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  1. Yeah they changed it since it looked much better at nights in RTW. Im sure people hate it but I'll love to see the glowy bloom again...
  2. I would love to see them back. They are great also bring back the DoF and HD bloom while at it. Hell bring back alot of missing effects that lost during that "optimization" patches years ago...
  3. Well in this case it was due to interactions with each other in the game... Then what happen week later. Probably best way to sum it up with out mods slapping me with shame. If interested I can send a mail about that interaction lol. Its pretty funny look back on it.
  4. Its not a big deal to be remembered or not. I do remember you for a rather stupid reason when I went to the EU server... If that makes you happy.
  5. Yeah its Nekolin and no you gave me the Anubis which I sold for a nano then years later I traded it for a Duck +100k.
  6. Lol yeah I get those too lately as well on youtube.
  7. I know this post is abit old but its still $2500 for permanent witness since I was trying to do that stupid 1000 stolen car achievement and kept it under $2500 in a populated district.
  8. I guess I can throw my 2 cents in... There's alot of places you can shoot through in Asylum like windows and some walls. I can probably throw in examples in here later with a edit when im not feeling lazy.
  9. Well no idea really... I just decided to login into the forums in 2014 and asked me to set up forum account and I used my CBT/OBT forum name again and it was available so idk.
  10. Nah this is my main. I had to redo my forum stuff after they nuked the old forums. Which I never did bother till 2014 when I decided to "try" to be active in the forums. Also these two pretty much close to being spot on.
  11. Never go by forum join date... They might like be with me where I joined the forums in 2014 while in-game you'll see me with a close beta tester title in-game.
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