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  1. Silvers stop arguing already and put some effort while shooting/fighting. Please
  2. You literally said same thing as other 999 people, why lol
  3. Also try using frag nades and keep ruuuunniiing while shooting just not to get killed by smg
  4. No. and you can reply same to others, just by saying no.
  5. EAC was cool, I always remember it then I play DBD
  6. Because everything related to joker tickets are in one place..in joker store...
  7. Will people get refunds if they spend too much JT?
  8. Hello, @Flight please close this thread because it is useless, thanks.
  9. This game and forums really needs less negativity, so I give big + for this change
  10. 1 shot to chest + pig = stunned. No. This is bs. Incoming change is way better.
  11. That actually would be amazing. Pay for premium and JT only, I would love that. Also amazing update, already waiting to buy last clothes I could’t obtain due to high price of clothing bundles.
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