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  1. Yes, what about it? It's a grey area that no one knows the final answer for. Asking here to get an official response from @MattScott or @Lixil if it's allowed or not, once and for all.
  2. I am playing the game vanilla. It was just a thought if it is allowed again.
  3. Can we get an official response if modifying game files to get a crosshair dot is allowed to use right now? I remember the time when G1 banned it, but didn't see anyone allowing the use of it once again. I am asking because I was watching some people use custom crosshair dot in-game and they're just fine.
  4. Nicely done Orbit! I am looking forward to anything that'll shed some light into the current game-play. Don't get me wrong, I love the game, playing it when I can but it's getting repetitive fighting the same people and the same players every single day.
  5. Looking for someone who can make me a unique symbol. I can pay a lot depends on the outcome. Saying right now, you have to be really good at the designer to come up with it. PM for more details and sketch.
  6. Of course we are.
  7. I would not spend 8k JT's on a permanent ATAC. I'd rather save up to 10k and buy the 4 slots 4x4/firebomb. or keep stacking these JT's.
  8. Short long story, I was in social and I came across a redeem code that someone has apparently got their hands on first. 2 Days of Premium: STARTARIOT Enjoy.
  9. That is a new one for me for sure. That message never popped up on my end during maintenance while trying to login via Steam. I guess it can be #closed Thanks for the quick answers
  10. Fixed Edit: That's weird because it never used to do that. At least for me. If that's the case then it can be closed
  11. I know the servers are not up yet, but when I am trying to login using steam it gives me error 4: Any ideas?
  12. Oh boy.. I don't even want to think how long it's going to take to patch the EU when it comes xD
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