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  1. kevinho haso had enough an wantso engine upgrado , dorito taco bello
  2. Damn no racing district this year
  3. 1 years from now “Little orbit : an inside story”
  4. Stop complaining Find a new game to play
  5. Just END threat segregation already , the game is dying. Golds can’t even play on Jericho anymore. thx
  6. Stop downloading cheats guys LOL
  7. Release the new contacts on this current build just to keep the current pop around , also will bring some old players back. Release new content to keep people entertained while you work on the EU or the pop is just gonna keep decreasing everyday , there was at least 300 people on NA peak hours 4 months ago , now is only 80 on peak. There is still another year before the engine upgrade comes out.
  8. L0pht

    Med spray.

    Why are you complaining about med spray ? Cause you got owned ? Med spray is easy to counter , you are just a silver.
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