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  1. The only annoyance I have is that I get a 255 hard white screen when I switch back to the game from one of my 4 desktops. I have 2 GPU's but have not configured the 2nd one, because I use the GTX Ti750 purely to stream out. My main GPU for games is the GTX1050 It takes 4 to 5 seconds of hard white so that is so bad I have to turn my head around
  2. What I still dont get is that the game tries to install an old version of direct-X so old that my Comodo Firewall barfed at it, thinking it was a PUA https://imgur.com/VwOJYLz
  3. Just had a fresh install of win-X a few days ago. Im jumpin in and running the game, hopefully it will go as planned and I'll return with smile emojis
  4. Where are they stored in the documents tree? I made a screenshot of the pre game screen and cant locate the screenshot directory Update I found the dir in an odd place %game_dir%\Media\Screenshots
  5. I could play after the patch where they said those issues were addressed. 1st time after months 1st day januari 17 Im checking it out now with the latest patch. Update: I can still get in, was able to play two matches. no bad behaviour of the game client
  6. I got in the game!!! So the patch worked for me. Now I need to find how 2 make greenshot take my game screenshots again, because in win 8.1 they are black
  7. Where is the %appdata% folder from APB? I had left the game in the unplayable state, because Im busy running other games and simulators here Update: Not even the launcher is working now. It starts, there is disk activity but the progress bar of the launcher stays at zero. We are now at 3 mins with that after a 2nd trail. No working patcher means no game => back to my other games which behave normally win win8.1 pro I'll update this post if the launcher behaved normally after a while
  8. Did you even bother to read the notes?
  9. Same response as my other ones #authy #2FA is what you need https://authy.com
  10. Setting up #2FA was easy for me. I have both #authy and #winAuth #2FA on my system. I recommend #Authy https://authy.com to all who want multi OS level protection for their #2FA and easy device addition to their token wallets. I have one question. Why does the system when I logout not ask me again for my #2FA code after I used it once on the website? It's like the option keep device in memory, which you have at google and others is turned on automatically. That's sth I dislike. I want to enter my #2FA code *every time* I login the game and the website Use multiOS protection with network stored device base encrypted tokens in #authy (@authy on twitter) https://authy.com Check my above responses
  11. I had not done that. I will also heed your advice and use virtual bleach on the APB reg-strucure after the standard uninstall. I have a tool for that, which automates that task That could be the culprit I will post the results when I've executed the task
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