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  1. I have never played Fallen Earth but I love you guys for sharing that. Why would anyone down arrow this guy? He speaks to us APB players on a level we can truly unite under. How many times have ignorant gamers referred APB at "a GTA clone?" Telling FE players to "go play NV" is just like them telling us to "go play GTA". From across worlds my heart goes out to you Skippicaa. If this isn't a rock solid argument for adding PvE to APB idk what is.
  2. Kids these days... In my day a ping of <200ms was considered top tier. I play with 280-300ms and I'm just glad it isn't 600+ I grew up with.
  3. It's not? I'm playing a game with explosions, vehicles, and gun fire. The volume is set at a level that those sounds don't hurt my ears yet the themes do - this is the issue - these le trollolol themes are more loud and more obnoxious than machine gun fire and rocket launchers. There are times when I don't even have head phones on because I was afk and jumped into battle I can't hear a damn thing until I die and then it's all "DODODODODODODODODODODODODO". But it doesn't matter now, I'm going to try out what the lovely GhosT suggested and if it works I'll stop complaining since I'm the only one tearing up over these obnoxious themes.
  4. I totally agree. Some players put a ton of effort into themes and should be paid for the wonder they unleash on to the game. But others. Others try to no our ears and cause our speakers to crack if not some sort of permanent hearing loss all in some fucked up need to play "le trollolol". It's not funny or smart or any good but they'll still do it which is why I'm not saying delete themes but I would prefer we have a way to either globally mute or at least a separate volume slider for themes. +10 for the slider cause at least then I could hear the good themes without the trash themes doing too much damage. That or remove the volume slider in the Theme Editor all together and have 1 set volume for all themes at non-ear-no levels because even some good themes are ruined by the fact that the creator decided to make it at max volume. And I know there is a report function directly specifying themes as a form of abuse but that's like being able to call the police after you've been shot and I'd rather just not get shot, thanks.
  5. That seems like a lot of work than just selling the theme on MH like a normal person. Exactly why I was wondering why keep all those themes when most of them are probably trash and not worth listening too. #letusmutethemes Honestly to me this guy seems like one of those Beanie Baby collectors. They've amounted this huge collection on some assumption that what they've got is valuable but now they're stuck on Step 2: ???.
  6. but yes, it would be nicer if Enfos had a PvE way to waste time like Crims do with ram raiding yeah they can bust ram raiders but that just ends up emptying the server which is not the one I wanted Mom!
  7. If you really like WF you got persevere. I had a heaps fun time on WF last week because I'm capped in Fin contacts - server started with 3 people but I joined and stayed and eventually we had at least 20/20 online. People go to where the pop. is so if you want people to come you've got to be the pop that starts it off. Same tactic works in Asylum btw.
  8. Did you even bother to read the line you quoted? I wasn't asking about future or possible new characters I was asking about the already existing ones - i.e. those who have already spent money and time grinding a new character. It was and still is a legit question - What about those people who already have separate Jericho and Citadel characters/accounts? Again I am all in for server merging and letting everyone play everywhere with every character but I was legitimately wondering what happens to those who currently have separate characters for each server? Do they just pick their favourite and abandon the others? Will trading still be segregated to preserve each region's economy? What is a happy solution to this albeit small but still very legitimate problem?
  9. I'd like to see OP's petition to the Olympics to remove every event because people trained themselves to be better at it than the average joe. FBW and STAR are the perfect weapons because they're noob friendly but even more dangerous in the hands of a pro which just flies in the face of the "APB is P2W" crowd, we shouldn't nerf a game because players have the ability to get good at it.
  10. What about those who did? I agree that down the pipeline we should just have the ability to log on to any server/district, but there are quite a few players who live through separate Jericho and Citadel lives, a lot of characters will go to waste.
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