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  1. Visionaireh

    Lost access to 2FA

    Still it does not make any sense why a customer service is taking 3 months to reply..
  2. Visionaireh

    Lost access to 2FA

    I am still locked out of my account. It's been a month now! How long am I going to have to wait for a single response? @MattScott
  3. Visionaireh

    Lost access to 2FA

    Bumping this so I can get the attention of a GM on this
  4. Visionaireh

    Lost access to 2FA

    Still waiting on a moderator to pass by this thread and hopefully help me with my ticket
  5. Visionaireh

    Lost access to 2FA

    Probably because the code changes as soon as you enter it. You need to time it right
  6. Visionaireh

    Lost access to 2FA

    Yeah, I deleted Google Authenticator off of my phone and installed Authy instead. Just waiting on support to reply my ticket.
  7. Hey everyone, it's been two weeks since I've sent a support ticket about losing access to 2FA and yet to get a respond. I am currently locked out of my account and can not login at all. My ticket number is #88349 if any moderator sees this and can help me out
  8. Visionaireh


    Hey everyone, I was wondering if there's a way to recover/remove 2FA authenticator because I am locked out of my account right now.. I did a factory reset on my phone because of a software update and now I am locked out. Any suggestions?
  9. Visionaireh

    FPS Drops

    Hey everyone, how's your day going? I would like to discuss a matter that has been problematic for me ever since the latest Christmas patch. It's about my FPS. It literally drops for no reason.. I'm used to play with 100-145 fps in Action Districts but now my fps drops to 40 and even lower. Am I the only person with these insane FPS drops or are you guys (or at least some of you) experiencing this as well after the Christmas patch?
  10. Visionaireh

    2FA and new report system!

    Can't login using Steam after enabling 2FA. Please fix
  11. Visionaireh

    Retail box codes...

    Can you still get those?
  12. It changes every friday night
  13. Visionaireh

    Missing Weapon Skins?

    I have fallen a victim to this as well. Apparently you have to choose between the four options presented to you.
  14. Visionaireh

    New GamersFirst site

    Good job on that one, looks awesome! But why don't you guys change the domain name?