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  1. Visionaireh

    Retail box codes...

    Can you still get those?
  2. It changes every friday night
  3. Visionaireh

    Missing Weapon Skins?

    I have fallen a victim to this as well. Apparently you have to choose between the four options presented to you.
  4. Visionaireh

    New GamersFirst site

    Good job on that one, looks awesome! But why don't you guys change the domain name?
  5. Visionaireh

    Labor Day Weekend Update

    Can we get a sale?
  6. Visionaireh

    Armas gifting

    Minimum requirment of R195 character and only be able to use G1C that is in your account for a week/month. Seems fine for me
  7. Visionaireh

    Let's make JMB's better

    Leave JMB's, we need a new loyalty reward.
  8. Visionaireh

    WASP getting on your nerves? Join "INSECTICIDE Inc"

    How dare you