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  1. We have all heard it a million times before right? Just keep playing and MAYBE you can catch up to a 7 year lead VET with me and ALL my buddies. YOU are just a lowlife noob, with NO skill. Well, sadly all that is true. It takes along time to get get good at this game. That being said, I want to talk about the biggest myth and lie of APB. It's VERY VERY TRUE that its a huge skill level. You will lose over and over again, and you should. You have alot to learn! Im a vet myself. I don't claim to be uber and even half good. However, I do know what the F, I am talking about from experience. To me the Whole game is Rock, Paper, Scissors,, and its awesome! I actaully kinda love it when that rare mission happens and the guys who are NOT to supposed to win, WIN! Matchmaking is a whole other topic, but This is the ONLY game in the world, that seems hellbent on the most lopsided matches EVER! Like all these tryhards for 7 years and all their buddies need help. I can't understand, if you take over a game from ANY level and let alone let this happen, and damn near Almost PROMOTE IT, then wonder why there is no population that still plays!!! Sorry, I got too many topics in my head. To the vets... YOU ALL LIE! FBW is one of the worst things in this game! I said this a year ago and got flamed hard. There are 2 arguments. I see it and get it.. There damn sure is a skill to using FBW rhythm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOWEVER< that IS NOT WHAT I AM SEEING ON THE BATTLEFIELD! I am seeing the FBW VS. anything and win 110% of the time scenario. There is a rhythm to using the FBW. But switching shoulders with max accuracy and all the while keeping up the the fire rate?? CMON.... NOW, then we get into the Macro debate> Macro's dont work, they hinder you, and all that... OH, the most popular one is using a scroll wheel macro doesn't help. been experimenting with all this for a long time and it is an advantage if u know what u r doing. Its not like u have a Aimbot or a hack. Just like EVERYTHING ELSE it takes practice. But, with the right macro it works, and it works waay better than I ever thought it should! If YOU kill me with the FBW, I have a pretty good idea if it was you or are assisted. Just saying, Most of you talk alot of shit and AND HAVE A LITTTLE HELP! Merged. So Sad, that a hanful of delinquents decide the future of a epic game. Soley out of ego, Please give me a scenario where players with a 7 year head start, who have multiple weapon,s ability,map knowledge, and everyother possible advantage and have infected the culture to the extent as APB> Merged. Somebody is confused! OMG, what TF is he talking about? You know what, Nevermind. Soo sad that u needed this for so loong... Truth is coming.... u rely on keeping pplin the darkeness to hide your BS. Yeah!, I might sound crazy but crazy TRUTH talk is what yu hate most. If you are wondering what all this babbling is about its just one thing.' You all script or macro FBW BS!
  2. Havana

    Open World Content

    This why the community should have been let make content years ago. Good ideas that will never happen unfortuantely.
  3. Couldn't Agree more. Don't want a skin that I will never use.
  4. Hallucinogenic drugs, man they really love that fod don't they?
  5. Because Trainees in Silver against 4 Max Golds makes sense. How else they gonna learn like u did right? Stupid rationale.
  6. Havana

    Cars/Armas/Me ;)

    Account bound car kits yesterday please. Unless LO don't like players spending money. Everyone who bought a Vegas kit or any car for that matter would probably upgrade for account bound option.
  7. Havana


    How about for car kits.I have several characters as most. I really have to buy Vegas car kits for everyone of them. Just stupid. I'd gladly pay an account upgrade for it, but I won't buy it again for each one. Limited thinking, Do you know how many people would do this and how much money they could earn with this 1 simple thing? Nope, let's make satanic clothing. Which takes way more time, is a limited niche thing and would make less. Don't make your girlies ta tas too big. But Satan is cool. Laughable.
  8. Havana


    Any ever notice how in alot of car spawns the trucks rear wheels are on a short wall off the ground? If it was rear wheel only it would be real fubar. But yea you're right need 4wd and some decent kits. Big tires that you could roll over cars but with a speed reduction of course.
  9. Why can't people who say this and are the same ones that say low pop for everything be intellectually honest . You me we also had pop at that time and learned with peers of all skill levels. Imagine, I know its hard. But just think what it must be like for a new person today. When all there is left is 5 to 8 year vets that play as a team. That argument is smart that we all had to learn, it's not even close to the same thing. Especially with, car spawners, meteors, car detonators, shields, bricks, satchels, car surf and on and on and on.......
  10. For the love of God yes. Oh, I might get banned for using the G word. Yesterday YES!
  11. Makes sense. But nothing that makes good sense gets done here.
  12. Arma 3 anyone? Americas Army used to be great and did this. Then they updated the game and it's small map boredom now. Original Battlefield was phenomenal and in many ways the series is a step backwards now.
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