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  1. wut! wut!!? whats so funny? -.- it is washing money it is! pffft
  2. Are you serious? Person you are implying, aside being toxic waste personality since forever, was multiple exposed and banned by FF. He is no better than rest of "controversial" people from the list of same keen. I sincerely hope you are rooting for yourself from your alt. Dont know a single person who respect or even like the guy you suggested. Huge no tnx. Bye.
  3. There are more of them "legit" ones on the list from good ol' times nowadays "respected" veterans to newcomers. Should i say, controversial ones *cough*
  4. Game is in bad state as it is, newcomers are literally applauded if they stay more than a 24 hours. Game has always been unfriendly to real new players. You get 0 $ which is 0 motivation to even try getting into customization of your outfits along with 0 decals for symbol creation. Best advice is do the tutorial. You will get nice free things (only free things you get in the game). It includes permanent weapon of your choice which is nice thing for start. Second best advice is, in the district list, uncheck the box next to recommended districts and use entire districts list instead. Then join bronze / green servers which will still be hard but not as hard as silver districts. Do not for your own good join silver districts. Because if you play there, you wont even last 24hours before you uninstall. Create crime and cop character. Use crime for ram raid at empty servers (crashing into shops, taking items to your contact, and washing money at wash money loundry location on the map). With in game money you can buy yourself nice clothes, songs, themes, symbols, etc, shorty you can buy a motivation to give APB a chance. Good luck
  5. Well thats a diplomatic word to describe them. If you only knew their beginnings in the community.... Alas lets see the beta upgrade
  6. With engine upgrade, new contacts and new levels. Hopefully this year as planned by LO.
  7. If you purchase new car from marketplace or armas, and you got no car slots, it will just stay in mail box forever. My suggestion is, either sell some of cars you got, since all of them cant be non tradable preset cars from contacts, or simply put car you dont need or dont use often at marketplace and then cancel it. It will be sent to your mailbox without expire date, so that is your locker enlargement improvisation right there. Its what veterans use since forever.
  8. If only game rating would literally work and somehow would prevent kids from joining to adult game this game community would be literally angelic. Since you cant prevent that, any further philosophy is exactly as it sounds like. Useless philosophy not reality. All of us meet personalities in APB acting as 5 year olds or worse. RTW, G1, LO, regardless any new company taking over, can write APB is rating +1 for all we care, its still fact kids play this game, because their parents couldn't care less of actually raising their own child. They buy their peace from work, with new pc gift to their child, and they let internet shape and raise that kid. Internet is full of lonely bitter clueless bullies who are in fact simply non educated, no mannered non guided children without any principles or protocols to follow. So in conclusion rating of game is irrelevant. You cant stop kids from joining games with rating +18 or +21.
  9. But Easter event was trash (no offense LO ). Aside of useless titles as rewards and annoying utterly useless opgl event which served just to convince people to leave dynamic event district sooner than intended, there was literally nothing worthy in this year's event. I was shocked to see that you couldnt even get bunny ears or bunny mask like ALL literally ALL years before 2020, including 2019 under LO management, meaning people had one huge ZERO motivation for the event. Only useful thing, was 1500 joker tickets, and new joker store permanent weapons given out by LO...thats it. Literally. So its not because of event 1000000000%. Only thing left is corona and #stayhome thingy. People got bored so badly that they thought to themselves..omg apb i forgot about that game, lets reinstall and see whats new and if engine upgrade finally came. They ll stay 1 week, see everything is the same like all years before it (aside few new clothing items and 1 new legendary) and they ll leave the game.
  10. u can tnx to corona. As soon that is over, pop is back to 400-500
  11. I hope it wont be even similar to this Halle Berry at OP one since we already got one like this. Matt promised 2 new hairstyles, 1 for women 1 for men, I sincerely hope it will be one that we dont already have. We got like 8 bald "hairstyles" for women which is ridiculous imo, but we dont have one single long hairstyle for women, regardless hair is straight or curvy. If anything i hope new hairstyle since its just one, will have many sub options to pick from, such as length of fringe, side, nape, etc. Secretly I hope @MattScott will at least consider my suggestion of having 1 hairstyle which can combine each side of head (fringe,side,nape) from already programmed hairstyles we got in the game. Like combination of 6th (only long hair for women in APB with silly forehead expose without fringe) and fringe from 23rd hairstyle : or combination of 6th hairstyle with fringe from hairstyle number 3 (ponytail) :
  12. Yeah you will tell me or to anyone else which district will I or they play at. Funneh Aside that, social is vital part of APB. All trading, meeting people, hanging out, customization happens there. There will be more players, when EAC actually gets updated, because meeting constantly same cheating trolls in repetitive missions gets people to afk every 2nd match and its quite tiring up.
  13. nobody cares that you dont care. you dont speak in the name of all people in community. go back to camping other peoples streams and trash talking strangers behind their backs, about whom you know nothing about and who you never meet, thanks God,
  14. Ok then lets hear the source of Cambridge dictionary out of United Kingdom, the source of an official English language: wh0re noun UK /hɔːr/ US /hɔːr/ a female prostitute a woman whose behaviour in her sexual relationships is considered immoral Source : https://dictionary.cambridge.org/dictionary/english/nice lady Glad we solved this.
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