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  1. So you are saying support harassed you or what even?!
  2. This is very true tho, other unique stuff didn't share same cheap look tho. Devil wings among rest are very nicely programmed to sustain nice design patterns
  3. So your only "argument" vs unique stuff should stay unique is "you are baby brat with too much free time for obsession with pixels.!" ? What even..!? And then you hypocritically call this community a dumpster fire. Thats not how conversations are lead. Unlike me, you didnt provide neither one slight evidence, argument or fact to backup your opinion to counter mine aside providing plenty of insults proving that you are that dumpster in this community. Because only trolls, cancers, immature children and ignorant people lead conversations by insulting different opinions rather than providing evidence for their opinions and lead civilized conversations. Every other game got unique stuff given away once in a lifetime. It has NOTHING to do with too much free time, or obsession who is cooler or rest of bullshoot you said. I said it took me 2 years to collect devil wings. That happens exactly when its opposite of what you fake assumed about me. That happens when you DONT have too much free time nor obsession about pixels and you cant be 24/7 online during event to finish all 300 pumpkins achievement in hours or few days like many did. You are delusional if you think you got right to speak in the name of the community which you call a dumpster, and in the name of everybody else. Its YOU who think it doesn't make you any cooler having to put hard effort into achieving the most hard achievement and get proper unique reward for it as a motivation. And thats ok, you are entitled to your opinion, but there are hundreds of people who disagreed with you being the fact they did bother to collect devil wings, not only on more than one character but also with more than one accounts. Many found it cool, because this is not first discussion devil wings had in history of apb. Many asked in social how to get them at random periods of time, and many shared their positive opinion about the way they are attained. And no! Others who had same opportunity but didnt bother and were too lazy to seek out pumpkins, DIDNT deserve to simply go armas and purchase the item. Good calm down, you are pro. Build yourself a statue lmao. Exactly as i was called out and i explained already, i didnt have time to sit 24/7 and boringly search pumpkins going by foot over entire 2 districts. It took years and years to plenty of people, being the fact that halloween event always lasted rather short. Plus the fact there were many bugged pumpkins which people couldnt blow up so they had to wait by default until next year and new randomize spawn system. You dont see a point of having unique stuff? Ok, whats wrong with that? Absolutely nothing. You got right on your opinion. I got right to disagree with your opinion and I provided mine. I do see a point of having unique stuff because for some of those stuff it took hard effort to get them and someone who is loyal to this game since 2010 or 2013 is NOT in same position as someone who is loyal to this game since 2018 or 2019 or even 2020.
  4. Who said that LO and Matt doesn't have their own opinion? I dont really follow? You literally said day is day, night is night... mmmkay? Naturally everyone has their own opinion about everything and anything so I am sure the exclusivity of things is one of most simplest things you can give your opinion about since its just about "yes" or "no". What we need is for Matt to see this and announce us his honest opinion about it publicly. Lets have unique stuff or lets not? Simple as that. I dont see how unique items get in the way of customization???? If you dont have that item, you dont customize it, you dont have nothing to stand in your way of customization. MY opinion is that if there is not a single unique item left from past or given in future, then there is no real need of ever bothering to play any new events, putting so much hard effort n sweat to grind for "unique" stuff that will later just come to armas for everybody to purchase it and get it . That literally leads to a death of a game as if death of APB needs to be rushed up or encouraged more with current massive population drop due to a fact that it took 10 months (figure of speech) to get EU servers for EU players during which period from average 1000+ population current population is barely filling 400 at the highest point of a day, which is like 60% pop loss that might not come back so soon. Also refer a system couldn't be abused more by hundreds of spammed accounts, so it was removed for a reason as nolife kids would do the abuse again, like this community always did when some initially good intention from APB company was turned into exploit by a community, such as FFA III accounts spammage, armas gift system, joker box event giveaway etc. In my opinion I would leave some unique stuff to stay unique for veterans exclusively who earned it years ago via hard effort and dedication, rather than give it away to every new noob that just came into this game and needs to just start a topic of "can i pls have this or that" to get it and demand things that were given away like 1-3-4 years ago After I invested literally TWO years of my life into searching those cursed 300 pumpkins, little did I know that i will regret all that invested effort one day. Just to recall how they spawned random locations so you couldn't even ask for help from other ppl, since it was uniquely personalized locations per character . LO literally spit into face to all people, mostly veterans, loyal customers, who actually bothered all those countless hours and years to do it on all their characters just to get that unique devil wings you couldn't buy even if you offered 10 million REAL dollars. That unique item showed a level of prestige because when you saw people who wore them you knew instantly that player really busted their butt to get them and earned them well, which is exactly why NOT EVERYONE should have them at first place and which is exactly why not many had them anyway nor EARNED to have them. What LO did? Oh hey, lets put it on armas and reward all those lazy people who never wanted to spend literally countless hours and years of searching pumpkins all over the map by the foot. Conclusion : NO ! Veterans who started to play APB in 2013 or in 2010 and someone who started to play it in 2019 or 2020, are NOT the same and should NOT logically have same items. If that reward was given out in 2015, I was there, you weren't -tough luck. There will be plenty of new stuff you can have but you shouldn't be able to have the one given out when you were not around. The end. ESPECIALLY now when 99% of "unique" items are already given out anyway at armas to be purchased. So far literally there is maybe 1-2 items that are still remaining unique until today, and I sincerely hope LO and @MattScott will at least leave alone those and let them remain unique.
  5. imo some items should remain unique. But nobody cares anymore since game is officially dying so give them away, no need for armas either, heck as anyone cares. Why reaping real $ from a dead game.
  6. I assume its working like halloween event did...meaning rewards are working, but they are not shown to you, aka you cant see your own progress as it used to be the case. Judging the fact that they give similarly unique clothes rewards as Halloween event did, this might be just refurbished Halloween event in its essence. Just different with the snowball fight. Anyways we ll c.
  7. Sounds like a recipe for losing dethreaters. I am in.
  8. I dont see how is that different from green/bronzes getting opp of gold max rank dethreaters in 4 man premade groups who harrassed green/bronze districts for years vs current few days status of servers which we all know is temporal change. Years > days. Logic. Those people who afk every time they meet rank 20 re roll "pros" who goes 40/2 k/d ratio with non missing aims and then those pros disappear due to being silently banned; those people who afk every time vs trolling bully teenagers who go toxic over 1 kill you do over them cuz u used opgl or perc and he feels lack of confidence and high impact on irl ego to whisper u threats and disgusting insulting messages and shit talk over absolute stranger about whose irl he/they know absolutely nothing about... To those people i salute them and their higher intellect and I share their logic view about afking 1 irrelevant mission in 2010 old game vs opponents who didnt provide nor earn respect to have fun playing mission vs normal human beings. Yes i am those people, and if i afk vs you every time then we all know what are you, dont we? Rhetorical question. P.S. I 'll rather use irl afk time to jump by bf, snuggle with him, than waste my time over irrelevant nobodies.
  9. This ! +1000 Besides, now all dethreaters can meet us real gold veterans. Dethreaters bullied legit newcomers, greens, bronzes all this years. They were/are destroying APB population. It is time they get to see how karma works when those same dethreaters are opposed vs real gold veterans.
  10. I would give millions just to see look on the faces of dethreaters who spent weeks and months purposely dethreating to green threat so they can bully legit newcomers & legit bronzes. Pls do keep this current non threat system as long as possible so that karma catches those who bullied legit greens n bronzes on bronze servers.
  11. Only FC's with permanent login screens are up at Citadel Its better to bring APB down entirely imo, and just transfer those server hosts already before literally all people dont leave ur game for good.
  12. I dont know where you pulled that fake info out from but literally it was never my main. Probably from rest of "all knowing" deities who always "know" everything about everyone.
  13. Last time i checked i didn't present myself nowhere as a forum admin, nor i would care enough to be one, so i don't really see where was your futile point going. I however am entitled to share my opinion as everyone else and bring attention to what i find necessary, since this person literally made 6 topics in one day ( I just checked) for which he could literally made just ONE and ask all the questions he was curious about inside of it, because his topics were 1 sentence questions. Yet this person made a new topic for every question separately, and if that isn't spamming idk what is. Plus, I dont see how can this fact insult him, when he literally did spam forum with topics while APB was down and people followed the situation about the game. As for adding to the topic conversation instead of "insulting" OP topic : " nfas ogre and shaw are cancerous weapons remove it! " Ok, for me stabba opgl, ursus, nhvr qs, volcano, jg, pig pistol + instant perc stun, euryale are cancerous weapons. Remove it from the game! Genius topic. Glad I contributed. Hopefully I didnt insult him or you with this opinion of mine. Wish you both a very nice and pleasant day ahead.
  14. Like can seriously someone stop this guy spamming x10 new topics per day about literally most banal things.
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