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  1. bro i think i'm banned still. like who logs into an account just to look at people?
  2. fresh cyko asyilth kade gio pogo euhpo deadly zelly cyko andy little mel teawing that's IT dude. everyone else drinks OJ overon doesn't even play anymore. that was your best clan. they stopped in like 2016
  3. apb takes everything apb is all bet you don't got time to ball because in san paro only 1 guy plays for airforce Andy
  4. profesional basketball has that amount of players say that to greg popovich bet you won't https://clips.twitch.tv/ShyAdventurousRutabagaPeteZarollTie-MuCpLvEOfcD43nGA
  5. I offer coaching lessons in APB. I'm looking to pass off some of the greatest knowledge this game ever has to offer. If you're looking to get better at this game, I'll tell you everything you're doing wrong in like 3 missions. I have access to hyperfocus. If I'm watching you play, I can tell you where your mistakes are. I know every single strategy in this game. I am getting old. It's time to pass off the torch. I am Tim Duncan And Kawhi Leonard combined. I'll teach you everything there is to know about apb. I'm the best corner pusher in APB. If you're having trouble on offense, I can teach you how to attack the corner without nades. If you want help with angle, and camera control, I know how to teach that as well. I'm a multi-dimensional player who takes use of the best sprint shooting gun. I have access to all of the tech. I'm just crazy good player. This stuff makes me smile. I have the longest track record with the 2 burst gun. I became a robot. I am the gatekeeper of APB. If you can beat me, you're amazing. Find me on steam. Find me on Discord. If you're looking to improve, I'll tell you how to get better. People die to my setups all the time. I'm getting old. It's time to pass of the torch. Who wants it? . . . I'm 32 with like 26 years of visual memory. I don't forget anything. Bring it up, and I have a picture. If y'all want to attack me, whatever. Just shows me which side you're on. The greats know how good I am. . . . You ever seen Steph Curry Make 18 three pointers in a row after having a drought of 10 misses.? That's still like 60%. 60% from the three is crazy good.
  6. APB is the greatest shoulder shooter ever created. It's faster and more fair than any other stupid game that's out right now. the movement is crazy precise. it feels amazing. this game needs a light. right now we have reverse. he's the last remaining streamer that isn't a pos. please protect him. if he stops streaming this game, your game will die. he is the last remaining light. start protecting streamers. summit is going to stream your game when the engine update comes out. if he gets hacked on during his stream at all, he is going to quit apb. that will be the end of your game. summit is the answer. he is the key to getting all the money you need. please help summit when he streams. you need a GM watching his matches. You need to protect his patootie. If you don't, your game will die. It is set in stone. summit is your ticket back into the spotlight. fix the cheating. There is a reason that I don't stream anymore. . . . . . I am AndyJames. I am the greatest Oscar player to ever play this game. Everyone knows me. They know when I'm hot, and the game isn't lagging, I go crazy. I have lows. I have highs. I didn't sell my soul unlike the other humans. I get cheated on. I get targeted. I get attacked. Do I care? no. I'll throw stars at all of you. I'll end you in the spiritual world. Matt Scott. Listen to me. Talk to me. I know your future. Yeshua Yeshua Yeshua . . . . . End . . . Reverse. Receive this star. Socket it in your heart. You will have infinite energy. The stream must go on my friend. You are empowered. Do what you must to win. Do what you must to remain calm. You are the Light of APB. You always have been. Matt is Matt. You are one. I am one I have won it is because We are one. Light Warriors unite. . . . .................................................... If you attack me, I will send you to the abyss. You will be punished by the great punisher. Do not attack. Stars will be thrown. You will be marked with the beast 666.
  7. This game is awesome. It's the fastest shoulder shooter on the market. all you haters can eat my shorts. post how much you love horses in this thread.
  8. Ntec: I like the jump shooting aspect, but it's too accurate. nerf jump shooting slightly. i'd also consider raising the ttk to .75 i'd also consider making the gun 10% more innacurate. i feel the gun benefits too strongly from hs3. keep the magazine nerf, but consider a number that works with magazine pull 3. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Star: I wouldn't touch this gun. even the ammo ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ursus: Lower the damage of the gun to 205. raise the ttk to 0.75 keep the range at 50M Maybe make the minimum damage % of the gun lower. Like 25% could work. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ATAC: Increase the vertical recoil on this gun. Currently it's just too easy to control. It doesn't need a ttk nerf. It's just noob proof. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Misery: Now this gun is whack. It should be 55M with a minimum damage % of 35% 0.8 Lower the recoil. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- COBR-A: I want this gun to be a auto matic slightly worse accuracy on-the-move carbine. 40m range moderate bloom on move. think huntress 10% more accurate than a carbine while standing. good marksman. think similar to atac on full bloom. 0.75 ttk. 6 shots to kill 190 damage. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- LCR: odd gun again. it just isn't accurate, and sometimes it feels like it misses. so maybe it shoots outside of the crosshair more than it should. i'd lower the ttk as well. maybe consider making it shoot farther to compete with obeya/obir. 1.0 ttk. 65m range 5 hits to kill. 240 damage per shot. make the marksman mode better. It just sucked. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Marksman ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Carbine: maybe consider making the bloom recovery better ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FFA “Bullshark”: WIP this gun is dumb. make it start off by shooting 3, and lower the damage. make it a really tough 3 shot kill. 120 damage per shot. 9 shot ttk. have to hit 3 then 3 then 3. shoots 3, 4 ,5 ,6, 7, 8. it has 40 ammo. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Obir / FFA 3 Slot: WIP Possibly lower damage to make it 150 damage a shot with slightly faster marksman movespeed. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Pointman ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Shredder: possibly consider increasing the range on this gun, and making it near a 1.2 ttk. you could consider tightening the spread. maybe make it a 4 shot kill with 8 in the magazine. 300 damage per shot. and at 30m you can possible hit for 100 - 150. You still have to chunk them, but they'll die like any other gun. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- JG: was it really 775??? I'd make this a 600 blaster with a moderate spread. at 20M you maybe hit for 200. 0.85 ttk. I think shotguns just shoot too fast to compete against sometimes. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CSG/TAS: WIP i really want this to shoot slugs. Tight spread with 450 damage. aim bad and you miss. shoots 25M, at 25M you should hit them for 250 - 350 with the potential 3 smacker if they're out in the open and you aim perfect center. Think fast NL9. 0.95 TTK. decent recoil. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- NFAS: 0.7 TTK. competes with smgs. 4 shots to kill. maybe lower the damage possibly. so you can't kill anyone at 15-20M with 6 shots. I think something like 270 would be good. you have to meat shot 4 times to kill them or close to it. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Strife: you know i like the changes you listed. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PMG/Bolt: get rid of the crouch bonus accraucy or give that bonus to the OCA as well. range should be 25M i agree. I don't like how the PMG feels like it's RNG all the time as well. SO maybe the range should be higher with no crouch bonus. 35M range still with no crouch bonus could work. Possible other changes. Make it the same .7 TTK but with 6 shots instead of 5. Sometimes the stars align, and you get that 5/5 ezpz. Maybe going away from 5 hits could make it less rng based. 180 damage. 6 hits. .7 ttk. 35M range. no crouch bonus ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- H-9 ‘Curse’: i like the changes here. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- OCA 'Whisper': No crouch bonus and no 50m RANGE. the extra zoom is good enough. and it has the smg silencer. maybe a marksman bonus movement would be good. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sniper ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- HVR: I'd honestly lower the damage to 745. That way someone has to tag you with 2 bullets from most guns, or another hard hitting weapon. It just sucks to get hit once they get spit on. regen time after being hit sucks too ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- N-ISSR-B: Lose the range. keep the fire interval. Shoots 70m now. 45 hard damage is fair. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ISSR-A: WIP I think this gun sucks. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Scout: This gun seems really fair. I would leave it alone. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Machinegunner ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Euryale: more horizontal recoil. movementspeed. Think NTEC LMG .65 TTK. Gun zooms into marksman slower so you can't just crouch slam people in CQC. You need to have more punishment. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Gunslinger ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Act44 is stupid. Slow down the ttk. Slow down the Recoil. Less fire rate Maybe a 1.6 TTK Less horizontal recoil RSA is fair. Leave that one alone. you aim well, you hit. The ttk is fine too. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- RFP: maybe 15 round magazine. 25M dropoff Decent sprint shooting Same ttk. Marksman mode should never be as good as it was. Make is slightly more accurate thank oscar Marskman mode. maybe like 10% more. Same recoil per shot, not much bloom. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Showstopper: 4 shot kill sounds fine. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Snub-Nose: Increased mag capacity to 8 from 6 Increased damage to 333 from 300 I like these two changes. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- OCSP: This gun is problematic because the bloom recovery is very low. It would be kinda cool if this was a 7 shot pelter from 35m Maybe think of increasing the bloom recovery. It would make the gun very accurate, but if you go max fire rate, i feel it should act like a joker carbine with cj2 on it. controllable bloom. 7 hits would be fair. possibly think of increasing the fire-rate to compensate. 1.15 ttk. 150 damage per shot. 35m range. controllable bloom recovery with a semi-accurate first shot. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PIG: Decreased stamina damage to 600 from 950 fair change ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Grenadier/Demolition ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Percussion Grenade: Decrease explosion radius to 450 from 550 also fair. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Low-Yield Grenade: Based on pre-nerf Low-Yields same damage. smaller blast radius. and you carry 2. I like that. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Stun Grenade: Decrease stamina damage to 750 from 1,000 This will be fair because then you just get 2 shot by any other stun gun and you'll get stunned. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Volcano: Increase equip time to 1.0 from 0.70 Increase fire interval to 1.25 from 1.00 These changes seem fair. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Stun OPGL: Decrease the radius to 750 from 1,000 Decrease stamina damage to 750 from 980 these changes also seem fair. Other guns i THought OF. aces rifle. Make this gun have slightly lower bloom per shot. aces smg. Make this gun have slightly lower bloom per shot. The aces series are good, but if you hold them down, or burst with them too long, they just suck. you could make the first 5 shots have a lot less recoil, so it would be more of a curve like the tommy gun. SCOPED NTEC - more accuracy while moving. not quite an ntec but 60% of the difference sounds good. i feel like that punishes the gun too much sometimes. it already is outclassed. ALIG - less hard damage. slower ttk. same health damage. more accurate. same recoil. I think that would be fun I realize it's a vehicle gun. It's really good at that, but I want to kill with it as well. Not shaw status, but somewhere in between. Imagine being robertino for a day. I don't hold a lot of these opinions too strongly. These are just some cool ideas i've thought of just now!!!
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