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  1. Someone made a post about Steam servers improving their DDOS attack protection but it was shot down because APB has private servers. But the question remains - are Steam servers a possibility?
  2. Bake him away toys. And team balance will never work we all know that it takes 4-5 Enfs to kill 1 Crim.
  3. Is it really an early start if I technically never stopped "holidaying".
  4. Ideally, well... ideally ideally there would be a Brewfest-level type of event with activities and beer and weird rabbits (snakes?) that only appear when we're totally smashed or a daily where we have to chase/lead snakes out of San Paro for our prize. The final prize being beer which works like the brick but instead stuns (or "intoxicates") the victim. But ain't nobody got time for that so ideally there would be a "St. Patrick's Day" set and every year we log in to get the next piece until we're all leprechauns but this hat is nice for those who missed out.
  5. My only wish is that these sexy helmets make it onto the players somehow (and some extra clothing/outfit slots to go with them).
  6. What about the sense of entitlement that comes from saying "I've been playing since the RTW days?" and being able to recall memories of playing APB "when it was good"? But really that's a bit of a cop-out, 0-slot JG? There should be an exclusive skin or title or something. I mean in hat simulator we got a hat and that's a pretty neat thing to have to be able to laud that hat above all the fresh meat and say "That's right I was there at the beginning and paid money for this like a shmuck."
  7. Did those who played in the RTW version get anything?
  8. Yes. I feel like those reacting to heavily negative to the screenshot are trying to sanitize APB in to some sort of Safe Space™ where everyone uses the same weapon, drives the same car, lines up in firing lines, commanders ride out and exchange terms, then everyone fires rainbows and a fanfare plays and everyone wins and gets to go home with a participation ribbon. I think NPC traffic is worse because they don't "see" or at least how a person would see their only sight is directly in front of them and they only interact when something either occupies that small area or runs directly into them. Example of this is how many times a player can be driving down a street with sirens blazing and an NPC vehicle will just cut right across their path with no fucks given. They have no awareness what so ever. Even if a player tries to "play by the traffic rules" NPC vehicles don't "see" the player vehicles and even if the player has right of way the NPC vehicle will plow into them or cut them off. It rustles my jimmies so much the only time you'll see me in a dumptruck is when I'm exacting revenge on the traffic by playing street sweeper against any NPC vehicle. See, now that sounds like fun. There are so many ways to counteract this low level "griefing" we don't need to be safety padding the whole game just for something that is more added flavour to San Paro than the horrible toxic element it is made out to be.
  9. Agree. This has to be the worse blocking I've seen there is a path way to both sides you can easily get around this "blockade". To answer the question: I don't think road blocking in the streets is all that bad unlike blocking a garage exit there are plenty of ways around San Paro if one street is blocked. The guys above aren't even blocking major street so this barely counts as griefing. And even if they were blocking a major thoroughfare like I said there are plenty of other ways around this is a minor traffic inconvenience not a major mission ending griefing session. Yes it is a dickmove and it really depends on how long they put up with it if they are there for hours and actively causing chaos like herding other vehicles into the blockade, blasting loud music or voip spam and harassing anyone politely asking them to gtfo then its time for a GM to intervene. Other than that just go around that area is a clusterfuck on a good day so why you'd want to use it for any sort of uninterrupted travel is beyond me.
  10. me? never. what lies, I'm just asking for a few friends of mine Unicorn Gold is the best gold.
  11. All you high rollers are making my measly 10kG1C look like trash. F
  12. Maybe it's a honey-pot? Good willed APB player trying to lure potential cheaters and then selling their info to LO for extra clothing slots... What's the gold to $APB conversion rate?
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