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  1. https://vk.com/doc194090395_488702541?hash=4d17d8522bf1f7384a&dl=ae3634bd1b508f94da https://vk.com/doc194090395_488702348?hash=a229359b0c96cf1620&dl=571eaa6c7b64c7258e
  2. I like beautiful girls and weapons, so I'm a fan of this game. But did I say that this wallpaper is an APB game? This is just an image, it does not have to be connected with something. I made a render of models taken out of the game, it looks like a shabby look! Maybe I put a logo in vain, but this is a kind of tribute to my favorite game, for the opportunity to be inspired, that's all. P.S. When the live video was released, for the game APB, there was also little resemblance to the original, but that didn't make it look worse!
  3. Desktop Wallpapers Full HD 1920x1080 From time to time I will make wallpapers and post in this topic.
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