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  1. Did the dream also feature plagues of flying motorcycles that shot rockets, heists that never get completed, and modders who give you epilepsy by spinning the sun around the sky insanely fast? Because... I think we had the same nightmare dream.
  2. That said, for the future Holiday Contacts (selling Holiday items/bundles (and cough letting us pledge to them to use in any district cough)) appearing in their own themed corner of that new convention centre thing would be an awesome addition. Give Social a little bit of the holiday treatment.
  3. Ah that makes more sense, and would make things a bit more simpler - no more G1C, just buy JTs then use JTs in game. TBH the ARMAS store is janky af with all the random screenshots trying but failing to accurately show you items, so much easier to just use the in-game viewer, which we can rotate and view directly on our characters. It's all the NPCs needed to make that a reality is what irks me, but then it would be even more messier if all the items were on the one NPC. Just hope they try to streamline that too and have like "car NPC, kit NPC, gear NPC, etc"
  4. omg thanks so much for looking that one up for us detective bee! theories were fun though, but the real answer makes a ton of sense, despite how snazzy they were once everyone who was going to get one got one, they'd drop off eventually. and while not the old designs, if y'all still hankering for some APB/LO style gear that comes in a little more diverse range than like 3 phone cases supplied by razer - there's always the Little Orbit Redbubble store. Also Explore here if you want a chosen design on the product of your choice - so much nicer than the razer store imo.
  5. Yeah I didn't see a 3310 case, so I was out. So it was YOUR FAULT! I had a theory, but checking the timeline it might not be the case, AFAIK the Razer Cases were released on 30-08-2019 and Unit Game bought APB IP on ~27-08-2019. My theory was that Unit Game pulled the designs after they bought the IP, but that doesn't make sense if both events happened so close together and one after the other. Maybe the whole idea was Unit Game's idea (they're a mobile game company? and mobile phones use mobile phone cases?) but they dropped it for reasons.
  6. This is so true, both your point and your prediction of getting hate - APB is sooo much cheaper for cosmetics than let's say Fortnite or LoL, yes they too have ways to get cosmetics for """free""" but the costs of just a single skin/outfit is so much more than what it is in APB, including some bundles.
  7. A little late now, but you'd think the neater option would be to keep ARMAS as the only store and add a "Pay with JT" as well as a "Play with G1C" option to every item rather than to have an onslaught of new NPCs with cherry picked items that need to be unlocked/created as a new item just to buy them with JTs instead of G1C. But then I guess since we can buy JTs in ARMAS, that would basically make G1C invalid and that might mess up the whole economic model of APB. Still would be nice if everything was earnable in game for ""free"" and using irl $ was only the option for those too impatient/rich to bother grinding for elf ears.
  8. I wonder why? Did they run out of stock? Does it cost money for LO to have APB on the razer store and they weren't profitable? They're all made as they're ordered and not enough was ordered to sustain its presence in the store? What happened?
  9. I mean, I love APB's level of customisation, but there's no way it can compete with mixing it up.
  10. I'll never understand these people. I get the "I hate this game" thing, I mean I wouldn't be playing if I didn't hate it, but to spend time and energy actively hating on something and wishing its death and then making it their business to proclaim this wherever they go? Just why? Just uninstall, exit the website and the game is officially dead to them, they win and can go play roblox or something. It won't be imo so much as establishing a solid foundation to build something greater on but APB will always be APB. They're paving the way to better deliver fresh content but I totally think that if someone doesn't enjoy APB as it is right now (hardware/crashes/issues that just prevent play excluded), no amount of Updates is going to help.
  11. While the video is technically for the Beta, the message is the same and one a mass majority of "returning" players will ultimately ignore much to their own and ultimately LO's detriment. And for proof all we need to do is look back at the player surge that occurred when the games went from G1 to LO. Nothing else happened, just an ownership change, a few legal documents signed and bam massive player influx, all of them somehow expecting APB to have undergone some anime-level transformation overnight, but it was the exactly same game and somehow this everyone else's fault except for those players and their unrealistic expectations. The Engine Update is step 0 on the pathway to improving APB, not some magical cure-all to every problem ever. But players will still somehow expect that magic cure not matter how many times they're told not to, and LO has an impossible battle in trying to fight those expectations.
  12. FWIW the Steam version will open up ARMAS using the Steam Browser instead of that other thing non-steam version uses. Not sure if you can with the non-steam version, but then you can still play while having ARMAS open, not a great difference, but a difference.
  13. Like you go to ADS but it kinda does a wobbly thing and ends with you un-aimed but still holding down the button? I get that too, for ages I thought it was my mouse but someone else mentioned it a while ago but considering it still happen, I don't think there is a fix, one that I know of anyway.
  14. Y'know what they say, Gay for the Stay.
  15. I think Backup should always be available, I mean that's what Back up is? You make a decision that you need B so you call for it, there's no arbitrary sky fairy floating over keeping you from reaching for the radio irl. They could put it on a cool down to stop people spamming it and of course this will be with a more tweaked Matchmaker so it's not the scenario where 1 Team gets a Bronze while the other gets 2 Gold but then the cool down could be tweaked so it depends on how "unfair" the teams are idk, I just like massive battles.
  16. Hopefully one day we can get more options for queuing/missioning because I totally get that sometimes mood/need changes and you want just 1v1s or just 5v5s, even adding other things like "vs solo players only" to avoid 3-stacks. I'd even love an option that's like "x minute until mission finish" or "only join new missions or missions in progress" to avoid or even want those times where you're called in as Backup 900m away from a Final Stage Mission with <60 seconds remaining. I mean at some level the Matchmaking System is making decisions (and more) for us, so why not let us tweak them a bit? All we need is a "restore default" option so if we do mess it up enough to render us effectively missionless we can just undo that. Or rather even better (now I'm into Genie wish territory if I wasn't already) a way of seeing what Missions are available/being played so we can match our preferences or give up trying because the ideal Mission Scenarios aren't being played, idk I just want endless options and sliders. It also sucks that Witness Missions ""don't count"" because that's currently the only way to "force" a challenge against a particular player but I get how forcing/being allowed create your own missions can be exploited.
  17. I was very much for the Muting of Death Themes and very glad the option has been added. Ultimately I would have preferred a Volume Slider, because I really agree that Creativity shouldn't be completely blocked, but I'm guessing the way APB was made doesn't allow for some sounds to be separated from others and also that they can't give us an unlimited /ignore list either to just mute those toxic players (even though I disagree with this tactic because unlike toxic chat/cheating/hacking/scamming/bad behaviour listening to a Toxic Theme has a chance to damage us before we can decide to Mute it.) Other than a slider, there could be protections built into the Music/Theme Designer to detect continuous tones, high volumes, or repeating notes, but again Toxic Players are gonna Toxic and much like hackers and anti-hacking software, they'll be constantly looking for ways to bypass those protections and it'll just be another battle for LO to spend resources on fighting. So a global Mute was the only option as it was proven time and time again that the toxic players of APB don't want us to have nice things and so the Theme Mute was added to protect us from that toxicity and I think that is what Vnight is getting at - Mute Themes aren't bad but the toxic player who are the reason it exists is bad.
  18. We def need more of this category.
  19. I'd love matchmaking to take ping/fps into account, but I was pretty sure that the Threat System did a pretty good job of sorting those things out.
  20. and make the griefers pay for it! will this wall also be invisible and immaterial? ooh even better - keep the original /ignore command, and then add a new /wall command.
  21. and yet i wrote so much in response. are we politics now?
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