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  1. RIOT definitely is NOT the answer. No one asked for it or wanted it. Engine uograde and new content. A new map, minor weapons tweaks. Better matchmaking. All the stuff we all cry about for years. Nope, lets do BR!, it's the fad that's about to die out!
  2. Dual FBW? That's the day I uninstall with alot of others. Have fun all 30 of ya.
  3. Close All Districts except Gold and ONLY the same 30 Gold APB Lifers can play with themselvea forever. You don't have to think about anything but yourself. Kind of like now. No stupid noobs to suggest something dumb, or change your fav gun. Oh wait, that's how that is right now also. My bad...
  4. Yea, nerf it! Cuz there are just soo many ppl running around with it. Almost nobody uses it, I say buff the range! A++ I agree 110%! Logical and unbiased. Heres someone that is thinking for the game and NOT just himself! That means you are about to be pooped on by the Forum community probably. I would include the FBW to have a shorter range and firing rate. They really like that! I agree fully with you on that RFP!
  5. Waste of time making any suggestion on the forums. Here is a player of 3 weeks that is obviously doing real good. He is Gold for a week already. And thrust into playing with Max rank 10k hour Golds with every weapon, grenade, car det, map knowledge, consumable and whatever else. I am surprised he's still here at all. Not too mention they all live on the forums and poop on anybody new. They don't want anything to really change. Most are happy to be a big fish in a small pond. BS on the the POP is too low for Golds to play in Gold. They are plenty of Silvers that would chose to. I have to wait alot to play in Silver because its full. There a quite a few people who ARE in Silver and really shouldn't be because they don't know they can manually select district. Sorry gurus, this guy is RIGHT! The progression from Trainee to Green is a milisecond, then to bronze and Silver is waaay too fast! So a guy like this is a decent shooter and understands awareness. So in like 3 missions or about a hour or less he is SILVER. Next time he logs in he goes to Silver district Where Golds play. How can you not see the problem with this.... Git Gud right....sounds like Another Silver getting trashed by Gold...blah, blah and all the other toxic garbage. I really don't see whats so hard about all this. Remove the Start screen with Social and the districts and ONLY have the the list of Districts. Make the ALWAYS USELESS GREEN SERVER for uhh,,,lets say Green players in every literal sense of the word actually used for NEW players. They are Green to the game. Sometimes and very likely a Trainee starts off in Silver District! This the most absurd thing ever! You might as well just flash a message to uninstall after character creation. Make a Trainee have at least 5 hours or 30 missions or whatever before he goes Green. He can join whatever he wants. (But Recommended Green District) Greens have another predetermined tier to go Bronze lvl. He can join whatever he wants. (But Recommended Green District) Bronze have another predetermined tier to go Silver lvl. Silvers CANNOT join Bronze! Now Silvers or dethreating Gold players CANNOT go to Green district where TRUE Green, Bonze and new Trainees play. Now you don't have the Ginormous Skill Gap as nearly as much. Trainees, Greens and True Bronzes playing against each other ONLY! Let them learn the game with their peers instead of against MAX ranked dethreaters. Basically make Green server useful by stretching out the time for the Early lvls from Trainee to Bronze. After that, for Silvers go back to whatever method of advancement. This won't affect Golds doing what they always do. But, let REAL NEW players play with others closer to their experience and skill. Seriously what in the HELL would this hurt! The most frustrating thing is this same talk for years and years. Same excuses of low pop, engine upgrade. I would rather see LO try something like this instead of the wait. Wait for what? After the Engine Upgrade this problem will still be the EXACT same thing! Even if it didnt work and I don't how it see how it could not. At least make attempt at a real issue. Fling all the doo you you want, I'm not coming back to read it. Its always the same.
  6. As the title says... I was getting a little bored so I thought I would spend a little money and crete a new look. Won't buy what I can't get a preview image of...
  7. Yes you just said it. Naturally better. If I can run faster than you in real life should be able to run faster in game than you right... I'm naturally faster! I knew all tje no life die hards would be butt hurt....
  8. This IS NOT a starter pistol. There is no way in hell this gun makes any sense. All the Pro Gods use this gun and I die from it more than any other weapon. I have been playing for 6 or 7 years. For the longest times I thought these FBW auto guys were all cheating. But no they are not. You see you have to have the perfect rhythm to shoot it as fast without being too fast and misfiring. Which is PRECISELY why it should be altered! So some ppl are naturally more artistic than others right? And some ppl can play music and some absolutely cannot. So if you are a natural drummer and have the ability for RHYTHM (which I do NOT) you have a built in advantage. Like I said, I have been playing for years, but cannot shoot this gun like that AND move at the same time. In addition to all of the years I have been using it, I once played 2 hours a night for like a month straight NEVER readying up in a empty district. NOTHING but shooting this gun! can do it standing still but cannot maintain the rhythm and move at the same time. It's NEVER going to happen, I just DO NOT have that ability. There should NOT be any gun that gives such an Advantage because of natural rhythm ability. This is one of the main reasons ppl hackusate and leave the game. They get owned over and over by some one dodging around and shooting this Starter Pistol with near automatic consistency. If we want NEW players, some of these Veteran players are going to have to live without their advantages, THEY have enough already. Since serious issues like this probably won't be addressed, it will be the same experience GAP always and No new players will stick around. It should not take 4,5,6 or 7 years to git gud at learning a rhythm of a DAMN STARTER PISTOL! There is NO OTHER Gun in the game that works like this. Not the Oscar, NOT the Carbine NOTHING! The LEGENDARY version the OCSP Kommandant DOES NOT behave this way and even takes another shot to kill. Nor the .45 NOR anythng... I'm sure someone will say all the childish crap like git gud and Silver this, or even say use Scroll wheel firing or macro. Since the ONLY people who come to the forums are VETS who abuse this I'm sure this will ONLY get downvoted. Sure there are other guns and play styles that annoy me. Like Oscar users and Jump Out True Ogres and what not. But, that can be countered. I can never counter this FBW rhythm shooting. I am sure there are lots of ppl who like me. They don't even understand what is going on with this guy/gals shooting this starter pistol so rapidly and accurately from such distance. Then they try theirs and they can't fire it at even half the rate. Thats a great first impression. They falsely assume they MUST be cheating like I did. I hope some one at LO will take a serious look at this guns fundamentally flawed gun shooting mechanic
  9. LO is like Trump trying to make things better. And this community is CNN.
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