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  1. It’s because you need to find a group of people or even a single mate to play with. I can help you around if you’re from Citadel. /w me either in-game or on the forums.
  2. Alright, I see. Thanks a lot you two, appreciate it! This can be closed now.
  3. Hey, thanks alot for the answer. First of all, I am not using apb as benchmarking, just taking it into consideration so I'll know what I am entering into. Second, I am getting the RTX 2070 Super. Do you might know if it has the same issue as the 2080?
  4. Hey all. I am planning on upgrading my whole PC including getting a new RTX graphics. Issue is I have heard a lot of people comlplain about crashes or being unable to play the game with RTX. Is that still a thing and if it does is there a workaround?
  5. Can anyone confirm if re-naming the Instrument folder to remove themes is still or ever was allowed?
  6. Now you're just being a knucklehead. No point discussing with you since you have no idea what you are talking about.
  7. Game is back online, still haven't got anything for buying with Razer Gold.
  8. You don't get it. This promotion has nothing to do with the maintenance. They don't need to patch the game in order to send people stuff out through an automatic system.
  9. You have the option to buy with Razer Gold on the marketplace hence the promotion already started.
  10. When are we due to get this clothing bundle? I've already made a purchase with Razer Gold and I don't see anything.
  11. It was added to prevent Goat from crashing the districts. Long story short, don't spam
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