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  1. Maybe its finally enough, devs already understood these issues 1 year ago and mentioning them AGAIN wont make any difference? Spread some positivity to this forum, people are already fustrated here
  2. Ye nice but can we get new clothing items, not old re-coloured?
  3. Artemis all the way, just more fun while playing
  4. Wow apb forum is coming back to 2016 state Leave mate
  5. Nice stuff, game is gaining attention and recognition. Hurry up with EU!
  6. Amazing, love it! Something new and refreshing for APB!
  7. I dont remember this but it sounds fun i miss population number
  8. ACT44 rt edition Colby rsa "hunter" FR0G "Kokoe"
  9. 2015 - amazing weapon balance. Maybe troublemaker was too op, but other weapons were coool
  10. If acc doest have atleast 195, he cant send gifts. Which part of Hexerin post you didnt understand?
  11. Fun weapon to play with and not the best secondary either. I support this request +1
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