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Found 4 results

  1. Art created by TommySamash https://www.deviantart.com/tommysamash/art/ZootopiaXAPB-Reloaded-Comm-901316874 (DO NOT USE THIS COMIC WITHOUT PERMISSION) Aside from some other fanfics, I am working on another future fanfic called Zootopia X APB: Anyone Can Be All You Can't Be. The first part of the book is about a story about Kervin (APB Reloaded) a CSA police officer from San Paro who got transported into the world of Zootopia. When he was still on a chase of a criminal he bumped into Nick and Judy from Zootopia and got arrested. However, he was set free as long as he made a deal to work with the ZPD to gain their respect. Kervin himself has no choice to stay in the world of Zootopia and while finding a way to go back to his world. Before Zootopia was even released I played All Points Bulletin Reloaded. It's pretty a cool game if you ask me. It's like GTA meets MMO but you can play as a Cop or Criminal. After Zootopia got released and watched it I realized what backstory story he should have so I made a story that was similar to Judy Hopps but mostly joined the police force. Like this one here. https://toyhou.se/7304416.kervin-apb-reloaded- The popularity of APB Reloaded starts to feel low so I have to do something about it. So I am planning to make a Fanfic of Zootopia X APB Reloaded with proper storytelling. Reasons for that is to make the game have popularity and learn to try crossover fanfic that can work better. And another thing is? In Zootopia "Anyone Can Be Anything" But in San Paro "Be All You Can't Be" (Just like you saw the quote in the live-action trailer of APB Reloaded For now, I made a teaser fic after my APB Reloaded character got transported in Zootopia which I am still trying to figure out how. So anyway enjoy this short fic for my future fanfic. Think of it as a "what if" APB Reloaded has a single-player mode and a crossover event. Read Here https://kervinredfire.tumblr.com/post/671163722633510912/zootopia-x-apb-reloaded-anyone-can-be-all-you
  2. Desktop Wallpapers Full HD 1920x1080 From time to time I will make wallpapers and post in this topic.
  3. Here are some pictures from Keyshot 7.1's viewport, not proper renders yet. I'm probably going to add those as I make them in the next couple days. Modeled completely in Fusion 360. More screens below
  4. Hi, I'm iodyne and I do APB character portrait commissions. I am currently open for commission. PM me here or on steam for more information! DeviantArt Gallery My Steam All my portraits include 3 versions: -.png (no background) -Desktop Wallpaper on APB background -Forum Avatar/icon More samples:
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