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  1. Lowrider Luxury Balkan Ravan SP 3.5 Old projects
  2. I get same problem today (kicked for "query timeout"), Blind Eye get crazy.
  3. Wow! Cool! But i didn't know about it..
  4. Hi GM's! I just wanna say: Bring back in APB the ability to walk on roofs and inside buildings outside of missions (when you "Not Ready"). In the good old days it was fun, but now that fun is not available. At the moment, the game work an automatical system of respawn and destruction object if the is out of bounds. Hope you will do something with that idea.
  5. Once, I have some problem like you when i'm changed Router at another one. Bring back to older router - fix problem. Also press "Repair" button on Launcher APB R.
  6. In that Day Victory I send next symbols (St.George Ribbon, Day Victory V1, Day Victory V2, Memory Fire) FOR FREE. All this symbols DON'T FOR TRADE. For getting symbols message me here or ingame mailbox your nickname (only Citadel server) and name of symbol's. Also symbol St.George Ribbon you can find in Marketplace Kiosk. St.George Ribbon Day Victory V1 Day Victory V2 Memory Fire
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