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  1. Make choice pernament if team size is =< 2.
  2. SPCT is so smart that it helped to deliver one of the worst weapon balance ideas. Good job SPCT, glad we have you:)
  3. Logged in, played for 30 minuts, faced same people, got bored, looked how much progression experience left and logged off. And btw, few days ago played 4 games and 3 of them were versus dethreaters, 1 guy even asked to help him to dethreat. This is APB 2020 for you
  4. I would rather stream other games, apb will bring you 30 max viewers if are you playing good and have good stream set up
  5. Read Matt EU sticky thread, more likely till the end of 2021
  6. Mobile spawn Nitro 3 Steel plating 3 High burn fuel
  7. Damn I cant put haha smile again... Can you say something more obvious please?
  8. Its clearly your own personal fault. LO did everything correct. Use 2FA, password with €:@:”-,!/&: symbols and random uppercase letters - and you are good to GoOooo
  9. Community clothes are not ok because everyone can make them. Also contacts. They dont have that „feel” if they are made by community. Im sorry but it is just neither entertaining neither interesting to buy/wear these clothes or look at the contacts.
  10. Everything is POSITIVE, no more NEGATIVE vibes and feelings. let me mark it as „thanks”, its all I can do
  11. Only engineers know so ask LO directly for this, because it is 50/50 chance to happen upon request
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