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  1. Sounds like a recipe for losing dethreaters. I am in.
  2. I dont see how is that different from green/bronzes getting opp of gold max rank dethreaters in 4 man premade groups who harrassed green/bronze districts for years vs current few days status of servers which we all know is temporal change. Years > days. Logic. Those people who afk every time they meet rank 20 re roll "pros" who goes 40/2 k/d ratio with non missing aims and then those pros disappear due to being silently banned; those people who afk every time vs trolling bully teenagers who go toxic over 1 kill you do over them cuz u used opgl or perc and he feels lack of confidence and high impact on irl ego to whisper u threats and disgusting insulting messages and shit talk over absolute stranger about whose irl he/they know absolutely nothing about... To those people i salute them and their higher intellect and I share their logic view about afking 1 irrelevant mission in 2010 old game vs opponents who didnt provide nor earn respect to have fun playing mission vs normal human beings. Yes i am those people, and if i afk vs you every time then we all know what are you, dont we? Rhetorical question. P.S. I 'll rather use irl afk time to jump by bf, snuggle with him, than waste my time over irrelevant nobodies.
  3. This ! +1000 Besides, now all dethreaters can meet us real gold veterans. Dethreaters bullied legit newcomers, greens, bronzes all this years. They were/are destroying APB population. It is time they get to see how karma works when those same dethreaters are opposed vs real gold veterans.
  4. I would give millions just to see look on the faces of dethreaters who spent weeks and months purposely dethreating to green threat so they can bully legit newcomers & legit bronzes. Pls do keep this current non threat system as long as possible so that karma catches those who bullied legit greens n bronzes on bronze servers.
  5. Only FC's with permanent login screens are up at Citadel Its better to bring APB down entirely imo, and just transfer those server hosts already before literally all people dont leave ur game for good.
  6. I dont know where you pulled that fake info out from but literally it was never my main. Probably from rest of "all knowing" deities who always "know" everything about everyone.
  7. Last time i checked i didn't present myself nowhere as a forum admin, nor i would care enough to be one, so i don't really see where was your futile point going. I however am entitled to share my opinion as everyone else and bring attention to what i find necessary, since this person literally made 6 topics in one day ( I just checked) for which he could literally made just ONE and ask all the questions he was curious about inside of it, because his topics were 1 sentence questions. Yet this person made a new topic for every question separately, and if that isn't spamming idk what is. Plus, I dont see how can this fact insult him, when he literally did spam forum with topics while APB was down and people followed the situation about the game. As for adding to the topic conversation instead of "insulting" OP topic : " nfas ogre and shaw are cancerous weapons remove it! " Ok, for me stabba opgl, ursus, nhvr qs, volcano, jg, pig pistol + instant perc stun, euryale are cancerous weapons. Remove it from the game! Genius topic. Glad I contributed. Hopefully I didnt insult him or you with this opinion of mine. Wish you both a very nice and pleasant day ahead.
  8. Like can seriously someone stop this guy spamming x10 new topics per day about literally most banal things.
  9. Can you stop spamming irrelevant topics about literally nothing? You are member since 2017, posts and topics are getting merged since G1 days.
  10. -better constantly updated anti-cheat system, by constantly I mean daily, not weekly, monthly or once per year as it was case with Battle-eye -fix the lag (hopefully that will happen with new change of provider currently ongoing) -new contacts, new district, new content -automatic system that doesnt by default turn off all available districts from the list for newcomers. Like this, player who started to play APB 1 hr ago, plays few mission, gets thrown on silver district and i give him exactly 1-2 missions before player says fk this i am outta here, judging the fact he ll get opposed vs triple gold max ranks with all mods and armas weapons, while new player posses star and calabria with spawn mod. In other words fix the threat system so that actual silver who started to play today dont get thrown at silver district, rather at bronze district. (wont be easy there either due to fact of dethreaters, but at least at bronze he ll ve chance to win....at silver districts...it literally gonna be ktnxbye this game i just installed. - we dont rly need new engine just for better graphics, we need it so that APB can more or less cope with games from this century. (so its necessary but it shouldnt be priority atm. If we waited 10 years we can wait 1 more year) If you dont adapt to new age you extinct, and thats gonna be APBs destiny if this engine wont come by the end of next year. As i was explained, everything would be way more easier regarding any new content added to the game. From clothes, weapons, cars, to maps which can be bought from auction house for new engine. That would save tones of time and APB would not need 8 months to add something new, rather it would be weekly if LO decides so. So basically you want APB to live, imo take your time at delivering engine and focus at more important killing population facts such as lag, cheaters and mm.
  11. Literally this this and this! 0 effort 0 investment into game creatively or financially. You can see and smell them over miles out!
  12. Remind me next time in game with whisper when u grow pair of cohones who are those max rank "armas bought never been banned" players who "arent" toxic and that i afk vs them. Because trust me, i never afk vs decent players and when you show me the names i will specifically tell you why they deserved my afk; although i am pretty sure they know it themselves already due to a fact how they acted towards other people I dont only afk vs hackers i also afk vs toxic bully players who were arseholes towards me for no apparent reason and who didnt deserve my opposition, my effort nor my time providing them fun in gameplay. If you think i care for win or loss over one puny mission, you are the one living in denial. why thanks you very much, this is very cool recipe and I definitely will have to try this. Nothing better to bribe the peace offering than with recipe secrets. Sorry for assuming wrongly.
  13. Why thanks you kind sir. You are a true gentleman
  14. Yes that is very true thou. The mouth were really unnecessary 3D-ed on this mask...aside that i adore its lighting reflexion...its literally like porcelain irl
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