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  1. Yes! I totally understand why there needs to be some limits placed on customisation but this is APB and that limit should only be what you set yourself. (within reason, but hey if someone wants 200 outfits WHO ARE WE TO DENY THEM?! One doesn't simply mention their own designing stream without linking to it first. Like seriously - I'd love to what designs you're pulling off with non-premium account.
  2. This is a good idea - as it rewards the new player rather than the already decked out existing player. That said, I'd love for the opportunity to get some of those RAF rewards via other means. I was probably the only dumb-patootie who tried to do RAF the "honest" way and wasn't able to get enough points to snag that sexy Mikro for my Enfo, would be nice if they were either put up on the JT store or added as some sort of other reward. (ARMAS loyalty maybe?).
  3. I am, but I want more. I think I have 7/8 or 8/9, whichever I can clearly see there is a slot I missed out on because I wasn't logged in or ticked the right boxes at the right time. This. Sucks. To have missed out on that tiny extra slot and not be able to ever get it really rustles my jimmies. A fair amount of the current Event Rewards have their Paid Option in ARMAS. I just want to be able to use that option with outfit and clothing slots. But in addition to that, to have even 7 unique enough outfits, it takes way more than the 90 slots that I have, especially if you're as basic as me and like to use some of the preset outfits out there.
  4. Next project for LO (when everything calms down) - make a "safe-space" for T/Green players to fight against bots in their own District.
  5. I didn't think of that, well in the exploit sense - I get that buying 45 G1C worth of Premium to get over 100G1C worth of discounts sure does sound good. So I agree that the 1 Day Premium shouldn't include the ARMAS discount, although still should have the other benefits - designing, contact and mission rewards, because it's for time-poor players, not just designers. That said, if they're going to have to make all the extra effort to make the 1 Day Premium a special case - they might as well make a Designer Pass too - I think that's a really good idea and it would be awesome to have but in addition to it costing G1C, maybe have it up for JTs too, or just JTs because to me it seems just getting the Designer Unlocks only is a pretty small benefit for it to cost G1C. Or it would have to be barely 15 G1C for it to be viable for those using it. Do you remember how much for?
  6. I'm seriously loving the preset decals that have come out recently.
  7. Sorry if this has been discussed before I really did try to search but using "premium" as a keyword brings up like 100 topics and nobody got time for that. But to the point - We all know that 1 and 3 Day Premium codes exist - these things are given out mostly with holidays or JMBs. I've talked about it earlier about how much I'd love for Premium to be for "Time Played" or pause option but understand that that is incredible difficult to do and probably not financially viable for LO But here's the issue - unfortunately there exists a class of players who just cannot get online enough to justify buying Premium subscriptions. Take the recent Premium gift for example - we were given 30 days - the minimum we can buy on ARMAs at this time - I've only been able to use 4 days of that 30 so far and if I'm lucky i'll get to use 2 more days, that's 6/30, so 24 days wasted. Now, it was free, so I'm not complaining, but if I had paid for those 30 days - you can see how 24 days wasted doesn't make it worth it. And so I don't buy Premium. So my suggestion - combining the fact that 1 Day Premiums do exist, seem to be relatively ok for the devs to add to the game, and that there is a class of players who simply cannot viably justify 30 Day subscriptions - let us buy 1 Day Premium on ARMAS. (Add in a 3 Day option if possible for those glorious 3 day weekends). Using the 30 Day Premium (799 G1C) as a guide - a single day of Premium is worth 26.66 G1C and that would be nice, but the generally lowest cost items on ARMAS are 45G1C - even at that price I feel like it's worth it for us time-poor players, you could lower it to 30G1C and still make a profit over the 30 Day Premium value. I know I would love for it to be 15G1C per day to match the 6 Month Premium value - but beggars and choosers and I'm trying to make it worth LO's effort but they can price the 1 Day Premiums at whatever they want - I just suggest to make it less than 50G1C to make it worth the while of those buying them. Now I'm not suggesting this as an option for those already on 30 Day + subscriptions - this is strictly for those who just want Premium in 1 Day bursts, they're either stuck to only playing occasionally or designers who just want a quick premium boost to finish off some designs. I mean look at how many times/topics appear on the forums asking for Premium codes? Sure this probably won't stop by adding 1 Day Premium to ARMAS because free > not free, but we can pretend it will and keep in mind this is only for those people who are currently not buying any premium, so it's purely profit from where there was no profit, those that are fine with not getting the best value from Premium are probably already subscribed, I just think those who are stuck in the casual class of player but still want Premium could use the little support.
  8. These are beautiful, and as much as I'd love for these to be vehicle mounted monstrosities to reign havoc in San Paro, I think they're more mission assets or objectives rather than usable weapons. Although it would make for a slightly to super awesome mission type - either capture/hold the launchers and at the end they obliterate the enemy team. OR it's part of an awesome siege mission type where either 1 team or both teams have to secure the weapons for a stage in order to use them to blast into a bank/prison/stronghold. OR And I really enjoy this one - they're NPC controlled and part of a certain widely beloved PvE district where the NPCs are laying siege to the contact/stronghold the players have to protect for the round. And must be disabled/destroyed and maybe even in later stages taken over to eliminate even stronger enemies that appear in future waves.
  9. I liked the idea where Crims were given LTL not to stun > arrest, but to stun > coup de grace. But that would take a bit or work and should be a part of giving Enforcers their version of ram raiding.
  10. Ha yeah, another minute after that the strife will be able to shoot again.
  11. Running kev is the best way to quickly fill up your whisper window.
  12. SOBs with the discord notification sound going off in videos. I really wanted EM3 to work on the Deep Impact/OSMAW. Sucks that it doesn't, but yeah having 0 shots sure is neat but it would be more sporting just to not be able to use blue mods on weapons where blue mods are useless.
  13. This. This is one of those ideas that are like the best ideas.
  14. Just wanna chime in that all the cool kids go for the slotted versions than the basic - if you haven't bought already you should do that and not have 4-6k JTs worth of regret.
  15. If there are no servers to count down premium, does that premium still exist?
  16. This is the answer. Engie Uppie is just the beginning but there could be a 15 minute unskippable video explaining that every time the game starts (but at least we'll get the OG title screen right guys?) and it still won't stop Zombie's prophecy coming true.
  17. How is something that is going to fix all the problems still have problems?
  18. I get them feels. It's okay to rant, you're sure braver than me to do it on the forums but we've all been there, good luck with the achievement!
  19. It is?! Well my silver is showing and I'm all sorts of confused too. Aww that sucks, oh well, reskin away then. Or tweak the RABID to make it more niche and then make the VAS SW2 a reskin of that. But again that's all about the gun-feel to me - RABID feels Light LMG whereas NSSW feels Heavy LMG if that makes sense but I see the point in reducing the amount of snowflakes out there to make weapon changes more simplistic. True and hey I'm open for that change but just want to add that I like the current Bullshark style too.
  20. I also feel like the point of JMB weapons is not to make them "good" weapons, but unique ones. None of those legendaries are really supposed to be OP but more standard guns with a little bit of a personally defect that makes them more fun to play than a sweaty-player's wet dream. I honestly think that last change to the red mod was the best change to happen to the bullshark. FFA users on the other hand...
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