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  1. after victory just pre-ignore whole enemy team before they send message they waste their time making new alt to whisper you anyway LMAO
  2. sometimes you just have to give up on working on something for so long that doesn't even matter anymore we are waiting for an engine update to ue 3.5... when ue4 is rock solid and ue5 is already released for experimental development work. it is said in documentation the transition from ue4 to ue5 is almost seamless, but i doubt that for a game such as this, just a thought. i understand initially it was supposed to take maybe a year to get everything to ue3.5 so that the upgrade allows content to be created for the game much more easier, but year after year after year the team just keeps digging a whole, sinking more and more time into something that was supposed to bring new life to the game. a game that has fallen so far gone now... it just makes more sense to pack it up and work on apb 2.0 with current tech, and do another re-release campaign just like APB -> APB:Reloaded did. im not even talking about a completely new game, just a fresh start, without fighting old code and wonky systems built so long ago by people that are probably not even on the staff anymore. even so we cant deny little orbits progress they have done so far.. where does it all lead to? hopefully not the same 2 maps we been playing on for a decade now...
  3. so its been 8 years ? is that really true ??
  4. been preaching this for years. there is probably some senior moron on the team that kept saying, naw we should do it this way, no this way is better, nah we can upgrade engine 3.5 faster... at the time maybe this was true, but after this much time? guys cmon... the spaghetti code mess they are trying to "update" so that new content/upgrades can be rolled out easier is taking longer then 11 years. the messed up engine they are trying to patch is TWO generations behind what the industry is capable of. as time goes by, the tools get better and better to put out wonderful content for less time/effort put in. what is happening now in apb dev is a prime example of sunk cost fallacy, 11 years in the gutter. yall devs are showing off an unlit rendered sphere that looks like it belongs in 2003 LMAO. stop wasting everyones time, get rid of those devs that are holding up progress, hire some new people and start over already. your not going to need those dinosaurs when you switch over to ue4 or EVEN UNITY AT THIS POINT. don't forget you devs just spent some time reimporting all your assets, could have used that time reimporting assets in something new. with the team you guys have it shoulda taken you 4-5 years to put out a new version of APB on modern tech... instead you are taking twice that amount of time to.... update ancient technology to what??? less ancient technology ?????
  5. im sorry its been so long, the only ones i know off the top of my head is huntrax, shini, and british guy but it wasn't them. can you help name some from 2014 and earlier? its when i found the video
  6. i dont remember the name or who was in it, but towards the end, male character had a joker carbine and got like 13 kills in the middle of a bunch of exploding cars. the music was calm or some shtt. help i looked threw everything i cant find it!
  7. where is this? this information seems to have been stripped away from posts and news postings with the only official mention of UE4 being: I remember another post saying they cut their ue4 team and absorbed them into the 3.5 upgrade team, but that too was removed from the site. Is there still officially a ue4 team?
  8. just remember... we are still upgrading from unreal engine 3 to... unreal engine 3.5 ...... in 2020. we been waiting for an engine upgrade that has taken so long to do that it has been long obsolete even before its done.
  9. main post edited or i need to shift threw 10 pages of more lies to find updates?
  10. im just glad we got a couple more years of listening to leboyce themes
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