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  1. I get both sides, I really do. I have kinda been saying this in some other threads. I am a Hi Silver Low Gold player. I play legitimately in Gold and pretty well until I get a duo that works together. Then I seem to keep getting them again and again rolled over and over. I think I really suck. I go back to bronze and I go Gold quickly. I feel like I have no home. I should be in Silver District playing against other Silvers. I see a few people who do nothing but use Explosives weapons in Bronze and it makes me sick. I say something to them everytime so I am not very liked. These are also the same kind of people that TK a Trainee for doing a objective before we get op. I have seen many many Trainees quit becuz of a handful of these guys. When I get matched up with them I usually Abort mission if possible, sometimes I TK them for TK'ing the Trainee. It's not about the threat level or even the skill level really. Its a handful of really bad apples. I have even seen a few 255 Bronzes, they are few but those always seem to use Osmaw. I have played off and on for years not NON Stop like alot of you. And most likely when we all started there were alot more players and we didn't think too much of threat. Just which map do I have contacts I need to lvl up. It was probably a year before I even knew it was possible to manually select a district. Didn't care, didn't need to. New Players today have to worry about Osmaws, OPGL, Oscar spammers, Car detonator parked on every obj, people surfing on cars with Rockets, blow torch, etc, etc. When we started we didn't have most of those things. Any wonder why nearly everyone new thinks the game is P2W? I gave suggestion earlier in the thread about making the Empty Green Districts the GO TO play for Bronze and below. It doesn't fix everything, but at least it would stop the Purposeful Dethreating BAD EGGS from using Explosives and making our new players quit before they even start. Can we get rid of the Start up screen that shows the districts and just freaking have the list of servers? I bet you would hate that! Then you would stop getting those poor Bronzes and Just turned Silvers actually in the Silver district. Who tells them they should be playing in Bronze? NONE OF YOU!
  2. WOW! I havent played all week. Ppl warping around, cars crashing, bullets not hitting. You people seriously have no life if you are playing like this. I thought I was a picky gamer. Forget this nonsense, going to find something else to play until this garbage is fixed!
  3. And where is the love for the Artemis? Talk about a gun on the short end of the stick in ALL categories. As far as the Dog Ear and DMR AV are both fine. The silenced DMR needs slight hard dmg increase imo.
  4. All Tryhards, not being rude but they are. Look up the definition. They are the type that use the word the most and use it incorrectly when in fact it is themselves.
  5. The Topic is about helping noobs. (edit) my bad I'm in too many topics on my phone. The Gold skill gap is a different issue entirely. I'm just talking about utilizing Green districts for a safe environment for new players to learn the game and love it like us. We seem to have a decent influx of new players. But because of the abuse and even Silver skill gap, they quit as fast as they come. It would be nice to have some people stick around and spend money on the game. We need to stop the hemorrhaging or even with upgrade its not going to matter.
  6. Wow, Rrally. Another one missed the point.. Im not going to tyoe it for you a 3rd time.
  7. Most are better than my ol patootie. I never understood that term. As if to imply its bad to try hard or put forth your best effort. And that everyone else is sooo good there barely even looking at the screen when they play and are eating, watching TV, and having sex all while beating you. Worst gaming yerm of all time. Let's help new players instead of having pissing contests and selfishly worrying about our APBstatus that no one cares about. Git Gu...... Lmfao!
  8. Oh, Golds frequently rock the Artemis in Silver.? Or, another put down cuz I don't use the same guns that the majority of you use? Whats a tryhard again? All good, u r 2 of my fave things in one.
  9. I have not nor would I ever say that.
  10. Lol, see the focus here. That's the problem. Instead of looking at ways to keep new people and them have a good experience, we go straight back to egotism. I am the low life pos Low Gold / Hi Silver that has No place to play. I am 52yo. I don't use Osmaw EVER!, like everone does when it comes to kill mission, or use car det, etc. I play against myself for my own personal improvement! I am 255 with 55k kills mostly from along time ago. I am lvl 14 or 15 in every role except sniper (13). I don't TRYHARD. I don't use some form of Ntec 80%of the time. I don't switch weapons 3 or more times a mission to gain every last advantage. I dont park cars on objectives, I don't take objectives up on cheap roof top exploits. I am a freak, I like to help train new people, cop or crim. I am not part if a group nor do I have any friends that I play with. I almost never call in backup even if its a 2 vs 1on Bronze or Silver. When I play in Gold I switch to a character that is not 255 usually might as well gain some standing. I do just fine with randoms in Gold most cases. Then get ripped by opposing teammates, groups clans that are clearly on discord or TeamSpeak. I have nearly every Legendary, All if the ones I want anyway. Very rarely use any of them. I have used True Ogre about 3 times and felt like a tool. I play what gun I feel like at the time. I earned lvl 15 Machine Gunner the old fashioned way. All Shaw. No Medusa, Rabid, or the NTEC lmg... Forget the name. So yeah, I am a really High Silver. And I do go back and forth. But, Get sick to my stomach seeing people purposely dethreat and doing all the cheapness to new players. I have seen soo many new players quit recently. Some ppl I refuse to play with. 255 but not always use nothing but OPGL and osmaw, car det. If I could name names.... Lol Some so called uber Golds that are well known are seen there on a regular basis. Yea, a good time for me is not how many kills that I got. But rather unique kills. Odd untraditional weapon combos. Like the hated ISSR and pig or LCR. Or, recently going in close quarters with sniper. Iwas always and still am a really shitty sniper player. Still practicing jump shots. Quick switching. I have fun. I would like to have a mature friend teammate that does not do all the cheap crap listed above. But, its always been me, myself and I. I guess that shoul be my clan name MMAI.
  11. Not true. I help actual noobies all the time. And I see ppl teamkill and use Osmaw and run them off nearly every day.
  12. Green lasts maybe average of 2 or missions for most new players. Freaking forget I ever said any existing player could easily go gold. THAT WAS NOT MY POINT! Get off of it! Thats why I said my bad. Everyone talks about the huge Gold skill gap. No shit! Make the noobies play with noobies longer by increasing the length of time and experience you are in Bronze and ESPECIALLY Green by a mile. Let them actually have FUN playing in the currently EMPTY green servers with people who really are new and on par with them. Instead if getting ripped by dethreaters with explosives. Then once again, if you go Silver ONE time you can NEVER dethreat to Bronze and go to Green district. Right now we have a Empty Gold and Empty Green. I don't buy all that Not enuff Golds to play with, but OK. But, why empty green. Because, most new players don't know how to manually select their appropriate district. You know just like the low silvers yall feed on that don't know any better either. So why not, make Green be the Default server for those first 3 tiers? Sure, some. Will make new accounts to troll, but thay do that already anyway.
  13. Wow, still focused on ONLY that. No hope for us.
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