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  1. Kicking high-ping players only makes sense if there are low-ping options for those players. A game with only 2 server locations on two continents has no business arbitrarily determining who can and who can't play based on ping alone. I swear, kids these days thinking anything above 25ms is like playing in the stoneage. I have still been combat effective with pings of 300-500ms, and it's only when it gets truly north of that do you really start getting the "playing in the past" effect on you. It's just like framerate - you get used to what you have. Someone going from 25ms to 250ms will notice a difference, but if you're used to 250ms, you learn to play with it, yes you won't get to MLG status with 250ms but players expecting that level of play from everyone in a game like APB are the ones who need to be removed from the server.
  2. I jerk off TF2's Tutorial but only because I haven't played the CS:GO one, but AFAIK they are both good examples of a game adding a Tutorial well after its release, possibly peak popularity, and when a great deal of the game's population had already years and thousands of hours in experience - but they did it anyway. Maybe it was an experiment? Trial by fire for some new employees? Or they had a bunch of interns who needed to blow some hours for that sweet industry experience? But we do know that if the devs want a real programming playground why not a nice sterile environment where the only enemies are ones who can't /report back?
  3. If you forget this thing has a scope, it becomes a heaps fun weapon to use.
  4. idk why the dislike - this is probably exactly the case and imo the whole issue with banning and vilifying symbols and ideologies and whatever - you'll always get 2edgy4me kids who want to trigger people or think they're being leleleltrolls by using these "bad symbols". If people didn't overreact when they see a wonky cross or some squiggles, kids wouldn't use them just to see those overreactions. That said a wonky cross is far more appealing attempt to troll players than what they could actually do to really hurt us in APB, so as long as it's against the rules, report away and trust the admins will take care of it in due process.
  5. Even better than using the MH as a guide for how "legendary" a """legendary""" really is would be looking at post-release sales for each JMB, well, actually I can see how that too would be biased, but maybe running both stats side-by-side to get a definite list of shitty legendaries that need a boost would be nice. But I prefer the theme behind the JMB guns to just be slightly whacky unique little guns with a cute little quirk that makes them different but not OP in anyway so unfortunately if we're to balance them with that in mind it'll mean more nerfs than buffs to bring the popular legendaries down to Hazardous/EOL level of legendary status. If you can't tell by now I have nfi how to balance weapons but maybe it would be cool if (caveat applied) legendaries had a little bit more of a gambling theme and had some sort of weekly spin, where a random legendary is picked out of the bunch and for that week it gets a little buff or something extra? (earns JTs for every kill? shoots flares? heals the user? idk?) And then the next week the change is reverted and another random legendary gets a random buff/tweak? I mean it doesn't solve the issue of some legendaries being "good" and some "bad" but might increase their usage and a simple tweak could just lower the %chance the "good" ones get picked every week. idk maybe I just spend too much time idling next to the Joker Ammo Vending Machines because to me it seems like nothing out of the Joker Corp. should ever be balanced or fair.
  6. Yes. I don't actually see those as exploits like the Tutorial one cause they require actual work - that and the JT reward would be character bound, although I wouldn't mind being able to trade JT items between account characters. Maybe if they made JTs account-wide I'd accept FC rewards being account-wide too, but the Daily Activity JTs rewards are so pitiful it wouldn't make much of a difference since we're talking hundreds earned versus thousands needed to gain a single reward. I cbf doing the math, but I'm guessing that using 5 character slots to farm JT dailies means they'd get JT items 5 times after, but they're still doing 5 times the work, so they've earned the item legit. Just like with the Chrome Skin - the player/account is still earning those 20,000 kills, just because they do 4k on each character doesn't mean those 20k kills were any easier to grind.
  7. I like this, although I can see it causing problems for the faction-based roles like Cop. But that doesn't stop the rewards from simply being account wide if not the exact progression tally. Also money and JTs should be account wide too
  8. All y'all wanting to remove Spotter are forgetting it's tied to one of the JT Daily tasks - don't tread on my easy 25JTs.
  9. I think the ammo point is moot since, like OP said, ammo is almost everywhere in SP. AFAIK Spotter's range is actually the range of the weapon you're holding, but I could be wrong on that one, I just know I land more spots with a rifle than I do with a shotgun. Also I don't think trading a Secondary is that much of a loss either, the utility/wallhack bonus of the Flaregun makes it so much more helpful to a team than another Nano or RFP. I'm happy to have Spotter adjusted/nerfed/removed but if we do we should look at Fireworks/Flares too. My suggestion would be to just make all Tags from any source only pop up if the character has LoS - like how Gun Tagger works.
  10. This is a good idea, but just pop them onto the radar, maybe with a HUD ping - but leave the Tagging to weapons with Tagger. (and Fireworks if that doesn't get deleted along with Spotter Mod). Exactly. Why is Spotter getting all the hate when it actually needs 1 player to see, target, and track the enemies, Whilte fireworks/flare just needs them to spam it in any direction for free spotting?
  11. I too have a volcano but still think it is an interesting topic that should be discussed but mostly because I'm not a fan of nerfing anything to the point of it being useless, might as well just take them away at that point and I'm seeing that with some other weapons, including explosives. Although I also think that rocket launchers and grenade launchers need to be treated different. For this part i'll just talk about rocket launchers and leave grenade launchers alone (just make the grenades flash with a light radius and most of us will probably just avoid them). I'd like to see their role in APB reduced or mitigated in a fair and balanced way, but where would these pick ups spawn? Would they be shown on the map? Or in front of every respawning player? Both of these have exploits. And what missions would warrant use of a launcher? I mean if we're talking about those awful Low-Rider missions, the enemy barely has time to reach the objective, let alone make a stop off to find a rocket launcher beforehand. Another option is to convert existing launchers into deployable boxes? Like the V-day/Slay Bells boxes, but instead of a random Holiday Weapon, it just poops out a Volcano or OSMAW, depending on which is selected/owned. Although now launcher users are trading a Primary slot for a Yellow/Orange mod slot, but at least they get something for previously owning a launcher. Another another option is everyone keeps their launchers but they could work like pick-up weapons as in they cannot be resupplied and once empty/dropped you revert to your previous Primary. But then what happens when you die? Respawn with a new Volcano/OSMAW? More exploits. This is a tough topic, maybe just buff Flak Jacket and let it be available at lower levels. Or do Flak Jacket I to III like the other green mods, have existing FJ as FJ II, give low level contacts FJ I, and higher contacts FJ III. (Either make the -1 grenade default across all FJs, or make it go -0, -1, -2 for I, II, and III respectively, I mean I'm fine with no grenades, I'm basic and don't use the fuckers anyway.) Introduce a new anti-explosive shield Yellow Mod? The [Umbrella] everyone gets 25 for free and then it's handed out like the rest of the yellow mods. Or go with the best idea ever and ban heavy weapons from Car Surfer (or ban Car Surfer) and enable Gunships. Great idea? Best idea.
  12. I agree. I said in this post that making a simple video is pretty low effort and if LO doesn't have the resources/time then it's time to either hand that torch to SPCT (since they got to test the gun anyway, so why not just release the test footage) or create a new group; SPCC? San Paro Content Creators? San Paro City Creators? idk the name but srsly the whole process could be delegated to volunteers and LO just need to give out the final OK then bam we have content. I'm totally rooting for you LO but you gotta be laying the foundations for moving forward with things like this, you don't have to do this alone.
  13. I guess we're far enough from that initial rage period so it might be safe to agree with you. I really think LO should have kept up with the idea/concept/plan that RIOT was the Developer's Playground, it could have been a much more enjoyable way for them to learn to code, add new features and have us mess around in a mode that really doesn't mean anything in the log run and add in some rewards and random shenanigans and it's golden! Snipped removed content. - Azukii Although add in @EvaPooh's Seasonal Rewards idea and while we're at it, include my PvE idea just because I like my ideas and want to shamelessly plug them. I want this stuff too, I guess it's a pipedream to think that LO has the capacity to support both a progressing RIOT mode AND Mission Districts but it would have been nice, I mean most F2P games these days do include multiple modes of play and while they don't suit everything, being able to have a change of pace while staying in the same game is nice. All this said, I'm hoping that all the lack of content and moth-balling of RIOT mode was just so that Little Orbit's Little Team could put all their focus (or 99% of it) into the Engine Update which the gateway to easier and more frequent content updates. Their biggest challenge in convincing the player population to see this.
  14. It's just a roundabout way of saying that I agree with (not)ZombieBiscuit - Legendaries are funky alternatives with interesting mods and skins to shake things up a bit and their stock counterparts are usually better in every way.
  15. "APB Ruloaded"? Is that Innova? Did they have queues? It would make sense that they had queues, everything on Innova sounded better. Hopefully LO know about them now, it's such a tiny QoL update that just saves us having to click "Join District" over and over again. The real challenge would be letting us queue while playing in another District or in Social like what they did with the PVPBGs in WoW, that said cross-matching/merging/serverwarp will no doubt just fix it all, so maybe they're just not wanting to break anything further and just focus on getting that much better QoL update.
  16. God I hate it when people use facts as their opinions.
  17. NOW NOW NOW NOW NOW! /thread
  18. Let him eat cake! I agree LO shouldn't make it too easy to gain free stuff, but I don't think a little boost will have that much negative results especially if those players never intended to pay anyway, they're freeloaders (I'm one of them, so no hate here) irregardless of how hard/easy it is to grind JTs, so they don't lose out on money that was never there. That said, I am not an accountant versed in the ways of catching Whitewhales in """F2P""" games - so maybe that 12000 hours for 1 JT Weapon, while it may cause a percentage of players to either grind it out or leave the game entirely, it might also cause a smaller percentage to go "Fuck it, i'll just buy the gun with IRL $" and that small small percentage is enough of a cash bonus to keep the model going. Who knows? And I doubt any company is eagerly wanting to release any data on the matter. The rest of my idea was misreading what you said about LO trying to pay the bills - I think JT boosting Premium (and making Premium more versatile) will help towards establishing more income for LO. Every little bit helps little orbit. But again as above maybe they prefer their model of JMBs and catching that small percentage of paying players.
  19. DISCLAIMER: I am not a glorified bean counter, I have no idea how LO's finances or incomes trends work. Speaking purely from my butt I don't think this makes much difference - a F2P player is not going to spend money whether they spend 2000 or 12000 Missions grinding away for those JT weapons. I do think however that LO needs to capitalise more on the increased value of JTs while at the same time making Premium more worthwhile. In addition to making Premium more valuable to casual players LO should increase the JT rewards for Premium player - double or triple it and also, in addition to increasing the rewards from Contact JT Dailies (moar doubling), they should increase the amount we can do per day. 10 Dailies default (for F2P players) and 15-20 for Premium players. Heck, i'd do the same with the JT rewards in FC too, although that one might be a little much. LO have already agreed that JTs are more valuable by adding them as a default reward for JMBs, so why not increase the value of Premium too? Again, like the disclaimer I made, I have nfi what the account is, but I think that LO is seeing that once-off purchases like Gear and JMBs are getting more ROI than Premium - hence why they've increased focus on those - but it could also be that the lack of ROI on Premium is because players simply don't find it valuable. Like my situation Premium simply isn't worth it for the low rewards but if they made it more worthwhile AND increased its value, maybe they'll see more Premium subscriptions?
  20. I just log in to dislike Cookie's post, idk what you're talking about. kk luv u 2
  21. You're right - I didn't. You tell me Mr Proceeds to write 12 paragraphs. But I meant funky in the same way all legendaries are funky in some way - they're not standard weapons, and it is the opinion of many that they're actually worse than their stock versions. That said, I actually agree having now read your post that a Legendary LTL that is available to Crims without the Arrest mechanic would be funky and useless enough to justify it's presence in the Hall Of Legendaries. And Enfos finally get a perma-LTL. Now to wait for LO to agree to this and then release a reskinned PIG as it's Legendary LTL for some sort of sick joke. I think LO have made it obvious "This is our first small step towards making sure Joker Mystery Boxes remain a compelling and exciting part of your APB gameplay." that JMBs are here to stay.
  22. They should delete the whole Green Category from JMBs imo.
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