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  1. I dont think ATAC is broken... Also you should see how things are on console APB with all the ATACs that are going on over there lol.
  2. They are trying to apply GTA:O terms with APB.
  3. Honestly I like APB... I enjoy it and its one of the few games I cant take serious at all so I tend to stick around and just have fun.
  4. Honestly I find the forums pretty boring compare to in-game but again I just lurk in here and seeing if anything new is going on when im not playing APB.
  5. Better performance and faster loading... That splash screen some reason takes forever to load.
  6. I hate to be that guy... But it is... For consoles so yeah.
  7. Be fair here... Main reason they stopped doing this to stop modded accounts from last gen when it came to GTA Online.
  8. I gotten some people to play on here before just most of them tend to leave due to performance or technical related issues... Which I cant blame them.
  9. Play it on console if you wanna "touch it" since that is the closest thing for a pubic version of the engine upgrade on PS4 and Xbone One.
  10. I never had a issue with the shift to sprint since alot of games use it for that key... As well my console player hands can adapt to far worse controls just fine on PC.
  11. I dont see them as a shame but again thats just me with my CBT title lol.
  12. It works but I forgot which version works with APB though...
  13. Would be cool to have for reflections. Probably be OP due how many windows are around in APB's case.
  14. Probably gave up on moving him around or just forgot about it all together...
  15. I always felt like the console version is the OTW for the engine upgrade... Since its the only two versions that uses UE3.5... Wile PC still stuck on that customized mess of a older version of UE3.
  16. Probably best to do it in small batches of cars at a time... Since it does get boring pretty quick. As well you can make some quick pocket change when doing so... Heres my route I take between two chop shops to do it pretty quick.
  17. Honestly this pretty tame from what I seen in the past week.
  18. As much I wanna see a Anarchy event there's far more things that need to be done first before doing so...
  19. 3.5 download and 0.15 upload was my old internet... It was cheap but man 1 thing in the house would cause it to lag.
  20. When in doubt... Break out the Calabria. Im sure good amount of you guys in Jericho experienced it first hand of its wrath.
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