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  1. Lets be real, population took a dump. I'm gona make this short and sweet. NA/EU Merge. You can keep separate districts for na/eu but carry over characters. Not sure how much work it would be but it would be nice to have my main with all my stuff to play with more people. EU seems to have a higher pop but my char with all my good shit is stuck in NA. Content.. i've used every single gun. Im bored with every single gun. New weapons would be nice. And when i say new, not a reskin please. We dont need any other varients of oca/pmg/ntec or others. A entirely new gun. Personally i would like to see a new rifle added for marksman class. We need content
  2. lOwenl

    Med spray.

    Something needs to be done with med spray. Without clotting agent is almost 100% health instantly and its making an unfair advantage over people who are buying it in JT store. Constantly spamming it when they're low. Atleast make a higher cooldown for it or reduce its effects. Its being used largely and its getting annoying.
  3. The mods are played based on the player preference and the situation and can all be played tactically. If you’re going against an opponent with opgl or rocket launcher flak jacket is helpful. The grenade count deduction is essential due to double perc’ing the ground and getting instant kill against opponents. The fragile is basically useless unless you like going faster so i personally think it should have something more to benefit from. Kevlar is indeed annoying but useful for players who cannot aim aswell and need the extra health when facing people. Also useful for stationary players like snipers or lmg’s. Clotting agent is fine as it is But that is my opinion. Would be nice to have more green mods possibly something that would benefit grenades like tactile belt that gives you an extra nade or something. Idk but some more green mods would be neat.
  4. Is there a way to get my Song/Theme capacity extended? Veteran player and have a lot of songs/themes and really like making them but don't have enough space.
  5. lOwenl

    Mailbox functions

    Hello i have a few suggestions for mailboxes. My first suggestion is to put a search function. This would make it easier to say find a trial weapon you may have if you have opened a lot of joker boxes like me they stack up pretty quick. Also make it so when you claim an item from armas through the mail the mail will be deleted in 3 days. I dont see the point of keeping the blank weapon or clothes or cars claims in the mailbox and its tedious to go through and delete them all. Thanks -Owen
  6. same here. error code 11003 but my friend is playing rn but i cant even log in..
  7. lOwenl

    Cant login

    Getting error code 11003 on login screen. Randomly booted me from game and this has popped up. says Account login has failed! Please check your User ID and password. Does this when i try and login with steam and through the apb login with same account. https://imgur.com/a/vDVeO5Y Merged. my friend can play at the same time but i cant. he lives same area as me.
  8. lOwenl

    high latency

    jericho, lowenl, enforcer. latency 80-150 sometimes 300. Packet loss 5-10. Please fix.
  9. lOwenl

    high latency

    Silver waterfront.
  10. lOwenl

    high latency

    Jericho, high latency, 200-500ms.
  11. lOwenl


    Anyone know the g1c tax for different payment methods. Like if you buy through steam money there is a tax.
  12. i know this is semi old but i was unable to log in then like everyone else and how that dude said he changed his location to ny well im from ny and i couldnt log in either so..
  13. we all are idk how people are playing its been 15 minutes of Entering District: Financial....
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