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  1. Already wait 10-20 minutes for a mission in a full district with any sized group
  2. If it is removed, at least anyone is able to play the game if they wish
  3. If you decide to even glance at the game. You would see that half of the players on the NA server are not even able to play because of these DUMB threat districts. Silvers and below are sitting in the bronze district so golds are not able to play missions any more. PS: It would be wise to do....SOMETHING
  4. Instead of removing threat, they should bring back the rtw threat levels
  5. I decided to talk about this since I just had experienced a wait time of 23 minutes while ready in a district that had 38-38 pop. The engine update and everything on the roadmap are cool and all but does it really matter when it takes this long for the matchmaking to do its job? Note that this is only my last mission. This happens every day, although usually around 10-15 minutes, which is still too long. In the situation today, I had every group size to try different scenarios. Below is another topic about matchmaking. I Just thought it was interesting how it does not discuss this problem.
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