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  1. Agreed 100%, anybody want to buy some legendaries?
  2. So there are no cheats or even the possibility of them unless Cookie says so. Democrats of APB....ughhh.
  3. For some reason in Jericho Bronze server is always active and on Financial. And the Silver district is always on Waterfront. I like both equally, but they should change both up a little more. Just help newer players get those contacts going.
  4. I like it also. Too bad most run the same old boring, I have to win loadouts setup. I love funky unconventional loadouts, helps you to be more versatile as well.
  5. Actually can't believe I totally agree with you....lol
  6. Once again, I just posted saying the same thing. But, alas Cookie has to crap on it, then experience it for himself before any real discussion is had.
  7. It usually happens for me if I switch characters more than twice.
  8. Kinda rare, but I see them. Mostly situations where I was intentionally quiet in a spot just to see what would happen. And all of sudden multiple nades on me. Closet wallhacker hardest to detect.
  9. I like this guy! That's what I'm talking about!
  10. Didn't think you played.Just refreshing forums all day waiting to post.
  11. OK, but there is still NO excuse for game to put a TRAINEE in Silver District.! Its just assanine! LO might as well just go on Steam or where ever and write a Bad review automatically everytime! And say, APB is filled with Cheats and PTW. We as a game TOTALLY ASK FOR THE BAD REVIEWS with this practice. Been this way for years and its shameful. How many ppl over the years could we might have retained and SPENT MONEY if their First introduction wasn't on Silver. And our Glorious GOLD community did what to help them after stomping the living *&$% out of them? THese are our leaders?
  12. From what I have seen, and especially here on the forums. No one has the Ethical ability to be a GM amyways. Everyone hates my posts. But, all my posts are only geared towards making the game better for the new player and increasing the community. Something that is apparently despised by forum trolls. I mean, really. we have ZERO ADULTS here. I can make a call for against something or somebody based on facts. Regardless of wheter I like or despise the person. But, our own government can't do it. SO, I am crazy to think players in APB actually could.
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