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  1. main post edited or i need to shift threw 10 pages of more lies to find updates?
  2. im just glad we got a couple more years of listening to leboyce themes
  3. happened to me just now, mission wasn't Economic Recovery. seems to be random... ?
  4. what about just increasing the speed at which you level with contacts? would make those short sessions that much more meaningful when the whole community only plays on financial for a week straight then on waterfront for 1 night...
  5. k then you ppl wonder why everyone stays using ntec... there's no justifiable reason to spend 30 days immobilized to switch to anything else when the ntec can do every role well enough. this is the only way to bring multitude of weapons back into use without nerfing or buffing guns. it allows you to keep going without wasting time. it shares cooldown with deployer so its nothing but a quality of life change...
  6. Just a quality of life improvement suggestion. Field Supply mod allows you switch weapons in the spawn menu. Any weapon change puts the mod on cooldown. You cannot switch weapons in the spawn menu if you don't have it equipped. You cannot switch weapons in spawn menu if Field Supply is on cooldown. Possibly allows you to spawn 10-30 seconds later ?? Or on demand ?? Proof of concept video heer -> in the video you'll see me switch out my primary weapon and secondary weapon to something else. It happens quick but you get the idea.
  7. tons of people came back when apb got bought out tons of ddos happens right after that tons of people who came back left again rinse and repeat. fix the fucking ddos whenever you idiots make a huge patch/change then people will stay

    cant loaged

    so no one is ganna talk about how no one can get in any district??? hello ?
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