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  1. Exactly. It isn't LO's way of coddling us and forcing positive-only reactions - it was because the other reactions (everyone does see how they removed more than just the downarrow right?) weren't shown to actually improve interaction and were being used for malice/trolling. It's the same reason Mute Themes option arrived - something good spoiled by the toxic few. As long elements in the community are hellbent on spoiling things, we won't be able to have nice things. APB community is to blame for these changes, no one else.
  2. Like I said earlier, it was pretty obvious that the reactions were being misused and we can't have nice things if elements of the community insist on ruining it.
  3. I think I said it somewhere else but totally yes. It was very apparent the reactions were being used for malice and unhelpful means, seeing certain member's post always end up with a certain number of negative marks and also negative marks being placed on places where they just weren't called for, again the APB community gets the tinfoil medal for taking something that should be used for good and using it for bad. We only have ourselves to blame for its misuse and now removal. I agree this would have been a nice alternative but probably would have the same effect as just removing them as, and I say this with all the expertise and knowledge of talking completely out of my butt, the element of anonymity was the driving force behind a lot of the negative reactions - force most people to put their names (even forum names) on to something and they're suddenly very polite.
  4. Finally able to give this a chance, those sliders sure get addictive.
  5. I am so confused over all these changes so many to read, and not a great deal of pictures - this is going to take a while. But my knee-jerk reaction is OBIR nerf? OBIR nerf?! And nerfing the SNR is just cruel and unusual.
  6. You're so right. This is what happens when I only look at the pictures.
  7. Awesome, I'm loving all this unbundling and alternative ways of getting gear/weapons. One question though: Does this mean items will be available for APB Cash only and not Joker Tickets? Or at those just for items already owned but you had to delete because you ran out of inventory space? I've said it before but seriously I hope putting inventory/outfit slots on ARMAS/JT stores is in the making. It's the only thing, besides Russia's greatest gift to humanity, I want to drop money on. Now you've got be intrigued - what forbidden weapon skin?
  8. KnifuWaifu

    Mute themes

    I agree that player made music is yet another area where an amazing tool of creativity has been ruined by a few toxic idiots and yes like how players have the option to Broadcast Music, all other players should have the option to refuse to listen to those broadcasts. Car music is actually pretty tricky to control at the moment, if you're in a match with them - it's pretty easy just blow up the vehicle, also if the music is particularly toxic (high-pitched or loud repeating notes) than you can report that player. Although if you're not in a match - the vehicle is near indestructible, and add in the fact that a player can park their toxic music spewing vehicle anywhere and abandon it, so you'll never know who is playing that music and can't report them. Options are never a bad thing, ultimately I'd prefer a volume sliders, or have the volume slider in the Music Player also react to player broadcast music, I mean most cars have all these weird customisation for stereos, it's a shame to block out a whole massive part of the game because some idiots can't control themselves. I think it's just more reason for the Music/Theme editors to have some sort of quality control built into them but at the end of the day toxic players have more time on their hands than LO's developers so even if the Editors are super locked down with magical-anti-toxic-music technology, the dickheads in game will still find ways to hurt other players, so a Mute button is really the cheapest and most effective option. It's just so shitty that those toxic few really ruin what is one of APB's strengths - customisation.
  9. Yes. We need more recognition for positive happenings and behaviour, and also to encourage it more because we all know listing off the bad things just gives those who thrive off it more fuel for their toxic fires. One thing I like is when you get nice comments on your outfit, sometimes you notice them mirin' your corpse after they've killed you and will send a whisper like "nice outfit" or "nice car", that usually opens a conversation which melts the barriers of anonymity and hate between factions and you can both admire each other. That. Is. SO. Adorable. I wish my new player interactions were like that other than "Can I have a legendary?" I honestly think this is a mark of respect - the enemy clearly thought taking you down was great enough of a challenge that they needed to take a victory dance afterwards so you're doing something right in terms of rustling their jimmies.
  10. I'd say doing that on NA probably wouldn't hurt because of the current population but it will still take time, effort, money away from the EU. Oh sad news bears. My excitement for phasing is not so great anymore.
  11. Shows how much I know, I seriously thought phasing was everyone getting to play together. Ok so, phasing would just be matchmaking between different Districts on the same Server but Jericho West/East and Citadel would still remain separated? And where would the server be? On elon's space internet?
  12. Aren't all these things essentially just different ways of describing phasing which is currently in development?
  13. I really thought this was going to be the case when those very first screen shots of whatever this mode was going to be (in 2017 I think?) I think would have worked out better being more than the RIOT/BR mode we ended up with. It would basically be the Area Control final mission/FC mode but on a larger scale, tweak it to make it majority rule or you have to destroy/take over consoles to gain the full area, or anything idk I haven't played Planetside 2, and it would really work out. Fresh map, something that could be jury-rigged into the lore to explain why the Enfos and Crims are scrambling to control it, sprinkle some Joker Tickets, maybe Daily Tasks, New Contacts (or let us level current ones of our choice) and we've got ourselves a nice alternative to FC.
  14. Yesss. So much this. Like seriously, so many people seem to whoop out this giant-patootie book of UN sanctioned rules for pressing that B for Backup but damn I don't care what the team is like if I can spam B, I'm spamming B, the more the merrier! I love the giant missions, I just wish it would add more time to the timers when new players arrive because we've all felt those times when backup finally calls but there's only 40 seconds left and you're already 800m away. It was disappointing when LO said they'd be sticking to 4-player groups, I feel like APB gets better with more players in missions, yes there is a critical mass and I get why some players would dislike it if they're forced into those missions every time, but that's the glory of giving us OPTIONS those who do not like can simply opt-out, I just don't understand why some people disagree with having an option. I see that down arrow above but all I did was offer an option - you like bronze-stomping? Tick the "APB Nightmare Mode" box. No like? don't tick the box! What is there to dislike in getting offered both options and being allowed to choose your own play?
  15. Maybe that should level of matchmaking should be optional? APB Nightmare Mode. Those that want good matches get to few but "balanced" matches. Those that just want missions get matched up with everyone.
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