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  1. This is my bad, poor english. What I mean is they're going to let us Mute Themes in game, not ban them entirely and AFAIK players can still get into trouble for making abusive themes, but as I said in my rant in the older thread - this still requires us to be abused in the first place, which just isn't my cup of tea. Unfortunately, PCs are weird and I don't know the first thing about settings and the like, I've tried running various other people's settings and I still get issues, and frankly have given up on any settings and now just go with defaults. The problem is there just isn't a blanket solution for everyone which I guess is why they ask you to tinker with settings to find out what works. But I totally agree that if you have nfi what to tinker with, it sure doesn't help to be told to tinker, especially if you can barely tell the difference all those sliders make. And it certainly doesn't help that APB takes so long to reset and reload, even on an SDD, so you mess something up and remove all player textures but still getting 20FPS? Have fun with that 5 minute turn around time. And that's just with APB. Don't get me started on how frustrating it is when you get performance issues on any other games.
  2. I hear you man, and if I haven't made it clear enough before, I think those who abuse themes should have their accounts taken away and heck while I'm making myself upset again - police charges brought against them, it's disgusting that anyone stoops so low to do harm to other people. But FWIW - they've addressed the ear-no problem (I think it was in the QA#2, (edit yes it was the 2nd LO Q&A)) and have promised to add in a "mute theme" option, most likely, definitely, maybe with the Engine Update. Not the ideal solution, because ideally the in game Theme Designer would have some sort of protection and be able to detect damaging sequences of """music""" and not allow the theme to be saved, but knowing the pond scum who do this, they'll constantly be trying to find ways to bypass that protection and we'll be back to step one and LO will have another form of abuse besides hacking to constantly have to be fighting against, so we get the solution we deserve - just ban all themes. If you do come back - I highly recommend deleting the Themes folder - follow Flaws' guide if you're having trouble, it's the stop-gap to saving your ears. I definitely agree, the stutters seem to be getting worse and worse. It's meant to be the memory cleaning or something? But damn I must have some spotlessly clean memory for the amount of stutters that occur in game recently. Even again following some awesome guides on increasing frame rates, the stutters are so frequent, and sometimes long and now they seem like they're big enough to notice occurring on other players, so clearly not equally stuttering everyone at once, which does, yes, feel a little dirty. I don't blame LO for this one though, it seems like trying to fix one thing breaks 12 others, I'd love for it to stop but at this point I'm too afraid to ask.
  3. ok I'm still butthurt over the Contact Creator thread.
  4. Pretty sure it's because A. Forum accounts are free and basically unlimited. B. People are toxic mofos and downvote posters for the sake of trolling/personal grievance rather than genuine disagreement with the poster's post. Honestly they should just remove the stupid down arrow altogether - make people put words behind their disagreements and have discussions on a forum actually meant for words and discussions rather than just devolve us into anonymous knee-jerk hivemind reactions like we're a bunch of redditor neckbeards.
  5. Toxic players - or is that too big of a wish?
  6. Taking from my Wishlist below, I'd say the biggest one (since LO are doing a pretty good job and working through the list anyway) would be adding in Customisation / Steam Workshop-like tool to APB. Opening up all the reskining and cosmetic freedom to the players/community would be a huge boost in variety and the all important a e s t h e t i c s of the game.
  7. ALIG is love. ALIG is life. Although purely for aesthetic value (at least until this beautiful thing is made) the Bullshark gets a special place in my heart, just wish it had a barrel mag and did hard-damage.
  8. much love for the OBIR but it seems like it lost its strength, it could just be me and who I play against, but earlier it was easier-than-not to get 3 bursts off, because 1+2 wouldn't red-screen them - but lately it seems like they disappear after that 2nd burst way too often, whereas the huge Ursus seems to be able to plink away without causing anyone to go into "OMG red screen" mode. or that's just me.
  9. Ursus. Stupid ugly big weapon stole the OBIR's glory. OBIR used to be such a sleeper weapon, people wouldn't even know they were taking damage until it was too late, and then along comes the Ursus doing the same but even better and the stupid thing is even bigger (but not longer, OBIR loooooooong) but it's model is so huge and I get that IRL there are like 40,000 weapons that look like an AK but aren't but huge AK is still lame it fires so fast when it out sleepers the sleeper. What's next, a Lewis gun that you roll around on the bipod? Wait. That would be awesome. Do that. Anyway Ursus and New Glory are fugly (u cant accuracy with folded stock no). del this.
  10. Anubis - no one expects you to try and use it like a shotgun.
  11. Thanks so much! I love the APB artstyle, although now that I know why Violet wears that hat, I wish she'd keep it on.
  12. > Complains game is being ruined by "cheater epidemic". > Provides """solution""" to reduce non-cheating abusive players. ??? Profit?
  13. I love how the freeze-frame for the stream is at one of the cutest parts. *"Did I get one?"* XD Anyway, I'm keen for Matt's changes to threat, and by "changes" I mean phasing and finally letting matchmaking do it's thing with the most of the population as it was intended. But I am heaps a fan of the "moving players off server when they become too high threat for the current server" idea. I think these two systems working together are going to resolve a lot of threat/matchmaking issues we all like to create new threads over.
  14. Also the FFA doesn't have a goofy mod to make it a sidegrade rather than an upgrade to any of the conventional weapons. FFA belongs with the Stethno, Hawk, etc. Except it has the added snowflake bonus of it only being obtainable via super duper JMB.
  15. This is a great reason why the "START NEW TOPIC" button should just be a link to Matt's latest post instead of actually letting people start new topics on things that have been answered - On the forums. In the live stream. In a blog post.
  16. phew finally able to watch this and it was adorable! Although, not sure why, but I much prefer listening to Matt talk about the game rather than actually playing, so if he's really have a terrible time, no pressure from here for a repeat performance but it was a fun steam. I know Matt says he doesn't like hype, but can't help but be hyped over all the changes coming in, so many I even forgot I wanted and even if they take plenty of time, it is exciting to know what a giant opening of content upgrading the engine will bring. Only disappointment is the comment on no plans on any new hairstyles - totally understandable, there are way bigger fish to fry and it is 100% an "after the engine upgrade and 500,000 QoL changes first" deal - but I feel like this is another good reason to plug this completely awesome and original customisation volunteers/Steam Workship hybrid idea. Like I say in the post I have no idea what the security/technical aspects of implementing such a thing would be, but the Steam Workshop adds in a ton of custom content, all player made, and especially if something is as finicky as hairstyles that requires a heap of tweaking and coding and just messing around - why not cede that tedious work to someone willing to volunteer their time for that customisation? Yeah, although thanks to Sakebee's edit on the Original Thread really helped to bring up the references while watching the video. Maybe something to think about for next time, although ninja editing them into the current video would be nice too.
  17. Don't forget renting ALIGs too while you have your perm ALIG - gotta keep Agrotech in business so they can keep pumping out those free ones.
  18. Please tell us more about how all the money you've spent makes it ok to unban you.
  19. Just to add - the abuse/exploitation wasn't just a handful of ne'er-do-wells trying to make a quick buck or ruin some innocent account's day - it was done en masse, using exploits in Steam, with high-value/expensive gifts, and it was done months after the purchases/gifting was already done. The most notorious was with the KTTC Pack which was a significant purchase - it was bought with a low-value currency to get it at its cheapest, then resold through a third-party website to players all over APB. The players thought they were just getting a "good deal" since it all seemed at least 90% legit and then months latter the sellers mass-charged back compounded by Steam's weird system, the powers at the time, GamersFirst ended up losing a ton of money, money that had already been spent as the OG purchases were months and months ago. What could they do? The KTTC pack was intertwined well into so many accounts, they had already taken a huge hit to their coffers and now they got to spend even more time going through all the accounts to manually remove items? No it wouldn't do. So they banned both seller and buyer, sucked for the buyers, but they did offer them their accounts back if they re-purchased the KTTC pack at a discount - bit of a dickmove sure - but G1 had to get some profits back and probably thought a lot of players would pay the ransom. So all a shitty situation caused by some scummy people playing a long game to steal some cash - no one came out of that mess smelling good. Lost a considerable amount of players and the ability to gift ARMAs. I really doubt LO will be at all willing to even tempt a situation like that any time soon.
  20. We all know there is only be One Emperor. Psst: Hey buddy, look at that qualifier. So big bright and shiny. All juicy and absolving me of all creative criticism. So yeah, I said title like "Emperor of San Paro" not exactly "Emperor of San Paro" - you forget I'm basic af can't think of my own creative titles, but in your defence, I should have said something like "Titles in General" since they're just words and way more easier (AFAIK) to create than pretty hats, skins, symbols, vehicles, or clothing and people still get to feel special and flex that snowflake muscle. That was my point - give out some titles to those who have had their special achievements from the past overwritten by LO's Revolution.
  21. I was thinking about this - not just for the Crown but for anyone who "earned" things in the past that are now given away for "free". Maybe APB should do what they did in TF2 when they made that free - release some super rare content like the Proof of Purchase and give it away to those who want to feel like a special unique snokeflake again. Titles in General are a great and easiest option - just maybe leave a dev-note somewhere on them so they're not given away for some other reward because that'll just upset all the snowflakes again.
  22. Weird coincidence - but this happens to me occasionally too. Did you crash recently? Sometimes the launcher just up and decides it wants to re-download everything, best to close it and restart the launcher and then it's all like "Wut update?". Anyway, that's my """fix'""".
  23. Yeah, I wish they disabled reactions for this thread - 1. It's Matt/LO who is doing the choosing, so our opinions mean nothing. 2. People have put a lot of work into their creations, every single one, just like the Christmas Sweater one, everyone is so creative and learning things in the designer takes time and effort, and shouldn't have that work greeting with anonymous dislikes, it's just mean. 3. We're limited to the amount of reactions and considering everyone's work here is just splendid, I'm maxing out before I can give enough hearts, so just want everyone to know that I love all your work, this is one of the best threads ever.
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