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  1. I get it, GOLD tryhards are too surprise to play in GOLD and will ONLY say LOW POP cry BS. So thats why you 255's play in Bronze. The whole thing is a joke from the top down. That's a really weak argument, considering how many Silver and even Bronze don;t know how to manually select district. But that;s another story. The 255's in Bronze have miles and miles of advantages. I so wish I could name and shame... Some, ONLY play OPGL, or Oscar or OGRE. and Oh yeah Car Det. All shameful, yea I know you heard it all before.... Just grow up! REALLY what are you trying to prove? You can stomp a mid SILVER or Bronze its a JOKE! THEN there are clans that make a LIVING out of this. LIKE THE ONE D bag EVERYONE KNOWS in Bronze and gets reported Daily, BUT NOTHING EVER HAPPENS!!!!!!!!!!!! 2 letters 640. Yea, HIM, His whole group is shameful it changes frequently, I guess to throw the bans off. There is no better or worse example of a guy that is a dethreater, and made a whole clan and lifestyle around it. It's a JOKE! 75% of Golds couldn;t play against this guy, YET he is a constant GOLD in the Bronze server. NOTHING IS EVER DONE! Reported umpteen times a night! It's one thing that frequent 255's play in Bronze, then a WHOLE other when A 255 with a WHOLE Extremely LARGE CLAN has them at his beck and Call at moments notice. The Report function is A JOKE AND WE ARE TIRED OF IT! Guys and groups like this make a mockery of the game. This IS why APB has such the bad rep that it does. There is no bigger or greater example than this person. They are in Bronze almost nightly. Crim Group. He/ They are GOLD the whole night. UNTIL, its near his bedtime and then you will suddenly win. So he can Dethreat to rinse and repeat and run off ALL medium Silvers and all! I have personally reported him countless times. Soo many, that I guess I am NOT taken seroiusly! I would even encourage, the Pro Vet boys to make an ALT account to witness the what goes on in Bronze! Do we need Cookie to say it again!!! I know I can't name and shame, BUT SINCE LO won't listen or look at the report function can we at least name the POS Clan name??? Oh, His former clan was a Spanish name of SpongeBOB,but not now, so I didn't sayanything right? Thats on the Crim side and its HELL. But its almost as bad on the Cop side 2.
  2. I have a ticket in for this since last week. I played 2 matches and was changing characters when the game froze on me. Now my account is permanently locked in District! Error Code 10004. It says account being used in District. This has always been mine and only my account. Meanwhile, my Premium days are ticking. Just in case it is something nefarious, I immediately changed my account password and I can log into GamersFirst and forums with no issues. But game still locked in oblivion. I am hoping this will resolve itself with next game maintenance. Otherwise, this is ridiculous wait for a ticket. I really hope this doesn't happen to anyone else. I should have also mentioned that I have rebooted PC and router several times as well.
  3. I would by neither. Spend on something else and get it as a loyalty reward later. Oca is a easy low skill spray gun. In time hopefully you will find yourself using them both less and less.
  4. I just recently played 2 missions and went to switch characters and got disconnected. I am now in Peremanent Error 10004 status! Sent in a ticket.4
  5. Been saying this for years, but no. I wonder how many times a day a New Player is lost forever because of this horrible practice. I guess its not important!
  6. Havana

    Car Height

    It would be really nice if you could have a Ground Kit on (Some) cars that you could not shoot under! For that matter a a lift kit And Monster tires for the TRUCK THAT NO ONE EVER USES!
  7. I love this gun, but it badly needs some love. You will almost always lose in a medium fight. It's only advantage is the stun dmg and to use with a LTL secondary. If I am playing Crim there is ABSOLUTELY ZERO REASON TO USE IT!
  8. Totally Agree something just feels awful about this gun. It routinely seems to suffer ghosts shots and or take 3 or more direct hits.
  9. Barely anyone ever mans a Obir anyway. You know you don't.
  10. I guess it was good for some sales. As OP as it was before, now that the time has run out I see them more than ever. That silenced one is pretty deadly! So, I have learned that whatever you say on the forums has the opposite intended effect. I Expect this from Tryhards that dont want to lose any advantages and cry low POP for everything. But, LO REALLY, You should be learning something by now! You just made it worse again! Its not that worse, but still............. Merged. Talon, is the ONE.
  11. I totally want to believe in LO but just soo many things they have done just don't seem legit. This post is just weird, with all the hot topics on everything, MS chooses this lame dude to respond to.. Its just weird!
  12. Not enough, there are still TEAMS of Detheating ppl in Bronze. There was a Sponge Bob Brazilian clan that did this nightly and now the main culprits have changed their name. Don't want to say WHO. Becuz that would be the right thing to do and we cant have that in the land of PC.
  13. As everyone can see it comes to loadout combo. And there are several choices and preferences. But, Hands down If you can master the .45 and Scout it really seems OP. Sounds ea0sy enough, but I am talking about Huntorax style 2 or 3 .45's and a Jumping Scout shot! I can only do it about 10% of the time if that.
  14. I am probably wrong here, but I have been playing around with some shit and its very interesting. Before anything, can u get banned for macros? I mean I have seen all this crap a million times before and its always a no Benefit type of deal , or so it it stated. I play on both Bronze and Silver equally, and I have to say. Bronze is actually tougher in the long run than Silver. Yea, I know BS, but the majority of Silvers and low rank Golds aren' t really all that good. By and large its about 50 50. Some missions are a serious patootie stomp , but others are really clueless Golds or High Silvers . Too be honest I find better matches in Bronze. There are MORE 255 Sivers in Bronze that play a myriad of diff weapon combos. It's actually MORE FUN! WHY! THe hardcore Golds ONLY seem to want to use NTEC and OBeya longer range type weapons. It gets very boring. DOn't Beleive me? THen WHY does Jericho Silver Pop only play on Silver WaterFRONT!??? A few thhings that are obviously apparent. Ntec and Especially Ntec 7 Ursus are just way too strong! I have no problem playing on either District but< I dunno its just weird. There are waaay more better Silvers on Bronze than Silver server. DONT SHoot the messenger, I am SIMPLY just stating my own personal observation. With that being said. It really seems like whoever have mastered the FBW in Bronze and Silver has a Major advantage. I made a EXREMELy unpopular post on this before. And, I do not see any change. I continue to work on the elusive FBW uber FIRE RATE. fOR YEARS, YES YEARS, i HAVE tried many combinations and practiced. All the forum gurus Have said it doesnt matter on Macros or whatever. I have tried ALL and everything many times over. And I have to say, maybe not soo much a macro, But depending on your mouse hardware and software it is definitely a advantage. But, it does take some getting used to I played around with my settings. ANd I can now, If I choose to, can fire the FBW fairly fast and consistently. Its still very awkawrd, and I end up messing up more than usual in the short term. But, depending on the weapon combo its No doubt way MORE consistent than for those of us that dont't have the perfect rhythm speed combo going for us. I would like this to be a productive dialogue, but from my past experience I know it just cant be done. THere is no better aternative than mastering the FBW fire rate. But, to say there is no other solution is wrong.
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