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  1. KnifuWaifu

    Population crisis.....

    I actually like this idea, or at least make it standard in 1v1 and 2v2 missions, then let the system decide if each team is "fair" and needs backup.
  2. didnt read the thread?
  3. Humble brag much? You're soooo popular the game is throwing up errors from all your popularity, we get it ok.
  4. KnifuWaifu

    3 Days for next trade

    Please actually read it.
  5. KnifuWaifu

    Population crisis.....

    Players go where there are players and we had Open Conflict districts which should have resolved the issue of these poor golds being locked, but those servers remained empty and became looting havens for criminals. We have Fight Club where rank and threat do not restrict who you play against but even on good days there is barely 1 fight club running. We now have Open PVP districts for testing weapons where again rank and threat means nothing and still they are ghost towns. If these scores of high ranking golds really wanted to play, they'd find ways to play. Why do they just want to play in normal districts? If they're max rank they have no Contacts to level. If segregation was the reason then why wasn't Open Conflict more popular? The evidence seems to contradict the "problem" here.
  6. You guys made me scroll all the way to the end and no Little Boots? So now I have to be the one to link it?
  7. KnifuWaifu


    Find out on the next episode of DBZ Roll credits. And there we have it, at least you were nice enough to not make a new thread about it.
  8. KnifuWaifu


    So now that shotguns are not "broken" are we going to see the server pop. skyrocket? Are legions of players going to return now that the worst thing to ever happen to APB has been "fixed"? Will ARMAS be flooded with sales? Will we finally see less ALL CAPS posts in the forums? Or will all of the whiners just find another nit to pick and claim the world is ending due to that instead?
  9. best thing in this thread:
  10. KnifuWaifu

    Bring Back Beacon!

    Am I the only one who likes Asylum? It's such a diverse map when the mission types actually cycle. It has outdoor and indoor, sniping spots and cqc pop-tarts, plenty of cover based areas and open fields and those nice little nooks where a well-placed grenade kills half the team. Not to mention it's no where near as sterile as the other FCs, despite the dev's efforts there are still plenty of glitches and secret places to banana around in, it's fun! Beacon was nice and did have some of what Asylum has, but on such a smaller scale if you strafe one keypress too far you're in the wrong zone for your play style. I do like Beacon though but if we're going to kill a FC district, let's kill Bayan. What does Bayan have? Shipping crates, space, and a marathon to find the next player. Gameplay in Bayan mostly sticks around two areas and just becomes a competition between which side spawn-camps the most. The only thing to nudge people out of their camps are the JT tasks which take way too long for a shitty silver like me to complete.
  11. KnifuWaifu

    Light machine guns in apb.

    I actually like weapons with unique quirks like that, makes them special little snow flakes, although it also makes them completely undesirable if that quirk makes them suck worth than the F2P weapons. But is getting rid of the sideways recoil the only option? What would make the bees good but still quirky?