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  1. Just as it says. Looking for either a clan or a community that's relatively active so grouping isn't rare.
  2. I know someone that is very talented, did a very good symbol for me. If you give me your Discord tag, I'll pass it on to him, if you want?
  3. 1) Servers are still pretty shit 2) At least in Gold districts, there is enough population to get constant matches. 3) I haven't tried it, but even before the buff/revert it was usable so I imagine it's perfectly usable for an average player. 4) Yes, alongside the Pioneer. 5) Ha. Re-install, play a few matches.
  4. If you want to stream, do it because you find it enjoyable. So what if you don't get 50 viewers? If you're playing, stream it if you want, what's the worst thing that happens? You get 0 viewers...like if you didn't stream?
  5. Do the forums count? If so, the most toxic behaviour I've seen is the stirring up of discussions over the worst of the worst who play the game and their foul behaviour. I'd much rather people focus on the good. Focus on the positive changes and the long-term improvements.
  6. I'm nether a "hater" or a child. I will however dislike purely because you just can't stand someone wanting to know something regardless of reason. It serves no purpose and so no one is allowed to ask? It's not about winning anything, it's mere curiosity.
  7. I'd normally choose the Whisper, however the Trouble Maker is quite strong as well. I'd suggest trialling them if you can to get a feel for their playstyle and in what situations they're weak/strong.
  8. With a Ryzen 5 3600 and a 2080 Super in Fightclub, I was still getting pretty poor performance. Vsync off and smooth framerate turned off, I'd still get 60-80 fps. Normally over 100fps. Naturally this is fine for this stage in the process, however it's not like OP isn't true in what he is saying.
  9. You can tell at times that it's upscaled but overall, looks very nice. Would be nice to have these loading screens have versions for ultrawides.
  10. Just this. With so many games that have guns that do varied damage depending which part of the body you hit, it's nice to have a game that focuses purely on hitting the target. No punish for hitting feet when getting shot in the head. It's non-meta and suits the game's style more than the suggested change. Especially with how so many bits of cover still reveal a small portion of your hitbox, namely the "head" area. If headshots were a thing, you'd get severely punished for choosing said cover. In the current system, the opponent would have to aim consistently and hit multiple times to kill you.
  11. Golds still typically leave if they have silvers on their team pre-opposition. However, the insulting is almost non-existent. At least from my experience.
  12. Don't forget that you can't sell items bought on the ingame marketplace to contacts.
  13. Nope, but it's something I've been hoping they'd do after the engine upgrade. I can't remember which game it was, but there's a company that does a poll for every patch, which they do often if just to fix a couple of bugs. It connects the playerbase to the developers and also lets the devs know what the company wants, and how well received changes were. Let's face it, the forums don't speak for the playerbase, and it tends to be the disgruntled that comment on posts. If they encourage said polls to be completed, for the benefit of the players, we might see better changes and things added/changed that LO had no idea about.
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