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Found 3 results

  1. Desktop Wallpapers Full HD 1920x1080 From time to time I will make wallpapers and post in this topic.
  2. Guest

    The Asylum | Exploit Report |

    Client version: Summary: Forbidden area access Description: Can access a forbidden area Steps to reproduce: 1. Launch the game 2. Login to character 3. Join The Asylum 4. Follow the Video Demostration https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7fGnS11a1-0 How many times have you recreated this bug: 10/10 Results: Can access a forbidden area Expected results: Cannot access a forbidden area
  3. Summary: Unintended vantage point exploitable for Capture objectives. Description: There is a spot in asylum fightclub you *can get to but it is unintended and only reachable via an exploit method. Steps to Reproduce: 1. Go to this location 2. This Pallet when destroyed will respawn Granting you an opportunity to get ontop of a roof you shouldn't be able to. 3. Destroy the pallet(grenades shotguns etc.) 4. Stand in place of where the pallet was And begin jumping in place 5. After aprox. 1 min the Wooden Pallet Stack respawns and you are ontop of You can then Jump onto the Low end of the roof next to you. 6. You are on the roof You can get an item up here and there is NO other way up here (it's also quite buggy notice the Boots clipping) How many times have you recreated this bug: 100% A few people were also exploiting this spot heavily, I had to repeat this process to get the item back down for fairer gameplay (And to get more information for this bug report including screenshots), Without naming names That person also switched characters So they could get to this spot as an enforcer To exploit the item further without getting killed by the nearby enemies, Then Threatened me "I recorded you I'm sending a video to support" Trying to cover their tracks, There also a few eye witnesses to back up my claims. I'd Like an "official" response from a staff member a quick "yes or no" is this Spot unintentional/ A bug/exploit that shouldn't be preformed by players. @MattScott Results: Players are getting ontop of a roof they shouldn't be able too and placing the objective there so others can't reach it without repeating the exploit themselves (if they even know it to begin with) Expected Results: There should be an "out of bounds barrier" on this roof Or just delete the pallet to begin with (the only way up there)
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