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  1. KnifuWaifu

    APB Reloaded (Alpha-Beta) ?

    I thought APB stood for Alpha-Pre-Beta? And we're just playing a game called Reloaded, you know like the Matrix where you can dress up and have lots of guns. This isn't the Matrix?
  2. First make it easier to add new content by updating the game. Then add new content to the game, But if we're adding wishes I would rather they release another season-pass-esque package like the Juggernaut set than another string of JMBs. Juggernaut was dope af, it was like Christmas every month getting that set.
  3. You mean the intersection outside of Double B and Violet Prentiss? These.gif Make it part of the Tutorial arena or yes even better add it to Social, maybe in that giant building not many people go into at the top of the stairs no one is allowed to enter. Of course make the guns only work in that area. It'll have to be at least 105m long though so we can test out explosives. And some sort of programming gymnastics would need to be made to ensure we a) couldn't murder each other b) couldn't leave the range with a weapon. c) not murder each other's targets. It would suck to be trying to work out the ttk on the Harrier only to have a stray rocket plow through your target. Also find a way to add weapon mods to the mix. I mean a gun range is great for mucking around with an ARMAS gun but some folks might want to feel the difference between CJ2 and CJ3 on an PMG etc.
  4. KnifuWaifu

    alien invasion car

    Thank you so much. Getting info on how to find the giveaway was definitely the hard part of the giveaway. After this post I got one in 3-4 clicks. Wish this stuff was stickied. Considering those limitations it's a great car and the small effort needed to claim the giveaway this is a great prize. Shame that Alienware didn't want you to use the alienhead seems counter to the promotion but still great work on the designers for still giving it the Alienware look without the alienhead. See below for my suggestion for future giveaways. This. Is not a bad idea, although it would be a heap of work for a reskin and new kit of a Patriot T25 or Dolton Montane but the essence should be taken in to account - if they're going to giveaway free stuff LO should use that opportunity to promote lesser used vehicles and bring life to the neglected side of APB. Free Redesigned Balkan Varzuga? Do it. New Skin for the STAR? All in. Find stuff that is game statistically neutral or everyone already has access to (like the Calabria or the STAR) and jazz it to breathe new life into it. But that's just me and my boredom with the Vegas + NTec meta that's been going on since time immemorial. And obviously the rewards should balance with the effort needed to claim them. Considering the Alienware vehicle only took a few clicks for someone with an account, it's almost too much to be given a vehicle with more than 1slot.
  5. I don't understand the 0 slots = 127 thing. The Han Veo in the picture shows the opposite - Han Veo = 0 slots, Han Veo 120LX = 1 slot, 220LX = 2slot, etc? If the Calabria 0slot starter was always the 127 the complaint makes sense but then with G1 adding the Spawner onto it turning it into a 1slot doesn't that mean that G1 fixed the naming convention or am I missing a detail? I actually like the car and the Calabria is insanely efficient for what it does - free spawn unit. Considering 90% of games where you use a Spawner some jerk is going to move that car right up against the objective effectively nullifying its spawning slot being able to respawn it for $0 makes it so much more versatile. Players also leave them alone, if you've got a 4x4 armoured Vegas or giant Pioneer 9/10 times the player spawning in it is going to want to ride that thing to the objective or way too close to the enemy. If they spawn in a Calabria? They jump out and avoid that shitty lawnmower like the plague - it's too slow and weak for anything other than a free spawn. Every time I am near a Car Spawn on mission I just hit E and inflate one of those bad boys and I'm all set for a random spawn point. Even better when I spawned one 2 missions ago and it's still sitting in some obscure corner where it becomes relevant again when a totally different mission arrives. It's the perfect spawn and forget vehicle.
  6. KnifuWaifu

    alien invasion car

    If they somehow made it glow even with the disliked Contagion Event type "glow" that would make it worth it. Although a part from the 4x4 Vegas the Calabria 127 has to be the most spawned car in APB.
  7. 2019 Event skin unlock.
  8. Log in to APB:N-TEC. Select your N-TEC and choose an N-TEC with the highest amount of N-TECs online. Receive pop-up stating that your N-TEC level is too high for this N-TEC. Click N-TEC Anyway. Spawn at the N-TEC HQ press N. You're now ready to receive N-TECs. Equip your favourite N-TEC on your N-TEC then go to the nearest N-TEC spawner and spawn an N-TEC. N-TEC begins and you have N-TEC. Get in your N-TEC and ride it to the N-TEC. Right click to fire off N-TECs as you drive, the neutral N-TECs flee as you N-TEC past, some don't and just fire upwards. If you hit them your N-TEC rating goes down. Get to the N-TEC, it's a capture the N-TEC objective. The enemy N-TECs are already there, firing their N-TEC at you. But don't worry you have your N-TEC. N-TEC ensues. N-TEC is stronk. You defeat the other N-TECs with your N-TEC, capture the N-TEC and win the N-TEC. Reward is an N-TEC. 10/10 IGN GOTY. Tell LO I'll work for JTs (or N-TECs). N-TEC.
  9. *sigh* This gun is soooo easy to fix. Swap the clearly OP stun grenades to smaller lethal bullet shaped ones. Make them fire in nice predictable straight lines. Stretch out the barrel and the stock. Change the drum mag and replace it with a banana one. Add some classic wooden finish for that classic look. And oh wait...
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    vegas flip

    Now teach me how to do it in an Espacio.