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  1. Havana

    OSCAR how-to?

    Truth should be bannable!
  2. Havana

    Duplicate Vehicle Designs / Upgrade Vehicle Mod Slots

    Yes, but upgrade upgrade upgrade First!
  3. Havana

    |GAME| - chat filter

    I have been playing the game off and on for 4years. Last night on Waterfront a civilian walked by my car and I over heard him say this. "Your wife tried to f@#k me last night". It kinda shocked me there is a ridiculous amount of civie conversations that just funny and crazy. Borderline racist as well.
  4. Havana

    Did social just die?

    We can only hope.
  5. Havana

    OSCAR how-to?

    Oscar is DoucheBAG gun all the way. Always see it in Silver uh Gold server and almost never see it in Bronze.
  6. Havana

    Markers disappear

    Exactly, I just got it again. Seems to also happen if you switch characters the join a district. It's totally unplayable. Only solution is to reboot. I have a very high end PC I built for ARMA3 so I know its not my PC.
  7. Havana

    Markers disappear

    I have has it happen 3 imes, where when I play for a long time. Suddenly I have no Objective markers at al. Even when I use a waypoint they dont showup. Its really hard to drive with the map open and try to figure out where to go and find out whats going on. THis just started happening in the last week.
  8. Havana

    High Magnification Scope

  9. Havana

    muzzle brake even do anything?

    How would you know? You ONLY use NTEC.
  10. Havana


    Cool, just have fun and don't let peoples negativity discourage you in anyway. GOODLUCK!
  11. Havana

    R-2 Harbinger suggestions

    Great looking gun almost no one uses. Shame really, definitely needs some love.
  12. According to all if the forum trolls you can shoot the FBW just as fast. I don't buy it, but they shoot it waay faster than what it is supposed to be.
  13. What the hell is a ShawCopter. If its exactly what it sounds like I have never seen one in all my years playing. But, have seen every other kind of cheat. Mistly Carbine of course or Oscar.
  14. Lol. Haha. He gotcha AllaboutmeBoy
  15. I juat play all weapons and have a good time. I hear all the lingo, but what exactly is or does a Trigger bot do? A explanation of other hackusating terms would be great also.