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  1. It works but I forgot which version works with APB though...
  2. Would be cool to have for reflections. Probably be OP due how many windows are around in APB's case.
  3. Probably gave up on moving him around or just forgot about it all together...
  4. I always felt like the console version is the OTW for the engine upgrade... Since its the only two versions that uses UE3.5... Wile PC still stuck on that customized mess of a older version of UE3.
  5. Probably best to do it in small batches of cars at a time... Since it does get boring pretty quick. As well you can make some quick pocket change when doing so... Heres my route I take between two chop shops to do it pretty quick.
  6. Honestly this pretty tame from what I seen in the past week.
  7. Last time I logged on few days ago it was 500+ on PS4 US server but if you play on EU server then I can kinda see it being that small (Unless its like PC population where the EU server have more people then the US server)... Unless you are talking about on US dead hours then yeah I can see it that small.
  8. Thank you... Also im not surprised its happening on PS4 APB... Been having on PC on the NA server past few weeks. Somethings just never change no matter what platform you play on... Always toxic in APB sadly.
  9. This^ Not you aint exactly explaining what "Booting" is... Since most of us don't know what it is.
  10. What is booting...? I played on PS4 for abit now but first time hearing this... I counter TKers but never booters.
  11. As much I wanna see a Anarchy event there's far more things that need to be done first before doing so...
  12. 3.5 download and 0.15 upload was my old internet... It was cheap but man 1 thing in the house would cause it to lag.
  13. When in doubt... Break out the Calabria. Im sure good amount of you guys in Jericho experienced it first hand of its wrath.
  14. You should really clean out that ignore list then... Since lets be honest here most of those people you have is gone or inactive at this point.
  15. 20v20 on Asylum is fine just need some work on objective placements in it. Same with 20v20 Baylan works well compare to the 16v16 since both have enough room for more players to roam in.
  16. I used to use Happy Landings 3 but I gotten so used to using Hard Landings... No animation drops is nice but makes me more squishy when comes from large drops though.
  17. Working fine for me but all I can say is make sure steam is up to date... Otherwise some wonky stuff start breaking on steam from my own personal experience.
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