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  1. This. This is one of those ideas that are like the best ideas.
  2. Just wanna chime in that all the cool kids go for the slotted versions than the basic - if you haven't bought already you should do that and not have 4-6k JTs worth of regret.
  3. If there are no servers to count down premium, does that premium still exist?
  4. This is the answer. Engie Uppie is just the beginning but there could be a 15 minute unskippable video explaining that every time the game starts (but at least we'll get the OG title screen right guys?) and it still won't stop Zombie's prophecy coming true.
  5. How is something that is going to fix all the problems still have problems?
  6. I get them feels. It's okay to rant, you're sure braver than me to do it on the forums but we've all been there, good luck with the achievement!
  7. It is?! Well my silver is showing and I'm all sorts of confused too. Aww that sucks, oh well, reskin away then. Or tweak the RABID to make it more niche and then make the VAS SW2 a reskin of that. But again that's all about the gun-feel to me - RABID feels Light LMG whereas NSSW feels Heavy LMG if that makes sense but I see the point in reducing the amount of snowflakes out there to make weapon changes more simplistic. True and hey I'm open for that change but just want to add that I like the current Bullshark style too.
  8. I also feel like the point of JMB weapons is not to make them "good" weapons, but unique ones. None of those legendaries are really supposed to be OP but more standard guns with a little bit of a personally defect that makes them more fun to play than a sweaty-player's wet dream. I honestly think that last change to the red mod was the best change to happen to the bullshark. FFA users on the other hand...
  9. I'd rather this as a NSSW reskin. Also I like the rabid as it is - as long as you treat it as an AR with extra bullets and not really an LMG. Also if it was to become an NSSW reskin, would it lose its ability to be used out of a car window? I know it's a really small niche, but having a large-mag weapon that can be used out of a car window is rather handy during the whole 3 times a week some car vs car gunplay actually goes down. What I'm saying is that the NSSW and RABID, although to "play like the pros" I've been told to just treat them both like ARs, I feel that they're currently too different for one to be made into a simple reskin. I'd rather see the RABID fill it's niche (or be given one) more effectively than just being a copy-paste of a different weapon. And I know APB isn't exactly true to the IRL weapons it uses but the AUG and the RPD function completely different too, a slower firing, heavier hitting, and weighty RABID just doesn't feel right imo. That said I much prefer the NSSW to the RABID because the NSSW is an LMG that can be used as an AR/Carbine, so it is a heap more versatile, while the RABID is just an AR with extra boolets. I honestly don't know how to improve the RABID but I just don't think it needs a personality transplant just yet. EDIT: I know jack about guns, but on calibre alone the RABID matches the VAS SW2 (both use 5.56) whereas the NSSW and Degtyranova use 7.62. If reskinning was the only option, make the RABID a VAS reskin - they're both sexy bullpups afterall.
  10. Y'all mean. Someone loves APB and we should love them for it.
  11. Thanks! Lucky for you the Gunships I'm suggesting (Espacios) mostly stay on the ground but I went ahead and hid those images for you anyway.
  12. Yes. This. 100%. LO More heavy weapons please. How about some make-shift Gunships?
  13. She is absolutely adorable, I love her! "Little Orbiter"! That is soo cute!
  14. Wait, so have you already put 10.5 hours in or 10.5 hours to go? Am I the only one that doesn't seem like that's too bad? I mean really even if managing 2 hours a week, that's only 5 weeks to get that achievement. Hop on discord, or start up an audiobook or stream a series and it's like you're barely doing anything. You should be glad that you're allowed to take that long to complete the achievement, unlike some dirty event achievements that barely give us working drones a single weekend to pull off a two week's worth of grinding. Edit - Srsly there should be a "I gotta work bs" mode in games, all we have to do to qualify is send in a picture of our tired already-dead-on-the-inside eyes and we get a reprieve from any event timers and premium only counts down when we're logged in.
  15. idk if I could beat "Santa Claws" that one is just completely adorable.
  16. 200IQ play right here. Seriously, that's a good idea to at least for now, prevent unwanted ear (and basically any other) no-no.
  17. Well I'm sure wondering now. I mean it could be any reason some games are beginning to scratch that customisation itch but never with enough depth and really why should they bother with so much customisation when everyone is going to be forced to turf those characters when a slightly updated version of the same game but with a brand new price tag is released the following year? Also APB is free which I think scratches a lot of people's good places. Oooh also most games goes Console first then PC after, and really you need a mouse + keyboard to really take advantage of APB's APBness. Lies, i totally saw you online the other day.
  18. Ah yeah, I'm assuming this will be done after the Matchmaking and Server Phasing stuff is done. But you're right - it will be easily exploited in a way that will disadvantage players that are simply good at the game and not cheating or toxic.
  19. That and the fact that nothing has really come close to replacing it. They sure "tried" or at least others pretended that they did, but those who know what make APB, APB, know why those games failed and APB remains.
  20. INALOE but AFAIK it's tolerated and probably part of the reasons why they're being awesome and working on getting us a beautiful Mute Themes button. The only issue is the hassle of having to do it almost every time there is a patch, or whenever it does a scan of your game folders and FWIW if there is something spoopy with your files, EAC won't let you into the game but don't stake your account on my behalf, it only happened to me once when I was replacing APB_Catcher and once they fixed that from doing it's cloning trick EAC spun into gear and wouldn't let me do it again.
  21. That’s part of the double-edged nature of the solution, it could be mitigated by maybe having the blacklist a small list so a single player can't have the entire district blacklisted. Or maybe having the blacklist reset every week? Day? Or on log out? But if a player has gotten to the point where they can't find any OP due to having the whole district blacklisted - the issue probably exists with that player and not the district, like everyone in this thread has stated the whole game isn't full of cheaters it's just a couple of toxic ones that ruin the fun, so we should have the choice to not play against those since detection and prosecution of toxic players is a long and difficult process. *IF* players want to abuse the blacklist by putting players who simply beat them on the list rather than were being toxic - that's their issue imo, you reap what you sow. I do see another exploit thinking about it - a gold puts all the golds on the blacklist and now they only get matched with silvers/bronzes once the matchmaking goes into "find any player" mode. But that can be solved by removing the "find any player" mode. Again, if a player is blacklisting so many other players that they run out of OP - the issue is them, not the game.
  22. I just want to use this opportunity to plug my "Player Blacklist" idea - basically works like the /ignore list, but instead of ignoring their themes/banners/chat, it tells the Matchmaking system "Hey, I don't want to be matched against this player ever again." and then it removes them from your matchmaking queue for as long as they are on the blacklist for that player. It's a double-edged sword I know, especially with such a low population - but it does stop the "constantly being matched against the same toxic group" issue that ruins district pops. Sucks for FC though where there is no matchmaking but since we're talking about genie wishes here - if Player X joins a FC and which has the majority of players who have Player X on their Blacklist, then Player X gets infinitely stuck as a neutral player in "Waiting for Players" mode. It'll probably take a wizard to code all that in, but I can dream! Also I know that most cheaters can just reroll - but then it works just like the /ignore list where you've got to be vigilant and delete/cycle names/players who you haven't seen in a while because no doubt those throw away characters are long gone.
  23. Not all the guns and their variants are up for trial unfortunately - also last time I bitched about it - some agreed that 30mins-2hours isn't really enough to full appreciate a gun but I get that the ARMAS store users have that same dilemma. My particular one is that I bought base (no slotted) versions only to find out that I *should* always get slots. Little gripe I know, but still pangs I bit that I cant trade it in for a % JT refund and buy the next one. I mean, it's not the expense that's the issue - it's more the fact that when I do earn enough JTs to get the slotty ones - I'll then have a bunch of basic weapons I'll never use again just eating up space and I hate deleting things.
  24. It's true - there is no "best gun" to buy the best thing about the new JT weapons is that there is enough variety now that you can pick the role you want and then have a selection to choose from. My only gripe is that there is no way to refund/sell JT weapons if your selection happens to be a bad/regrettable one.
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