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  1. What about giving them to Crims? Only because I think the easiest answer is to put the open slot LTL on the JT store, unless LO have a reward space free on the new contacts and are completely stuck as to what to put there and this thread is the answer which if that's the case - you're welcome, I take payment in JTs and Death Theme Music mute options.
  2. potato tomato, whatever works with balance and the rest of the game I just want that customisation.
  3. I am okay with LTL being more difficult to use than lethal. It just makes sense that way plus the rewards for LTL are worth the extra effort. My only suggestion is to someday add 3-slot any slot unmodded LTLs. (Also give LTL to Crims)
  4. Yes. This. Let's bring back this. My thought was that if both Enfs and Crims wanted those empty districts to farm, they'd be forced to duke it out as space becomes a premium and those empty districts become not so empty.
  5. Or - give Enfos a free money option and let us harass the civilians for money by handing out fake tickets, pulling over vehicles, and raiding hideouts. That's the hard way. The easy way would be just to let us do the same thing as the Crims, but change the names around to make it more fluffy. Instead of Mug, it's Extort. Instead of Ram Raid, it's Collect "Evidence", instead of Steal Car it's Reposes?
  6. What about Customisation/"Broken" Theme reports?
  7. I would love another 15JT daily those are my bread and butter bae. I knew I saw them from somewhere - they're in the character selection screen scenes! Finally a name to the faces for a lore-poor noob like me. I'm glad LO did they're homework and slotted them in at tier 3. I'm not going to lie I hate agreeing with you - but here we are being all agreed with.
  8. I don't feel like this is a new thing. Players asking for Legendaries after seeing you play with them has to be a solid 3rd in level of responses behind "P2W noob" and "hacker noob". tbh it's part the reason why I stick to rented guns these days some players just go loopy when they see those golden guns.
  9. As someone whose experience with APB Lore is deleting those fluff emails you get from time-to-time. Are Lucas Van Rooyen and Lynette Casey finally being brought forward after laying dormant in the game's files for years, or are they new creations? But most importantly: What will their Joker Daily Tasks be? Also, I'm guessing Red Hill is a Japanese corp. by the look of all these skins.
  10. Haters gon hate. I think this is the perfect Crim balance to Enfos having lights and sirens. In fact why the hell this wasn't already in the game is beyond my understanding. And can we change our horns already? Some vehicles have 20-something "sound system" mods but only a single horn that sounds like a muppet is trapped under the hood. And seriously if you're not going to give custom horns get rid of the farking "test horn" mouse-over button in the Vehicle Editor. Why is it even there? All vehicles have 1 horn! Hear it once and that's it's, no need for this stupid test feature. FFS the amount of times I've just wanted to change viewing angles on a car and get a "BLARP!" in my ears because I accidentally moused over that f-ing square on the way back for the 800th time.
  11. SPCT with the big ideas. It is sad LO should at the very least bring back the single player no-OP missions so Enfos can grind measly morsels of contact XP while we wait for WF Wednesdays to become real.
  12. I support WF Wednesdays - LO plz ban FN on Wed kthx. I like WF for just being different. But I agree that we need to make Contacts (and JT dailies) available in any District. But I think LO is looking to solve the WF problem with the cross-district queuing thing - it won't help players who simply hate the place but will help those that need it to progress but just like me wanting every gun on every available platform - contacts and dailies should be the same - catering to every player and style. Want to progress 1-255 and max every Contact in FC only? Why not? If you love FC why should you be forced to leave and go somewhere you're not going to enjoy? What is this IRL?
  13. First the cookie crumbles over Golds noob-stomping in Bronze District. Now it's finding out that cheaters exist. I must say that I'm enjoying these cookie chronicles - finding out there is a whole game outside of the Social District!
  14. Yesss. They should bump up all the rewards. Maybe balance some but only balance them up, not down. Most reviewers are borderline crayon eaters and just see the existence of a Cash Store = P2W. Although I don't blame new players entering the game and seeing gold/purple guns everywhere and thinking that it is P2W, it takes time and experience to realise all the different avenues for gaining new weapons. And the ultimate god tier skills to realise that the STAR is the best gun you'll ever get anyway.
  15. I like what LO did to shotguns and to IR - for a time things were fun, it was a great time for LO to experiment with the guns and it was fun to see the meta gtfo. Then y'all had a giant cry about it and they probably won't touch guns ever again.
  16. Damn. I thought this was a new weapon thing and wanted to plug my idea to bring Emma into APB. As far adding to ARMAS is concerned, I think all guns should be available on ARMAS, but some of the special ones should be on the JT store, or heck why not everything on every store? We should cater to everyone's style - some have lots of skill and will grind weapons through achievements and event prizes, some have lots of mom's credit card and will gain weapons through ARMAS, and some just want to grind FC and gain weapons through JTs or some want to just collect in game cash and trade guns on the MH. I don't see the harm in letting all types of gamers a chance to collect guns the only issue is that it upsets the snowflakes who think because they have something then no one else should have it ever and certain guns belong hidden away in Lockers never to see light in San Paro again because you all only use the NTEC anyway.
  17. Thanks guys - I will try this method at least until LO is able to fix it with a patch or something. And tbh that Catcher is actually quite annoying - current issue aside - the game crashes and I'm already fuming from that and then comes along this Catcher asking me to write an assay on what happened. I wonder if they ever actually get any non-rage-fuelled responses in that empty text box? Edit: Did this with both APBCatcher and Vivox - APB works fine and no longer need to mess with the Task Manager for every session. There goes my theory - but I think the "It not closing after APB closes" is the answer. I too haven't restarted my PC since 3 Feb 2006, so no wonder I've stacked a few APBCatchers.
  18. I use Cheat Engine APB Advanced Launcher. Could that be it? My theory was it was opening a Catcher for every Chrome tab to steal my cryptocurrency.
  19. Phew long thread is long, I just want to say that I only reason I enter bronze to play against golds. This. This comment is so gold it should be the one ashamed to go near the bronze server. Winner chicken dinner. Bro Team Pill best video ever.
  20. It just takes 9 months, but you get a new team mate.
  21. This would be great it reminds me of the WoW PvP queue system. Not that we need something so elaborate with little horns going when a pvp match is ready (we do) but a queue system that allows us to do other stuff would be really, really, really nice especially for RIOT since I'm not sure about others but I cannot see the RIOT servers so the only way to find if a match is brewing is to join the empty carless district and press M and sit there and watch the population counters go up and down. Don't get me wrong reducing it to 8 players is great but for Jericho that 8 is still going to encounter an amount of waiting which some people ain't go no time for, if we have a queue system it would surely get more people involved since it is a more passive way of joining that doesn't involve that empty district sad times. And really for the third act this should be in the works - RIOT is our programmer's proving grounds yeah? Where they can learn the code and see what crazy stuff they can do to APB and learn in the process while still making something available to players? What a better flexing of that coding muscle than putting some awesome QoL changes into the mode which can then be ported over to FC or even Mission Districts? (Queuing for WF while in Fin, because we all know players are more likely to join where other players are playing, even if it is against their progression interests rather than sit and wait on the chance they'll trigger a domino effect and get a healthy WF district going.)
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