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  1. ما هو الحب؟ حبيبتي لا يؤذيني
  2. اريد ان العب !
  3. i fixed that by using flaws config,, but the graphics become very bad
  4. the game only crash when 1- i try to spawn after i enter the district 2- or when i get killed when the map show and i try to choose where i respawn i really tried everything 1- i changed the game from SSD to HDD 2- i tried change the virtual memory 3- from the taskmanger i set APB high priority 4-lower all the settings 5- repair the game files 6-edit BaseEngine file 7- and i format my PC and still no fix
  5. thanks, that would be great
  6. hi guys any fix for this? i7 9700k 16gb rtx2080 i tried everything,, repair,, reinstall, edit BaseEngine file ,, even format my pc
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