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  1. Amen, that's most if the players right there. Immature Exactly, like the guy who immediately disliked my comment, thus proving the point of the guy I was agreeing with....lol
  2. Boy do I miss Fairfight and ffbans.org! Remember how many people were banned? Tons! And were just supposed to believe all is good now. Seeing alot of questionable people lately ALOT! I hide just to see if they can find me sometimes and they most always do. Closet wallhackers. And of course they all macro FBW to death.
  3. No point when all the tryhards just macro the broken FBW. WHY even have shotguns or Smgs when FBW macro wins 90% of the time.
  4. Havana

    Bugs and suggestions

    That's APB forums sadly. If you make a post complimenting something the6will poo poo on it.
  5. Colby Commander is pure trash, if it's so balanced then why can you count on one hand how many times you have seen it your entire APB career!
  6. Man, I wish I was that cool of a forum guru!
  7. Nice see some changes. But haters keep hating. Good Job LO.
  8. Yet on the ingame stats of the gun it shows the bar range being like 60 meters. BS You can even see it in that video.
  9. It is frustrating. I mean for the time the community has been promised a engine update we could have had a whole new game. APB 2.0 or 3 by now.
  10. He was probably stunned by a DMR, and I don't know how they could get there in time to make the arrest.
  11. I am, and have always been about the new user experience for the game. Sad to see, soo many ppl that cry about stuff yet do NOTHING to help remedy anything. I do understand their hesitations and frustrations however. This post or CALL for GM applications does not give enough information IMO. What is our ROLE. A handful of times I have seen a GM online in my 7 plus years and all I saw was all out GIMME GIMMME GIMME stuff info whatever. And incompetent GM's who are hounded, distracted by silly requests and redundant information. We need some REAL guidlines, Some real AUTHORITY. Some Real abilities! Just making a post and getting some new GMS that don't show, or will not have a real interest or just like attention is a WASTE of time and effort. Lets really talk about this please. Myself, and I am sure many others would like to try to make a real difference. From clues, I gather that if a GM it will have no realation to your other main charactes. Thats good< If I understand it correctly. But , there is no FAQ. I am all about helping NEW players. What tools would a GM have if any? Can I move a player from a District? With his/her permission? Specifically, the Trainee, Green or Bronze that ends up in Silver Stomp. Could I move after soo many wining missions the OBVIOUS 255 Bronze Dethreater to Silver? If not, Why NOT and what s the POINT? Can as a GM you be able to fly ABOVE or somehow view a mission in progress? I don't want to waste my time If I cannot truly benefit the game and progression of a new player base. I really think theres needs to be a open discussion, and better yet several scheduled Discord disussions on the matter. I have been playing off and on since 2012 and in all that time i have seen about 6 GM's and of those times it was nothing but Bernie Sanders ppl asking for free crap. If you are going to continue to be this single minded and not have a REAL discussion on GM;s and how they can have a real effect, well I don't know. I just think, that you a great pportunity to have a lot of free help and you should not squander it again like its always been done. There should also be a meeting with chosen GM's to say what they will and wont do. My experience in all these years, are a few immature GM's that like some attention and are missing the big picture. I really, really want to throw my hat in the ring. I have several ideas of how to help, assist and train New players. But, I also enjoy the game. If this is going to be what it has always been, and not really getting down to some core issues you are wasting everyones time! Merged. GM's should have some kind of abilty to MOVE a player. With Consent OR after X rules without. A GM should be able to move a player out of a mission. This has the potential to be abused by bad or unethical GM's. GM's should be able to be reported by players for bias or unafairness and this should take a priority. If not, they are not GM's they are just Social Justice Warriors. And you get to keep on getting what you have always gotten. Thank You!
  12. We have all heard it a million times before right? Just keep playing and MAYBE you can catch up to a 7 year lead VET with me and ALL my buddies. YOU are just a lowlife noob, with NO skill. Well, sadly all that is true. It takes along time to get get good at this game. That being said, I want to talk about the biggest myth and lie of APB. It's VERY VERY TRUE that its a huge skill level. You will lose over and over again, and you should. You have alot to learn! Im a vet myself. I don't claim to be uber and even half good. However, I do know what the F, I am talking about from experience. To me the Whole game is Rock, Paper, Scissors,, and its awesome! I actaully kinda love it when that rare mission happens and the guys who are NOT to supposed to win, WIN! Matchmaking is a whole other topic, but This is the ONLY game in the world, that seems hellbent on the most lopsided matches EVER! Like all these tryhards for 7 years and all their buddies need help. I can't understand, if you take over a game from ANY level and let alone let this happen, and damn near Almost PROMOTE IT, then wonder why there is no population that still plays!!! Sorry, I got too many topics in my head. To the vets... YOU ALL LIE! FBW is one of the worst things in this game! I said this a year ago and got flamed hard. There are 2 arguments. I see it and get it.. There damn sure is a skill to using FBW rhythm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOWEVER< that IS NOT WHAT I AM SEEING ON THE BATTLEFIELD! I am seeing the FBW VS. anything and win 110% of the time scenario. There is a rhythm to using the FBW. But switching shoulders with max accuracy and all the while keeping up the the fire rate?? CMON.... NOW, then we get into the Macro debate> Macro's dont work, they hinder you, and all that... OH, the most popular one is using a scroll wheel macro doesn't help. been experimenting with all this for a long time and it is an advantage if u know what u r doing. Its not like u have a Aimbot or a hack. Just like EVERYTHING ELSE it takes practice. But, with the right macro it works, and it works waay better than I ever thought it should! If YOU kill me with the FBW, I have a pretty good idea if it was you or are assisted. Just saying, Most of you talk alot of shit and AND HAVE A LITTTLE HELP! Merged. So Sad, that a hanful of delinquents decide the future of a epic game. Soley out of ego, Please give me a scenario where players with a 7 year head start, who have multiple weapon,s ability,map knowledge, and everyother possible advantage and have infected the culture to the extent as APB> Merged. Somebody is confused! OMG, what TF is he talking about? You know what, Nevermind. Soo sad that u needed this for so loong... Truth is coming.... u rely on keeping pplin the darkeness to hide your BS. Yeah!, I might sound crazy but crazy TRUTH talk is what yu hate most. If you are wondering what all this babbling is about its just one thing.' You all script or macro FBW BS!
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