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  1. Y but game still crashes if armas is opened via game
  2. Could anyone from LO confirm this or give some details about current situation with consumables?
  3. Really nice to see Matt, can we expect any sale in armas store? I would love to support you guys!
  4. Thats amazing! Credits to developer :))
  5. @MattScott Hey, is there any chance you will pronounce new sales FOR returning players?:)
  6. Quick question: how many people are currently playing during peek hours in EU server? (now and before corona virus)
  7. Game is literally dying and you still complain about last remaining players
  8. Clan tournaments, some global clan ranking system so that joining TUF gaming or Rezistance again would make sense
  9. Me too, as stupid as it sounds but I do enjoy spending hours playing death xmas event during christmas holidays, for couple of years till this year
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