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  1. We beat this dead horse before and I thought the conclusion of "Gives buffs not nerfs" was the best option. Non-meta vehicles aren't used simply because they're just plain worse than the vegas/pioneer for the cost - if you're going to pay $100 to spawn, you get the best you can for that $100, so goodbye 2 slot growl. I did make a suggestion to Make the Espacio (and Vans in general) a more viable option - I think this should be included in the buff train. I think we need to give vehicles better niches to live in, have one really good at ramming, others good at tanking, or racing, they're kinda there which is why the Vegas reigns over them because it's such an ok all-rounded, but maybe give the other vehicles a buff in their niche strengths to make it worth the effort to spawn them. Or if we're not going to buff at least price their spawns accordingly - everything below a certain tier should be free imo. I tried to look up the operator "->" and still don't understand, so like the Coywolf is better? I'm not sure how they can do it programming wise, make kits gift out buffs, but I think this is a good idea, although it really smells of p2w. Yes. This. They said in that other thread that they nerfed the Moirai from AWD to RWD. They need to return it to its AWD glory.
  2. KnifuWaifu

    Mute themes

    /ignore list fills pretty quickly when one dedicates it to blocking out broken/offensive themes. I like this idea, but I would actually rather see a Volume Slider for themes in the Audio Options than an outright mute (which is why I don't like deleting the audio files). People make such great themes in APB but as always an over large group like to ruin it and created their own ear-no abominations, at least having themes on a softer volume lessens any permanent hearing damage that could occur from these trolls. Also I've said it somewhere else but even those "good" themes where players have put effort into it to make some nice music have the unfortunate business of that creator doing it with the Theme Editor's volume set to max. So no matter how nice the theme is, eventually the too-loud notes start to grind against your ear drums and you end up ignoring these players too. If we're going to be totally serious - this is an issue that should be given way more attention than hackers/scammers/abusers. A hacker hacks the game to give themselves a virtual unfair advantage and causes us to lose or dislike the game - but doesn't harm us physically irl other than our bruised egos and hurt feelings. A scammer takes away our virtual worth/wealth which we worked for, it may hurt us financially irl - but it doesn't harm us physically, all we did was lose some items/cash, we can recover from that. A abuser makes some image or says or types something that insults us or some group in some way, we're emotionally hurt - but it doesn't harm us physically, we can seek support and get over it. A theme troll's sole purpose is to physically injure the delicate structures within the human ear which causes permanent hearing damage and loss - they are hurting us physically in the real world. Why there is no seriously punishment and action taken against this sort of behaviour is enough to make me want to rant about it in the suggestions forum (but seriously this upsets me). I shouldn't have to play an online video game in fear of being physically hurt in real life with my hand hovering over the mute button because some sick people think it's "le trolololing" to blast players they've killed with broken/offensive themes. I know there is /ignore and the /report function, but I've stated before - these are after-the-damage-has-been-done solutions. I have to be exposed to the ear-no in order to expose it and report it. Hell there have been many matches while I was sitting still after dying to a theme troll trying to type out a report (and clear my ignore list to stick the silly person on it) when they pop up and kill me again and boom second dose of ear-no. We need a way to protect us before the damage is done because the sad truth is that these types of players will not be stopped. In fact this week I met two brand new players who both sported the same ear-no troll theme - it was clear they only wanted to hurt people and who knows how many ears they raped before they got bored and logged off. My /ignore list is full and I'm getting so worked up over this now I'm going to tag important people. @MattScott @Lixil @Selali
  3. I have no stats to back this up but I'm going to assume we all feel the same that the Espacio pales in comparison to the Pioneer. Also that vans in general, outside of ram raiding, don't compare to their 5-seater counterparts mostly due to the fact that rear passengers can't see a damn thing and only get a 180 arc of fire compared to the 360 degrees of awesome you get riding in the back of a Pioneer. So, why not gives the Espacio (and vans) a little buff and let the rear (just the rear) passengers use heavy weapons (LMGs, Shotguns, Explosives) while inside? They'll still not be able to see anything and restricted to that 180 arc. But it's something that might slightly tip the scales in the Espacio's favour? Little tweaks will be needed to make it work, especially with animations, if possible to make it "less" work, mock up a tether or something on the gun, so it's like the passenger has the gun tied up for balance or instead themselves so they can 2 hand the gun since 1 handing an ALIG would look dodgy af. Like this: Or this: Also maybe not explosives? That might be too overpowered? But again Car Surfer trumps anything that could happen with a OSMAW toting Espacio passenger since they're just restricted to 180 degrees. Or maybe reduce the rate of fire of these guns while inside? Increased reload time? I'm not sure what's possible but I think those rare occasions a vehicle does have more than 2 players inside, it would be a nice little buff for what is essentially a downgraded position. And it would be nice to see Espacios take on a gunship role rather than a glorified loot van. Alexa, play "Fortunate Son".
  4. I want to add my undying support to the suggestion of giving players more wardrbe and outfit spaces. Buy them, unlock them, win them, gift them, grind them, I care not how they're given, just that get them.
  5. Once again MattScott has poured honey in to my ear and has me waking up the next morning shouting "RIOT! RIOT!" Thank you. My only nit-pick is that it makes it seem like pop. issues with RIOT are seen as a problem but not an area that will be worked on?
  6. how you doin? ha ha yeah, you ha don't happen ha to have ha the web address of this ha dating site so ha I can go ha laugh at it? ha ha
  7. You know you're bad when you're out-gunned by an RFP when using the OBIR.
  8. Hold up. Ok guys, don't worry it checks out. I miss making totem poles. I wish they were more tactically viable.
  9. Another plug for this thread just in case. My issues are already stated in both threads but here's my $0.02 just to add more voices to the choir. 1. Problem spawning inside a Contaminated Zones and dying because both hazmat suit and hp run out. - Pretty self explanatory. 2. Problem finding enough players to start. APB pop. isn't big enough for number requirements, either make the mode diverse like in FC/Missions (I'm sure that the population size effects what mission types you get, but I could be dreaming but I've never seen a FC do anything other than TDM when it has minimums and VIP when it has max players.) 3. The Mission District maps weren't made for long distance running, there isn't even an in-game auto run function - vehicles are a huge part of this game for a reason. RIOT either needs a custom runner friendly map or vehicles returning. 4. Can we make it PvE? 5. Problem with time/action ratio - The mode seems very clunky getting to the action. Waiting to find players, then when enough there's another wait for the round and I've seen players drop out in that 3mins. Then waiting as you run around the district or search for weapons or do objectives. Then running again if you die. And if you're knocked out you either sit and wait for the mission to finish or load an entire new district to start the waiting again. Just compared to FC and Missions where you load once and it's pretty much constant action, this mode is very disconnected from APB, the ttk in this game is too high to not rely on a faster spawning, finishing, and starting of new missions. It's just a very different game style than other APB areas and I think we can see from the reaction, most players prefer FC/Missions to this mode because what goes through my mind is "Why am I waiting here when I could be doing x y z instead?"
  10. It is nice to see such a long and well thought out response so much nicer than the usually "lel riot sucks we didnt want it LO!" and you're so right this is the beta - we shouldn't be calling for blood over the very much explained unfinished version of the mode. I'd love to add more critique but you've covered what I've seen already and I haven't played enough to add any more which is my biggest complaint - it is very hard to get a match going due to lack of players and the overly large player amount required, also so many timers. 3 minutes to wait before starting when we finally have the required amount? I saw people drop out during that wait time. Compared to the faster paced Mission and even faster Fight Club. Getting RIOT matches going and keeping them going feels clunky and disjointed. We load a new map after every match and those taken out early have to wait so so long while the current match resolves itself. I found myself quitting just because there just wasn't enough action to make it worth it. And I completely agree with the spawn and hazmat suit issue. Out of the handful of RIOT matches I've play in all but one resulted in my dying in a gas cloud because I spawned too far away from a Safety Zone to get there before my suit and hp ran out.
  11. I would love this idea. But for the reasons of it being a safe-house back up if APB ever goes offline, I'd love to just keep my characters and still derp about making symbols and clothing that no one will continue to ever see. Buuut to hijack this - why not let the community mod APB, but not in a crazy way like GTA/Skyrim. Why can't we contribute to APB's true customisation? What I'm saying is, to me APB is about customisation and it has a ton and people do so much awesome work with what we have, but there's still more. For instance - let's say a small but sexy group of players wants to bring the REAL "Old Glory" into APB? but this stuff takes time and LO ain't got time for making what is essentially another "useless" reskin. But some would like to run around with Russia's second greatest gift to weaponry - so why not let the community out source this themselves and then submit it to LO for integration into the game. I'm talking simple reskins here - I'm not advocating people being able to import pistols that shoot nuclear missiles. I'm talking about picking a gun that's functionally similar to the gun you want in the game and then saying "Hey LO, I made this reskin for the N-SSW, how about it?" and then LO does it's due diligence to make sure it's all good and ports it in. They use the same stats and technical crap as existing assets, but they just look a little different to scratch that customisation itch some of us get. We get a little bit of extra customisation and LO saves time on having to make it themselves and gets a tidy profit from ARMAS too. It doesn't have to end with guns too. There is a whole massive Wish List of non-combat related items we'd love to be added to the game. Some as simple as giving Cop Shirt to female characters, tiny things that only a small audience want but will still take time and effort on LO's behalf but if we can outsource this to the community, the boundaries of customisation are endless. Think Steam Workshop but for APB.
  12. So what y'all are saying this is all the fault of Cooky and his butt?
  13. Here's your new car. Seats and an engine come in the next JMB.
  14. Yes, it is not surprising, ok a little because I really thought RIOT would get a better reception, but anyway it is not surprising that the community's current rally crying is "RIOT is trash!" when barely a week before it's cry was "WHERE IS RIOT?" But also, what if we let people level Contacts in any District? This should certainly help those lower/newer players progress quicker.
  15. F Ah yeah you're right, which sucks. I knew this idea was too late to the party so it'll just stay as a dream, but I had to get it out there and I'd have to guess that with only you replying and no personal message from MattyS asking me to fly over and work for LO, it's not the awesome idea I thought it was when I was in the shower.
  16. I have no idea, I don't know how hard it would be to put a on-rails aggressive AI into APB, maybe it's impossible. They did do it with TF2 which up until that point was total PvP, that said they used the Source Engine which no doubt had acceptable AI already in it somewhere but this idea is an ideal situation so I might as well as asked for G1C to rain from the sky and free premium for all it matters. But like I said the biggest issue I see with most modes in APB is that it needs other people to play properly, something that it is really struggling with for a variety of reasons. Eh. idk about you but technically that's true but I see a lot of missions playing out the same, maybe not in a row, but still the same also RIOT and FC tend to go against that rule too, unless you're being really technical and saying that because the Contamination zone is now at coords 20,18 instead of 21,19 that makes it not exactly the same. That said, if they use RIOT Financial instead of a custom PvE Map, the "Last Stand" areas could be anywhere defensible around San Paro. One mission it's Enfs in SPPD HQ and Crims in DoubleB's Station, next it's Enfs in Teng's HQ and Crims in the Skate Park.
  17. Yes. I mean the lack of action in RIOT should suggest that both Enfs and Crims need a way to progress in APB without the need for other players. Missions, FC, and now RIOT, all need other players, sure Crims will always have RamRaiding (I have an idea to give Enfs a version of that too) but for Enforcers this game can really suck when you're stuck in an off peak timezone. I have ideas but most are probably too late - I'd like to see a rework of RIOT even though it won't happen, current RIOT mode might get triggers but the sake of anything than it not actually being much of a RIOT and more of a (now that I've played it) run around find a PDA then activate a bomb, then die 2-3 times inside a seemingly endless Contamination Zone. So to stay on Topic here's my ideal RIOT Mode: It's PvE but also PvP but not quite - remember those Starcraft and Warcraft custom maps? The Tower Defence/Defend the Ancient ones but they were still versus? It's like that with a mix of Man vs Machine from TF2 (remember how they worked two opposing factions finding a common ground to work together in that? Seems nice but for the sake of keeping our undead confectioneries happy we'll skip the working together part) Basically there is a RIOT, San Paro has had enough of our shit and it going nuts to fight both the Enfs and Crims but why and where did they get all these resources? Red Hill IOT of course - they're the sneaky buggers who instigated the RIOT and supply the civies with all their gear because what better way to clean up Sanny P than to use an endless pool of civilans willing to die for peace. Or maybe it's mind control? Who knows? Anyway both factions are forced to fall back to our compounds (bring back the Asylum map version for Enforcers? But like shrink it, and give a copy to Crims (back make it all Crim-like) or make a custom map or just use the Financial RIOT map but more giant red/grey blocks to make things into neat lanes and stop Crims and Enforcers from reaching each other) And the Rioting Civilians are at our doors and we have to protect our Contact/Leader, [Insert Faction Contact Here]. The PvE is basically each Faction in a defensive position having to defend against waves of Civilian Bots, maybe vehicles too? Each wave gets progressively harder as Red Hill IOT supplies the Civs with stronger and stronger gear. Also each wave or milestone wave (5, 10, etc) has an RedHillIOT Instigator/Officer that we got to take out for extra brownie points or maybe the dude is calling in airstrikes of gas or something idk. Anyway that's the basic premise. Now the PvP part is like those Custom Maps - In those you earned money and could spend it on sending bigger and better units down the other player's lane to make their day a little more shitty - so in RIOT each Faction gets cash/rewards/brownies from every wave or maybe they have to go collect it from the dead or each Instigator has a bounty? And each has their own RedHillOT contact they can "bribe" or maybe just using the [Insert Faction Contact Here] and they get on the phone and call their RedHillIOT contact because San Paro is just a huge mix of everyone dicking over someone else anyway so who cares about the Lore, sooo somehow each Faction earns points/cash and they can spend it on making the other Faction's day a little more miserable by prematurely gearing up the Civilian RIOT or sending more Instigators or Elite Units, just stuff. Aaaand the winners are the Faction whose [Insert Faction Contact Here] survives the longest. However the true PvE part of this goes that this mode does not need a set amount of players to start or the versus portion doesn't enable until there is enough playing on each side but the PvE part goes on no matter how many are there. So if there isn't enough players to start versus, it just becomes you vs the Civilian RIOT and the Victory condition is just how long you can Survive, like Survival Mode in L4D. This to me also has an anti-exploit in it that 1 person can't farm the mode endlessly because they'll so be overrun, so it's nicer in teams, but not completely dependant on other assholes being online like basically every other facet of APB currently is. Anyway that's my ideal RIOT mode. Oooh pretty assets to go with this awesomely awesome PvE mode.
  18. Omg this. I forgot the Community's want for a Racing District. I would like PvE content...
  19. Oh damn, I thought it was just my PC being annoying. Well if I can't set priorities anymore there goes keeping my 56 Chrome tabs open while playing APB.
  20. I'm sad the "feature" will be leaving Mission Districts but Matt sure has a way with words and I agree with the reasoning and totally love the idea of the weapon drop going to FC as a consolation prize. Maybe to try and placate further since the votes are pretty close - make it a FC Mode. so using Asylum (best FC or fitemeirl) as an example it currently has; Mode 1 - FC with Hold Item Mode 2 - FC TDM Mode 3 - FC with 2 VIPs. Are there more? idk I propose: Mode 1 - FC with Hold Item Mode 2 - FC with Hold Item + Weapon Drop Enabled Mode 3 - FC with TDM Mode 4 - FC with TDM + Weapon Drop Enabled Mode 5 - You get the idea. Best of both worlds imo.
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