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  1. There is no skill in online shooters instead it comes down to how close you are to the server, how good internet connection you have and how performs your PC. THE END You can be the biggest idiot and still land kills because the enemy even tho shoots you first lags out and doesn't land jack shit compared to you.
  2. In their defence the library is limited and completely tone deaf. So it's hard to make anything normal. Unless it's a generic piano tune so you don't notice the cringe shits of the other libraries. I still vote for a option to mute these completely. Options are always welcome but looks like the people who made this game struggle with options, it's been 10 years we still didn't got this simple necessity of muting things. And the people who made-used mods for it also got banned. Looks like one of this game's objective is to go on peoples nerves, go insane and make us deaf.
  3. I'm fine thanks for asking. Sad? So the truth and reality makes you sad? Well it's ok, you just have to work harder. There wont be always people and tools around you to put things under your patootie everytime you need something. Neither these bot created abominations nor your drawing is worth 500 not even a penny, so get off your imaginary elitist high horse. Learn to do actual art or move on. Not sure how you can't understand the simplest things I've said. That said I am done repeating myself.
  4. Thank you for the info and insight. I remember following that project then suddenly it just vanished. I don't remember the website, names, just most of the progress. It's common that most people start with editing already existing materials, games etc, mainly doing mods to learn things then later move onto their own original projects. It's better that way because it's unrealistic to fiddle with someone's IP when there is no support from it or even can result in a legal backlash mainly thanks to greed. Time flies, life is short and people should really think first what to venture into before it becomes a sinkhole. Our dreams and needs are one thing but reality is what makes things actually happen. I gladly would like to see proper fan made remasters because in most cases companies can't do it or wont, it's mainly lack of passion or simply a dead franchise but if that same fan can get into trouble for it then I rather keep the originals, play those or move on and hope one day there will be a proper remaster or remake, sequel etc. that can bring the old glory back. I personally worked on some mods or just helped out really and mostly it came to the point we had no control over it and we lost all our progress, if I knew the company will be so evil about it I would never invest my time into it. I wont mention the names, games etc due to several reasons. I got burned out so much in wasting years of work for nothing, I didn't wanted money out of this just to make fans happy and give reason for them to enjoy the game because the base game was broken and unplayable but had a great concept and tools. Companies not just burned down our work but their own products into nonexistence etc. I see this happening more often with others too. So the point is I always say learn on others mistakes and learn to move on. Make your own thing or just do something else with your life. We simply don't have control over certain things and that is it. Btw where can we find info on that game you guys work on, is there any progress shown publicly or it's all private at the moment.
  5. That is not your character, the image you saved is just a placeholder material from which the image pulls information from upon manipulation. I tried uploading around 20 different people and got this material image in most cases. So it's just a material not a actual result. Besides it doesn't even look like your character. Seem like many of you didn't learned anything in art class in your school, for example when it comes to proportions or projection or anything. But then again chances are younger generations don't even have art classes at all or they have something that cannot be really called like it. So it's kinda not entierly your fault... Anyways messing around with this program I found out there is tons of flaws in it. Learn to make art, express your self in your own way not how a robot thinks you should do it, or if you are lazy just higher a artist or simply move on, this tool needs tons of work to be useful in anything. Considering they are asking money for it it's just a big scam really. As most these websites really are just that.
  6. Didn't count, obviously but sometimes it fills up quite fast. Lots of my friends had this same issue while they still played the game. Our bet goes on low memory ram, I only have 8 gb ddr3, some friends have less and in most cases what I already have open in the background fills it up alongside apb, so apb starts writing memory on hdd until it fills it up and shits it self and crash everything. Today for example I left my character in social and was busy all day so I didn't had the chance to come back and close the game. When I came back I had a frozen screen and when I wanted to go to the end task menager a log in screen of windows shown up with a popup message that there has been a error on my pc with a apb exe and some codes, it opened four pages and upon closing them all it restored my system back to normal. Friends who have more ram never had this issue or very rarely. Besides I am sure apb crashed due to other things before too so... So that is it.
  7. I didn't, people said yes there is a preview option in the store. What I said is that the same items are available in the wardrobe kiosk where you customize items, you don't even have to go to the Joker store for most of them and can preview everything in detail instead of that regular broken and small market preview with resolutions for ants... And no one mentioned this, I went through posts now and no one mentioned it. So you're welcome... Also related to this, I noticed when I go through the market place previewing items it creates big chunks of temporary files that don't get deleted until the game is closed completely. And this often crashes my game. I have a (for today's standards) small 1TB system SSD that is more then half full and it fills up quite fast. So it's not enough that is a small preview also it ironically creates big file sizes for it... Quite often I have to restart the game, tried even minimizing the game and deleting catchefiles but that way most of it is still up and protected you cant delete them. And no I wont buy a new bigger drive just for APB can fill that one up with same crap... plus I don't have the budget for such stupid things. PC is way too expensive for what you get so don't feel like investing in it in the next ten years unless something dies out on it... But even then it will be a budget build not a crazy "gaming" rig besides again I don't feel like wasting money building something just to be able to play a 11 year old game.
  8. Hopefully those cars will be finally introduced in the engine port or with other words in the new upcoming version of APB. And eventually made kits for it. There are no more excuses. The old engine is a mess I get it and is limited what it can handle but still, kinda sketchy that those cars just sit there from day one. This updated game should introduce us to tons of new opportunities. Not just the game to look prettier and have more accurate lighting.
  9. I am not sure what you're onto but that website is up and didn't had a single change for years now. Also all this riot thing isn't anything new just a recycled game mode from 2011. People didn't liked it then and seems like next to no one liked it now and that is why that game mode got shut down once again. It's been already two years now? Not sure anymore. But yeah, not sure what will this bring in the future but hopefully something that isn't broken and worthy our time. Because this and those reskined last 4 years halloween events were not really worth anything. I wish I never played them... The only memorable fun thing was when Asylum was finally fixed (but later they managed to break it again) and later the headless horseman was fun. And the number of people participating further proves the point.
  10. In some cases the social chat is filled with people who would probably like to do most insane things as once seen regulary on motherless, dont know if that website even still exists and wont try to even figure it out if it is but if you know what I am talking about then that reference is enough. So those people obviously don't have the guts to do anything in their life so they roleplay sick things in social chat thinking it's ok to do so. Next to that is glorifying nazies and related crap. So that is toxic enough and considering I blocked those individuals even reported few at least we can channel those things out. But the thing is this shouldn't be even the issue if those kids would have some parenting or help to beginwith.
  11. First of all great work and keep up the good work. Don't listen to the negative driven people. If anything you can always convert this to your own projects and use it future. By swapping materials and models so you don't get a legal backlash. Other then that it's pretty much yours. Also I ma pretty sure you are learning new things along the way which will come in handy in the future. I do believe I've seen your works somewhere before and those forums are now closed because I can't find it any more in the bookmarks or those were from someone else. Someone made new content and ported the entire APB to a newer version of Unreal Engine. But eventually got a backlash from G1 or something can't remember. It was around 2017. And these were a part of it. Also I can't believe it that those old Subaru variants and Peugeot hatchback is still in the game files. What were G1 waiting for to release those... Missed opportunity. Even if they would be just props or civ cars. I always hated seeing materials sitting on our hard drives but never used for anything. Hate wasteful things.
  12. We locally have this joke for ages that goes like this "you need a trophy for your stupidity" or when someone said "you deserve a trophy" it was in a negative way, so I guess the trophy on here too is the new downvote
  13. Tried Asylum last week and there were two or three low rank players using the regular ntec, One in particular was way obvious he used some exploits. What was odd about them is that they didn't even aim at you properly you already fall dead. No matter the distance, cover or anything, related to the actual weapons mechanics. The bullets sprayed way too fast and hit you, no miss, there was no bloom or anything he just sprayed like crazy and you are down. Also it took four to five others too shoot at him at the same time to take him down like he had almost infinite health or switched it on or off at times when it was obvious he is in god mode. At first I thought the weapon is broken and tried it myself safe to say my bullets were going all over the place and couldn't land any hits as he did. Ntec is something you tap, you don't hold the trigger like crazy this guys ntec didnt worked like that at all. Same thing with Ursus. The weapon already is nerfed not sure why they bothered to nerf it once again. What they need to do is get rid of these cheaters not nerf weapons... Anyways quit after collecting the bronze reward and never went back to it, Even that was a stretch and wasted time for basically nothing. I am not a masochist to get raped by such individuals so wont be bothered to play against them.
  14. For those who don't know the clothing items are also visible and obtainable through the regular wardrobe kiosk or clothing kiosk, whatever is it's name... In the add new clothing item option scroll to the bottom and you can find them all there. The bundles obviously are not here but most single pieced ones are so you can zoom in and out etc and see every clothing piece in detail and if it's compatible with your outfit or not. Very helpful option and glad this finally exist. Btw it would be great to be able to sort inventory items by the name because I waste too much time going through items by the time I find it since not sure what really is the current sorting way of thing. it goes on my nerves since the start and wonder how this was never addressed so far.
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