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  1. INALOE but AFAIK it's tolerated and probably part of the reasons why they're being awesome and working on getting us a beautiful Mute Themes button. The only issue is the hassle of having to do it almost every time there is a patch, or whenever it does a scan of your game folders and FWIW if there is something spoopy with your files, EAC won't let you into the game but don't stake your account on my behalf, it only happened to me once when I was replacing APB_Catcher and once they fixed that from doing it's cloning trick EAC spun into gear and wouldn't let me do it again.
  2. That’s part of the double-edged nature of the solution, it could be mitigated by maybe having the blacklist a small list so a single player can't have the entire district blacklisted. Or maybe having the blacklist reset every week? Day? Or on log out? But if a player has gotten to the point where they can't find any OP due to having the whole district blacklisted - the issue probably exists with that player and not the district, like everyone in this thread has stated the whole game isn't full of cheaters it's just a couple of toxic ones that ruin the fun, so we should have the choice to not play against those since detection and prosecution of toxic players is a long and difficult process. *IF* players want to abuse the blacklist by putting players who simply beat them on the list rather than were being toxic - that's their issue imo, you reap what you sow. I do see another exploit thinking about it - a gold puts all the golds on the blacklist and now they only get matched with silvers/bronzes once the matchmaking goes into "find any player" mode. But that can be solved by removing the "find any player" mode. Again, if a player is blacklisting so many other players that they run out of OP - the issue is them, not the game.
  3. I just want to use this opportunity to plug my "Player Blacklist" idea - basically works like the /ignore list, but instead of ignoring their themes/banners/chat, it tells the Matchmaking system "Hey, I don't want to be matched against this player ever again." and then it removes them from your matchmaking queue for as long as they are on the blacklist for that player. It's a double-edged sword I know, especially with such a low population - but it does stop the "constantly being matched against the same toxic group" issue that ruins district pops. Sucks for FC though where there is no matchmaking but since we're talking about genie wishes here - if Player X joins a FC and which has the majority of players who have Player X on their Blacklist, then Player X gets infinitely stuck as a neutral player in "Waiting for Players" mode. It'll probably take a wizard to code all that in, but I can dream! Also I know that most cheaters can just reroll - but then it works just like the /ignore list where you've got to be vigilant and delete/cycle names/players who you haven't seen in a while because no doubt those throw away characters are long gone.
  4. Not all the guns and their variants are up for trial unfortunately - also last time I bitched about it - some agreed that 30mins-2hours isn't really enough to full appreciate a gun but I get that the ARMAS store users have that same dilemma. My particular one is that I bought base (no slotted) versions only to find out that I *should* always get slots. Little gripe I know, but still pangs I bit that I cant trade it in for a % JT refund and buy the next one. I mean, it's not the expense that's the issue - it's more the fact that when I do earn enough JTs to get the slotty ones - I'll then have a bunch of basic weapons I'll never use again just eating up space and I hate deleting things.
  5. It's true - there is no "best gun" to buy the best thing about the new JT weapons is that there is enough variety now that you can pick the role you want and then have a selection to choose from. My only gripe is that there is no way to refund/sell JT weapons if your selection happens to be a bad/regrettable one.
  6. Would be nice if information like this was an Official Permanent stickied Thread somewhere in the forums that's dedicated to customisations/outfits.
  7. Well nuts, this thread just reminded me that I forgot to use that Halloween Code. Also forgot about the Contest.
  8. Oh ok. But let's say Cop Shirt (M) is #CS01M and they did make both MF versions, could unlocking that not unlock #CS01F in the background? Or would that like double the amount of data a character takes up? But also if they did MF everything they could just make the algorithm just swap the #M with #F, no?
  9. How about making all clothing available to both genders? Then gender change would just be a quick swap, yeah? I've always wondered why they decided to make things M/F only. (*cough* wtf Cop Shirt *cough*)
  10. ikr, others just skimming over that like it wasn't even there.
  11. Don't worry y'all. LO's gonna make the bad colours go away and let everyone verse everyone so we won't have this issue anymore.
  12. I really hope they don't fix it, and in fact place a few more of these gaps in the invisible force walls for us to explore around. I mean really, it's social, no one is going to hide Mission Items up there or camp 100% protected forever as VIP. They'll just take cute selfies like OP and it makes everything better. Great post 11/10 would again.
  13. I too like the idea to make the Demon/Demoness title black. Any skilled lovelies out there want to do a mock up?
  14. These. There are literally studies, articles, and videos that explain how the colour red has a deep effect on the human psyche. I call myself basic for falling for it but it is a basic response to red to react that way, overriding it is no simple task and LO shouldn't be blamed for accepting the bad design for putting red in the game that way.
  15. If any of those was a SHAW, I apologise - my bad. I do agree though - anything that's beyond the normal colour title in APB does make me do a double-take, but the red shades it's a case of fire first, check later.
  16. Now I don't speak for everyone but I myself am a basic fuzzy bunny and will fire at anything within this colour range. Doesn't matter if it's friend, foe, civilian, sign post, my own radar, or pop up window - if it's reddish it gets a spray and while I'm not basic enough to complain to LO about all the reddish things in APB - I sure do appreciate the effort to remove one less thing for me and my happy trigger to have a panic attack over.
  17. Don't you dare compare me to those sexy fatcats. Although surprising that ARMAS doesn't do some sort of refunds either but I guess interventions with irl money might be more difficult, to me at least it seems like in-game currency is the easiest to mess around with.
  18. Nice video, throw masturbation into that routine and I think we're set for a really good APB experience.
  19. They're right - the f2p trials aren't enough to make such a decision and even if I did trial the gun and liked it the issue is buying the wrong one - like the OP and thread suggests - everyone here telling me to get the slotted versions but that doesn't help when I've got the base version which I'm finding out, along with buying guns that I find I don't like, are bad decisions. So the issue is what to do after making the bad purchase decision? Delete the guns and resave 6500JT+ to get the slotted ones/ones I do like? Then everyone tells me that I should have gotten the 2 slot? Or a patch/nerf happens which makes the weapon nonviable. I'm not asking for 100% refund like rn I'd take even a percentage like most other RPGs because atm those bad decision guns are just a waste of inventory space. I mean there is a Sell tab on all the vendors, but nothing ever seems to pop up there.
  20. I wish we could sell/refund our JT weapon purchases - it really sucks to find out how much you hate a gun after spending all those JTs on them.
  21. I can't believe you poo-pooed that great advice - dude seriously - take the advice. It is good advice. Don't play frustrated - APB is a terrible way to get dopamine - sort your brain out first then play to have fun and chill. Seems to me that you're the bad teammate, no offence. Y'all ignore the advice I gave you in the other thread - if you want good teammates, make them. Support your team and they'll support you - but you instead seem to be focused on ramboing the game and taking out that pent up frustration on your team. Seriously, try a few matches without a weapon, just unequip it. You gotta put that ego on hold and look after your team. Yes. This. Stay out of bronze man, for reals. I hate players who jump in bronze and expect the poor nooblets to pull miracles out of their asses. It's BRONZE District. You hang out in there and you'll just get worse and worse - go to Silver/Gold if you want "good teammates" but I'm pretty sure when you do you'll soon realise what I said earlier - the issue with the team is you, but a dose of humility would do you good if you're not keen on spanking the monkey. I love masturbating in teams.
  22. I support increasing mission timers to give less able players a chance at regaining items/objectives. Seriously some of them are barely 5 minutes so irregardless of the end objective - item hold or not - it basically boils down to whoever gets there first. And then you have VIP where it's like "Yeah sure, here's 30 minutes to get those 5 kills". (ban 1v1 and 2v2 VIPs please).
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