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  1. Things to try: Run Windows update Restart (not shutdown) computer Download and overwrite the advanced launcher
  2. See ya when the engine upgrade is released
  3. I can't create any new outfits or articles of clothing anymore. Please give us more outfit/clothing slots, or at least make them purchasable. Please!!!!!
  4. Can't wait for APB to work with ESHub!! ESHub is following:
  5. This and outfit slots as well PLEASE
  6. shit crashed again, so nvm i guess
  7. Found a workaround that lets me play without crashing. Download Nvidia Inspector Extract the files Run "Nvidia Profile Inspector" Find "APB: All Points Bulletin" in the drop-down at the top left Click on "Delete Current Profile" and press yes when it asks you to confirm Then you can play APB with your RTX card. You may have to do this every time you update your GFX drivers, not sure.
  8. Happening to me, using an RTX 2070.
  9. Just wait until you see the new map in the new engine. They have electricity poles everywhere that can't be broken. At least it is that way on the PS4 version.
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