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  1. Problem is betas are never 3 hours long in those cases... If anything they tend to last longer then a week unless they are gonna pull a 343i and extend it for couple more days.
  2. Only time this bug appears for me is when im lagging or the server is acting up.
  3. Alot of things are better then PunkBuster...
  4. Out of all the betas I tested in other games this was the worse one out there. Just the way they handled it as well how short it was... I did manage to play for 30 mins though so I aint that mad just worried now with the engine upgrade since it did ran worse for me. Sad thing is I couldn't change settings since requires a client reboot... (Why is this even still a thing in 2020...?)
  5. Best way to sum up all this for me... https://youtu.be/Jc0r5ilDiXw?t=13
  6. From the last time those low prices didn't stick around. They are still above 10-16+ mil these days.
  7. Eh I enjoy the video and quite surprised no one took the name TobyFox though lol.
  8. Depends really where they live... Since theres also taxes here in Texas, USA.
  9. I dont think ATAC is broken... Also you should see how things are on console APB with all the ATACs that are going on over there lol.
  10. They are trying to apply GTA:O terms with APB.
  11. Honestly I like APB... I enjoy it and its one of the few games I cant take serious at all so I tend to stick around and just have fun.
  12. Honestly I find the forums pretty boring compare to in-game but again I just lurk in here and seeing if anything new is going on when im not playing APB.
  13. Better performance and faster loading... That splash screen some reason takes forever to load.
  14. I hate to be that guy... But it is... For consoles so yeah.
  15. Be fair here... Main reason they stopped doing this to stop modded accounts from last gen when it came to GTA Online.
  16. I gotten some people to play on here before just most of them tend to leave due to performance or technical related issues... Which I cant blame them.
  17. Play it on console if you wanna "touch it" since that is the closest thing for a pubic version of the engine upgrade on PS4 and Xbone One.
  18. I never had a issue with the shift to sprint since alot of games use it for that key... As well my console player hands can adapt to far worse controls just fine on PC.
  19. I dont see them as a shame but again thats just me with my CBT title lol.
  20. It works but I forgot which version works with APB though...
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