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  1. KnifuWaifu

    Let me whine

    They didn't put a /s how am I supposed to know these things?!?! /s You're right though I should not have used the word "worthless". What I was meaning to say is that we attach our own value to rewards because they have no set value since they are "free". And the more effort put into the achievement or the exclusiveness of reward, the more value the item has so selling that item at a fixed cost changes the imagined value we attached to the reward. So with that in mind I can see how players with a Butcher skin would feel cheated if that skin was suddenly available again. It's thinking about WoW which gets me in support of making rare rewards more available. WoW is so full of little snowflake titles, items, pets, achievements, which is great - I sure felt special pulling out my Warbot pet during raids but on the other side I had a huntard friend who managed to snag a Slime as a pet but the silly person never used it, sure liked to brag about it, but never pulled it out. And now they don't play anymore that character and the rare pet are lost forever never to be used again and it's just sad WoW is full of those little snowflakes on abandoned characters. What's the point of cool stuff if no one around is going to use it?
  2. KnifuWaifu

    Let me whine

    I like the idea of titles as unique rewards, but like WoW you'll get players who will put the same value in those titles as some do with skins. Having a title over an outfit can be as meaningful to a player as a skin or headgear or symbol. It all boils down to what value the players are putting into these gifts. Some might be like "Hey this reward I got has been valued at 999G1C on ARMAs, guess I just saved money" but others might be like "Wow, I could have skipped all those tasks and just spat out 999G1C, now I feel worthless." This is actually worth thinking about it related to what I said above, if something is free than it is relatively worthless yeah? But then if players are willing to be strung along on a wild goose chase to earn that same worthless plate doesn't that put value behind said steaming pile on a plate?
  3. KnifuWaifu

    Let me whine

    I see merits on both sides. It sucks wanting to be a special snowflake when those in charge can just recycle your reward(s) or sell it on ARMAS. Suddenly that title, skin, weapon loses its significance - at least if being the only Forever Alone on the server is what drives you. It sucks missing out on special snowflake rewards because they were only available for a certain period after doing certain tasks. Life sometimes sucks and you shouldn't be punished just because you couldn't dedicate x hours into APB back in 2016 - at least if being a collector who wants to Catch them All is what drives you. But no matter what happens to these rewards there is one thing they can't take away and that's the sense of Pride and Accomplishment™ we get from earning those rewards. Thanks EA LO.
  4. KnifuWaifu


    how about some headphones plus a beanie?
  5. KnifuWaifu

    Autumn Assault!

    Events are awesome. Butcher was awesome.This is awesome. Well, they say that it is every district, so I'm assuming a district of just you and a good friend (can I be your friend) may work?
  6. KnifuWaifu

    Fix the footsteps sound!

    Yes! Did you know the drains make a gurgling sound? Gurgling in the streets of San Paro!
  7. Is that NDA over yet? I say right now Little Orbit is doing great, they're so bright eyed and keen to please. They're doing due diligence and really wanting to both listen and respond to the community but also run a game that gives them a tidy profit to keep the lights on and employees happy. Unfortunately, many will disagree with what I've just said and they disagree a lot louder and a lot more frequently than I can. This hurts Little Orbit and I can see the toxicity of the APB community slowly grind down LO's bright eyed enthusiasm until they either become as closeted as G1 or give APB the cold shoulder and put their energy into their nicer projects.
  8. KnifuWaifu

    how to retrieve apb folder after deleting it

    Whoever downvoted the most reasonable and technically correct advise here is a special someone who needs to be put in a pen and studied for extra chromosomes.
  9. KnifuWaifu

    Extending the halloween event

    Yeah, there's the fun too. All in all this event has been great, despite the different way of earning progression, it has been really fun and I will miss it when it disappears. Although whether part of the fun was due to it being a fairly active event thanks to the daily progression style or not I can't tell. On the flip side had the weekend warrior types been able to bang out all ranks of the epidemic event in a weekend, no doubt the fuller time players would have gotten it done in the first few days too, so maybe that would have made for a dead event once the weekend arrived. I'll never know, really, unless the event is extended and we see a massive drop in players as more and more complete their epidemic rank and have little incentive to keep playing.
  10. KnifuWaifu

    Extending the halloween event

    Vehicles with a barrel inside should have counted as a "barrel carrier". Would have made that task way more productive towards the mission. This. There is like very little incentive to play the event after the daily is complete. Helps when progressing alts on their daily, but not everyone has 11 alts so you either quit, go back to normal San Paro, or the option which seems most of the playerbase enjoys; start trolling the remaining players by blowing up friendly vehicles at spawn. I'd like the event to be extended, just because of the cooldown between progression to scratch that completion itch.
  11. KnifuWaifu

    LO is doing a great job.

    No, you just discovered my secret; I don't play APB.
  12. KnifuWaifu

    LO is doing a great job.

    4/20 with rice.