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  1. I learn nothing in Silver, except how to be cheap. Its 50 / 50 sometimes its fun and others is fuckfest. Triangulating GOLDS. Coering everything there is becus they have been doing it for years. How is this fun?? It isnt. and You dont want any change, You like being the big fish in the small pond. Bring on the merge. OH MOTHER F er's What will be your excuse when the berge happens.? There will be enough GOLDS...WILL Jerishco players (snipped inappropriate language ~@mayii) actually play in GOLD whe the merge happens?? Or will u cry ABPUT SOMETHING ELSE
  2. The APB No lifers would never hear of it. It might make some new players stick around. Personally, I would like this crap 20% sales tax go into a pool and then gambling games in Social could be played for that pot weekly. Right after the shooting range and a million other things . So much could be done with this game, Zero imagination is what we have. Just like the other thread about organizing mods and guns. That can't be that hard and everyone would welcome it. But sadly it ain't gonna happen. I honestly don't know why we even have forums. The vets don't want change. They crap all over anyone with any idea or suggestions. And that's who LO is going to listen to. The 10% that want to keep 9 years of map knowledge, guns, etc for every ounce of an advantage. Kinda sounds like a tryhard... poops that's 3 posts I ran together. Keep suggesting in one hand and place the other under your bottom. See which fills up faster. I'm not being mean, you have some good ideas. It's just sad the community isn't listened to.
  3. In all the years playing this game off and on I have only seen that crap gun pierce something and kill someone ONE TIME, YES ONCE. By the way, anyone want to buy a Colby Commander?
  4. Everything you said is right and has been suggested many times and years ago. I dunno why we can't have some common sense things that even everyone would agree on.
  5. Havana

    about shaw..

    Been using it for years and love it! It's a bit loud under continuous use and the visuals from the gun barrel can sometimes really get in your line of sight. Both could be slightly toned down. I went to Machine Gunner 15 all Shaw! Before all these other Lmgs came around. Most ppl really suck with Shaw and if u are good you are very underestimated. I like to look at players stats when I walk up to them. So sad that nearly 100% of the time Pointman and Rifleman are there highest roles. Machine Gunner is nearly everyone's lowest. Still one of my favorite guns to use and one of my highest roles. Good Luck fellow Machine Gunner! Go give them the SHAWshank Redemption!
  6. Lol, right! Its like ppl just started using within it's intended range finally. Almost like they were trying to counter an True Ogre or something. Sorry bout the random underlining, on my phone at work.
  7. Says the guy that made another account to play with friends and got his patootie handed to him. Also, if all these Silvers are on Bronze how is it soo easy like u say? Seems to me they are playing closer to their peers. Except when a premade Clan enters the picture. I see all the time where its 2 255s, 1 160 something and a Trainee on both sides. That's better than going up against premade on either district. The vets in this game have been playing soo long it doesn't even matter if they are premade. They all know where they should be and what to use for every repetitive mission. When you play on Silver you get triangulated, every possible way in us covered and beyond. Unless you have a equally skilled team it's already over. I love it when I see a outmatched noob team on Bronze beat silvers. Happens more often than u might think. But, that's on Financial which is a whole other story that you all hate as well.
  8. Blah, blah, blah. We all know this, I may be wrong, but I think he is largely talking about the certain Criminal group in Bronze. The whole clan does this nightly. It's a whole other matter when fighting a premade clan/group in bronze. When I do play in Bronze I look at the Map on the right side it has a rundown of stats. Soso just completed contact, dbags team just defeated x teams and has won 13 missions in a row. That's when I switch to Crim, they usually are 1 night Gold Team in bronze, then have to dethreat the next. And I'm sure they use a different character when they actually do dethreat on silver. I have just learned to avoid alot more. Alot of good points made, but this is really One Crim clan blatantly stomping and dethreating in Bronze. One ONLY runs Oca, one a sniper, the Main D bag does it all. Almost always starts with Oscar, then uses 4 other guns. Then of course Volcano spams when it's a kill mission. I know it does no good, but I report them every chance I get. I love what you did there. Best post of the night dropping in the not so subtle hint. Playing in Bronze is a F A I L U R E.
  9. They are the population and can determine themselves where they are foing to pla, but THEY like a smaller map for some reason. WHY'no one can tell me. Lie, they are progressed, They choose to play there and ONLY there, WHY? There is a answer, but u 2 pus to say it.
  10. I have for years played Arma 3 and APB back and forth. The main reason I play APB over Arma is I can just play. Arma is alot of work, hoarding and corraling cats with all the different game modes and mods and servers. But, I think I am getting close to going back. And hoping APB 2 might come out under this othe company. just answered u, the dont. Plent of times You will see Waterfront started for ppl tp progress. albeit seldom. But NEVER is that way for GOLDS in WaterFront. Stop being a puss, waiting for someone to tell me the real ANSWER!
  11. Never heard a bigger dose of bullshoot than that. ALL GOLD 255's Play almost exclusively in WaterFront? WHY? They could start a game up and populate Financial, the dont, Bronze Financial is populated every night. Alot ot those Bronze and Silver nee to progress in waterfront. Occasionally you will see th waterfront district start up for brone so tehy lvl contacts. golD dont need it, SO WHY only WATERFRONT, just say it! You must NOt be in Jericho, they ONLY play WATERFRONT for years now. FACT
  12. I am not trying to start a fight or stir up any controversy. But, I would like to know what is in the mindset of you so called Premium GOLD players. WHY ONLY WaterFront 24/7? I thought everyone was in agreement on new maps would be great. But, u guys cant get off waterfront. Makes me believe as I always have, that you dont want anything better for the game just yourselves. You prove this day in and day out. WATERFRONT Thats all YOU DO< WHY? Becuz whatever slightest advantage u can get u abuse it. Your like a elite bunch of Counter Strike players. You have 8 plus years experience on ppl and yet, you can't even give up 1 ounce of bullshoot! APB is ONLY a fuckfest for ppl who, shit on new players and join SILVER accidentally. What do u get off from this. I dont get it. You really are just like a bunch of die / try hard Counter Strike ppl... Its soo booring. APB is just ruined, its too old. We need APB 2, to start over. You tools dont have a life! Some of you have been banned, And LO saved you. SHOULD have stayed banned... So.......WHY?.. Many ppl have been trying to progress. But cannot, cuz you Lockdown Silver in WaterFront. EVERY GOLD, that does this should be ashamed of themselves. But, they will flame me and say Git Gud and ALL that smart patootie shit. BUT, U still ONLY Play in WATERFRONT,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,WHY>? be honest...there has to be a reason a cheap reason i'm sure. I am probably one of the most hated ppl on the forums. ALL of my post basically stem around fairness and whats good for a new player and the game itself. You would think that is that is a good thing, but not here. It's just a crapfest of insults and so forth. WELCOME to APB is the answer. LO is really trying, but with this elitist community of GOLDS, I just dont see anything better happening. You are soo immature its ridiculos. A community like this should have some leaders that help out NEW players and not just ASSstomp them into Oblivion.' ANd no I am not even talking about dethreating and the such. You are just as guilty get off your high horse. YOU DONT HELP ppl who come into SILVER! YOU DON:T you STOMP THE EVER LIVING HELL OUT OF THEM. Arrange some other matches, help a noob, sponsor a person, DO something! ALL of your actions are dertimental to the longevity to this game, YET YOU fuzzy bunny THE MOST ABOUT HOW THE GAME IS DYING! I love this game, and yet I am so ashamed to tell anyone that i Play it. I have plenty of ideas and so do others. but LO thinks they have to keep the eltists happy. There is no bigger waste of time than these forums sadly...
  13. Yea, u seen it...like the DODO bird. I seen it to. Once saw bigfoot I think, it was foggy. ThaTS not the point. !!!! When did reading and NONcomprehension become a thing? Obir is rarely used.
  14. Exactly, that's why you almost NEVER see it used. Rarely see anyone man the Obir and they usually do poorly in most cases.
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