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  1. Oh thank you! I was confused some reason why the option wasn't there... Yeah seriously they need to fix that!
  2. Im guessing you can't merge both Xbox and PlayStation accounts on the same PC account? Since Xbox works fine but my PS4 account I don't see the option for it. Unless it isn't ready yet then I'll wait.
  3. ISSR-A PR3 'Bendis'... Looks like the ISSR-A in the Joker Store since I bought a perm JT version for it's looks alone.
  4. I have a CPU bottleneck when using my 1050ti after upgrading to a 3060 12GB performance is still the same at 80-128FPS at 1080p max settings. So in my case i7-3770 is pretty much bottlenecking my two cards lol.
  5. >Joker Ammo vending machines are no longer spammy metal monsters. We squashed the loud and obnoxious vocal bug. Glad that was fixed I had PTSD of that damn spam from Xbox One and PS4 versions of APB... I'll probably come back again once EAC arrives. Since I pretty much stop playing to work on my backlog after upgrading from a 1050ti to a RTX 3060 12GB.
  6. Not everyone plays on potato config settings. You'll be surprised good chunk of us do play at max settings... Since upgrade to 64-bit alot of places the baked lighting is just awful at alot of places in all the maps we play in.
  7. Last time we had EAC it did change quite abit but it wont matter at lower skill levels but at higher skill level players it was pretty noticable.
  8. As shitpost as this is... Crossover is your best bet for M1 and M2 Macs irony enough.
  9. It was only "better" in the test servers due to lack of people... Most I seen in the test server was like 50... Now you can properly test it with 100 player districts and 20v20 Asylum. Regardless it does run better and smoother then 32bit from my testing.
  10. Glad some issues are fixed from the beta but my only issue is the baked lighting and shaders are still abit on the worse side of things... Since im one of the few people who dont play at potato config settings and it's pretty noticeable at spots around the maps. Throw in a small edit... As well audio issues... God those joker ammo vending machines are horrible like the console versions of APB Reloaded.
  11. Works fine on my 9 year old toaster which is... i7-3770 16GB DDR3 ram at 1600 GTX 1050ti 4GB 2TB with W10 Getting better performance in 64-bit over 32-bit so might be something on your end or overheating since im on a desktop.
  12. My personal experience it's amazing... As well jarring that I can pretty much hit 100+ FPS all times unless it's very crowed... Then it can drop into 90s. As for issues probably same as everyone. Obnoxiously loud joker vending machines and performance degrade over time. At the same time... Kinda hard to stress it besides gun game... Which helps but 20v20 asylum would work better to really see a stress on performance but everyone just wanna do missions. Otherwise... Its far smoother then live so far for me.
  13. >People taking Zombie seriously in the APB Forums. She's living up to her Aussie shitposting status still in 2022... Soon to be 2023.
  14. Its mostly the Turing cards... 2000 and 1600 series cards that have that crash.
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