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  1. Catch em all! po-ke-silvers! I can assure you that posting here wont speed up process. You might want to send video DM to forum mods.
  2. Was missing your posts about piles and silvers. +1 To OP, record and send to support. Fastest way to get rid of the cheater
  3. I agree that atleast one GM should be always online. Because there are obv hackers that are for instance using speedhack. One that we had 3 days ago. GM can come to district and clearly see hacker + record video. So higher authorities can ban him.
  4. wHisHi

    Waterfront Contacts

    Because in WF APB usually crashes for me.
  5. wHisHi

    APB: Revival

    Yup I saw tons of fresh silvers. Cool to see new players
  6. Hahaha best post I have red in past couple of months. Made me lol. This community is pure "gold" or "tra*h", depends how you look at it
  7. Would love a sale too. Because now Im just keep buying those 99 G1C gear items every week. Would love to buy a weapon or 2
  8. When forum is life
  9. wHisHi

    Happy New Year!

    Happy New Year! Wishing you best year of your life!
  10. Im glad that you dont have VAT applied. I live in Europe, like atleast half of the players, and we pay more $.
  11. They sell 500G1C for 6.05$. Before this "20% cheaper G1C" price change, it was 400G1C for 5.00$. So for example, buying 4000G1C will cost me 48.40$ instead of 50.00$ (without bonus G1C you get if you buy larger amount of G1C at the same time ). It means that price is lower for 3.1%. Somebody said 20%? @MattScot
  12. wHisHi

    This is why you lag.

    fck me, right? Have been wondering same thing for past years now