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  1. another decade to wait for the engine update™ soon™®
  2. Yes keep levelling up https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=163302084
  3. a silver if you're a gold, you never question that if you're a gold or belong in gold; if you have to ask what it makes you then you're a silver an 'actual' gold is a gold because of confidence and consistency in their skills and acknowledgement of their weaknesses with a desire to improve and not psychologically project on their weaknesses pyrites are just silvers in disguise like it's halloween back in pre-threat apb, there was still a significant difference between gold 3 and gold 6 players, essentially new golds vs cream of the crop players and gold 10s were just hackers (essentially) the actual golds attempted to find new methods of playing the game to make it more competitive; quickscoping, jumping door kicks, perc pmgs, jumpsniping, primary + fbw, etc. 50% (3/6) is still a fail in post-secondary
  4. move server to taiwan cuz taiwan numba wan
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