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  1. kevinho haso had enough an wantso engine upgrado , dorito taco bello
  2. 1 years from now “Little orbit : an inside story”
  3. Stop complaining Find a new game to play
  4. Just END threat segregation already , the game is dying. Golds can’t even play on Jericho anymore. thx
  5. Release the new contacts on this current build just to keep the current pop around , also will bring some old players back. Release new content to keep people entertained while you work on the EU or the pop is just gonna keep decreasing everyday , there was at least 300 people on NA peak hours 4 months ago , now is only 80 on peak. There is still another year before the engine upgrade comes out.
  6. L0pht

    Med spray.

    Why are you complaining about med spray ? Cause you got owned ? Med spray is easy to counter , you are just a silver.
  7. I was ban aswel , after a group of trolls , took pictures of my account while I was showing it on stream. Posted it on a buy and sell website , and now my 10 year old account which I spent thousands on it and around 7k hours is now banned.
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