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  1. Wait till engine update happens and check it yourself if you need new pc. i3 3220, 8gb ram, gtx 650 ti gpi - 50-60fps, 0 lag, playing with this pc since forever.
  2. Do whatever you want, griefing 10 people in the district wont cause life chaning disaster
  3. you sound racist. Too generic russian culture development speculation
  4. Maybe new people will just play the game. And wont start thinking "hmm weapons should shoot differently, Im leaving game". Mate, you create problem from nothing
  5. "Just add some items, whats so hard about dat" everything you even couldnt imagine
  6. Im pretty sure now that it is only her alone account related problem.
  7. Smth is wrong with her account alone. @Lixil someone should check it. Also, maybe someone also bought premium recently?
  8. Sooo true, I cant last time LO did -50% sale or smth
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