yes Flaws is the only one who has shown images. I have stated to you in this thread the similarities of the far to the ntec. I have looked through the DB and compared the star, far, and ntec. Again though numbers are only a part of the whole equation. I've been playing this game for 9 years and i can say with a hell of a lot of ntec under my belt that it is no where near as op as people think it is. I know its strengths and limitations. What match ups suck and which ones are easy. When to push and when to jumpshot. These aren't things numbers and casual players show/do. That's the thing. Abduct and i have played the game together for the longest time. I'm sure Flaws has played his far share as well. None of us like the idea of casuals/LO who have very little knowledge of the game's history/background/gameplay are trying to argue changes. Sure they have the data thats great. What does it actually mean to them though? Are they actually experienced apb players? Do they know how each weapon preforms at its best and worst? I'm not claiming they don't know anything. Though i find it VERY unlikely they have anywhere near as much experience as Abduct, Flaws, other invested players, and myself. Or even average day players to a degree. On top of that the changes with Reloaded Productions was just a one and done. Very little testing in an extremely unfair testing location with a very biased community towards the ntec already. As in they, the community, didn't even test it they just said "ya lets go with the worst option because fk that gun". Yes I could go and make a suggestion thread. I may very well at some point. At the same time though Abduct isn't wrong in regards to coming into this thread to argue you. The ntec was brought up in other threads before such as the ATAC one and was halted. Now we're here and he's free to argue you however he feels. Back to the suggestion thread. I have considered it many times now. Thing is though people, like yourself, and many others will more than likely just go on that thread and drown it out with troll, unreasonable, and nonsensical comments. Along with "Its to OP". Thats the thing. The people who DO care about the ntec have been showing up in this thread. We dont need a suggestion to express our thoughts and opinions on the matter. Maybe we just dislike seeing people commenting with stupid ideas or ones that don't work. Especially when it impacts us more than them. Flaws is right when he said alot of people have been quitting the game due to the changes to weapons. Its one of the reasons my play time has decreased. Its not only just regarding the ntec either. They are sucking the fun out of the game and don't know a lick about balance. Hats off to them for trying but look at when APB was popular. Hint it was back in 2013. Just saying don't just say "make a suggestion thread" to express how we feel about it. When we are literally in an ntec thread telling you. We do care hence why we're here and have been having this conversation. I'm not doing it for the fun of it and i don't think anyone else really is. We just don't want to see a game we all enjoy(ed) continue down the path that will be the end of APB.
  13. Just because you have the info doesn't mean you know how to use it. Its like having all the answers to a test. Doesn't mean you know how to do the operations. Also by that logic then people shouldn't be crying that the pmg hasn't been touched. Clearly its balanced if it hasn't been changed. They have the stats 5head.
  14. It was balanced. Hence why you did see a variety of weapons. Reasons why you saw ocas, pmgs, hvrs, scouts, carbines. You really going to act as if none of those guns were ever/rarely picked? Also yes its competition was strong. People just didn't play it as much because, here's a thought, they preferred the feel of the ntec. Its not "to versatile" as you so claim. If it was NO ONE would ever use smgs, rfiles, or snipers. But that clearly wasn't the case. What about the shaw? Its literally an ntec in LMG form. Same with the NSSW. Just as easy to use and just as deadly. Why do people not use that as much? Because they PREFER the ntec. I mained the ntec because it was a great feeling gun. Same reason i mained the Obeya prior to that. They both are fun and strong guns to use. Just because you don't see everyone picking an obeya doesn't negate that its a strong counter. Again, why do you think the ntec is strong in cqc? Thats such a sad and weak argument point. You can't honestly think that the ntec is stronger than the oca, atac, pmg, or jg in cqc. You had to body stuff people with the ntec to get the min ttk. Thats assuming you don't get corner popped by a shotgun or sprayed down by an smg. The ntec has awful run and gun. Hence why the cqc weapons are strong against the ntec. Because thats where its biggest weakness WAS and is now even more exaggerated for whatever reason. Dying to an ntec in cqc is the PLAYERS fault. Just because the PLAYER couldn't handle beating it doesn't make it broken. Just means you're bad. End of story.
  15. For starters i didn't misread anything bud. Maybe you should go back and reread your own post. "But I'm not going to go and make a buff thread asking for a full reversion of it, let alone a full reversion of every change back to G1's bloom rework, while leaving HB nerf intact." You realize that statement means that you DON'T want it reverted without the hb change being reverted as well. The ntec wouldn't outshine every gun in the game. I've already gone over it in my other post. You can't actually argue the ntec is stronger than cqc weapons OR that it beats all the other AR's int he game when said weapons are a majority designed for cqc. Which the ntec is very poor in cqc situations. You can make it work but when players of the same level fight each other the ntec will lose everytime due to it lacking the cqc traits that things like the atac and aces rifle have. The Ntecs competition is very strong. Such as the Obeya, Far, and the scout as a few examples.
  16. I'd rather take a 1v2 any day over not getting op. Nothing worse than sitting in a district for 30mins to not get op. Hell i'd even take 1v1's to some degree. Nothing will truly solve the matchmaking 1v1 until the pop goes up again. Which that will only really happen at the engine update. That will be their one and ONLY chance of bringing in a lot of players. Unfortunately for NA's servers at least its probably at the point that 1v1s are better than no op at all. Not that 1v1's are really ever made by choice. Just on the off chance someone in your team abandons.
  17. So you're refusing to have it reverted along with not wanting it reverted when they wouldn't revert the hb change? Sounds like an actual use of a crutch there buddy. You realize that was the ONLY justified ntec nerf. Considering the damage on the ntec was slightly to high to permit the use of hb2 with no downsides. I find it pretty laughable that you are arguing that you want that unnerfed as well if it were to be reverted.
  18. No, Flaws wasn't ranting about all of them. He replied to you talking SPECIFICALLY about the ntec. He said, "You didn't see any comments about it's CQC capabilities? What about every single noob that keept complaining about jumpshooting, you know, the main feature that was supposed to get nerfed on the N-TEC all along? Jumpshooting is a strictly CQC ability for ARs, its where all the noobs kept getting caught lacking." He was saying to you that A LOT of people complained about it. Aka he's calling you out for you inability to see whats actually happening in the game and on the forums. Lol, imagine listing overwatch pro scene. That game has been a dumpster fire since launch. With what 2 heros released over the coruse of 1 year. Ya awful game to try to use as an example. Fun fact as well Blizzard is well know for catering to casuals AND power creeping. How about League of Legends, DOTA, CS:GO, Rainbow 6: Siege. All of which adjust around the higher level players/pros. You're at fault if you can't kill someone jumpshotting. They have no control over their character. Its not like the OCA or a shotgun. Once you commit to that jumpshot there is no going back until your feet touch the ground. Plus it puts the person shooting outside off cover. There are plenty of ways to bait out the shot and force them to miss. This is where game knowledge comes into play. What period was that where it was solely shotguns, snipers, and ntecs? When the obeya and obir were nerfed for whatever reason? Ok. You seem to be forgetting carbine, oscar, oca, and pmg. Not to mention even outside of the period the obeya and obir were nerfed they were still used. Yes even in financial. Maybe you don't want to admit it but there were plenty of obeyas in financial. The obir doesn't see much gameplay because its not the most appealing gun and its burst fire so you don't have as much control over it compared to tap firing. Hence why only a handful of people play it. So don't act like "Well because ntec" when there is a laundry list of other guns that were used. as i listed in the first part of this paragraph. Yes it "outclassed" every AR lets think about that shall we. -Cobra: Absolutely horrid on release. RP didn't even know what to do with it. In a better place now. More mid range than the atac but not by much. -Misery: Same as the Cobra minus being in a better place (unless you consider being left in the locker a better place). Has the potential to be extremely strong. -Aces Rifle: is more of a glorified smg if anything. With the ability to tap fire for close to mid range engagements. -Condor/ATAC: It is a cqc designed assault rifle. It can function at mid range but its specialty is closer fights where you can full auto for quick kills. -Frenzy: Reskinned Ntec on release. Later made it so it was a 7 stk instead of 6. Whats the point of using that over the Ntec/Far/Star. -Old Glory/LCR: Old for sure. As in very slow rate of fire. Sure you get good accuracy at range as a trade off but you're better off using an obeya. -ISSR-A: Same as the Cobra except it never got anything good. Its still unused because its just a horrible gun. Bet most people are wondering what gun this even is. -Far: Takes from both the Star and Ntec to get a mixture of the two. Due to its matching ttk of the ntec it surpasses the Star and falls slightly short of the ntec. So what are the issues with the above guns i stated? They're either A. designed for very close mid range or B. They are just absolutely awful. Which B. is pretty much the case for a majority of them. They were released that way. Its not the ntecs fault. Its the developers fault. Plus out of all of them the ONLY one that even comes close to combating the ntec efficiently is the FAR. You know why that is? Because it was the only one designed with the ntec in mind. Thats why it is strong. Thats what i mean when i say "tune it around the ntec". The Cobra, Atac, Condor, and Aces rifle are ALL more cqc oriented so of course they aren't going to compete as well against the ntec. Why should they? They excel at something the ntec doesn't. So you can sit in your fantasy thinking that the Ntec is always going to outclass every AR when in reality the only ARs that you could even consider being "outclassed" by it were the Far and the Star. TL:DR a majority of AR's apart from the ntec were absolute trash. Where did i say pro players didn't complain? Nice of you to apparently make that up. There is nothing wrong with complaining about something. There is a HUGE difference between complaining about something and posting thread after thread after thread about nerfing this or that. I dont think you understand the difference between someone at a higher level playing complaining/frustration and then casuals complaining. You never see high skill level players here on the forums CREATING (keyword) threads about "nerf this" or "my friend is quitting apb because of this and im about to quit too". Most of the higher skilled players and vets like myself will usually share our thoughts on the matter. Those thoughts on said matters are never extreme. Like reducing the HVR damage. Then there are the casual kids who (i shouldn't even have to explain) come on the forums and spout their horse****. About "the frag explosion radius is to big", "Explosive weapons are to op", "The ATAC isn't balanced and needs to be nerfed", or the biggest one as of recently "the pmg is broken". When you go into those threads you know what you see? A terrible reason as to why it should be nerfed. You see their forum creation date was earlier this year or last year. They have very little game knowledge at all. Their argument usually consists of something completely flawed. For example from the atac thread "The Atac feels very cheap to use. With a damage drop off of 50 meters, it breaks the balance of close ranged weapons because of how accurate, easy to control, and fast it is. With all of those things combined alongside a mobility sling perk". This is what i mean. It doesn't disrupt any sort of cqc balance. You just lost to an atac while using an SMG. Its like dying to an ntec in cqc when you're using an oca. Doesn't disrupt the balance at all. Average and casual players THINK they know what balance is. You said as i just went and checked in the "PMG Nerf When?" thread you saying "I've played like 5-6k hours and I realized that winning means very little to me." and "You know why I don't play competitively anymore? Because I have no reason to. Between no actual competitive support for the game". So yes i don't think you truly understand how people who are investing a lot more hours than you and putting in more effort than you feel. Thats the difference borus. I'm not saying you don't have a voice at all. You just shouldn't be spouting your balancing reasons when you don't care about winning. Balancing is effecting the people who are putting in the effort more and wanting to win. Its not effecting you as much because you don't care about winning, you aren't putting in the effort, and because as you've said you consider the game casual.
  19. People jumpshotting you at 25-40m with the ntec? Flaws is specificly talking about the NTEC. Yes it is PURELY cqc. Why do you keep bringing up other weapons whenever someone makes a point? What relevance does jumpshots with the scout have? A lot of competitive games are balanced around the high end/pro scene of things. More then you probably realize. As i've stated before League of Legends is a prime example of that. For example Talon (an assassin) got one of his abilities nerfed because pro players were able to sustain extremely well in lane. The reason they removed the jumpshot on the scout was because they "claimed" it was a unintended bug. Just because higher skilled players are advocating for it doesn't mean that the company was listening. Which CLEARLY they weren't.... shocker. Those features weren't broken at all borus. You can't handle tracking someone moving in an arced direction that they can't move because they're airborne? The Far plays alot more like the ntec then you think bud. The ntec and the far share the same ttk and fire interval. Which if you want to believe it or not is what makes the ntec a strong gun. Which is why people like the far because it functions like the ntec in that sense. Just because its bloom recover isn't as good doesn't matter because it doesn't have a burst in bloom after x number of shots. Lol ok. You're really going to try and argue that the Star and the Far are more designed for cqc than mid range? Thats what you're going to fall back on now? If thats the case then why even complain about the ntec to begin with. If the Star and the far are designed according to you to be more cqc aligned then why is the ntec being punished in mid range? You realize that the ntec was nerfed more than just cqc right? Its also strange how before you didn't really care about the cqc changes now you seem like you're defending them with you life. Here we go again with the stats to huh. Yes the stats that were taken from baylan shipping yard. What weapon stands out there alot? Oh the ntec you know why that is? Because baylan is a MID RANGED map. What weapon used to excel at mid range oh the ntec thats strange. No wonder it had the highest use rate. You also realize that baylan has no obj right? So there is never a need to switch weapons for any reason other than personally wanting to. People are there to just relax and get kills. That data/statistic is extremely flawed and you're an idiot if you think otherwise. Also it sounds like you're running out of any sort of arguing point based on your last sentence. I could go and make a post there but people like you and others will start making the same arguments as always. "It outclasses every other AR" even though you just stated that the far and star are more cqc. Or the idea where the ntec had "only 2 competitors". It will just drown it out per usual. We are where we are today due to flawed and skewed testing along with people's inability to adapt to situations. You think high skill players/pros cry when they die to someone in a game and just give up? No. They learn from it and adapt. This is why games balance around the higher skilled players in competitive games because they don't go onto the forums and pout that x,y,z is so broken and needs to be nerfed and i'm not coming back till its fixed. Like i said before and i'll say it again borus. You've admitted that you're casual. You don't understand how people who truly enjoy and invest time into this game feel. You might understand if you were to stop playing other games at the same time and maybe were to actually try and win. Just because its not an E-Sport doesn't make it any less competitive.
  20. Again im not saying buff every weapon to that strength. You don't understand at all when i say "tune and adjust" it around the ntec. I didn't say buff to the ntec's levels. Weapons that had been close the the Ntecs "original" strength being what? The oh so cried about PMG that hasn't been touched? Maybe the HVR that STILL has the primary issue on it of 850 damage? Wow you're gold in APB. That holds absolutely ZERO value. The threat system in the game is a joke. Weird flex. As i said before, the ntec WAS one of the holy trinity back before the huge collapse of the jenga tower of "balance" changes started to happen. The holy trinity is like a triangle right? The atac for example should be tuned around the ntec but also take values from the OCA. Since the weapon would fall inbetween the OCA and the Ntec on the Triangle. It still functions like an assault rifle but it has a good amount of cqc performance. Just like the Obeya and OBIR fall between the Ntec and the HVR. Or the Aces Rifle having some Ntec (Assault rifle) traits but falls closer to the OCA. Also The key competitors don't have to be weapons within the niche you know. Obeya, Obir, Scout, PMG, Carbine, Oscar, and OCA are all competitors of the Ntec. Star couldn't compete easily against most other weapons in cqc to midrange? Should take that one up with Abduct lol. Maybe he can show you some pointers
  21. I wonder. The only instance of that was the Troublemaker. You're really going to tell me they were milking the Cr-5 for 3 years before they released the VAS series? Which would have been out 2 years before the rights were given to LO. When the trouble maker lasted what? 3-4 months maybe? Why would they have to rework every weapon. Just because they tune it around the Ntec doesn't mean everything will play like it. I think you're missing that point. As i said its inbetween. A few matches. My man i've played against and with you plenty while playing with Rave. Let alone your views on weapon balancing and your own statement on how your treat the game and the way you play say it all. You're casual at your core and it clearly shows. You claim the ntec only has "2 counters" when there are plenty of counters to it. You and many others just wont go out of your way to learn and apply those techniques to help you win against the ntec. If you can do it for the HVR or someone running with an item in a vehicle why can't you do it for the ntec? Also 20+ kills in a match with a gun? What does that prove about mechanic skill of a weapon at all? Nothing wrong with saying i like the ntec? My mistake I guess I forgot I can't state something like that otherwise you'll just hold that against me as if you don't enjoy a gun. Thats like me saying "you like the star is that why you want the ntec nerfed so bad? Thats pretty bias... lol. You claim i'm bias yet I've already said i'm ok with MINOR tweaks. Like lower mag size,nerfing the jumpshoting, and lowering the damage enough to negate HB2. Never said the whole game should be built around it either. Nice assumption... again. Only Ar's should focus around the ntec. Thought that was the whole issue you had is no other AR's like your precious Star couldn't compete as you so claim. Hence the Holy Trinity. Why would Smgs and Sniper be balanced around something outside its class? You act like all high skill players only use the ntec. Thats never been the case. Carbine ring a bell? Maybe the OCA? You're also extremely dense for thinking "only 3 weapons can compete with the ntec". You're acting as if every battle was at 40-50m all the time. There are plenty of ways to close gaps and bait people out. People who use these techniques make very quick work of ntec players. Fun fact the oscar shreds the ntec.
  22. I wasn't really asking a question. I'm not only talking about cqc gameplay. I was purely stating that losing to an ntec in cqc while you're using a shotgun is your own fault. No you don't generally tap fire in cqc. I'm talking about tapfiring while aiming and tracking at range.
  23. Lol ok borus again with the mag size dude. It shares the same mag size as the Star. The same TTK as the Far. Also the Far has a faster reload speed then the Ntec to make up for the smaller mag. On top of that the current Ntec doesn't preform at all like its old pre-RP nerf. The Obeya wasn't the only viable option against the ntec. The OBIR was fine against it. Just because it didn't work for YOU doesn't mean it didn't work for everyone. Also the game isn't just standing in the street shooting at each other. You realize guns like the Obeya and OBIR strive on corner popping. Its what makes the OBIR extremely strong. In fact the OBIR was extremely deadly when played correctly. To the small population that has mastered it I take my hat off to them. The ntec has the most sales? What relevance does this even have? Also ya they've released how many Ntec reskins? Alot of people like the CR-5 look over the base version. Also there are ten ntec varients. Eleven if you count the ursus. Again as i said before the buff guns up to the ntec is fine. Clearly the Star was moving in the right direction. Doesn't even need to be a "buff" can be adjustments. Not complaining about the Far bud. Making the point that people like YOU who cry "nerf the ntec" are 100% ok with the Far even though it shares alot of the same traits as the ntec. Still the most used AR. As if AR's are even really used much now. The only reason it is more than likely being used is A. No access to other AR's or B. Nostalgia. Like i said, if you read, not everyone has access to these other guns because of either a paywall or insufficient JTs. Yes the ntec FELT not feels good because the tapfiring felt good. You were rewarded for aiming and having good tracking. If played correctly you could beat out people in cqc if it came to it. Stop acting like all these traits apply to it. Because I can say with certainty your Ntec gameplay was pretty poor borus. All these traits you're giving to it clearly proved to not help you in the slightest. So don't act like the gun is some godsend. This is again what i mean by players who can use it effectively and have mastered it. To give shotguns more room? If you're struggling against an ntec with a shotgun then that is 100% a player skill issue. Don't even try to write that off as the ntec's problem. Like i said people who played ntec 95% of the time (like me) played it because it was our favorite gun and because it felt good. There is no problem with using a weapon a majority of the time. There are plenty of missions where i use the Aces Rifle the whole time. Or you know the people who would solely use the Carbine/Oscar the whole mission. Still not an excuse for a nerf.
  24. Mag size does NOT change the functionality of a weapon. What? Thats a terrible reasoning. People cried about it when both the other AR's can do it just as efficiently. Some real backwards logic. Got nerfed for something? Borus what didn't it get nerfed for?. Meanwhile the Far which actually does preform pretty close to the ntec can still do all these things. A few minor differences. Also you claim ever weapon serves a different intended niche and range. So then why did the ntec which was in the base game become the one to be constantly nerfed when new guns that were added didn't work well? Sounds more like you're trying to make niches. The Far and Star can perform well even when the ntec was at its prime. People as i said in my previous post refuse to view the ntec as anything but "OP". Why? Because they won't sit down and actually learn to play the guns. They just think that you slap the ntec on and win. The Far more so than the Star wasn't so much better. Its a strong gun yes. But isn't very accessible. And no. It really isn't that much more like the Star. Its really more of a middle ground if anything. You really think the cqc was nerfed to make a niche for the star and far? Thats a good joke. Because players pick the Star and Far for cqc capabilities... lol. Yes lets have the ntec be a mid range weapon with its large bloom jump when you can just use any other assault rifle. This actually reduces choice by nerfing the ntec as much as it has been. As i said in my other post you aren't thinking about these new players you care about so much who really only have access to two ARs. The Ntec and the Star. The ntec in its current state is awful and undesirable. As for the Star well can't say many people particularly like it that much. It just doesn't feel that great to use. Also all these choices you're opening up is a whole lot of PMGs and Shotguns. Great choices.
  25. Imagine a company with no true background on the game prior doing pretty much blind balancing and absolutely dumping a huge turd on the meta. Im not only blaming LO for this but they didnt help at all. As i've given as an example before. Weapon balancing before around the holy trinity or jenga tower as i like to put it was the most ideal. What happens when you start pulling out the pieces? It starts to collapse. From the ntec nerf, to the hvr, to the shotgun shenanigans. Its just a huge pile of pieces and LO doesnt know what to do.
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