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  1. Stop downloading cheats guys LOL
  2. Release the new contacts on this current build just to keep the current pop around , also will bring some old players back. Release new content to keep people entertained while you work on the EU or the pop is just gonna keep decreasing everyday , there was at least 300 people on NA peak hours 4 months ago , now is only 80 on peak. There is still another year before the engine upgrade comes out.
  3. L0pht

    Med spray.

    Why are you complaining about med spray ? Cause you got owned ? Med spray is easy to counter , you are just a silver.
  4. I was ban aswel , after a group of trolls , took pictures of my account while I was showing it on stream. Posted it on a buy and sell website , and now my 10 year old account which I spent thousands on it and around 7k hours is now banned.
  5. Thanks for the info , amazing community helping each other
  6. It’s been a while since this started and you guys haven’t addressed your stance with the black lives matter movement.
  7. I could be one of those players but Matt doesn’t want to unban me.
  8. Can I get my account back , so I can enjoy the game while I’m isolated at home. Thanks , stay safe
  9. The coronavirus is coming for us and LO still banning players unfairly.
  10. They rather have you , create a new account and spend all that money again getting weapons and packs. It’s business
  11. I bet they saw the account been access on two different location and didn’t ban him. I’m 100% sure they can check and see my account only has one location. The system has flaws
  12. I already done that , and not doing this just for me , this can happen to anybody . I didn’t try or sold my account. Anyone can get enough Information on your account and post it somewhere , and LO will ban you for “attempting to sell your account”. You can visit multiple website and you will see people makes hundreds even thousands selling legendaries and in game money.
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