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  1. Better performance and faster loading... That splash screen some reason takes forever to load.
  2. I hate to be that guy... But it is... For consoles so yeah.
  3. Be fair here... Main reason they stopped doing this to stop modded accounts from last gen when it came to GTA Online.
  4. I gotten some people to play on here before just most of them tend to leave due to performance or technical related issues... Which I cant blame them.
  5. Play it on console if you wanna "touch it" since that is the closest thing for a pubic version of the engine upgrade on PS4 and Xbone One.
  6. I never had a issue with the shift to sprint since alot of games use it for that key... As well my console player hands can adapt to far worse controls just fine on PC.
  7. I dont see them as a shame but again thats just me with my CBT title lol.
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