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  1. But that is all I 've been saying all along. The "POTENTIAL" suggestion we are discussing is by default AN UTOPIA!! How many time will i have to repeat that? We are literally discussing the topic of "is there a God?" If there is, who is the one who made the God? NOBODY knows the answer, so asking the UTOPIA question of which answer is another question nobody knows answer to, is futile to ask, because that question leaves another question upon it. Abandonmission WILL remain whether you like it or not, that was never an issue. There is no need to suggest technological improvement to electric cars, because they are by default BETTER than conventional combustion engine cars which use oil, benzine etc thus using resources that are not recoverable compared to electricity that is made by humans (thank you Tesla) and doesnt affect destruction of mother nature to retrieve it.
  2. You didnt legitimately disagree with a suggestion. Legitimately means that you would provide legitimate en betterment of my suggestion which u did not.
  3. Jericho is dead for like 2 years already. It would be kinda pointless to merge the servers now unless you wanna deal with european latency, being the fact that all this mess lasted for 4 months and LO finally managed to host EU servers in EU, and americans in NY. All that trouble for what? To merge jericho now... idk. Transferring the char to citadel would be a nice option though, since nekrova users were allowed to, i dont c why jericho users wouldnt be allowed to.
  4. THAT IS THE POINT!!! You literally just confirmed what i have been saying about you and admitted, that your ONLY SOLE purpose of joining conversation is NOT to provide for the benefit of solving the problem discussion is about, or suggest better solution, BUT solely for the purpose to disagree with everything someone say. *huge long facepalm* THAT IS THE EASIEST thing to do !! Removed flaming. - Azukii Obviously you are not familiar with most common world expression, when you are trying to be smartass with something what is widely known, then its said "you are not Columbus, you didnt discover America" by saying "your suggestion can and will be abused by players". Yes mr. Sherlock Holmes...EVERY system is corrupted, and EVERY system can be cheated and abused, because its created by mankind, and EVERYTHING mankind created WAS, IS, AND WILL BE corruptible. So your only counter to my suggestion "it can be abused" didnt discover America. Hope its more clear to you now, what i meant. That doesnt mean we should leave status quo. As for rest of the abandon system opp which I instantly said its imaginative and WILL NEVER happen in APB and its utopia, i said it WOULD be good there is a sort of escape from cheating hacker bullies opp. But since we cant even get engine upgrade which is (like good ol G1 used to say soon tm) promised summer holidays 2018 early spring 2019 summer 2019 autum 2019 and counting, we certainly wont get an option to quit missions with opp any time soon. So there is no need to discuss this anymore.
  5. I hope its some new fine nice looking shiny clothes to design and work with Speaking of clothes, what happened with promised patch of aligning double barrel shotguns, in an angle of how double b contact have them ? And maybe removal of useless knife on left side from katana back accessory?
  6. Most of armas weapons are reskins of f2p ingame ones. Difference is you dont have to pay for new one every 10th 20th or 30th day. Nerfing is necessary for the game experience, but my concern is that variety of players with direct contact to LO employees, who LO listens to and then decides fate of all rest of us, is compromised. Since each time nerf comes, it comes for the section of weapons which are not meta for most well known cheaters and hackers. "Coincidence" much. Now is time to nerf nfas shotguns ( i am definitely up for it) but its interesting how NOBODY mentions the power of the JG shotguns, and nobody even talks about JG! Yet JG is ridiculously spammed and undefeatable in close range. Fun fact, JG is also mostly used by those "pro" rank 20's who go 50 - 2 k/d ratio in cqc FC, and then they just vanish after a week, only for new JG hero to appear out of nowhere and go godlike. If you already nerf, nerf entire section of some weapons. Be objective not subjective.
  7. In my opinion this is the best way. Nobody can interfere with your mission anymore, nor decide outcome of it, without even knowing it, as it happened plenty of times. Fair play to everybody, enemy and your team, and other teams.
  8. My suggestion is still on point. I am not programmer to know the best way for solution but i can give an idea. Your one liners aside, provocation never poke anything, because you never provide any "smarter" solution or suggestion, you only know to spit over everybody's elses. Thats only thing you are good at. Aside of abandonmission there should be abandonmission with opp as well in some distant future, if there is one for APB. You are obviously einstein so enlight us the better way to do it. Every single system has potential abuse in it, and will be abused. You didnt discover America with it. If we look your way, everything should be cancelled then, since everything can be abused.
  9. Allow me to explain it better for you. Gold player and dethreater is not a same thing, so it makes your comparison and point pointless. Dethreater is a high rank silver who cant match golds nor she/he was, is or ever will be a real gold. If she/he was, she/he would not dethreat, desert, and run away from gold opposition all the way to the bronze districts. Dethreater "earned" her/his gold status on bronze, low silver, green and trainee players. Gold earned her/his on silver districts from where everybody did everything to escape from fighting re roll hackers, closet cheaters, tryhard premade group clans of 4 men sitting on discord playing as if every mission is world championship for real money, etc. I carried already many low rank silvers, trainees in matches to victory, some of them even thanked me for it. I lost many too, because you cant be 1 girl army vs 4 255 golds, but that is the life. You win some you lose some, life goes on.
  10. Problems i have with type of people like you irl are solved by my standing up from the table and going away. That is a social demonstration of what i think about people whose sole purpose is not to give constructive counter argument but purposely defiantly give opposite opinions just to trigger people to talk back to them. With people like you irl I would not waste a single 1 minute of my time to lead discussions. Because you never give a logical conclusion, you never give quality conversation, you always and only give entirely insane directly opposite conclusions with 1 liners, spamming your post numbers to 1 million, with a fact you never say anything. Which can mean only one thing. You know exactly what you are doing, you are deliberately a smartass, you know you troll, but you hide behind wannabe intelligent shallow constructions and conclusions which are seen through like a water. That is if you even had courage to approach me (but that is petty thing to say, true but petty isn't it? - rhetorical question) Being against /abandonmission can only be entirely ignorant person. As someone already counted up, there are multiple valid reasons for it, and it should not be changed. The end. Change rest of 1000000000 broken things in this game, stop distracting us with irrelevant things. Number of people who would abuse that potential utopia system is irrelevant compared to what cheaters would face. Because with your attitude EVERY single decision can be abused...and ? You didnt discover America with it. Yes democratic system could be abused , but with that approach every single rule on this world can be abused and IS abused, so you cant have such approach on the world, otherwise we would have to cancel every single governement, every single system, every single rule ever given out because ALL of them are corrupted. Yet we cant have stone age anarchy in 2020.
  11. Ok glad you disagreed with my opinion. In real life, people for whose opinions you dont care for, or you disagree with, you dont initiate conversations with them. But yes..thsi is APB forums. I am still after giving an opportunity to people to decide for themselves whether they like to play against someone or not. Abandonmission stays either way! Regardless what your opinion is. Smart for defending cheaters, I see what you did there. I totally agree. However abandonmission is necessity, and always will be. If we were all normal people, and didnt abuse everything we are given, it would be nice community, but then again we know APB community.
  12. Why are you still insisting on prolongation of conversation about an utopia idea that will never happen? You really like to talk with me dont you?
  13. Like i said utopia, and i KNEW, that someone will instantly say that. Everything to defend hackers...everything. That is why i said democratic vote! If there is 6 ppl in a team, 5 of us would have to choose quit. Either way none of this will ever happen so its pointless to discuss it.
  14. Lol this is on point. Bringing back threat system, will simply bring back ability to all dethreaters to go back to good old harassing bronze districts. This way at least all bronzes, trainees, silvers got same chance of getting gold player in their team, as its same chance to get them in opposition. We helped already plenty of low level bronzes and trainees, to win a mission, because we didnt abandon team. That will not be the case anymore when threats are back.
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