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  1. Maybe when the game becomes stable again from our end. THe servers seem 2 run fine, but last time I played to get some premium game play, my server delay was about 500ms. I would suggest getting a AAA game, paying way to much for it and get your fix there
  2. Many people here still confuse hackers with blackhats. A hacker is a whitehat programmer who can be compared to a locksmith. A blackhat destroys, a hacker finds holes and plugs them. Please everyone, use the correct terminology
  3. Thank you for echoing this to us Is there a chance that players who did not login in the last two months can get a week of premium at a later stage (maybe with next patch) in a manner which does not take too much time from the programmers?
  4. I also suffer under the __no premium syndrome__. If it were Tiggs she would have just run one code for all. It expires in a month, you enter it via armas and done! I wonder why Matt chose this way, which misses "a lot" of people
  5. I also did not get any premium, but instead of getting angry I will (have to) wait till the next working day starts for them. It looks like the game has no 24hr skeleton crew of network technicians to keep it running.
  6. Much easier, so easy that Tiggs could do it by herself, back in the day The end result is that I still dont play / stream, because I want this premium first I may assume you got nothing yet right? Have a nice sunday
  7. Can you pleas screenshot that? Also when was the last time you played? More than 60 days ago?
  8. It seems that infrequent players like me need to be patient still. A quick check in armas told me I have not been in the group of lucky players who will be rewarded. Time is 06:36 UTC on Sunday 12-may-2K19 https://imgur.com/jNROMzH
  9. If I were you all, I would play something else for now. Gaming should *always* be fun, never irritation
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