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  1. So what exactly did this suppose to mean? That 30% dmg cant kill you? Is that it? Doesn't matter the ttk, it matters no secondary should even have 30% dmg at 60m as if it was a friggin sniper not a bloody secondary! -.-
  2. was it just regular maintenance or some fixes too ?
  3. rfp needs nerf. U cant use it as primary wep, since its pretty much what it is. Strength of primary wep, killing me 50m+ with easiness. Nerf. End of story.
  4. Either way JG is more abused than nfas. Fact. Needs nerf. Also its funny how nobody wants to talk about ridiculously op rfp pistols ruining the game for month+ now. Being strong as primary weapon, gettin targets with easiness at 60m+. Nobody mentioning that rfp needs nerf. Funny how nerf streams always go vs one type of weapon not the other almost as you can see 1 group of ppl always fighting vs guns that dont rly need nerf, to distract a nerf from their beloved silly op guns
  5. nice idea but they gonna be useless, after first week of "wow we got new stuff" everybody gonna be back at concs and percs. Since majority situations u use grenades to deliver last blow or to scare ppl out of cover. Cant see how would emp even compete with that. Ok u block entering a car as if doors of car needs electricity to be opened...lel, big deal...majority ppl dont even use enter car enter car enter new car tactics. Ok u block usage of car mods such as car spawn at whole what... 10 sec of grenade working? Car spawn is nerfed at 1 min anyway long time ago. So basically we gaining nothin with this new grenades aside, wow effect of some entirely new stuff added to game after few centuries. Gl. Would be better imo that u added 4 new hairstyles instead of this grenade, or at least ability to combine fringe side and length of all current existing hairstyles. It would ve much permanent bigger wow effect than emp nades nobody gonna use in fight.
  6. I know how macro works, and programmable logitech buttons can have 2 click at 1 click. Dont try to be smartass. Thats exactly how it will work at JG, being the fact that shotgun needs 2 lmb clicks to kill. Dont try to defend JG users, its futile attempt for any person with their good eye sight.
  7. The only gun that really needs nerf is ridiculous jg! You all are just shisstalking the nfas, to distract the fact of op jg abuse. Join FC, check which gun is used the most, u will come to a number of literally 10+ people on top scoreboards using jg shotgun only. Jump shooting you, instantly killing you, 0 skill, 0 anything. Beats nfas by far, with its 2 shots to kill, which occur instantly literally. I started to see many macro users abusing JG, u are dead by 1 shot instantly. U wanna nerf nfas? nerf jg as well! Bottom line
  8. Honestly this design is raw, re-doable with ingame decals within an hour. Tbh bad alignment of a symbol is just another proof somebody at LO is doing a quick job with minimum effort of paying attention to the details. When you said new clothes we all hoped for really new material, like katana and double b shotguns were. Same happened for giving out double-b harness, @MattScott you said you gonna fix the double b shotguns into an X angle as double b contact got, but now for a week and more nobody is mentioning it anymore. It wouldn't have happened if someone simply took 30 seconds of paying attention to details, to login financial and literally copy pasted double b harness into armas. I am having a feeling that somebody regarded for clothes, is often making mistakes due to hastiness. Same for the useless knife fix - (aka removal) on left shoulder while having katana...really no point of having pocket knife with 2 meters long katana...
  9. For adding new clothes thumbs up definitely but why oh why are you making it preset ?!?!?! In only game available around with highest customization & design options you are restricting designing of new clothes ! Why ?!?!
  10. Its not a problem in car surf mod, its problem in dethreating. I cant understand why any of the GM's dont take their time, and join the bronze servers so they can spectate and see for themselves. They join silver districts where dethreating is not a case, since majority of golds play on it, as its been for years. But seriously dethreating is one of biggest annoying issues that is destroying this game population. There are even so many players in silver districts who even openly admit dethreating when you call them out, its so corrupted view upon that topic, that players themselves dont even comprehend why dethreating is bannable and they dont see anything bad in dethreating. We all know why dethreating started, its a classic way of bullying case. If you are bullied by someone stronger than you, you will in this case retreat and go bully someone weaker than you. This "pros" you talk about probably got destroyed by real golds and gold veterans. They probably kept losing 20-30 missions in row. So what they do? They purposely blatantly dethreat to green threat or bronze threat so they can harass you guys and most importantly bully all the real new coming players. Rank trainee with star joins the districts gets opposed to a dethreated "pros" ...he ll play this game maybe 2-3 matches with absolutely no chance to win and she/he will leave the game for good. I have seen so many lvl 255 greens, which should be instantly bannable imo, because you simply cant sell the bs, you reached rank 255 and ur real skill is green...pls..just dont insult our intelligence...just dont! And being green opens you a door to harass absolutely all servers except gold ones of course cuz you will never even join them, otherwise u would ve not needed to dethreat to a green at first place. This needs serious attention asap.
  11. Honestly thank you @MattScott for finally having new developer working on clothes ! Aside that, a suggestion really... to make a knife optionable with katana..leave it...but give ability people can remove the knife...because imo knife is simply just exaggerating whole sword thing. Like if you have katana on your back why do you need a potato knife with it as well... one shoulder can remain empty. Also, if double shotguns could be angled as double b got...that would be great Just suggestions so think about it pls.
  12. Whats the point of commenting something that has no point for you ?
  13. Seriously you claim you are "not racist" after literally writing a speech against one specific nation in 21st century based on your personal disliking of that nation... *facepalm* You got plenty of Europeans playing the game, if anything this merge saved APB from my point of view, since i was getting tired of seeing same faces of barely 2 populated districts at Citadel for past 7 months. You got population during working day late hours of 500-800 now. Marketplace flourished already with new things to shop from nice artists and many other things changed to better such as playing missions. I actually dont have to see 15 missions in row against same opposition due to lack of population, now I actually get different players every mission which is 10 times more exciting than dead status quo it was until now. If you left the game just because Russians (not racist not at all...) then you better stay out of the game. We dont live in stone age anymore, there is no more racism tolerated in any civilized country 2019th. year. Shu shu away with your negative energy!
  14. @Lixil @MattScott Guys nice merge and all but the yellow mods are broken. Ammo box doesnt serve a purpose of changing weapon anymore, Shield cant be dropped out of hands once you equip it, unless u die, etc. Please fix that guys, its pretty annoying issue. Thanks in advance. P.S. Also am pretty sure you guys made mistake gifting rfp guns & oca 3 slot to live servers instead of testing prototype ones. The weapon which was buffed too much as it is, and was announced to reach 70m is gifted to entire apb...seriously guys!? Hopefully Riot will be back shortly, because there are still people who couldnt do all riot roles due to lack of population which we got now. Have a nice one.
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