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  1. hahahah even the water in this mod looks better than apb :#
  2. sorry what? im lost looking at your pic, WHY tho why
  3. i was upgrading any way whatever the next gen of graphic cards so it happened to be RTX
  4. Hello MattScott, People don't like to talk about this for reasons, but I'm here to talk about this major issue with apb:r when we will get Ray Tracing ? i want to use my RTX graphic card to the max. thx xoxoxo don't get mad plz xoxoxo
  5. what's your pc specs ?
  6. Hey man great job, You guys taking a piece of garbage and creating a non-garbage version of it is awesome and challenging. Y'all doing great and setbacks are normal. keep the good work thanks for the free premium
  7. thank you for the update. i would suggest 1-2 days premium code for the players as some had premium days while the server is down
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